Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Global SITREP A28-13: Syria-Hezbollah Crisis Deepens Exponentially

Syrian Jihadists and their Chemical Weapons
UPDATE 20 September 2013: Arutz Sheva/Israel Nationa News (INN) - "Assad Smuggling (Chemical) Weapons Through Tunnels to Hizbullah." The first two paragraphs of the INN report state: "A Saudi newspaper has reported the Syrian President has begun smuggling chemical weapons to Hizbullah using underground tunnels. A Saudi newspaper has claimed Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is using tunnels to smuggle chemical weapons to Hizbullah. The report by the Al-Watan daily said the regime had made the move to avoid being spotted, moving the deadly weapons before the arrival of international inspectors."

16 September 2013: Saudi Arabian, Lebanese and Israeli newspapers are all reporting this morning that Syria has either transferred or is in the process of transferring chemical weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, to Russian ships in Syrian ports and back to Iraq under Iranian Quds force guard from whence they came prior to the 2003 start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Saudi Al-Watan newspaper reports that the shipment to Iraq is occurring with the full knowledge of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. It is unknown at this time if these reports are part of a full-scale Sunni propaganda campaign against their Shi'a-Alawi enemies or if they are essentially factual. At a minimum, if the transfer of Syrian WMD to Hezbollah is factual then a red line set by Israel will have been crossed and a very significant military response from Israel will be forthcoming without further notice.

11 September 2013: Based upon new intelligence the crisis in Syria is in the process of deepening exponentially as you read this.  A just received report transmitted at 0100 this morning and which originated with a senior Lebanese military officer states unequivocally that Syria is actively in the process of transferring a significant amount of its chemical weapons arsenal to Hezbollah. The source reports these Syrian chemical warfare agents are doing directly into Hezbollah's Bekaa Valley storage bunkers. Expect an Israeli response at any moment.

Additionally, while we wait for the official UN report (which itself may well contain a certain amount of politicization) on the chemical attack in the Ghouta/Jobar suburb of Damascus on 21 August, intelligence on preliminary forensic evidence strongly indicates a terrorist home-brew of a chemical agent closely approximating Sarin was involved and that the specific formula for this agent was provided to Al Qaeda by North Korea in 2002. The official death toll from this event is no where near the numbers reported by the Obama Administration. As of 10 September the Doctors Without Borders organization continues to report a death toll of 355 individuals. The other physical evidence collected by Doctors Without Borders points directly to the blue-colored cylinder (see image above) seen in many images and videos taken at that time. A very detailed, 'must read' article by Dr. Yossef Bodansky was published on Monday, 9 September 2013 by the World website.


YeuEmMaiMai said...

Hey Sean, Great job as usual, your friend YeuEmMaiMai

mark3210 said...

If there's any silver lining to the double election of Obama, it's that people across the world are seeing the true face of the radical left.

His defenders are looking more and more like fools by the day.

It's reached the point where Vladimir Putin generates far more respect around the world than the US president - and that was almost impossible to imagine 5 years ago.

Scipio said...

Absolutely Sean. Obviously God has mercifully waited for a substantial time, to allow (potentially-by free choice)people into His kingdom 'at the last minute'. But now, PS 83 and Is 17 look like 'tomorrow'...
By the way, just discovered Ann Barnhardt, who mostly is an expert with the financial collapse but is onto Obama big-time.

Sean Osborne said...

Ahh, Ann Barnhardt... the patriot who uses strips of bacon when highlighting satanic verses of the qur'an and then barbeques the lot in a bonfire. All-American woman!

Anonymous said...


This is troubling information. I bet Israel is all over this and could respond soon.
Is possible too that some chemical WMD going to Iraq?


Sean Osborne said...

They could go almost anywhere where Syria has an ally. With the Shi'a running Iraq, that's a possibility.

However, I would tend to think they'll go primarily to Lebanon where they will be controlled by IRGC/Hezbollah. They are intended for Israel, so they will stay close to the target.

It's also possible they won't go anywhere. The entire deal may be an elaborate scam. Since when is a Russia ruled by ex-KGB trustworthy?

Lujack Skylark said...

Why are we letting Assad move his CW's to 50 different locations?

Sean Osborne said...


We're not letting Assad move anything anywhere.

The intelligence report I posted that came out of Lebanon two days ago or today via CNN/Christiane Amanour from General Idris have both been proven to be absolutely false.

Assad is not moving his WMD. They are still consolidated in the places they were moved to earlier this year. They have no been moved further.

Here is a recap of key historical events during 2012-2013 FOR THE RECORD and for future reference if need be:

Last year there was the defection from Bashar al-Assad's army of Syrian Brigadier General Adnan Sillu.

Who is BG Adnan Sillu?

Until July 2012 BG Adnan Sillu was the head of the Syria's chemical arms forces. He defected from the al-Assad regime in July 2012.

BG Sillu sang his heart out to the Times of London shortly after his debriefing by US and UK Intelligence Community.

A Google Earth map was posted to the internet which pin-pointed each and every Syrian WMD manufacturing and storage site and Scud-armed with WMD warhead launch site that was under his command. Bill Gertz led the way in the media in reporting this information during September 2012.

As a direct result of the BG Sillu's defection and the compromise of Syria WMD arsenal Bashar al-Assad began to move his WMD. This movement caused a whole lot of hyped-up noise in Israel and the West that he was about to use that WMD.

Some folks may recall this info from their memory of those not-so-long-ago days. I most certainly do recall it.

All Bashar al-Assad was doing at the time was damage control and putting all of his WMD eggs into a very few baskets.

Then what happened?

In December 2012 Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov unequivocally stated two very important things in a press briefing.

1. Bashar al-Assad was not going anywhere and Russia and China would guarantee that he was not going anywhere.

2. Bashar al-Assad had moved his WMD to a very select and small number of locations under his full military control; that both Russia and the US knew these precise locations.

Bashar al-Assad's WMD remains under his full military control at these same few locations.

Lujack Skylark said...

Thanks for the update Sean. The news gets so confusing. Just yesterday PM Benjamin Netanyahu had warned Assad again not to give Hezbollah chemical weapons and today's report on Yom Kippur saying Assad was moving the chemical weapons seemed like Assad was tempting Israel to strike Syria.

Whatever is in the minds of the Marxist Obama and the Marxist Putin they are trying to portray the United States as a weak nation.

Sean Osborne said...

We have to extremely cautious with ALL news media - even the usually reliable Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is running this same story on its front page today. However the WSJ is reporting their information is coming from "US officials" instead of CNN/Amanpour/General Idris.

Nevertheless, this factually proves beyond any doubt that Obama Administration officials are propagating the exact same disinformation as the Sunni jihadists.

This means that people in our own government, both Republican and Democrat, are still attempting to spark a catastrophic war in the Middle East based upon complete falsehoods.