Sunday, September 29, 2013

Global SITREP B1-13: Reliving Daniel 11 in Preparation for Daniel 12

29 September 2013: We have all just lived through a series of events during August and September 2013 that almost defy description. If my analysis of these events is correct, then we will have all been eyewitnesses to international travesty and conspiracy of Biblical prophetic proportions whether we all realize it or not. It is, in some sense, as if we are reliving the prophetic text of Daniel 11which prepare the way for the prophetic text of Daniel 12 which is without question about the 70th Week. 

Once verse which immediately came to mind in the midst of the recent G20 Summit reflects the text of Daniel 11:27 as far as what transpired between the President of the United States Barack Obama and the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin:
"Both these kings’ hearts shall be bent on evil, and they shall speak lies at the same table; but it shall not prosper, for the end will still be at the appointed time."
On the surface the text Daniel 11 is clearly about prophecies the series wars that occur between the two great empires of the Middle East, the Macedonian-Greek Seleucid Empire and the Macedonian Greek Ptolemaic Empire. However, the subtext, the foreshadowing text is about the conditions and events that precede the arrival of the future Antichrist of the 70th Week. This is clearly evident because it is within this text that the forerunner Antichrist, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, is introduced to us along with all of the international intrigue and conflict which preceded his arrival. 

It was during the classical historical period of the late 4th Century BC to the early 1st century BC that world events developed which fulfilled the bulk of the prophecies found in the Book of Daniel, many of them directly from the mouth of the angel Gabriel. When it comes to authority, Gabriel is an angel who stands in the presence of God when he is in Heaven. He literally transmits the word and will of God to human beings. It is during this so-called classical period of human history that the Babylonian Empire was overtaken by the Medo-Persian Empire, which in turn was overtaken by the Macedonian-Greek Empire, which was divided into four parts and was then absorbed piece by piece by the final world empire of Rome explicitly as prophesied in Daniel, and completed by the prophesies in The Revelation of Jesus Christ. 

It is during the final century of this period that geo-political events, particularly rampant wars and the absorption of entire nations into a known-world empire, occurred at a rapid pace, so much so that the map of the Mediterranean and Middle East of 1 AD greatly resembles the current map and military dynamic of the same region of the Eastern Hemisphere. There is much to be learned by just looking at the maps of the Eastern Hemisphere between the 4th Century and 1st Century BC.

Given that we are now living in the last days prior to the advent of the 70th Week, I think we can look to Daniel 11 as the foreshadowing of the time in which we are currently living; it is the time immediately preceding the arrival of the Antichrist, and the events between this day are preparing the way for his arrival. My view is that this is not prophetic stage-setting per se, this actually is the fulfillment of already existent prophetic templates found in Daniel.

A brief re-cap of current events shows us that in early August President Obama went from a very public snubbing of President Putin by refusing to meet with him at a Moscow Summit (see: SITREP A18-13) to the face-to-face meeting that I forecast would occur during the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. This meeting happened at St. Petersburg Konstantin Palace and it had all of the overtly evidence marks of a grand performance, a charade, where the visitor pretended power and the host knew he was flexible in such a manner that he would cave-in climactic fashion within mere days later. 

After all the naval drama on the high seas of the Eastern Mediterranean and the bellicose threats of unilaterally and without Congressional approval in an exercise of not-quite-so-crushing military power upon Vladimir Putin's Syrian ally and his in-country Persian and Lebanese Shi'a allies, Obama did indeed fold like a cheap camera in the face of pure evil, all the while still embracing the equally and purely evil desires of Sunni jihadism in Syria. This, my brothers and sisters, is the kind of "flexibility" that President Obama told former Russian President Dimitry Medvedev in March 2012 that he would have after the November 2012 election. This "flexibility" took us from the apparent brink of a regional war over WMD in Syria a couple of weeks ago to acceptance of Syrian WMD as well as a nuclear-armed Iran. 

All of this has left Israel holding the proverbial bag. A week or so ago I might have needed someone to tell me this was not President Obama's intent all along; that this kind of crisis-to-resolution-to-crisis behavior has not occurred repeatedly during his tenure irregardless if the crisis is between himself and President Putin, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, Egyptian President Hosni Murbarak or even the U.S. Congress. 

In seeking the Lord's Word on what is going on these days it's been made very clear that these things must take place, that we are not to fear them, and "the end' is not yet. We're living in the modern part of the Daniel 11 foreshadowing and the imminent fulfillment of existent prophetic templates on the road to the 70th Week. Stay tuned... the concluding prophetic paragraphs are something to behold, and this is why I believe we are still here as witnesses of them.


mark3210 said...


It's not so much that I fear these events but more that I find them infuriating.

It feels like the entire Obama presidency is a bubble that should have already popped long ago, but instead keeps defiantly expanding in the face of reality.

He still thinks he can cram Obamacare down our throats while he folds like a cheap suit on the world stage.

How much longer can this charade possibly continue before the bubble bursts?

Sean Osborne said...


The answer to your question is the same as the answer that is given to the martyrs in Revelation 6:9-11...

"...a little while longer..."

Everything has an appointment time on His clock.

hartdawg said...

I'm reminded of Ecclesiastes where it says what was is and what is will be again. Someone once said prophecy is cyclical not linear....not sure to what extent I agree with that but your post reminded me of that.

Sean Osborne said...


Ecclesiastes 1:9

"That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.


The past is prologue to the future.

Sean Osborne said...

Just in case anyone is wondering, the three self-propelled arty vehicles in the article main image are the IDFs M109 Doher (Galloper) 155mm Howitzers.

Definitely not to be messed with.

Ben D said...

A very inspired post imho Sean, may the Lord continue to guide you in interpreting the relevant geopolitical events as they unfold in the context of prophecy.