Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Global SITREP B5-13: Obama White House Openly Hostile to Israel

Update 4 February 2013:  With respect to the section below posted on 8 November 2013, in particular the portion highlighted in bold red lettering, back-channels chatter is that Newsweek is about to report that the medium range ballistic missiles (MRBMs) Saudi Arabia acquired from China were acquired with the assistance of the American CIA technical staff.  The missiles are reportedly the Chinese-made DF-21 "East Wind", also known by their NATO designation CSS-5. The DF-21 "East Wind" missiles will carry a single 600kg (1,323 lb) warhead to a target no further than 2,150km (1,336 miles) away.

13 November 2013: The P5+1 negotiations with Iran regarding its all but completed nuclear weapons program has obviously devolved into a personal confrontation between President Barack Hussein Obama (and his 'Night Stalker confidant extraordinaire Valerie Jarrett), SECSTATE John Kerry and the editorial staff of the New York Times (serving as the official regime propaganda organ of the Obama Administration) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Almost no one I know buys into anything coming from the mouths of the aforementioned American individuals because their credibility has been fully compromised as lacking any basis in reality. The New York Times editorials regarding PM Netanyahu are merely a reflection of the Administrations sojourn into diplomatic Lalaland and are to be dismissed by balling that rag up and tossing into the nearest roundfile or trash receptacle. Hopefully, the French government feels the same way.

At this point it does appear that the fate of the P5+1 negotiations with Iran now rest primarily with France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius who remains insistent that the Iranian Arak plutonium reactor must never become operational and that Iran must relinquish all of its current uranium stocks enriched to 20% U-235.

Iran must accept these two non-negotiable conditions or there will be no nuclear accord between the P5+1 and Iran. An Iranian refusal guarantees a military solution will resolve the current nuclear negotiations impasse.

It also cannot go unmentioned in this update that the current situation very closely resembles what was occurring during June and July 2008, and that was the last time Israel had made a specific threat to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons infrastructure. A full-scale dress rehearsal composed of over over 100 IAF strike and and support aircraft occurred during this period. This scared the Iranian regime in a big way, and it continues to scare them to this day.

In fact, the prospect terrorizes them to no end because it preempts the driving focus of their eschatologically-based heart's desire: the ability to be the al-Mahdi hastening creators of an apocalyptic situation in the Middle East. They will do or say anything to stave off a preemptive strike. They are never to be trusted; no agreement is worth the paper or electronic medium to which it is embedded. 

8 November 2013: It used to be called "Shuttle Diplomacy" when US SECSTATE Henry Kissinger bounced between Israel and enemy states, such as Syria and Egypt, in order to stave off a potential superpower nuclear conflict as a direct repercussion of Israel's decisive and overwhelming military victory of the Yom Kippur War.

Backgrounder: Israel's "exceedingly great army," arisen from Ezekiel's prophetic dry bones, stood all but unopposed before both Damascus and Cairo. This battlefield reality was on the verge of prompting military intervention by the former Soviet Union, which in turn prompted U.S. President Nixon to respond in reciprocal escalation. American and Soviet warships circled each other formations in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as each nations elite ground combat paratroopers prepared to jump into the war. Each nations finger was on the nuclear button. Both superpowers stood toe-to-toe threatening war against each other. The fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39 appeared to be that close. But appearances are deceiving and hindsight is 20/20.

Forty years later and a similar type of "shuttle diplomacy" can only be referred to as a 'Theater of the Absurd" with pompous and unqualified SECSTATE John Kerry running errands for his arrogant and unqualified bosses in the White House. No longer is America defending Israel with its lifeblood and treasure from existential enemies seeking her annihilation, now this new "fundamentally changed" USA that Americans elected into office twice threatens Israel with a Sunni Islamic insurrection and nuclear war with Shi'a Islam. The signed document SECSTATE Kerry now departs from Geneva with makes him the modern day equivalent of Neville Chamberlain.

Forty years later the previously unthinkable now occurs in my own red, white and blue bleeding heart where I am begging for Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to tell US SECSTATE John Kerry to take a flying leap in to the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea; to tell the world that all Israel knows its security rests only in the hand of the God of their forefathers. and that they still have millions in America who bless and keep them in our prayers.

Most importantly, should PM Netanyahu not order a strike upon Iran at this time, then it is but a matter of a few days before Saudi Arabia will obtain the several nuclear warheads that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan built and has held in storage for them. Saudi Arabia already has the Chinese-made intermediate range missiles upon which these warheads will be placed. The countdown clock is ticking a little bit faster this morning.

06 November 2013: As if we actually needed confirmation of the original report below. Nevertheless, SECSTATE John Kerry provides that confirmation by saying that the Obama Administration "Considers now, and always has considered" that the Jewish (settlements) presence in Judea and Samaria are "illegitimate."   Let me get this straight, according to our current far left pro-Islamist Obama Administration the Jewish presence in the land that is named after them is and always has been "illegitimate" for the past 65 years?  Send the planes Benjamin. Kick the tires, light the fires and send the planes!

04 November 2013: It is now intolerably apparent, as briefly mentioned in yesterday's comments within SITREP B4-13, that the pro-Islamist Obama White House has now revealed it's blatant and open  hostility towards the State of Israel. No real surprise here, but it is something that must now be addressed and responded to just as openly. Genesis 12:3 demands it!

The response is an imperative upon all those who have been born-again into the Bride of Christ and MUST be manifest at American polling places across the nation tomorrow. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN OR INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR A STATE OR FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE OFFICE WHOSE EXPRESSED POSITION ON THE STATE OF ISRAEL YOU FIND TO BE AT ALL QUESTIONABLE.

The Obama Administration, with bipartisan legislative support and other institutional allies, is moving forward with their plan to force the State of Israel to divide the land which God has given them. They plan to force the division of Jerusalem. We all know well the costs to be borne by those who attempt such a division of Israel. This is not a future event, it is here, in our faces, right here, right now and we must act against it.

Moreover, the Obama Administration will not support the sovereign State of Israel's actions in the defense of its own existential well-being against Islamist enemies who seek Israel's annihilation from the face of this Earth. 

Furthermore, in multiple instances this year, the most recent occurring just last week, the Obama Administration has betrayed our long-time ally Israel, and is actively attempting to instigate regional war against Israel, a war in which they believe Israel would be destroyed.  In sum, the Obama Administration is openly in league with the modern-day Islamist enemies noted by the prophetic psalmist Asaph in Psalm 83.  
"Do not keep silent, O God!
Do not hold Your peace,
And do not be still, O God!
For behold, Your enemies make a tumult;
And those who hate You have lifted up their head.
They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,
And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.
They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,
That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” "
The choice is clear America, and what you do tomorrow is truly of critical importance in these Last Days.


Lujack Skylark said...

Good report!

Sean Osborne said...

Never in my wildest imagination would I ever have entertained the thought that the Bride of Christ would still be on this Earth to witness such a blatant, multi-aspect military betrayal and stabbing of Israel in the back as is occurring right now.

mark3210 said...

For those who'd like to watch, Netanyahu had another press conference today speaking about Iran with the Polish President.

Netanyahu displayed real anger today - it was definitely a different tone than his last few public statements.


Matt Epilogue said...

Sean, Debkafile posted this http://app.debka.com/n/article/23410/Turkey-and-Iran-sign-secret-intelligence-cooperation-pact-Ankara-rolls-up-anti-Iran-spy-rings-
Wasn't Turkey the only holdout for one of the pre-trib prophecies because it was part of NATO? I thought I remember reading that Turkey was one of the only stopping points because they were apart of NATO and not yet joined with those who would come against Israel. Is this new or significant?

Sean Osborne said...


This is one of those DEBKA reports that occur from time to time which appear to be for a purpose other than reporting a bonafide news story.

Turkey and Iran are on opposite sides in the regional Sunni vs. Shi'a inter-Islamic war raging in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East.

I think a "secret" intelligence pact between them does not make any sense at this time due to the ongoing war.

hartdawg said...

WOW! I have a lot of thoughts on
1) all of our presidents since bush Sr has put Israel in harms way.....BUT with the previous presidents it wasn't out of disdain for Israel, it was for the hopes for peace. It is completely different with obama. He simply hates Israel and I think he might be a muslim.
2) I also never thought we'd be here for such betrayal, but the more I look at prophecy the more it makes sense that such betrayal would occur.
3) I find it very disheartening that some republicans are equally as guilty. There was a time when for the most part the republican party was pretty trustworthy, tho it had some corruption..
4) where is the church? If all of the church would stand against this nonsense and vote for God fearing candidates and stand for Israel then Israel would be a lot safer. I wonder if replacement theology is partially to blame.....
I ll quit rambling now.

mark3210 said...

Sometimes I wonder whether Netanyahu is now more comfortable sitting down with Putin than with Obama and Kerry.

We can probably view the more open hostility by the Obama regime toward the Israelis as evidence they know they're losing the battle to keep Netanyahu's hands tied on Iran.

Sean Osborne said...

The open hostility towards Israel is due to several factors, not the least of which is that Barack Hussein Obama was born/bred as a Muslim. While still a child he was then tutored by card-carrying American communist traitor Frank Marshall Davis. In adulthood his closest associates have always been radical leftists, socialists, marxists, communists and Israel-hating islamists such as Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Valerie (Night Stalker) Jarrett, Edward Said, and Khalid Rashidi to name just a token few.

They now have just three years remaining to complete all of the tasks on their agenda, the primary of which is the neutering of the United States as a global power for good, and the destruction of the State of Israel.

mark3210 said...

You're preaching to the choir with me.

I still don't believe his reelection could've been pulled off absent massive vote fraud.

Sean Osborne said...

Actually, I am speaking to everyone... all of our brothers and sisters... all 14,600+ who view Eschatology Today every month and total of 360,000+ who been here on multiple visits over the past three years.


mark3210 said...

According to Debka's front page story, US has caved into a "bad deal" which Israel has already expressed their "strong opposition" to.

After the talks conclude Friday, Netanyahu will have to strike or live with an Iranian bomb. The game is up now!

Sean Osborne said...

We'll have to see if the DEBKAfile report is truly accurate in its details.

I still do not fully accept that it is within the interest of the emerging Western global oligarchy to accept a nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Iran.

I still believe America, under Obama's increasingly dictatorial rule, still acts and sets its policies pursuant to the agenda of the Western global oligarchy.

There is still time for a US-Saudi agreement to militarily neuter Iranian nuclear weapons ambitions, and the P5+1 session underway in Geneva today and tomorrow might be a catalyst for that to occur.

So we wait to see...

mark3210 said...

There's not much I have to add to your analysis Sean, but I think Netanyahu's most recent public statements are worth viewing for whoever hasn't seen them. These are all brief statements posted in the last day.




mark3210 said...

Sounds like the talks are going to a third day with the Russian FM arriving Saturday.

Perhaps the best case scenario for Israel at this point is that nothing happens except another meeting scheduled for December.

But with all the foreign ministers arriving it reminds me of when Rice rushed to the UN in summer 2006 to pass the UN resolution to end the Lebanon / Israel war.

Sean Osborne said...

After Shabbat...

sparrow said...

I get so excited when I see all the news. All the signs in the sky, moon, and stars! Volcanos, multiple earthquakes every day! How much longer can it possible go on?

mark3210 said...

Iran talks have concluded.

Still waiting for an announcement on the result.

Sean Osborne said...

The result is precisely what was forecast and published as "Breaking News" by DEBKAfile on Tuesday, 5 November 2013.

What did DEBKAfile publish?


"White House on lookout for European leader to tackle Khamenei
DEBKAfile November 5, 2013, 11:59 AM (GMT+02:00)

In the hope of saving the foundering nuclear talks with Tehran, the White House is looking for a European leader of high caliber to tackle Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, DEBKAfile reports... The Obama administration’s dilemma is that even if a highly reputable European leader can be found to approach Khamenei directly for a bid to salvage nuclear diplomacy, any such leader will think twice about the dual risk of a rebuff by the ayatollah or mission failure."

What this group of world leaders found very timely and conveniently was exactly that, a European leader of high caliber who just so happens to be the current French Foreign Minister LAURENT FABIUS.

I remember him from the 1980's, but I'd bet no one else this side of the Atlantic Ocean has ever heard of him. Small wonder.

I'm also 99.99% certain that almost no one knows that Laurent Fabius has Jewish blood flowing in his veins. He is among the first of the so-called "baby boomer" generation, born on 20 August 1946.

Laurent's parents(mother Louise Strasburger-Mortimer and (father) André Fabius are full-blooded Jews who converted to Catholicism immediately after World War II (no wonder), and then raised young Laurent as a fully assimilated French Catholic. Laurent Fabius is married to a full-blooded Jewish woman who is active in Jewish causes.

This information comes from a Los Angeles Times article published about the non-ideological French Socialist Laurent Fabius and his early, meteoric rise in French politics on 23 January 1986.

In the Geneva P5+1 session it was Laurent Fabius who provided exactly what the DEBKAfile said was needed; he is the brick wall that the Iranian Ayatollah has run headlong into.

Can't wait to see what happens next because the Obama Administration's war on Israel remains in progress and Netanyahu is as determined as ever to ensure that 'never again' means exactly that.

mark3210 said...

Debka's latest article posted just a few hours ago claims it was the Iranians who made amendments and none of the Europeans were on board.

If that's what actually happened and France isn't the only holdout than perhaps Israel can afford to wait for the November 20 talks?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Tarshish is Great Britain and her young lions are the English speaking nations she sired? (Ezekiel 38:13)

Great Britain had backed away from Syrian intervention and now is restoring relations with Iran
telling us Israel is all alone in this Iranian crisis.

Great Britain therefore will take no action now to help Israel or in the future when Ezekiel 38:13 kicks in. Am I reading this right?

Ben D said...

Fwiw, this quote comes from the Times of Israel...
"A French member of parliament telephoned French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in Geneva at the weekend to warn him that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities if the P5+1 nations did not stiffen their terms on a deal with Iran, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported Sunday."


mark3210 said...

As if we needed more confirmation of the evil Israel and the West are facing, Reuters has reported Ali Khamenei to be the richest man of the world.

His empire is worth $95 billion!

Sean Osborne said...

Mark wrote:

"Debka's latest article posted just a few hours ago claims it was the Iranians who made amendments and none of the Europeans were on board."

The P5+1 are US, Russia, China, UK, France + Germany. Of these six participants it was only France through its FM Laurent Fabius that rejected the dreaft accord as it stood coming into the Friday, 8 November session.

It was France and France alone via FM Fabius which, in my view, saved Iran from an Israeli air assault ... for the time being at least.

Netanyahu was not a participant. Neither were the Saudi Royals. Germany posed no great obstacle, nor did our British cousins. France got a time-out for Iran that appears will last at least until Wednesday, 20 November.


Kerry looks like a fool now and Obama appears as a powerless nobody. Over the weekend the Egyptian government charged him in the ICJ with "crimes against humanity". Think of that, a sitting US President charged with a major crime which could lock him up in The Hague prison for years.


I believe Tarshish refers to all of the major seafaring commerce nations who have (had) major colonies in the New World which are prophetic "young lions."

Certainly Great Britain was a primary among them, but so also were Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, and to a lesser extent the Vikings and Denmark. The "young lions" would therefore refer to all of the nations of the entire Western Hemisphere and in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

For Ezekiel 38/39 "Tarshish and all its young lions" are the European Union and these other young nations just prior to the advent of the Antichrist's arrival. Sheba and Dedan are the countries of the GCC.

Sean Osborne said...

Ben D,

Yup, that is my understanding also.

FM Fabius basically gave the Ayatollah one more very time-limited chance to avoid a devastating strike.

mark3210 said...

I suspect you're right that France was indeed the only obstacle.

Sometimes Debka publishes a lot of strange and conflicting information.

I'm still unclear on:

1) Whether France will continue to hold out

2) Whether Israel would rather act militarily before a bad deal is signed, or if they are fine with letting the bad deal be signed and then "rejecting it" militarily.

I still don't see any way Israel can get a good deal out of Geneva.

mark3210 said...

Another good update, Sean.

I guess the other thing unclear in my mind is whether Nov 20 is indeed the final opportunity for Iran to accept the French terms.

Netanyahu is still saying today that continuing the sanctions is an option.

Anonymous said...

Obama says tighter sanctions will lead to war so would a nuclear Iran lead to peace?


Sean Osborne said...

The element of surprise is a critical element in any military preemption scenario/vignette.

This situation is more of a threat to Israel than Saddam Hussein's nuclear program ever dreamed of being. And that was a program which Israel warned the US continually, "either you take out the Osirak reactor, or we will."

The U.S. did nothing, and the IDF launched Operation Opera/Operation Babylon on 7 June 1981, less than a month before the reactor was to go online.

The same is true for the Arak plutonium reactor that is about to go online. Once its plutonium producing fuel rods go in, its too late. Period.

mark3210 said...

Sen. Mark Kirk said the Israelis had told him that the “total changes proposed set back the program by 24 days.”

Sean Osborne said...

I also regard the LA Times as being akin to a west coast edition of the New York Times. Pablum and propaganda for a godless administration of World Socialist liars and demonic pro-Islamic terrorists.

The document held in Amano's hands is utterly worthless and he has allowed himself to have been played the fool extraordinaire for having participated in this Iranian charade of pawns.

Sean Osborne said...

The upcoming visit and discussions in Israel next week between French President Francois Hollande and PM Netanyahu are far more important than anything that will occur between Bibi and Vladimir "Gog" Putin.

For 5 years now I have seen idle chatter about a day, a week, several weeks, a month, several months... it's all the same nonsense repeated ad nauseum.

Time is running out and there's not enough of it remaining for these men to sit across a table and lie to each others faces about some unenforceable charade of an accord between them.

As good as FM Laurent Fabius action in rejecting the P5+1 "deal" with Iran has been thus far, it still just delays the inevitable moment of kinetic crisis when Iranian nuclear weapons ambitions will have to be neutered by armed force.

The only question is when will the last tick-tock of the count down clock occur.

Sean Osborne said...

With respect to Senator Kirk's comment... none of the proposed changes were agreed to or implemented (thanks to France), so the Iranian nuclear weapons program continues at full speed ahead. A 24-day delay would have been irrelevant to the fact that apocalyptic-minded Iran would still achieve indigenous nuclear weapons capability.

Nothing has changed except that more time has been granted to Iranian nuclear weapons progress.

mark3210 said...

It does appear that this additional window that France has given us is much more beneficial than I anticipated.

Every day we are now seeing Obama's appeasement policies absolutely hammered in a way we've never seen before.

If Israel is forced to execute their military option they'll be in a stronger political position than if they did so earlier.