Thursday, October 30, 2014

Global SITREP D10-14: Get Ready... Get Set... Big Changes Are Coming!

30 October 2014: On the calendar that we use the last two months of the year 2014 and the start of the year 2015 have taken on the appearance of being quite critical in the prophetic scheme of things. The Lord has many appointed times as one reads through the many 'last days' prophecies, and as has been discussed here over the past few years these prophetic appointments are stacked up and ordered in such a way that our world will become more and more unrecognizable from what we have known in the past few decades as each event comes to pass.

I have gotten the sense that the proverbial can has been kicked in complete darkness just about as far down the road as is possible. And it is now its hard to see where it will be kicked next because, as the image above so brilliantly illustrates, the sun has risen and is directly in our eyes. Just as the sun is low in the sky this time of year, it's glare making it that more difficult to see where one is going on foot or in a vehicle, that is the sense I am getting that what is about to occur around the world, but especially in the Middle East, will change all manner of things in ways that no one has anticipated with any accuracy.

That said, I am going to repeat what I have posted here before, and have recently reiterated privately to one of the readers here who had some significant questions about the sudden quietness that has come about in September and October after a very tumultuous spring and summer (Crimea, Ukraine and Gaza). I reminded this reader of the over-arching prophetic scenario that is occurring and we are eyewitnesses of; that we must constantly remind and reassure ourselves that these last days events are like the female's birth pangs exactly as Jesus foretold to us they would be in the Olivet Discourse.

There are finite spaces of time between each pang, but they are always increasing in severity and the space of time between the pangs gets narrower as we move forward. Then, just as in real childbirth, the amniotic sac bursts and a flood of water occurs as the travails of labor give way to the actual birth. This is precisely how the angel Gabriel described the coming event in Daniel 9:26c, and I quote, "The end of it shall be with a flood." I think we all understand the use of these "birth pangs" and "flood" metaphors very well indeed.

Here comes the kicker, and I have also stated this before as well, but probably not as clearly as I am going to say it this time. And for heaven's sake, this is not date setting, it is rather the stating of the understanding I have and am convicted of regarding the season were are in, and I'm using the inspired prophetic words of the Bible to do so as unambiguously as possible. 

Three Times I Say "I Believe"

I believe that the start of this generation commenced in 1948 with Israel's rebirth in a single day, as stated in the magnificent and critically important prophecy of Isaiah 66:8

I believe we are living in the last generation, and this last generation is a generation of strength, the precise number of which is 80 literal years as stated in Psalm 90:10

I believe the Harpazo will occur in a completely unknown microsecond prior to the start of the 70th Week as promised by our Lord Jesus Messiah in Revelation 3:10 to the faithful church.

Therefore, based upon these Scripture-specific beliefs, the 'last days' number crunching is a very basic matter in order to determine what portion remains of the season that Jesus told us to be watching for at all times. What I am talking about is the number of years left during which the sudden catching away of the Bride of Christ will occur. 

According to the ancient Jewish betrothal custom, which is our template and our teaching tool for a greater understanding of the Harpazo of the Bride of Christ, did the bride know the very moment when her groom was coming for her? Even though it was a surprise for the Jewish bride, she and her bridal party were always - always - at the ready in anticipation of the shout of the messenger whose task it was to loudly announce the coming of the groom. Then the groom arrived and away the all went!

The math that the Lord's word has provided:

1948 + 80 years of strength = 2028
2028 - the 7 years of the 70th Week = 2021
2021 - 2015 = 6 years

So, unless I really don't know His word as well as I think He has taught me... I believe the time to be listening for the shout of the voice of the archangel is between right now this instant and at some unknown and still surprising point during the next 6 years.

Now there will undoubtedly be some who will say this is all just some numerical mumbo jumbo which has no context with anything in particular, or that it's just a straw man for (insert your straw man purpose ____here____.) How can we be sure this is the season? By paying even closer attention to the signs that point to this being the season of which Bible prophecy is speaking, that's how. Here's where a couple of very specific events become signposts if not billboards along the road to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

In Luke 21:25 Jesus tells us "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring..."  I know this is an oft cited sign, but lately the sun, our solar system's massive ball of blistering hot ionized gases held together by an immense magnetic field, has been displaying signs that mankind has never before seen. Signs such as massive voids, holes, linear tears and other very weird activity which astrophysicists have no reference point in order to explain these phenomena. For example, at the present time there is a massive sunspot of super intense magnetic energy which is producing lots of really, really big solar flares, as is normal, but not a single coronal mass ejection (CME), which is absolutely not normal. Normally, when a solar flare erupts and reaches its maximum height above the surface it then snaps back into the sun due to the overwhelming magnetic forces pulling on it and that's the event which creates a full-blown coronal mass ejection. This is, by definition, is what a sign is, something very much out of the ordinary. And these type of out of the ordinary events of our sun are happening a whole lot these days in the explicit context of what this post is about, Bible prophecy. Here below is a NASA image of a flare that occurred this morning. Click on it; look at it closely. Have you ever seen anything like this image of our sun. i know I haven't and I am a passionate observer of this kind of technological imagery. This is truly the real deal.

Here's another prophetic sign straight out of the Book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel 38:7 prophesies, "Prepare yourself and be ready, you and all your companies that are gathered about you; and be a guard for them."  Have we been paying attention to the way Russia is a primary cog in the wheel that is the long-running Iranian nuclear weapons program? Are we not fully aware of how Russia has been running active interference for Iran at the U.N. and as a participant member state in the E3/EU+3 nuclear talks with Iran? Without question the Russian Federation is actively guarding the foremost of the Islamic Republic of Iran's nascent nuclear weapons program, precisely as the Lord spoke it to the prophet Ezekiel thousands of years ago. And here the Bride of Christ are witnesses to this very specific fulfillment of a very specific verse within the Ezekiel prophecy; it is occurring right before our eyes - if we take note of it and not allow it to pass us by unnoticed. Russian Federation expertise built the primary Iranian reactor as Bushehr and provided the enriched uranium hexafloride fuel to power its nuclear core. Last December, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin (a/k/a to myself as 'Gog of Magog') told the world that the Iranian nuclear program was going to be dismantled through the terms of the agreement being negotiated at the E3/EU+3 talks. Lest December he said this. Gog of Magog also said there would therefore be no need for a Western missile defense system to shield us from Iranian nuclear-armed missiles.

Gog of Magog would try to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. So, how many more specific signs do we really need to know what season it is and how through the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy the world that will exist in the very near future will have only a passing resemblance to the one we see right now. And if you are one who has not yet decided that Jesus is the Son of God, the one and only Lamb of God whose shed blood covers and removes from the sight of God all sins and trespasses and guarantees you eternal life, then the time for a decision for Him is right now. Tomorrow may be too late, for who knows the future but Him who provides us with prophecies such as these being fulfilled before our eyes?


Addendum: One final historical and forward-looking observation regarding these United States of America. I also believe there are sweeping political changes that are coming to this country of the course of the next six years. The obvious preponderance of political power wielded by the radically leftist Obama Administration has all but run its course. From the mid-term election day of this coming Tuesday through to the November 2016 general election I believe we will witness a massive return to grass-roots Conservatism sweep into power at nearly every level of civil governance (federal, state, local) across this nation. The changes this political power shift will bring about are nothing short of massive in virtually any category imaginable. These changes will not occur without significant opposition from the Left which may not yet be ready to surrender their gains, real or perceived, of the previous 7 years.

As an aside, some Christian brethren are fond of saying that the election of Barack Hussein Obama II in November 2008 and again in 2012 was God’s way of bringing judgment upon this nation for its sins. Well, bringing national leaders to prominence is definitely within the Lord’s control, and Obama's time in power was to serve some purpose which may not yet be fully apparent to us all. However, I am all but convinced that political commentary maven Rush Limbaugh has gotten the basic reason for the political changes that have occurred between 2008 and the present spot-on correct. 

Simply put, the seven years of the “Obamination of America” was the direct result of both conservative Republican and Independent voters wanting to put to bed to the most pressing and divisive political issue this country has ever faced – race relations and everything that comes with that entire political "race card" paradigm. This bloc of America's enfranchised voted for Obama twice with the very best of intentions. The conservative and independent electorate cast their ballots along with a solid base of Democrat voters in believing that the election of the first 'black man' (actually, Obama is of mixed race parentage) to the highest office would bring the divisiveness of race relations in this constitutional republic to an abrupt end.

The unforeseen problem was that this electorate cast their ballots without one iota of consideration of the political and ideological baggage that Obama and his ilk would bring with them and then bring about through overwhelming political power. Perhaps they believed that America's strength lie in its ability to absorb or shrug off any detrimental effects brought to fruition through his leftist ideology? Whatever the case may be, Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike were aghast when they realized that Obama and his appointed administration's leadership was as anti-Israel as were his closest pre-election Chicago associates (i.e. the Palestinian terrorists Edward Said and Rashid Khalidi). 

These Americans were aghast when they realized the full-scope of the socialist agenda being brought to bear on healthcare, defense (OEF/OIF, Benghazi and the severe degradation of US military capabilities), foreign policy (pro-Islamist revolution designed to destroy Israel), and a plethora of Constitutional (Fast and Furious), states’ rights and economic (Keystone Pipeline) issues. The grassroots, non-partisan counter-revolution that began almost immediately in 2009 gave birth to the non-politically affiliated Tea Party which has been the tip of the spear in the changes that have been manifest in the last mid-term election and in the one we’re about to have. The American electorate has now seen seen and felt the pain associated with the costs of electing a president whose ideology and utter rejection of our checks and balances political system began to effect changes like a wrecking ball on the edifice of a basically sound structure.

Now, Obama is a liability to his political party like no political party has faced since Nixon and Watergate, and which pales in comparison to what Obama has wrought. In the coming several months after this mid-term election Obama’s penchant for ignoring the rule of Constitutional law could very well land him in the midst of an impeachment during his final year of office. Obama’s final months are likely to re-define what an American “lame duck” president is. A pendulum swing back to the right is already in progress, yet there are also indications that the violence-loving reactionary core of Obama’s Marxist-Socialist-Islamist base is still a threat to civil law and order, especially in places such as Ferguson, Missouri. This encapsulates my view that the struggle to control the world's preeminent power is just beginning against enemies both foreign and domestic and spiritual. For us there is much work to do and much more to endure for America and for Israel until He comes to take us home.


Nancy said...

Thank you for taking time to keep us informed. You are so appreciated! :)

jmoll106 said...

This is an interesting SITREP. (Kind of like a cliff hangar.) After following your past sitrep's it would appear our focus should be on Israel and especially Jerusalem. Whenever Israel is backed into a corner, Israel's God ensures His word is trustworthy and fulfilled. We should be looking up, our redemption draws near.

Sean Osborne said...

Thank you for the kind word, much appreciated.


Cliff hanger is unintended, I ran out of time this morning to complete this post, but will tidy it up after work.

Star said...


I very much enjoy your blog Brother. I too feel that the spiritual warfare of Ephesians 6 is upon us and about to take a very dark turn for the worse. I just don't see how we get out of this year without something major and dire occurring. However, praise God that we can rest in the knowledge that our Lord is in control and we can stand on that blessed assurance.

Thank you for your insight and may The Lord bless and keep you and your family,

Sean Osborne said...

Always remember: now matter dark it may get, we've already won the victory thru Christ our Lord!

Anonymous said...

With Russia strengthening its military alliance with Ethiopia and Libya meeting with Russia in November to discuss Libyan troops to be trained on Russian soil, the Gog/Magog prophecy is really progressing!

jmoll106 said...

I appreciate all the hard work and info you give on your site. It takes diligence to be a Berean.

Great Grany 5 said...

I so appreciate all of your Godly teaching and how devoted you are to the truth of His Word. To know that all of the remaining days before the Body of Christ is shouted out of here, we are to be the lights of the World.

That fact makes the rest of my life a very serious affair because I so desire to get it right, right now. I have this very strong stirring in my heart, mind and soul that it is indeed sooner than we all think and I am getting very excited.


NG said...

I think 80 years (so year 2028) is kind of maximum limit, so to say, as Jesus didn't say he will come after the generation is passed but rather that he would come before that generation has passed.

So, hopefully, rapture will take place earlier than 2021...

I can't wait but I know that the more we wait the more people are accepting Jesus as their savior so on one hand I would like rapture to take place as soon as possible and on the other hand I know it is a good thing that it is a bit delayed.

Sean Osborne said...

Psalm 90:10 is a min/max definition of a generation.

Jesus said: "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

70 years is without question too short of a generation at this point (end of 2014) - there is not enough time remaining for both the pre-70th Week prophecies and the sum of the 70th Week itself to occur.

Therefore, in stating this type of thing it is an imperative to open the proverbial window as wide as possible.

I believe the maximum opening is essential because if one were to go the minimalist route and say this year or next year, then when January 2016 or 2017 came around and nothing has occurred the entirety of the minimalist interpretation will have been proven incorrect, and the bah-humbug naysayers and scoffers are left utterly free reign to dissuade those who have not made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

It's all about Jesus and not any one of us.

Anonymous said...

We can see who in the worlds leadership of having control over the multitudes, reminded me of the scriptures about deception. The last words Jesus told his disciples, "Do not be deceived"!
Matt. 24:4,-5,-11,and 24. Mk. 13:5. Eph.5:6. 1 Cor. 3:18. 1 Jn.3:7. The last two chapters of Rev. point out where these liars will spend eternity. Seems govt. programs are all based on lies today and Are approved! Satan knows his time grows short, and using all his resources he can muster.

Sean Osborne said...

satchaquat asked:

"Do you feel that the feasts and celebrations of the Old Testament we are told to acknowledge, have any significance on the month and days/time of the rapture for his bride and the Lords return to earth in his wrath?"

The feasts and celebrations of ancient Israel have absolutely no bearing on the day or the hour that will be determined by the Father for the Son to catch away His Bride.

This is so that Satan not have any notion of the timing or chance to interfere in any manner whatsoever with the Harpazo.

newLIFEthruCHRIST said...

In his latest vlog, our brother, Kevin, reminds us of the "cup of trembling" prophecy which provides further evidence that we are living in the last generation:

I appreciate all of your efforts, Sean, and have a BIG HUG ready for you when we get Home : )

hartdawg said...

Sean, I totally agree with your answer. The harpazo, I believe, is a number based event no a dated event. That's if my understanding of Romans 11:25 is correct

Sean Osborne said...

Spot On hartdawg... Romans 11:25 is 100% about numbers!

IMHO, Deuteronomy 29, Romans 11 and 2 Thessalonians 2 are among the most important chapters of the Bible when it comes to understanding where we are today and what will happen 'tomorrow.'

When the last gentile of the present dispensation has come in... the Father will call for the Son to collect His Bride.

hartdawg said...

Hey Sean, here's a thought, and perhaps you had the same though, I been following this blog since 2009, about 5 and 1/2 years. It just occurred to me that we are almost halfway, perhaps even more, from the start of this blog to being home with our Lord. Doesn't that exite you?

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, I am encouraged by the thought that we could literally be taken at any moment, so we should literally live every moment as if it were our last in this human part of our eternal existence.

Give 110% effort 100% of the time.

Scipio said...

Sean, always love your research! Well I hope your direction of the political trend is correct. No doubt it HAS to be, if we are to be still a great country. We'll find out later today!

mark3210 said...


The weather may be perfect in PA this afternoon but it certainly doesn't match my mood.

I've never felt such anger as I entered the voting booth!

Hopefully that emotion will help motivate people to get to the polls today.

Sean Osborne said...


I've received several notes today indicating that today's mid-term election in the US states holding elections will be a landslide mandate against BHO and his policies.

The Senate will go to Republicans by a 53-47 seat margin, with Louisiana and Georgia going to expected runoff elections on December 6th and January 6th respectively.

This is what the so-called experts are saying. Even then, this is just the first step in a two-year process to reclaim a Constitutional Republic.

Great Grany 5 said...

Never have accepted the Fall Seasons Feast as the preconceived Transfer out of Earth's Gravity even. It is a Church event and that does include Gentiles and Messianic Jews. So, it remains a mystery that only ABBA FATHER knows the answer to. We have work to do and that is the Gospel, the Gospel, and the Gospel.

It is very important to know the times and the season we are in but we are supposed to stay focused on sharing the Gospel with all mankind. I have felt that the internet is the very best vehicle to accomplish that very huge assignment and your blog and many, many others that are sharing the love and truth of who Jesus Christ is, are all God designed.

Grant you, the reputation of the internet when it first began was a moral garbage heap but how things have changed since 1993 and especially 1996.

Just an added about today's huge event: The Midterm Election. Here where I live, our turnout seems to be constantly low for the elections that are not about the Presidential terms. Not today. Our polling place is located in one of the social rooms that the local funeral home constructed years ago. When we pulled into the pretty large parking lot, we thought there was a funeral in process because the lot was almost full. It wasn't the reason at all. All of those cars were filled with people voting and even ran out of privacy booths and so the people began just sitting out in the open and voting. The atmosphere in that huge room was CHARGED and for the first time in many decades I could actually discern the ANGER in the voters. At one time the voters were lined up waiting to slip their ballots into the electronic voting machines. And it was "NO FUNNY GAMES" day with the whole bunch.

God works in mysterious ways and sometimes it is by letting us see things minus our rose colored glasses.

GG5/ Shalom

Scipio said...

Sean, thanks. Certainly at times, I have agreed with some writers that the for all intents and purposes, finished. Due to the insane taxation, spending and the gutting of our military, etc. The U.S. isn't mentioned in prophecy (directly) so my thought was, 'well, we'll be conquered by China/Russia or be brought down by monetary collapse. BUT, with hopefully better leadership, perhaps now the reason for our non-mention is that the rapture will take half the population

Sean Osborne said...

This election has proven to be an utter disaster for the Leftists in the USA.

American Republicans, Democrats and especially Independent, non-party affiliated voters have in a single day of voting completely remade the Congress of these United States.

These American voters, the true political power in this country, have given the GOP an even greater majority in the House and great majority of the Senate beyond what even the most optimistic of the pundits were predicting.

On to the next SITREP to explore what this means in full.