Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Global SITREP D8-14: Is Hezbollah (Iran) Spoiling For War With Israel?

 Map of the "Blue Line" border between Israel and Lebanon

07 October 2014: If past events are any indicator of current events, then, yes, Hezbollah appears to be spoiling to start a war with Israel, possibly in conjunction with HAMAS' insistence that its summer war with Israel isn't really over, it's just a limited hudna (halt to hostilities) while it re-arms and re-gains military strength.

In three incidents in the Mt. Dov region (Shebaa Farms) of Israel's Golan Heights in recent days Hezbollah has probed, infiltrate Israel's sovereign territory and now attacked IDF troops with remotely triggered IEDs. Israel's response to the IED attack was a 40-round barrage of very precise artillery on two Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. 

It appears as if Hezbollah was attempting to secure the abduction of two IDF soldiers as Prisoners Of War, the exact same tactic which resulted in the murder of two IDF soldiers in 2006 and resulted in the fierce war of that same summer against an unprepared IDF. I make the obvious assessment that Hezbollah feels emboldened by the less-than-mission-complete results of this summer 2014's Operation Protective Edge by the IDF against HAMAS.

Watching closely for further developments.


hartdawg said...

Obvious assessment indeed. When you face a threat to your people's existence you don't "keep the calm" you eradicate the threat. I don't need to beat that drum anymore. We'll see how this develops. Second blood moon tomorrow too!

Sean Osborne said...

By The Way...the 8 OCT "blood moon" has zero significance for the Middle East as no part of it is visible from the Pakistan-Iran-Afghanistan border region in the east to a point midway across the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

Look here:

8 October Lunar Eclipse Visibility Map

However, if you are living in the State of Hawaii or on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean... stand up and go outdoors right now and look straight overhead.

Maranatha_Mark said...

I agree Sean, the limp-wristed execution and conclusion of the Operations in Gaza, was like chumming waters full of ravenous sharks. All Netanyahu did, by succumbing to international pressure to halt the Operations in Gaza against Hamas, was embolden and invite military action from Yisra'el's other regional enemies. I also wonder if Netanyahu will knuckle under to the pressure of Obama NOT to TAKE Pre-emptive actions against the Iranian nuclear program. I guess we will see very soon, cause Iran has to be getting close to nuclear weapons at this point.

Shalom & Blessings,

Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

Also, no part of the April 15, 2014 "blood moon" was visible in the Middle East - nothing of it was seen from Indonesia in the east to Italy in the west.

On April 4, 2015 a near total (partial) lunar eclipse will occur and will be in the same Pacific Ocean area as today's eclipse, just slightly further towards the Western Pacific Ocean.

On September 28, 2015 a total lunar eclipse will occur and, again, and the very early part of it will be visible in the Middle East. The totality of this "blood moon" will centered over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I note that just before 11PM that night this total "blood moon" eclipse will become visible along the entire US eastern seaboard.

Here's where something interesting associated with a "blood moon" may occur. The midnight hour of July 27/28 2018 will occur over the whole Middle East, from India to Egypt. This "blood moon" coincides with what I wrote in the last two paragraphs found in HaShemittah - Israel's Sabbath Year - A Harbinger of Judgment?:

" Counting six years from 1947-48 would bring the first HaShemittah year to occur in 1954-55. The second occurred in 1961-62, the third 1968-69, fourth 1975-76, fifth 1982-83, sixth 1989-90, seventh 1996-97, eighth 2003-04, and the most recent, the ninth 2010-11. The next or 10th HaShemittah year in this manner of counting them will occur in the year of 2017-18, which is also the 70th anniversary year of Israel's rebirth into existence.

Here's my bottom line in expressing this Biblical research and these insights to you. I would argue this method of counting HaShemittah years since Israel's 1947-48 return to be living in the land is entirely consistent with Psalm 90:10 regarding a generation being 70 years, and , as well as this being entirely consistent with Jesus' Olivet Discourse prophecy about that final generation not passing away until all of His signs had come to pass.

We shall see... unless the Harpazo occurs first (as I hope it will).

Sean Osborne said...


No doubt about it... the recent sabotage blast at the Parchin complex was without question directly related to nuclear weapons/delivery systems development.

There is some discussion of this topic in the comments found here