Monday, November 9, 2015

Global SITREP D11-15: The War in Israel

UPDATE 9 November 2015: Is there any wonder among the bride of Christ that like his predecessor, POTUS George W. Bush, the current POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, has had to publicly concede that a "comprehensive peace agreement" between Israel and the "Palestinians" is not possible before the end of his term in office in fourteen months time (January 2017)? Do we also recognize that this is the will of God just as much as anything else that is occurring on the earth during this pre-70th Week era? If you have any doubts, let me quote the words of our Lord Jesus Christ as recorded by the apostle Matthew 24:6: 

"And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."

Every time you recite the Lord's Prayer you begin by praying: "Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name! Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!"

Brethren, none of what happens between now and the Harpazo should surprise any of us because His prophetic word will be manifest, it must take place, and the bride of Christ prays for this daily.

And so what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama say to each other this morning, what they agree to, or even what they agree to disagree about, or even if one should openly betray the other in the coming months, none of that matters because this world is on the unalterable course towards the establishment of His Kingdom come. This is all good news, no matter what any corporate or so-called alternative media might say. And we should be rejoicing loudly! 

28 October 2015: This update is to cite media reports which confirm the original blog item posted three days ago. Among the most trusted of American media to be found, the Washington Free Beacon's report (Israeli Security Officials Concerned About Militia Affiliated with Ruling PA Party) goes into even greater detail than I originally posted regarding the Fatah Tanzim and its arsenal meant for one purpose and one purpose only - the killing of Israel's people. And a Times of Israel report published on October 22 points to the strife and warfare becoming worse than it currently is (nothing we don't already know), but with a twist - the report is based on the words of Adnan Ghaith, the leader of the Tanzim in Jerusalem. Finally, today, there appeared this article in Israel Hayom concerning HAMAS seeing the current situation in Israel as an opportunity not to be missed.

25 October 2015: When it comes to the ongoing Psalm 83 war in Israel the first thing most people will think of are the HAMAS terrorists in Gaza, or the Islamic State terrorists in Sinai. Some will even think of the "Palestinian" terrorists who launch two or three stabbing attacks in various locations around Israel on a near daily basis. 

This is a reminder to not forget about the heavily armed terrorists (at least 400 M-16 assault rifles and hundreds of grenades) in Judea and Samaria: Fatah Tanzim. The image above is a group of the Fatah Tanzim taken at Manger Square in Bethlehem. Not even the "Palestinian" security forces of the PA will move to disarm this terrorist army. A week ago they confronted the IDF who were moving into Qalandiya to lawfully arrest a known terrorist and opened fire on the IDF with their assault rifles. The Israeli's made a strategic retreat from this ambush in waiting.

It may be a matter of a short period of time before the Fatah Tanzim come from behind the stone throwers and stabbers to make life in eastern Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria a matter of life and death.  This SITREP will serve as a place holder for when this scenario becomes a bloody reality within Israel's borders.


LD said...


My wife and I are scheduled to travel to Israel in mid November, and I have to tell you, I was pretty much at peace with it UNTIL I saw the picture you posted (and Sitrep) D11-15. That picture was worth a thousand words. We are praying, and so far neither one of us has heard God caution us to stop this trip. Just wondering if you personally feel it is safe to travel to Israel in the midst of this present uprising, with the bigger terror act to follow. I don't feel confusion, nor fear, but I am concerned to say the least.

Thank you...always appreciate the incredible perspective you bring to world situations.

God bless

Sean Osborne said...


As always it's all in the Lord's hands.

I have to assume and do believe that from the first thought about making the trip to the booking itself, every bit of the process has been offered to the Lord in prayer. He probably has a purpose for you to make this trip.

Put your concern to rest in His most capable hands and enjoy visiting the Holy Land.

Psalm 23 verse 4 is what just came to mind: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Lance M said...


Just felt led to say that I would take any chance to travel to Israel. It's easy for me say since I don't have to deal witht the reality of what is occurring there, but either way, He is in control. I think it is an amazing opportunity, and I pray for a safe trip if you are able to go. God bless!

Great Grany 5 said...

In the past I travelled to Israel during the times when Arafat was at his most vicious attacks on Israel and the only danger I encountered was the venders of trinkets that they sell along every stop of the tour.

Go with God and like the others have said, listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and your faith in God's Word. Powerful stuff but there is a reason for you to be going and as Sean said, put your concerns to rest and know that you are in the Almight's perfect care and provisions. Wow! Wish i could go too.

I will be praying for your trip to woo you like none other and the outcome will be totally awe inspiring for all that come into contact with you.


LD said...

Great Granny...Sean and Lance,

Thank you all!! I appreciate the encouraging words and was very moved knowing people I have never even met are praying for us. I can't tell you how moving that is. We will be praying for y'all too as we journey through Israel..knowing one day we will all experience the new Holy Land first hand together! Wow!

God bless.

Sean Osborne said...


The website has never been a reliable source of information; it is the wild-eyed conspiracy theory website of Alex Jones - nothing they publish will be linked to from this blog.

That said, I have been writing here for many months about Israel's overwhelming EW (Electronic Warfare) superiority vis-a-vis the Russian state-of-the-art EW systems deployed in Syria as part of the Syrian air defense network. This Israeli EW superiority has been an acknowledged fact since September 2007 and clearly remains so through to the present even with the best tactical EW systems that Russia has (Krasukha-4) now deployed at Latakia and the nearby Bassel al-Assad Air Base Syria at Jableh.

Israel's airstrikes (neither confirmed or denied by Israel) of this past weekend against both Hezbollah/Iranian and Syrian targets (Russia's allies) in Lebanon and the western suburbs of Damascus and the total lack of any anti-air response proves the Israeli EW advantage remains intact and is as powerful as ever. Was Russia able to pass targeting data to their allies in their joint war room? No. Did Russia deliberately turn-off its Krasukha-4 EW systems to enable the Israeli airstrikes? No. Israel's counter-EW overcame the Krasukha-4 system. It's known EM envelope is 300km or 186 miles, which places the outer edge of this Jableh-centered envelope very close to the Israel-Lebanon border. Coincidence? No, Latakia was intentionally selected as the Krasukha-4 deployment site because of this reason.

Lawrence Prabhakar Williams said...

Thank you Sean that confirms that Israel has good room of airspace operation over Syria and Lebanon.
Three more queries:
a) What would be the potential effect of the S-300 in Iran and possible deployment in Syria in view of the Oracle of Damascus, would the destruction of Damascus be a airstrike or missile strike?

b) Your comments confirm that the entire Russian Electronic Warfare (EW) systems are ineffective to Israeli prowess that means Russian naval based systems would not be effectively tackling Israeli air operations. Would Israel deploy its High powered microwave weapons and other exotic weaponry or would their existing superior EW suites prove effective?

c) Sequentially, would Isaiah 17 would precede Jeremiah 49:34-38 or otherwise, having stated that, do you think current POTUS would order US aircraft to intercept IAF strikes over Iran or would Israel resort to a complex series of operations including Ballistic and cruise missile strikes against Iranian nuclear targets, your kind opinions please


Sean Osborne said...


a) As discussed in previous SITREPs, the Russian S-300PMU is an older system which Greece also possesses and whose various operating parameters IAF pilots have trained during exercises in Greece to suppress and otherwise operate against. For the most part the presence in Syria of the S-300PMU AD system is a non-issue in my assessment.

Also as recently posted to this blog in another SITREP, the destruction of Damascus is an ongoing process being accomplished through incessant inter-Islamic warfare between the Shia-Alawite vs. Sunni sects. The final act of Damascus' destruction is currently unknown, but is attributed to Israel by prophetic Scripture.

b) There would have to be an imperative requirement for more exotic IDF EW systems to be brought into utilization when the currently employed EW capabilities are resulting in a mission accomplished status.

c) The more I read these texts the more I assess that Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 appear to be concurrent fulfilled prophesy. Neither Syria or Iran are mentioned in Psalm 83.

Also, I do not believe any US pilot, nor his/her commander would follow an order from the CInC to shoot down IAF strike aircraft for the simple fact that such an order would be considered an illegal order under the UCMJ. Illegal orders must be refused.

jmoll106 said...

Amen Sean,
Within believer's there should be an unmoving confidence in what God has declared in His word will come to pass . I think we are so sorely vexed by the wickedness we see, that we grow impatient, even though we pray His will be done. I always pray that I will be about His business faithfully until Jesus comes or I go to Him. Not always successful or patient :) but pressing on.

Scipio said...

THX Sean for these updates! jmoll, my thoughts for sure. The negativity and blindness to these prophecies is astounding. But yes, we need to keep our minds and spirits super alert to do His work. It likely won't be long now, a year or two-max!

Rhonda said...

Hi Sean,
Last night I did something so dumb. I pulled up End Times Headlines around 9:30. I pulled up the article called "Thermonuclear Missile Launch Near Los Angeles Is Final Sign of WWIII on the Precipice." It has 4 accompanying short videos. I watched them.
About 3:30AM I sat straight up in bed gasping for breath because I had had a nightmare. The U.S. was being nuked and I and those around me were melting, or boiling or whatever happens. It was soooo awful. When I calmed down I just kept
telling myself God wouldn't have His bride go there that. Do you think that's right? Sadly, what is in those videos I watched made sense. He connected whatever
people saw from the coast off of Los Angeles and some of Russia and China's moves lately. Remember those explosions in China not to long ago, he said the US was
responsible for those. Sometimes I wonder where my faith is but on the only hand
no one wants to die a painful death. Can anyone give me advice? I get so worried about this stuff but I know Jesus loves me and loves His bride, the church. So lost today:( Thanks for listening.

Sean Osborne said...


Your personal experience is one of the primary reasons I will never, ever post or link to that kind of material on this blog. It is garbage; it is intentional fear-mongering by folks who are truly not our brethren.

In fact, earlier today I had to reject a pair of comments from two different people from being posted here for precisely this purpose because it contained links to the same material that you are referring to. This ridiculous stuff is bad for all concerned, firstly, because none of it is true, or accurate, and secondly, 99.9% of it is wildly embellished conspiracy nonsense from people who know next to nothing about which the speak or produce videos about, These are bald-faced lies based upon 0.01% fact.

I posted Jesus own words about what is coming upon this world, wars and rumors of wars and how we must not be afraid. Many frightful things are happening, wars are ongoing and greater events will yet occur. Each one is a reminder that His Kingdom is coming soon,

jmoll106 said...

God has put all of us in the age in which we live, we can only choose how to live it. Ephesians says God has provided ahead of time good works for us to do as Christians, that we might reflect His love to the world. Our future is in the palm of His hand. Our hope is a sure hope. I pray God give you His peace as you abide in Jesus. And also your not alone, we all get attacked by the devil and his minions. Resist the devil and rest in Jesus.

jmoll106 said...

Scipio, a big amen, super alert is right, I was just thinking ALL who walk the earth today will be bowing their knee and confessing with their mouth that Jesus is Lord. Their are no unbelievers in heaven or in the lake of fire. There are only unbelievers here. Praise be to God his grace has brought us to our knees now because there is no chance after death. Even a little light can peirce the darkness. Shine on brother.

Miriam said...

My dear sister Rhonda, your comment brought to my some of the things one of my sons, who is a believer afflicted with Schizophrenia, struggles with from time to time, often in more subtle ways than what you went through last night. In truth as Sean and others have said, we are all attacked by fear from time to time, often in very clever ways. The verse that the Holy Spirit has me share with my son (and myself) time and time again is 2 Timothy 1:7: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. So when you experience something that engenders fear (not an appropriate fear/awe of of God and His law, but fear of the debilitating kind about something that is out of your control), remind yourself that it DOES NOT come from God, and that even though you feel afraid, you can choose by an act of your will enabled by the grace of God to ignore that and keep on pressing forward with Him. In fact, that is the definition of courage. When you have set your mind to do that, most of the time the enemy backs off because you've got him on the run.

jmoll106 said...

I just want to say thanks for your service to our country on this veterans day!

Rhonda said...

Dear Sean,
Maybe you are no longer defending this nation in it's military
but you are still helping to lead a battle, the battle between
complacency and equipping the saints with truth about the hour
we are in. Thank you for everything, for sharing the
knowledge you have about military things (not classified of
course) and the knowledge you have about the things that must
take place before the coming of our Lord.

This hymn always comes to mind on Veteran's Day:

Onward Christian Soldiers

Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war.
With the cross of Jesus Going on before. Christ,
the royal Master, Leads against the Foe; Forward
into battle See His banners go! Onward, Christian
soldiers, Marching as to war, With the cross of
Jesus Going on before.

Sean Osborne said...


Thank You!

And a big Thank You! goes out to all of our brothers and sisters-in-arms who have VOLUNTEERED to serve, are continuing to serve and will yet serve We The People, our Constitution and One Nation Under God! It truly is a selfless sacrifice they all make for us.

Sean Osborne said...


Onward Christian Soldiers is a favorite hymn that is quite often on my mind as well at various times during the year, but particularly on Veterans Day. In fact, I remember back from early 2002 and throughout 2003-04, in prepping for and then deploying into Operation Iraqi Freedom, the last stanza was constantly out in front leading the way on my lips.