Monday, November 23, 2015

Global SITREP E4-15: Everything You Need to Know About Why the Islamic "Refugee" Invasion of the West is by Design!

23 November 2015: Pastor Farag's weekly message confirms virtually every word of what I have been writing in Eschatology Today comments and private Emails since the so-called "refugee crisis" began in earnest a few weeks ago.

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Maranatha_Mark said...

J.D.'s Mid East Prophecy UpDates are great, I listen to them weekly! J.D. is an awesome Bible/Prophecy teacher!

Yes, Sean, you and J.D. are in complete agreement on the "So-Called Refugee Crisis". The fact that Obama's administration is working to KEEP OUT Syrian Christian refugees, should be a indicator of Mr. Obama's ultimate goals!

The John Haller Prophecy Update is very good as is the Prophecy Update from the Calvary Melbourne Church from Australia.

Maranatha! Mark