Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Members of Fatah's Martyr Nidal Al-Amoudi Division in Gaza read a statement condemning Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for attending the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

19 October 2016: This SITREP is based upon the (emphasis added) bullet points taken from an article by the Jerusalem-based journalist Khaled Abu Toameh posted this  early this morning at GatestoneInstitute.Org entitled Palestinians:Fatah Prepares for War with Israel. Click in the link for the full article which has critically important details on the who, what, when, where and how these Fatah troops are training for war.

  • "We have pledged to prepare an army of fighters by devoting our full abilities and energies to consolidate the option of armed struggle as the only means to liberate Palestine." — The armed wing of Fatah, Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Martyr Nidal Al-Amoudi Division.
  • The international community continues to perceive Fatah as the "moderate" Palestinian party with whom Israel should make peace. Yet Fatah is far from a single united bloc; many groups within the faction continue to seek the "liberation of Palestine" through armed struggle. Moreover, neither Abbas nor any of his senior Fatah loyalists have repudiated the war-set Fatah militias. Crucially, many of these Fatah militiamen continue to receive salaries from the Palestinian Authority.
  • These Fatah gunmen who are preparing for war with Israel are indirectly receiving their salaries from Western donors, including the US and many EU countries, who fund the Palestinian Authority.
  • These groups believe that they represent the real Fatah, the one that never recognized Israel's right to exist and holds on to armed struggle as the only way to "liberate Palestine." They are not breakaway groups. That is why they continue to operate under the name of Fatah.
  • Fatah is a two-faced hydra; one face tells the English-speaking international community what it wants to hear, namely, that it supports a two-state solution and seeks a peaceful settlement to the conflict with Israel, while the other tells the truth: it is committed to an armed struggle and the "liberation of Palestine," and is even preparing for war with Israel.
As most of the intellectually honest bride of Christ knows, these points are, in essence, the key points made Asaph, the Spirit-inspired musical prophet of Psalm 83.  As stated many times over on Eschatology Today, the Psalm 83 prophecy has been in a process of literal fulfillment which began in late November 1947, the 70th anniversary of which occurs next year. 

The final fulfillment of this prophecy, as expressed in Isaiah 11:14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26, is an expected and imminent reality. This pair of parallel prophecies given to us in the Word of God by two of His major prophets make a fallacious false teaching of those who say that Asaph's Psalm 83 is not a prophecy.


Kenneth Moore said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Obama, Hillary and George Soros also secretly suppprt
this terrorist group.

Bruce Bridges said...

Oh yeah. I can see THAT ending well for them.

They would do very well to read Psalm 83 in its entirety, and decide if that is really the fate they wish to meet. Then decide again if they REALLY want to go to war against Israel.

hartdawg said...

They don't have to support any terrorist group secretly, they can be open and bold about it and the media will still hide it.

Great Grany 5 said...


You know it Brother and the really wonderful thing about it is, Holy SPIRIT FILLED BELIEVERS, are way ahead of all their schemes. No matter what the PLO refers to their group as, they still are exactly what God's word tells us they are and their final outcome is fast approaching! I receive no joy from that knowledge in any manner but it is a matter of hoices.

My expectations today are even greater than they were yesterday and right now, as much as I hate the current politico climate right now, my genuine expectancy is growing minute by minute because I know my REDEEMER IS ALIVE AND READY!


Sean Osborne said...

In the past few days I have scanned or looked in-depth at well over 1,000 reports from all over the world. My conclusion from this exercise was that the world is like a giant soap bubble needing only the slightest disturbance to cause it to burst. In all regions of the world there is not one where an acute crisis or potential acute crisis does not exist, and in one manner or another all of them affect the rest of the world.

This situation reminds me again about the flood of Noah's day because the flood came from all directions - "...all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened..." Genesis 7:11.

And, as we discussed here previously, Noah had 7 days advanced warning, and he, his wife and three sons and thier wives saw the flood waters come and they went into the ark.

I believe this is how it will be when Jesus comes in the harpazo of the bride.

Nora said...


Concerning your comment above, (“I believe this is how it will be when Jesus comes in the harpazo of the bride.”) I remembered an interesting article written by Mr. Terry James I’ve read not long ago on this subject, titled “Buildup to Sudden Destruction”. I’d like to know your opinion about this article (when you’ll have time for it of course).

the article:

(You don’t have to post this comment if you wouldn’t like to, your reply will be enough for me.)

Sean Osborne said...


Terry James is a dear brother in Christ with whom I communicate with and quietly provide information to for his books.

Terry's views mirror my own and his article "Buildup to Sudden Destruction" posted last Tuesday, 18 October 2016 is very much in-line with what I've posted in many a SITREP here on Eschatology Today for some now. That is as it should be, because the Holy Spirit speaks to all of us of the same things at this late hour.

Sean Osborne said...

I recently ran across statistical information that as many as 25 million Christians failed to cast their vote in the presidential election of 2012.

That information caused me to cringe because it is a known fact that the 2012 election was lost to the (marxist muslim) Barack Hussein Obama by less than 5 million votes (4,982,291 votes to be exact). These numbers speak for themselves.

Yesterday Donald Trump laid out his agenda for the first 100 days of his presidency should he win the election just 17 days from today. That's 16 days and a wake-up to our chance to defeat the globalist elite just as our cousins over in the UK defeated the globalists of the EU this past summer in the so-called BREXIT ballot.

Those who say we cannot do the same here in the US are just flat wrong , in my opinion. We can and should make a 15-million vote difference over the evil standing before us, one last time, to give those who will be left behind at least a fighting chance before the coming final Caesar-on-Steroids temporarily takes it all.

Exercise your God-given right, bought and paid for by the blood of several generations of American fighting men and women, to cast you vote against the tyranny of evil.

mark3210 said...


If there is one thing that makes me confident that we can disregard all the polls they throw at us showing Donald Trump behind, it's that I truly don't believe it is God's plan to follow 8 years of Obama with another 4 of Hillary.

That said, we do all have to get out to the voting booth and make it happen.

Kenneth Moore said...

Makes perfect Biblical sense to me.
29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed. Luke 17:29-30

Rhonda said...

I saw this comment after JD Farag's update and I thought it so good. Remember
zero sent his thugs to steal the election in Israel from Benjamin Netanyahu. They
put out the propaganda that he was losing big. She said he won by a landslide.
I believe the demoncrats are trying to do the same thing here but this
time God's choice will be Donald Trump. Have any of you seen many Hillary for
Presidents signs? The other ones I see are Trump/Pence or Hillary for Prison!
ha ha ha

Miriam said...

I have read that when God’s anointed king, Cyrus, conquered Babylon and liberated Babylon’s enslaved oppressed people, the ancient ‘Cyrus Cylinder’ now in the British Museum says the people were reborn as if raised from the dead. I pray that is the case in our nation and elsewhere in the world also.

And in regards to it being the year 5777, I accidentally bumped into an analysis that I was not looking for that referred to Second Chronicles 7:14 (three sevens) and 14:7 (three sevens again) as possibly being related. I'm not trying to start a discussion on this topic, which I know Sean does not want to do and which would just be speculative anyway, since no human being has a full understanding of all of the amazing patterns that God wove into our world. I remember the first time one of my children brought home material that dealt with fractals, which were newly discovered at that point - it blew me away. If the Second Chronicles reference bears out, all of these many patterns are the fingerprints of God. I hope He brings multitudes to a saving knowledge of Himself and the clock ticks down.

Sean Osborne said...

I have to share this... perhaps many have already seen it. It's a rather complex cloud formation in an otherwise clear blue sky that looks very much like an angel.

This appeared over Camden, South Carolina.

Nora said...


I'm happy to hear that because Mr. James' writings are always encouraging, focusing on the rapture. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had net!