Sunday, July 2, 2017

Global SITREP C6-17: The 3rd Trilateral Summit of the New Mediterranean Alliance

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades last week, in Thessaloniki, at the third trilateral summit, signed joint statements for the continued strengthening of relations. YWN image.
Updated 3 July 2017: Without moving Global SITREP A6-16: A New Mediterranean Alliance forward by 16 months, consider this to be a continuation of that SITREP. An important re-fresh is always a good thing, especially this new geo-strategic alliance in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of Bible prophecy. To put it another way, these are quite likely three of the full number of ten toes we're looking for in last days prophetic fulfillment. They bridge the left and right foot of the image seen in Daniel 2. The importance of this cannot be understated; it is no accident this alliance has emerged within the past 17 months.

There are several OSINT sources for this update, but I have deliberately chosen the one published by Yeshiva World News last Sunday. The  published story is the text of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's statement following the third trilateral summit held by Israel, Greece and Cyprus in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the bottom of the linked YWN webpage is a video. Take in PM Netanyahu's words. Think about what Paul wrote 2000 years ago in 2 Thessalonians 2. No, this alliance is not any accident of happenstance. It is prophetic.

Elite IDF 'Egoz' commando training in Cyprus, June 2017.
Eschatology Today held back for some time, a week longer than Israeli media, in posting a report on this unique and now completed event. For us this is an early glimpse at how near-term prophecy-related events could and may very well occur. 

Two weeks ago approximately 400 IDF special forces soldiers from the elite Egoz unit, the elite Yahalom combat engineers and Oketz canine unit trained during the day and at night with approximately 100 of their Cypriot allies in Cyprus' Troodos Mountains and Paphos Forest. The elite IDF special forces troops which were selected to deploy for this exercise were not told in advance where their training would take place; they boarded IAF military transports in Israel and landed on Cyprus. 

Elite 'Egoz' special forces soldiers during a mission brief in Cyprus.

This exercise simulated a deep infiltration behind enemy lines. In military terms this kind of an operation is known as Enroute Mission Planning and Rehearsal Simulation (EMPRS). Once these boots hit the ground, multiple 'enemy' positions were assaulted, both above and below ground. The simulation mimicked probable future operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon, or in Syria. This exercise undoubtedly enhanced and advanced the combat effectiveness and capabilities of the participating special forces units. Movement within the exercise 'box' was accomplished via ten IAF Blackhawk special operations helicopters and several C-130 'Shimshon' Super Hercules transport aircraft. The exercise will pay great dividends when these units are called upon to execute their real-world mission. This is the boots on the ground aspect of the handshake photo at the top of this SITREP.


hartdawg said...

Hmmm, this occurred in thessalonika, and Thessalonians is the book that talks about the rapture and 2nd coming more than any other book? Could there be something to that? Of course I am only half serious but it is interesting.

Sean Osborne said...

As I wrote, none of this is accidental or coincidental. Greece and Israel figure prominently in last days prophecy as confirmed by the angel Gabriel.

Furthermore, Israel, Greece and Cyprus are positioned to very rapidly become the oil and natural gas titans, and therefore the wealth generating kingpins, of the emergent, nuclear-armed, ten-toed final world empire of the 70th Week.