Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Breaking News Alert: "Is the World Spinning Out of Control?"

🔺 1 August 2017: This title of this BNA is one which was asked of me recently. My answer was, 'No, the world is not spinning out of control by any measure; God has it all firmly within His control, and He is actively accomplishing His will as foretold through His anointed messengers, the prophets of Israel. 

Some time ago Eschatology Today made a point based upon Psalm 90:10 and the May 1948 re-birth of Israel on a single day (per Isaiah 66:8), that the approach of modern Israel's 70th year would be met with immense paradigm changes. The years 2017-2018 are those years, and we're in the thick of the final pre-70th Week series of prophetic fulfillment. Are these things not coming upon the world like a flood as the angel Gabriel foretold the prophet Daniel in the 70 Weeks prophecy (Daniel 9:26)? The fact that the unsaved individual asked the above question of me proves Gabriel spoke prophetic truth.

And there's more coming, but we are not to fear it, the end is not yet here. Rather, these are the specific signs our Lord spoke of. We are to look up, to watch because our Lord is soon to come for His bride (Luke 21:25-28). Little wonder then that in the West Wing of the White House there are now regular prayer and Bible study sessions involving key leaders of the Trump Administration, and that is admittedly something which has not occurred in over 100 years. Timing is everything, and this is a time like no other in history since our Lord's ascension.


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