Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Special Item to Note

Generic image of a comet

🔺 17 October 2017: I recieved a rather odd notification today.  The powers that be, (i.e. NASA) say there's no known threat, immediate or otherwise, to the earth from any nearby, approaching of incoming asteroid, comet or other space debris. That means there is nothing of an urgent nature that is currently on, pardon the pun, the event horizon. 

So the oddity is that with the US having a very tight budget the money being put into a now 2-year old NASA asteroid defense office, known as the "Planetary Defense Coordination Office" (PDCO) is suddenly enjoying a near tripling of its budget, from $60 million per year to $150 million per year. 

What is an additional $90 million being spent on when there's no immeidate threat from some inbound hurtling space rock? Or is there a space rock threat we're not yet privy to? 

Most of us know that objects incoming from space are an integral part of 70th Week prophecy. See Revelation 8:7-11.  These are the first 4 of the 7 Trumpet judgments, their occurrance is during the first half of the 70th Week, and being judgments, none of them are good for the earth and the life on it. That's obvious.

The increased concern for NASA's PDCO is not baseless either. On July 23rd a fireball meteor exploded in the sky above the USAF base at Thule, Greenland. Never saw a word about this three months ago, but today's notification mentions it. The fireball was speeding along at 15 miles per second when it exploded with the kinetic energy of a 2.1kT nuke detonation. 


Rhonda said...

Maybe the "incoming" is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to collect His bride! He comes part way to call us up to Him. October 20th is the date of my friend's daughter's wedding at a vineyard no less. I didn't know it was my wedding as well, I certainly hope so. That day is good for me Lord:) Maranatha............

Sean Osborne said...

Always looking up in hopes of seeing His procession. At the last trump, our Harpazo will be the instant of our physical transfiguration, from perishable to imperishable. Death will at that instant will have been swallowed up by victory. 1 Corinthians 15:50-54.

Great Grany 5 said...

Come Lord Jesus, COME!

This is one of many very early mornings that I have been awakened totally rested, mind completely tuned into HIM, and no pain anywhere in this old body! From in my heart rises up the cry, "Fill those who KNOW YOU LORD, with All of the ANOINTING TO LIVE EACH DAY FULLY! The Potter's House is available for each of us who seek to know HIM fully!


Sean Osborne said...

Something could happen in the next day or so to cause a major flare up in Gaza.

jmoll106 said...

I read Israel was moving tanks that way, definitely watching.
Still reading Jeremiah, I hope you right a commentary on it for dummies, I want the first one.😁

I'm glad to see you about GG5, you lift our spirits.

Rhonda, Today would be a great day to be caught up.:)

Sean Osborne said...


The Jeremiah SITREP, temporarily down below, is still a work in progress, but I hope to finalize it this weekend.

Moin said...

I think that we need a close watch at the European Union (Revived Roman Empire) from which the antichrist will emerge. The elections for the European Parliament next year could be the opportunity for him coming to power. Especially when a major war is raging in the Middle-East, or when Brexit is wreaking havoc across Europe, or when Italy is defaulting by its deficit spending and causing a financial crisis raging across Europe, or when these things are happening simultaneously.

Sean Osborne said...


On Eschatology Today we've already been there and done that a couple years ago. How often has it been suggested to you to read the 10 years of archived, Bible-based posts of this blog? Make use of them; that's why they're there.

Through the angel Gabriel's narrative to the prophet Daniel everything that's knowable about the Antichrist is already known to those who read it. That information is posted here.

Sean Osborne said...

Here's a reminder for the easy method of searching the entirety of Eschatology Today's archived material.

On the main page, upper left-hand corner, white box with a magnifier glass symbol. Click in the box and type your desired search item. Emample: type in 'Antichrist'.

Every post in the archive with that keyword will display on the page. Additional pages will display by clicking the 'more' tab at the bottom.

Happy searching.

hartdawg said...

You know what's amazing? (I'm sure you'll agree) these archived posts you mentioned do NOT even need updating. That's how accurate the infallible word of God is.

Sean Osborne said...

You're right, I agree. I update posts as new events warrant. We cannot go wrong if our source material is God-breathed Scripture.

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean and the whole gang!

I have missed all of you but my hubby would get my Tablet connected and Eschatology Today is on my start page so I was able to hear some of the conversations, when able! I love resourcing the archives and even took time a few years ago to print some of them off! A file that has been used extensively now exists for any unforeseen needs!

The news from the Gaza area is growing much more agressive in the last couplease of days and Russia poking their nose in is a surprise in some regards but it isn't their time yet to be front and center. The thing that does seem to be in tune with me is the deep dependency of Israel & USA to be self relent and not so much LORD Hashem's dependent! It is one more added ingredient into the humbling-vs-self suffecency of Israel but it isn't the right time for that either! Or not! Have to be patient and pray for all of those whom God Almighty wishes to use!