Sunday, February 2, 2020

Global SITREP A7-20: NATO & Israel a Covenant Among Many

NATO and Israel: A Covenant Among Many

2 February 2020: Here we have yet another Eschatology Today published subject from ten years ago (2010) which is now elevated for a second time to a full SITREP. Ten years ago not many paid much attention to that post, the crux of which was the threat posed by Iranian ballistic missiles as a mutual threat to both NATO and Israel. The NATO ALTBMDS program in the past decade has matured into the NATO BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) with Initial Operational Capability (IOC) achieved in 2016. The NATO BMD was exercised in Israel last year. Moreover, Israel tested a new rocket for the BMD system just days ago. Israel is the front line for the NATO BMD system of systems. In May of 2016 we had Global SITREP C2-16: Israel Takes a Big Step Towards a Covenant Among Many. So, this topic should really not be new news for any reader of Eschatology Today as over 1,400 of you read it. SITREP A7-20 will both buttress and expand upon what we already know.

Full membership in NATO for Israel, which requires the assent of all NATO members, had for six years been blocked by Turkey since 2010. In 2016, Turkey dropped its objection, and Israel's slow integration into NATO has proceeded apace. in 2017 Israel signed a cooperation agreement with NATO. Three years later, and according to the European view, Israel has become a premier partner for NATO as a 25-year long member of NATO's 'Mediterranean Dialogue' with a liaison office in the Brussels HQ of NATO. In April 2019 IDF solders were side by side with NATO troops in the American-led "Allied Spirit" exercise in Hohenfels, Germany. Israel's participation and technological advancements in the massive Defender 2020 (February-June 2020) are assured. Defender 2020 will insert massive numbers heavy, armored forces into Europe, from the Baltic to the Republic of Georgia.

Full membership in NATO for Israel through the Membership Action Plan (MAP) is just a matter of time in fulfillment of Daniel 9:27. The MAP is a process which can take a few years under normal conditions. Since 2008 NATO and Israel have also been in an Individual Cooperation Program (ICP). Israel is the only nation outside of Europe in an ICP with NATO. The ICP coordinates repose to terrorism, intelligence sharing, armaments, NBC defense, military doctrine, exercises, civilian emergency and disaster preparedness. In 2020 everything is present except for the actual accession, or confirming of membership in NATO.

What is NATO? NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It could just as easily be called the North Atlantic Covenant Organization, for that is exactly what NATO is, a covenant among many nations for their common defense, and much, much more. It arose concurrently with the rebirth of Israel after WWII. And NATO not European-centric due to the presence of the United States of America and Canada as founding members. Yet the heart of NATO, its headquarters and membership is in Europe. 

Finally, if a major NATO war erupted today there is no question whatsoever that the Israel Defense Forces would participate in active theater warfare as a de facto member of the North Atlantic Treaty (Covenant).


Lori said...

Hi, Sean, this is really interesting! I am not understanding why this would be a covenant with death, though.
Thank you for all your hard work!! Many blessings.


Sean Osborne said...


Antichrist confirms the covenant, he will be fully indwelt by Satan, after reciept of what appears to be a mortal wound. This is the death and hell aspect, and so covenant with death is an appropriate descriptive phrase.

Sean Osborne said...

This reminds me of Jesus standing on the Mount of Olives and telling His apostles of the coming total destruction of the Temple and not one of the apostles recalled the prophecy Gabriel made to Daniel about it. Jesus the provided the context to them by referencing the 'abomination of desolation' spoken of by Daniel. It was staring them all in their faces.

So too are unrecognized key elements of the 70th Week staring us in the face, and we are a lot closer to their fulfillment than our Lord's apostles were to the Roman destruction to Jerusalem and the Temple. (70 AD - 33AD = 37 years)

Who here believes there are another 37 years left?

jmoll106 said...

Sean, I certainly do not. Heck, I would be hard pressed to believe 37 months and if it is longer, I'll be going to see him. Methuselah I'm not :)

Nato makes so much sense today even as it was such an eye opener in 2016.
Turkey was the hinderer then, but now that you have given us that tidbit about them, it seems to be at the door.

Chills up the spine.

Sean Osborne said...

You and me both jmoll, you 'n me both.

At this point in the season, and its truly, truly late in the season, there's no other possibility that would amount to a literal probability.

We see NATO literally comprising both legs, feet and ten toes of the Kingdoms statue Nebuchadnezzar dreampt of and Daniel interpreted.

So, were the Jews in 66 AD eagerly anticipating or even remotely aware of the fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy? No, they did not even recognize the 69th week having passed before their eyes 30 decades before. Deuteronomy 29:4 in full effect.

Not much has changed in nearly 2,000 years, but the Lord will show His compassion just as Paul tells us in Romans 11.

Lori said...

I would be greatly surprised if we are here after 2026. With all that is going on, and the quickening pace, I might think we could see the rapture in @3 years....LORD willing. Thanks, Sean.

Blessings to all! :)

Sean Osborne said...

Nora, thanks for the date heads up!

Sean Osborne said...

Any day, any hour... even today.


Brother Frank said...

I find it depressing to think that we could still be here another three
more years as a couple of brothers and sisters have indicated. Is there anyone that thinks it could be this year?

Sean Osborne said...

Any day, any hour... even today

Nora said...

You're welcome!

Lori said...

Given all that is going on in this world, at this time-the convergence of events and both the quickening and intensifying of birth pangs-this year and the next are VERY high watch years, I believe! It can be disheartening, this waiting. I so want to go home, too, brother Frank.

Blessings, brothers and sisters. In a little while, we will be with the LORD in glory.


ShelleyB said...

Hey Brother Frank, Yes!!! I do believe we will be gone this year. The Bible likens the wind up to the Tribulation to a birth process. I've had two babies and there was no stopping those birth pangs once they started, even though I wanted to. They just got more frequent and more intense. I'm with Sean - "Any day, any hour…even today" Almost Home, brother. Focus on Jesus. Holy hugs to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t the mortal wound not until near the halfway point of the 7 years? Do you think the deal of the century will be used as an excuse to attack Israel to stop it from being excepted by the Palestinians?


Sean Osborne said...

Yes, as stated above for brevity sake to identify the A/C, from confirming to head wound, these things occur in first 3.5 years, during the thlipsis.

No, as a catalyst for prophetic fulfillment.

Baptistmama said...

We had the evangelist Sam Gipp talk at church a few weeks ago. He said that he's always known that we would be here in 2020, just that we'd be 20 yrs into the Millennium Kingdom. Lol. I too don't want to imagine us being here even one more year, but the Lord's timing is perfect and He knows what He's doing. Like a parent of an errant child, He's probably not looking forward to unleashing His wrath, and every extra second we're here, another lost soul accepts Christ and comes into the fold. However, I'm as excited as a child waiting for Christmas morning, and I'm scouring every nook and cranny looking where the gifts are hidden. Seeing our Lord's face and worshipping Him is gonna be the best gift ever, and it'll be that much sweeter after waiting and watching for so long!! We're in the home stretch, don't falter now. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Sean, thank you for responding to my questions much appreciated sir.


Sean Osborne said...


The key to what you said above, about "another lost soul accepts Christ to come into the fold" is exactly correct.


That is what Paul teaches in Romans 11 "the fullness of or the full number of gentiles being grafted in.

That is when we are harpazoed and God turns His full attention to saving all Israel. (144,000)

That is the transition from this dispensation to to the next, i.e. the fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27, the 70th week of years.

Rebounder said...

Moshe in the Galilee reports that Turkey just attacked Russian troops in Syria...

Sean Osborne said...

This is confirmed via UAWire. Four Russian FSB officers KIA by Turkish proxy militia.

Sean Osborne said...

The FSB were SpecOps sniper sent to reinforce Syrian Army in Idlib. Their vehicle hit a mine, the Russians dismounted and enaged in a firefight with a numerically superior force.

KIA: Major Bulat Akhmatyanov, Lieutenant Vsevolod, Major Ruslan Gimadiev and Captain Dmitry Minov.

Sean Osborne said...

SECSTATE Pompeo says the US supports our Turkish NATO ally. Blames Syria, Russia & Iran for no ceasefire.

Sean Osborne said...

Israel pre-emptively striking IRGC-QF positions on Mount Qasioun near Damascus tonight.