Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Global SITREP B4-20: Eye on Temple Mount

Temple Mount Someday Soon
14 April 2020: Eschatology Today's interest in what's current with the process (yes, it is an ongoing process) to rebuild the Jewish Temple on Mount Moriah was reignited anew yesterday when the news report about the Sanhedrin having to cancel a planned ritual sacrifice for this Passover due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That the Sanhredrin were going to undertake such a proscribed ritual speaks volumes on where the Orthodox Jews are regarding re-establishing the Temple and its services.

However, to begin with let's first engage in a preemptive in dispelling any notion that there won't be a Temple standing on Mount Moriah. The proof is found in the angel Gabriel's 70 Weeks prophecy. Daniel 9:27a specifically states: "Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; But in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering." There's only one location where sacrifice and offering to the Lord take place in Judaism - the Temple.

From June 1967 to the present since there is no Temple standing on Mount Moriah, Jews have gone to the Western Wall as that is as close as Israeli law will allow them to Judaism's holist site. In a sign of the times (due to fears of SARS-COV-2 infection) those Jews who routinely go to the Western Wall have been instructed by chief rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz to refrain from kissing it in a show of reverence to the God of Israel. All but a very few of the most devout in Jewish ultra-Orthdoxy have followed the instruction, yet even they have been seen to practice social distancing from fellow worshippers. 

The battle to rebuild the Temple (Beit Hamikdash) is caught up in the same political battle that plagues American politics, the battle between traditional conservatives and their values and the "deep state" and its uber-liberal and globalist secularism. In recent comments Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu confirmed this struggle. Despite this, The Temple Institute's director, Rabbi Chaim Richman, has declared the only thing standing in the way of rebuilding the Temple is the desire of Israel's people to do it.

It's kind of interesting to note the Jewish question, "Which comes first, Mashiach or Beit Hamikdash?" The Bible, both OT and NT, tells us unequivocally that the both the first and second Temples were standing before Jesus Messiah came. Nevertheless, Orthodox Judaism believes that building the Temple preceeds the arrival of the man who they currently believe will be their Mashiach. There isn't - or should not be - a single born-again Christian who does not understand that the Mashiach the Orthodox Jews are expecting is one and the same man as the angel Gabriel spoke of in Daniel 9:27a - the Anti-Christ of Revelation 13.

So, where do things stand today? All of the physical implements necessary for Temple worship, plus a trained cadre of the Temple priesthood, have been exactingly re-created awaiting only for the Temple to rise up on Mount Moriah. The Temple Institute has even practiced the Numbers 19 mitzvah burning of a red heifer on the Mount of Olives to obtain its ashes for ritual purification. It wasn't a real red heifer, but a stand-in to perfect the procedure. Even the types of wood necessary (pine, oak and fig tree) were meticulously researched. This practice session was done a little over 7 months ago away from prying eyes of the public and media. The ritual burning of the real red heifer may also be done in such secrecy. 

All of this evidences there's no doubt that the time is near.



Robin said...

I have watched with great interest the possibility of animal sacrifices being carried out on Mount Moriah during Passover. I have been of the opinion that our God will not allow His temple to be completed or animal sacrifices to commence while His church is still on earth. From the cross Jesus said “It is finished”. After Rapture I believe God will turn His attention back to the unbelieving nation of Israel allowing the rebuilding of the temple and animal sacrifices to commence. He loves the nation/people of Israel and the church. Please help me understand if I have erred in my opinion. Thank you, Robin.

Sean Osborne said...

Robin, What I know from Jewish sources is that the last red heifer (the 9th red heifer) was burned for its ashes some time after the establishment of the church on Pentecost 32 AD, and they continued in their use right up to the Roman conquest in 70 AD.

That's nearly four decades during the early part of our current church age dispensation. So why couldn't the end of this dispensation also see that mitzvah take place?

The Jewish sources also say the vessel which contained the red heifers ashes routinely lasted for several generations or about 300 years. Some say there is a possibility that vessel may yet be located under the Temple mount, thus ending the need for a 10th red heifer.

In any case the 10th red heifer is being sought diligently by the Temple Institute to this moment. They won't ask us for permission to burn a 10th heifer, they'll just do what they must do by their Mosaic Law.

Ken B said...


Theres a video of Chaim Rickman saying they could build the temple in 2 years time and that was aprox 10 years ago

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Ken B.,

Yes, I've known about that statement for a long time. I note he said they could do it, not that they would do. And it could have been done, but wasn't for the obvious reason. None of this is an issue for me because I remember some of our best prophecy teachers (no names please) proclaiming the Second Coming would occur in 1988 (1948 + 40 year generation). Men have said such things throughout history. Oops.

hartdawg said...

I believe that once psalm 83 is fulfilled the dome of the rock will come down and sacrifices will resume and once Gog/magog occurs even the most secular Jewish people will turn to jehovah and the desire to rebuild the temple will be in earnest

Sean Osborne said...

Ezekiel 39:29 is concurrent, and I have always liked how Ezekiel wrote this verse in the past tense!

Sean Osborne said...

In case it was not clear in the SITREP, there is nothing standing in the way of 3rd Temple construction - not material, or implements, or personnel. Not even time itself holds sway.

hartdawg said...

All in God's timing. One thing I wondered is if before the temple is built, might there be a temporary tabernacle structure while the main temple is being built???

hartdawg said...

I also wondered if the ark will be found in time and placed in the temple

Sean Osborne said...

In Revelation 11:19 John wrote he saw the Ark in Heaven within God's temple.

Sean Osborne said...

Mughniyeh's son was an IAF target of opportunity yesterday in Lebanon.


Sean Osborne said...

Israel now has a unity government for the next 3 years; Bibi the PM for 18 months (to Oct 2021), Gantz the subsequent 18 months (to April 2022).

Baptistmama said...


Is this weird or is God showing exactly how He sets up and removes leaders?

Nick Kurian said...

Political instability is not a secure situation.

Let God's will be done.

Sean Osborne said...


His will is being done!


There's nothing in Scripture about these last days regarding Israel's own leadership. It's about a foreign prince to come.

What is written concerning Israel is about the people as a whole; about the unity of the tribes as one nation, and their coming salvation.

A leaderless government in Israel "among many" political factions would appear to be ripe picking for one who "comes in his own name to be received to confirm a covenant with them.


Nora said...

I've read it today that because of what happened on the oil market recently, Middle-East war(s) is/are expected very-very soon!

Sean Osborne said...


Source you read?
Who expects expects Middle East war(s)?

Oil futures price markets for May 2020 crashed a week ago because of oil futures pricing investors.

With most world economies in COVID-19 pandemic shutdown there is no need for oil in May. Next week the investors would own ALL the oil they gambled on, but have no place to store it. Boom! Oil futures market crash to a zero and below price.

President Trump put our oil for May into the national reserves at a bargain bearing price.

Oil has been sitting in tanker holds around the world since February with no buyers.

The Saudi's started an oil price war with Russia months ago they could not win due to COVID-19 which they did not foresee. Oops.

Nora said...

Sean, a brother posted an article on that, on one of the Christian forums I'm visiting but now that I checked it, he didnt put there the article's source, sorry about that!

Sean Osborne said...

No worries. :)

Sean Osborne said...

Here's something to ponder and put to prayer. Is there anything in the Bible which links a red heifer with the salvation of all Israel? Does Paul mention it in Romans 11? How about Isaiah 29, does he refer to a red heifer as necessary for Israel, "the work of My hands, in his midst, they will hallow My name, and hallow the Holy One of Jacob, and fear the God of Israel"? Or Ezekiel, 39:29, is there any mention of a red heifer being necessary for the Lord to have poured out His Spirit on the house of Israel? Or, finally, how about The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Chapter 7, between the Lord's opening of 6th and 7th Seals, is there any mention of a red heifer being necessary for this to occur?

If you've found such, let me know for I have missed it.

A red heifer has nothing to do with "all Israel shall be saved." It has much to do with the re-institution of ritual purification prior to priests entering into Temple worship of God as had been done for the first and Second Temples. But Temples and priests did not and will not bring the Salvation of the Jews in Christ Jesus.