Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Can't The Syrians and Their Arab Brothers Take a Strong Hint?

17 December 2009: A headline which circulated exactly one week ago hyped the fact that Syria would strike Israel if Iran was attacked. Oh really? This is news? This surprises some folks? It shouldn't have because it's fairly old news.

This was news four years and nine months ago, on 16 Februrary 2005 to be precise, when Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otari and Iranian Vice-President Mohammed Reza Aref announced the establishment of their mutual defense pact to the world. The government of the State of Israel has known about and placed this as a consideration in their planning to put a halt to Iranian nuclear weapons ambitions since that time.

One might even even surmise that Israel demonstrated the folly of this mutual defense pact to the Syrian generals when a 12-man IDF special forces unit infiltrated the joint Syrian-Iranian-North Korean plutonium reactor site at Al-Kibar, Syria during August 2007. These Israeli special operators took soil samples and photographs right under the noses of their enemies. They were never detected. That direct, on-site collected intelligence was then analyzed back in Israel and in early September the Israeli Air Force flew in to raze the facility to the ground, all the while electronically supressing the cream of Syria's Russian-made air defense systems to the point of utter uselessness. The Israeli commando's then made battle damage assessment reports back to their headquarters and were exflitrated out of Syria in the same manner in which they had come in - by helicopter. In a matter of minutes Israel turned the nuclear plant at Al Kibar into a "ruinous heap." The lessons for the Syrian General Command should have been thunderous as they were shocking. Probably scared the pants off the Iranian Ayatollah and his sock puppet as well. The fools have been begging the Russians for more advanced air defense systems ever since.

Perhaps the Israeli jets should have also dropped psychological operations leaflets quoting Isaiah 17 in Arabic on the Syrians as well. It would have constituted sage advice and a humanitarian act at the same time - despite the fact that the text is only a little over 3,000 years old. For when Israel strikes Iranian nuclear weapons sites the Syrian threat of a "commensurate response" upon Israel will result in the annihilation of Damascus. It's probably not a bad idea for the Israeli's to drop similar leaflets on the Lebanese, Hezbollah, the Jordanians, the Saudis, the PA in the West Bank, HAMAS in Gaza and the Egyptians. Those leaflets should have an Arabic language translation of Psalm 83 written by the Divinely inspired psalmist and prophet Asaph. Either way, the sons of Ishmael will shortly be in for a world of unprecedented hurt should they heed their own poorly conceived conspiratorial advice and crafty plans about wiping Israel off the map.


hartdawg said...

hey, speaking of syria and psalm 83, is it true saddam hussiane had weapons but shipped them to syria while playing hide and seek with u.n. inspectors? thats a rumoe i heard circulating around. if so then perhaps the iraq war may have helped set the stage for whats happening today. if thats the case

SeanOsborne said...


This is no rumor. It is a fact.

What you relate here is precisely what occured with Saddam Hussein's WMD prior to Day 1 of Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were shipped to Syria or buried under rivers like the Euphrates in special bunkers. One such bunker was revealed to OSI Special Agent Dave Gaubatz. That location was within sight of the hospital at al-Nasiriyah where Pvt. Jessica Lynch was being held until rescued by our SOF.

The truth about Saddam's WMD is the "Big Lie" propagated by both the Left and RINOs. Some of that WMD went to Lebanon and Hezbollah had it bured in the Bekaa Valley.

There no doubt in my mind that OIF was a precursor event for what will occur in the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and then Psalm 83.

Remember what Jesus said of our hearing about about wars and rumors of wars? Jesus immediately followed up that statement by saying we were not to be troubled by them, that "these things must take place, but the end is not yet."

There are sequential events taking place in this 'end of the age' process. Some are explicitly mentioned in prophetic Scripture, some are not. OEF and OIF were not, nor is the "rumor" of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites. But they "must" take place nevertheless.

Rapture Forums said...

Nice article Sean.

As for Saddam's weapons, I agree with you that they were sent to Syria, etc. I had an image one time where US forces had acted on a tip and discovered a Russian fighter buried under the sands of the desert. The plan was of a model never seen before by the West, or if it had been seen they had never managed to obtain one to inspect. They got a first hand examination when they unearthed it.

I agree the leaflet idea would have been a good humanitarian act to help warn those of what is to come. Since they are not allowed to read the Bible in many Islamic states, that would have been a great way to warn them.

God bless.

SeanOsborne said...

Thank Chris.

The buried Iraqi aircraft you're referring to turned out to be a Cold War era Mig-25RB S/N 2505 (NATO Name: "FOXBAT-B") which was located at al-Taqqadum air base west of Baghdad in July 2003.

If you have Microsoft PowerPoint, click THIS LINK to see a sequence of images taken by MSGT T. Collins (USAF).

A regular webpage of the same images in .jpg format can be seen HERE.

About 30 Russian-made aircraft of the former Iraqi Air Force were discovered buried like this one, including an Su-25K Frogfoot.

RaptureForums said...

Ah, those look like the images I saw before. Thanks for finding those Sean. :-)

God bless.