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Are Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 Imminent?

27 December 2009: Readers should be aware of Eschatology Today's four-part series entitled "The Prophetic Road to Revelation (hereafter TPRR for short)." I have added a new direct-link feature in the upper right-hand column to make access to the 5-part series that much easier.

In preparation of going forward into the year 2010 AD it became very apparent that while I've referenced the prophecy of Isaiah 17 on many items and comments within this blog, the overall significance of the prophecy has not been given the full exegesis in the TPRR series that it should have been given. In fact, I barely mentioned Isaiah 17 in TPRR Part III, but merely posted a link to the online NIV translation. I am now going to rectify that oversight.

The Hal Lindsey "War Imminent" video from May 2009 embedded above provides very a similar if not the same context as the TPRR series provides, yet Hal makes mention of a specific item that has become the focus of my own recent research into Isaiah 17. Hal speaks to the numbers of casualties in both Israel and Syria in the event of an all-out WMD war between them. I believe this is precisely one of the key prophetic insights of Isaiah 17.

First, elemental to the necessary rectification, I believe Isaiah 17 should be consided as an integral part of the Psalm 83 prophecy, if not the lead element in the cause, conduct and course of the warfare described by the prophet Asaph in the Psalm. The first three verses give us this overarching context and link three key combatant nations of Syria, Jordan and Israel into this prophetic event.

The burden against Damascus. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they will be for flocks which lie down, and no one will make them afraid. The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria (Aram); they will be as the glory of the children of Israel,” says the LORD of hosts.

Everyone is aware of the primary destruction of the city of Damascus which has been the traditional focus of this prophecy. However, it is clearly seen that the cities of Aroer are directly involved in the warfare; they are abandoned by their populations, forsaken, and in which animals exist alone without human care. The (map link) "cities of Aroer" named here by Isaiah are specifically identified in Joshua 13:24-28. This is the part of Israel which has been given to the tribe of Gad. This land lies in what is today northwestern Jordan

"Moses also had given an inheritance to the tribe of Gad, to the children of Gad according to their families. Their territory was Jazer, and all the cities of Gilead, and half the land of the Ammonites as far as Aroer, which is before Rabbah, and from Heshbon to Ramath Mizpah and Betonim, and from Mahanaim to the border of Debir, and in the valley Beth Haram, Beth Nimrah, Succoth, and Zaphon, the rest of the kingdom of Sihon king of Heshbon, with the Jordan as its border, as far as the edge of the Sea of Chinnereth, on the other side of the Jordan eastward. This is the inheritance of the children of Gad according to their families, the cities and their villages."

Keep Joshua 13 handy as it reflects very nicely the full territorial extent of the land which will become Israel proper once Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 have been completely fulfilled in the near-term future. Pay close attention to verses 1 through 7, and notice all of Lebanon is included in the full scope of the land Israel will possess.

The next sentence we read in Isaiah 17 begins with the statement "The fortress also will cease from Ephraim." Locate Ephraim on this map. Save this map as a .jpg image to your hard drive and compare it with this map and this map. The first thing that one should notice is that Ephraim comprises the heart of the territories of the West Bank, now under the control of the terrorist Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority, and is desired to be controlled by his rivals in HAMAS, with Israeli outposts and settlements existing throughout the territory. Seeing these maps should bring a keen new insight as to the specific meaning regarding the "fortress ceasing from Ephraim." This land is destined by God-given ordinance to belong only to Israel, and should there be, as is the current agenda of the West at this point, the establishment of a Palestinian state on this land, it will be a very short-lived state at that.

The next three verses of Isaiah 17 (4 through 6) reveal the initial damage done to Israel as this war commences:
In that day it shall come to pass that the glory of Jacob (Israel) will wane, and the fatness of his flesh grow lean. It shall be as when the harvester gathers the grain, and reaps the heads with his arm; it shall be as he who gathers heads of grain in the Valley of Rephaim. Yet gleaning grapes will be left in it, Like the shaking of an olive tree, Two or three olives at the top of the uppermost bough, Four or five in its most fruitful branches,” says the LORD God of Israel.
Although Israel will be overwhelmingly victorious in this war, she will suffer significant casualties. The Valley of Raphaim is specifically mentioned. This is a valley which lies west of Jerusalem, in the hills of Judea and progressing southwestward toward the coastal plain adjacent to the Valley of Elah, the site of the Israelite encampment when David slew Goliath. This region is the primary approach for Israel into the city of Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and Ashdod to the west.

These wartime events will bring about a common theme found in much of the Bible’s “end of the age” prophecies. The common theme, beginning in verses 7 and 8, is that through these events Israel, which is represented by the gleaning grapes and olives of the uppermost bough and outmost fruitful branches, will at that time again look upon the "Qadowsh Yisra’el," the Holy One of Israel. This the same theme as found in the “end of the age” message from Paul in Romans 11; these are at a minimum some of the men of Israel who will become the 144,000 global evangelists of Daniel’s 70th Week. They will have absolutely no regard for and completely forsake all the things of this world and will then clearly see the Deliverer of Zion and serve God only. Israel will have its blindness removed and the root which supports all of us as the grafted in branch are themselves grafted back in to the olive tree.

At verse 9 through 11 we once again see the overwhelming demise of Israel’s enemies, consistent with the theme of Psalm 83, these enemies have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide; their “strong cities” shall offer no refuge and there will be widespread waste and desolation. Such is the fate of the descendants of Ishmael who turned their back on the true God who is the only source of salvation and embraced Islam and its false god instead. The harvest they shall reap from this devotion to a false religion and a false god will yield them nothing but a heap of grief and incurable sorrows.

Finally, the prophecy of Isaiah 17 culminates with verses 12 through 14 which clearly illustrate the global nature of this war and its effects on many nations, meaning the whole world. Again, the parallel to the warfare and results of Psalm 83 are unmistakable. These prophecies are a God-breathed foretelling of the same event. The cry of “Woe!” leaps out from the opening of verse 12 and goes out to the nations of the world who make a tumult like the rushing of flood waters as they rush in against Israel only to be rebuked by God which is expressed in language very similar to that given by Asaph in Psalm 83. They are driven back like chaff before a Divine wind which is likened to irresistible force of an off-the-scale tornado.

It is at this point I would direct the reader to the prophecy of Zechariah 9, verses 1-8, which paints a prophetic picture of how these coming events will unfold and the scope of the Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 war; how it involves the rest of Syria, north to Hamath, all of Lebanon, and the terrorist stronghold of Gaza. This series of prophetic verses begin as does Isaiah 17 with a burden against Damascus and the land of Hadrach. The mention of Hadrach, the Hebrew Chadrak, meaning Lebanon, occurs only once in the Bible, right here in Zechariah 9:1. Again, the reference above to Judges 13 should be considered as intimate reference material to these coming conquests of Israel’s enemies.
So, what we see here in Zechariah 9 is that the burden (oracle) against Damascus is directly linked to a burden (oracle) against, all of Lebanon. Lebanon, as we all know, is the domain of the terrorist group Hezbollah, and a client state of both Syria and Iran. These verses also single out Tyre and Sidon, making the direct connection to Lebanon a cinch. Lebanon’s fate is spelled out in verse 4 as her sovereignty is lost, her commerce via sea power is destroyed and the land consumed by fire. In verse 5 the prophecy moves south to Gaza, the stronghold of the terrorist HAMAS, which are a virtual duplicate of Hezbollah, or as some hold the view that Gaza is “Hezbollah South.” Both Hezbollah and HAMAS are proxies of Iran and Syria.
Also, please note that HAMAS is not only in Gaza, but has the distinction of being the armed wing of the Islamic terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimuun) or MB. The MB are present here in the United States under the disguise of front organizations such as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America, and the now defunct HLF (Holy Land Foundation), among other closely related Islamic organizations.
In Zechariah 9:7 we see the Palestinians of Gaza, referred to as living in Ekron (southern Judah) and along the coast (Gaza), and their being “torn up by the roots” from these lands. The survivors of the onslaught will worship the God of Israel. This is consistent with the concluding verses found in Psalm 83:16-18:

“Fill their faces with shame, That they may seek Your name, O LORD. Let them be confounded and dismayed forever; Yes, let them be put to shame and perish, That they may know that You, whose name alone is the LORD, Are the Most High over all the earth. “

The final result is seen in Zechariah 8:9 where all of these lands, from Lebanon through to Gaza in the south, become the sovereign territory of Israel, never again to be the home of an oppressor of Israel. Additionally, there is no mistake in realizing that Israel will recognize these verses as a call to recognize Jesus the Messiah as we see in Zechariah 9:9. The overwhelming victories given to Israel, and harken back to what we saw above in Isaiah 17:7-8. This and the verses which follow speak to a conquering Messiah in the region and to the ends of the whole earth. This is a clear prophetic picture that we see in all “end times” prophecy – the coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ.

And, without going into much detail because it has been covered so well by other expositors, parallels of these same prophetic images are seen in Jeremiah 49.

As an end note to this article, I would remind the reader that while this war against the “inner ring" Arab Muslim states appears to be imminent, and I truly believe all of these prophecies are pointing to the same unprecedented scale of warfare in the Middle East, we are to be ever mindful of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ regarding wars and rumors of wars, that they must take place. And when they do they will come like a flood, meaning they will occur in a very rapid and powerful sequence of geo-political paradigm shifts which are brought about primarily through warfare, for it is warfare which is the central theme of all things connected to “end times” prophecy.

Maranatha, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!


Donald Dolmus said...

Hello Sean.

Unfortunately, most part of Christian is unaware of the shockings events that the world may be experiencing very soon.

Lk. 21:36

SeanOsborne said...


Yes, I agree. I have learned of late that many of our Christian brothers and sisters are quite unaware or have certain expectations which are not based in Scripture, and therefore it is our job to make them aware so that they are not overtaken by these coming events in surprise!

There are details and new insights within the Lord's prophetic Word which are being revealed on an alomst daily basis these days. The more one digs into The Word, the more veins of golden prophetic truths one finds.


hartdawg said...

happy new year! i don`t want to get into the timing of these wars, however, it seems to me either psalm83/isaiah 17 find their fulfillment before the rapture or we just celebrated our last christmas. or both.

SeanOsborne said...


The Lord bless you and yours with a very Happy New Year!

The topic of this post will not get into any timing element with respect to the Harpazo because the Harpazo is always more imminent than anything else. When the Father determines, we'll get the call. Until then we watch prophecy fulfill before our eyes.

hartdawg said...

and boy is it being fulfilled! the old testement saints longed to see the things we are seeing today. a quick question if you dont mind, does persia/iran play any role in this upcoming battle at all or does it sit by til Gog/magog? i dont see any scripture that implies persia`s involvement yet current events indicate otherwise.

SeanOsborne said...

You're correct, there is no reference to Iran(Persia) in either Isaiah 17 or Psalm 83.

Great Grany 5 said...

God's good day to you Sean and thank you for all of your labors of love to God's word.

Hartdawg asked if there was any indication in the scriptures that Iran/Persia would be involved in the Is. 17 and Ps. 83 eruption. You were right on the mark with your answer Sean but I am wondering if it isn't the Is. 17/Ps. 83 conflict that will bring the buggers out of the woodwork.

For many years now I have felt that there is a very strong hinge that binds the era of this mass upheaval in the epicenter. For some very solid reason Russia feels perfectly safe in heading her forces to Israel together with the other confederates of Ez. 38 and 39. Some scholars believe it is the lure of newly discovered oil and gas but there is something wrong with that picture.

As we all know Russia has been courting the world's nations to form a military force with them by offering to stand up for them all in case the USA or Israel should demonstrate an aggression towards them. Iran, of course, can't wait to show the world how to wipe Israel and the USA off of the world's map.

If they think that Israel is too weakened by the battle with Syria and company, wouldn't that make it a perfect opportunity to strike from the North? I don't believe it will be a long rest for Israel once the hostilities begin with Syria. Jordan will be sure to try usurping the right of Israel to defend itself and then all hell will break loose.

If you consider that God will be the only defender of Israel and that Israel's losses will be greater than the world will believe possible to survive, it makes perfect sense for the attack to begin then.

I am also basing some of my conclusions on the fact that, as we have been seeing of late, all the prophecies are speedily being fulfilled right before our eyes and the world is asleep. My remaining question is this:



SeanOsborne said...

Great Grany 5,

Maranatha and Amen sister, everything is to His glory.

"I am wondering if it isn't the Is. 17/Ps. 83 conflict that will bring the buggers out of the woodwork.

There are many, many of us 'watchmen upon the walls" dear sister who stand firmly upon the conviction of the (I find myself increasingly led to use the Hebrew words) Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) that the near-term literal fulfillment of Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 consititute the definitive precursor event prefacing the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39. These wars are precursors to the rise of the Beast and the "covenant among many" which initiates Daniel's 70th Week.

I will complete the text of this exegesis on Isaiah 17 and support my exegesis with the prophecies of Zechariah, Jeremiah and the Book of Joshua within the next day or so.

Back to work!!!

Great Grany 5 said...

I am enjoying your TPRR greatly and I appreciate your being faithful as a watchman.

Keep the Ruach HaKodesh always near and listen carefully. He, above all others.


Nathan Jones said...

Sean, I bet you were very good at connect-the-dot pictures when you were a kid! ;) Fascinating article.

SeanOsborne said...


LOL. Speaking of connect-a-dot, the standard sequence of real-time intelligence collections-analysis-assessment leads to the development of what is called the COP (Common Operational Picture). Intangibles always leave a certain amount of variables that could skew an intel report product.

Prophetic Scripture, aided by Ruach HaKodesh interpretation and conviction, is light years more advanced. In this specific day and age it's a virtual bullseye without having to throw the proverbial assessment dart because everything which will occur in our future is already within the text of The Word.

Daniel is being unsealed and Revelation is being revealed in real-time these last days.

Please tell me what you think when the final part of this posting is completed in a couple of days!

Pastor Jerry said...

Greetings! - I certainly believe Ps 83 & Is 17 are forthcoming - and will actually set the stage for Ez 38,39 - When Persia and allies attack Israel Ezekiel states they will be at peace when attacked (dwelling securely,all of them)Could it be this conflict will make the conditions outlined in scripture? I am a pre-trib believer, and do not believe the church will enter the 70th week. I agree the Lord's return is Immanent! I appreciate everyones thoughtful commentary, God bless!

SeanOsborne said...

Pastor Jerry wrote:

"Could it be this conflict will make the conditions outlined in scripture?"

Yessir, I count myself amoung those who believe that the aftermath of the Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 war will set the conditions outlined by the prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 38 and 39 of his book.

Not only does the Lord tell Ezekiel that Israel lives in peace and safety prior to the Gog/Magog attempted invasion, but the prophecy also goes on to say Israel will be a land which has recovered from war. My exegesis holds that Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 are the war referred to, they are the same war.

I've mentioned the damage Isaiah 17 says Israel will endure as a result of this war in the concluding section of the above initial part of this entry. In the concluding part I've almost completed this is explored fully.

Susan U.K. said...

Ooh Such language Great Grany;)

Still I agree the ‘b’s’ are being flushed out of the woodwork, or to be Biblically Correct, God’s hook’s in their drawers, I mean jaws, are certainly pulling on their K9’s. Surely Gog’s hoard’s will follow swiftly after?

Good work Sean.
God bless
Susan UK

SeanOsborne said...

LOL! Susan UK, you made me laugh pretty hearily when reading the above. Lord knows theres a significant truth in this.

The phrase "bring the buggers out of the woodwork" as used by Great Grany infers termites.

However, as most of us understand English slang and as this phrase directly relates to human beings, the key word "bugggers" labels as highly objectionable people the entire horde of Gog and his allies.

Well, just to be clear, there's no problem using this kind of language here or any where else for that matter.

The fact is that in the text of the verse found in Psalm 83:10 the tabernacle singer of praise to YHWH and prophet Asaph was inspired by the Ruach HaKodesh to render the enemies surrounding Israel in Hebrew as "domen adamah" - "dung for the earth."

Susan U.K. said...

Ah Sean; I made you laugh, that’s great. Sorry for the tease, I knew what Grany meant, its just that if I had said that word as a child, I would have been eating soap for months!

My friend and I were listening soberly to a Chuck Missler CD when he said the same word; we nearly choked on our spluttering gasps! (The U.K. version is a good deal more sordid than your definition) Cross cultural expressions can be such a hoot if you are a naughty Grandma like me.

The original King James was written in the dialect of the plough boys of my home county, there are words far worse than ‘dung’ to make your eyes water, and equally as appropriate for Israels enemies.


Great Grany 5 said...

I just googled Bugger and is my face ever red! I apologize if it was taken in a vulgar way because that isn't what I meant. Where I live "buggers" are anything that hides in the recesses of the home and only comes out in the dark to feed. Cockroaches are basically meant the most but anything objectionable that hides it's moves and habits.

Sure am sorry but just goes to show how we can think something means one thing when it doesn't.

I apologize to everyone here.

But one thing I have to say and it isn't slang. When I first began studying the and I was impressed that the landscape was very similar. That was way back in the early 80's and there was nothing called the Internet. In fact, most religious libraries were very disappointing and it didn't help one little bit trying to get some discussion from my church members either. So, failing the research of others on the subject, I began reading the passages out loud everyday, determined to stick with it until I knew from the Holy Spirit, was this the same battle. Then one day I picked up a book by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum and the hunger found food to feast on.

He is not an alarmist nor a man seeking to sensationalize the Bible. I have greatly enjoyed and learned from this man. But he has just really provided a key to the door marked "Daniel/Revelation Unveiled". Now we are being brought into the Son's Light in order to not only understand what God's word says but also to equip us to be a light to those who grope in the darkness.

Sean, I meant no disrespect and I have learned a big lesson. Thank you for allowing us all to discuss God's word and begin to turn on the lights all over the world by doing so.


Susan U.K. said...

Dearest Granny

Oh dear, oh dear, you have done nothing wrong. As one Grandma to a Granny, please be reassured that I was certainly not offended; I was just taken aback for a moment until I realised. It is a cultural thing, something anyone of us can do by not realising another nations ‘naughty’ vocabulary.

I too am a lover of Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s work; it has done me so much good over the years and I have grown such a lot in understanding God’s Word and Israel’s ways. I have had the joy of meeting him twice when he came here.

Big hugs Granny from Nanna Sue in naughty England. x

Great Grany 5 said...

Susan UK
One of the things I can really get in hot water over is the use of slang. Soap was a very handy thing for my mother and all the aunts/uncles, etc. to keep me mindful of certain words not to use. Adding to that list today.

Now, one of the reasons I enjoy Sean is the fact that I know from his discussions and comments that he too shares the view of being "Dispensation" minded. I really enjoy the added research that Sean and others that are discussing the Age we are now living in. I know that the ability to dig a little deeper in God's word is greatly increased by the Internet but there are a few sites that just don't hold the measure that this one does.

I was asked a question the other day about why I believe so strongly that Is. 17, Psalms 83 and Ez. 38/39 are just over the horizon and why I thought that it was going to be fulfilled during our life time. After a great long discussion and seeing that they were fully persuaded that none of this is going to happen anytime soon, I ended my argument with only this: Jesus said that there would be deception and gross darkness preceding his return. Then Paul told Timothy that men/women would be lovers of them selves rather than of God and that other signs which we see every day would begin to happen. Paul told Timothy not to become discouraged but to keep the faith and to stir up the anointing that was on him.

We are living in those days and yet the world cannot see it or comprehend it. Only the Holy Spirit can bring about their awakening. I like the term Sean used for the Holy Spirit because it seems to have a certain amount of authority to it. Ruach HaKodesh will bring it all to us as the times of unveiling begin.

Grany Wilma

Susan U.K. said...

Dearest Grany Wilma
It is 4.44a.m. And I have my usual insomnia to deal with so popped in here. I am so pleased to see your continuing encouragement of Sean.

All you have said I totally endorse with a huge and echoing “Amen”! We Grans have the advantage of watching the times unfold within our lives; from the prophesied rebirth of Israel and subsequent events. Each a breathtaking reveal of God’s precious promises unfurling in ‘real time’. If He takes me home before the fulfilment, so be it, but I shall have a word or two of objection for not seeing events with me old eyes!

The apostasy is well underway, and a part of my beloved family, are ensnared by it and my heart aches with prayers for them. So living these end times are bittersweet when we are seen as the enemy by those we hold dear. It is a blessing to have young Sean help lift our heads giving courage and renewing hope!

God bless you dear, from Nanna Sue. x

SeanOsborne said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one up in the wee hours of the mornin'. Trying to get this final portion done for posting ... uh... later this mornin'.

Some shut-eye first. :)

Great Grany 5 said...

I have been studying some more on the reason for the apostasy that we see taking place everyday but I don't remember it ever being as serious and wide spread as it is today. I was born in the early 1930's and what I do remember started with the middle 30's. But the one thing that really sticks out in my mind was the cry for God to move and protect our nation, the European countries that were facing Hitler's madness and it was not done in secret. We had prayer every morning at home, school and not uncommon for people to be gathered on the square of our town prayng. Times were very rough and yet asking God to intervene was normal behavior.

I could not believe the amount of information that is available on the internet regarding the "falling away" from the Gospel. Anyone not recognizing that knowledge has increased tremendously is just blind or unaware of scriptures that tell of these things coming to pass. But why the so called "believers" are turning away from the Word of God is beyond me. Deception abounding among the people that have claimed to be Christians?

I know what it feels like Sue to have my family walking away into the world. Sometimes there is such a huge wall between us that I don't care to be with them. I love them all and want them gathered into God's presence too but now I am wondering if they were ever really saved.

I keep on praying for them all and believing God's word when Jesus said He wouldn't lose any that really belonged to him. That includes my family, your family and all that are saved. Because greater is he (Ruach HaKodesh) that is in me than he that is in the world.

What a powerful statement that is. So I have hope and so does everyone else that calls on the name of the Lord.

Sean, wish there was a way to help you with your labor of love but I am praying that Ruach HaKodesh will anoint you so fully that it will all flow together in perfect harmony with God's purpose and intent.


SeanOsborne said...

Okay, the work is completed and added to the text above. There may be a few typo errors, and I will iron them out as the blurriness in my eyes fades over the next few hours. ;)

mac said...

Great work, Sean. I'm enjoying the reading. Thanks for your efforts and insight.

Grany, it's so good to read your comments. Latte this year perhaps?

SeanOsborne said...


Thank you and you're most welcome. I'm sorry for the brevity of the final version, perhaps I may be able to expand it in the coming days, but real-world events in the past week kept interupting. So what you see here are the basics of my work on Isaiah 17 and what I'm convinced are supporting Scriptures for this exegesis.

Great Grany 5 said...

Great work and I didn't pick up on any typo's either. I am still studying and digging on your added material. Lots going on in that scenario and passages that I have never considered before.

MAC, good seeing you here too. I just can't stop studying and digging when it comes to Eschatology but it is the way God designed me, I guess.

After reading the 11th chapter of Isaiah, and true to my habit of not knowing when to stop, I wandered into chapter 12 and then 13. Now normally I would read all of that and give it some thought, then move on. But it is chewing a hole in me and especially the 13th chapter. Then I discovered this great web site that even has the complete Jewish Bible on it.

Sean, hoping this link meets your approval and I hope it enlightens everyone too. BIBLE STUDY TOOLS has a wealth of information and I just wanted to share what I had found with you. Especially the 13th chapter. I am still very stirred by this passage and even after several days, the stirring is continuing.

Just cannot seem to get enough time to dig everything like I would love to do.


Great Grany 5 said...

Latte this year! There is so very much going on that is shouting "Look UP!" that I cannot think anything else could be in the very near months. But my heart is heavy knowing the outcome of our leaving and the Antichrist coming into power. I have such a great desire to see a real Revival of God's moving on His people and it is getting very difficult being satisfied with daily life.

What I am seeing is a world that recognizes that something way beyond human control is building on the earth right now. Not in just one place, nation or people but the whole world. My cry to Abba is make a way for all of us who are His to reach the seekers before the midnight hour.

That is my cry, my heart's desire is to rob the gates of hell of every soul that is possible. Now before.


Susan U.K. said...

I have been away for a few days and could hardly wait to see what you have written.

It is very sobering becaause you have managed to paint a picture of events in words. It has made me wonder how the Church can be here for very much longer, she may well be gone by then I should think - I hope; I have no desire to witness any of it.

Maranatha quick as you like Lord!

Gideon said...

This was wonderful work, Sean! Thanks for your insight!

I have often felt that Psalm 83 & Isaiah 17 were the same war, and you just proved it to be true.