Friday, May 14, 2010

UPDATED: The Syrian Missile Crisis: Threat of War Very Real

UPDATE 14 May 2010: Yet another real-world indicator relating to why all of Lebanon is likely to be taken by Israel in the coming Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 war (according to the associated Joshua 13:1-7 prophecy) has been reported in the mainstream TIME Magazine. Here is an excerpt (emphasis added):
"Israel vows it will use far greater force in the next war and will treat the Lebanese state — in whose government Hizballah has a major role — as the enemy, rather than just the Shi'ite militia, a prospect that frightens many Lebanese."
A second interesting excerpt along these same lines comes from the very end of an report which cites yet another Kuwaiti Al-Rai report which, in turn, cites "Western sources" and suggests a specific timing and first course-of-action for the start of this next war (emphasis added):
"Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper claimed several days ago that Western sources told it that "Israel will wage war the minute it discovers the whereabouts of Nasrallah's hideout whatever the time or circumstances," Nasrallah, the anti-Semitic head of Hizbullah, has mostly been in hiding since the Second Lebanon War."
UPDATE 5 May 2010: Yesterday Israel's Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee received a very disconcerting situation report (SITREP) from Brigadier General Yossi Baidatz, the chief of the Research Division of the IDF's military intelligence (MI) division. BG Baidatz' told the Knesset, “Weapons transfers to Hizbullah from Syria are carried out in a regular manner and are arranged by the Syrian and Iranian regimes. Therefore this should not be termed 'weapons smuggling to Lebanon' – it is an organized, officially sanctioned process.”

He went on to say (emphasis added), "The long range of Syria's Scuds makes it possible for them to position their missiles deep inside Lebanon, and they cover much longer ranges than what we were familiar with in the past. Hizbullah Model 2010 is different from Hizbullah Model 2006 as far as military capability, which has greatly developed.” "Deep inside Lebanon" is another way of saying "strategic depth." This statement may be the strongest yet real-world indicator of why all of Lebanon is to be taken by Israel in the coming war according to Joshua 13:1-7.

UPDATE 27 April 2010: Israel National News has an ominous banner headline this morning: "Syrian-Turkish Joint Army Drill Intensifies Threat to Israel." A key early sentence in this report notes something which might appear to some, particularly non-Messianic Jews, as being a foreshadowing of the Ezekiel 38/39 Gog/Magog confederation: "Turkey also has established closer ties with Iran, and an Iranian-Turkish-Syrian-Lebanese axis would pose a monolithic threat to Israel from the north."

Since Israel, for the most part, remains under "the terms of the covenant the LORD commanded Moses to make with the Israelites in Moab, in addition to the covenant he had made with them at Horeb," and which gave them an unperceiving heart, blind eyes and deaf ears relative to the accurate interpretation of Biblical prophecy - Deuteronomy 29:4; Isaiah 29:10 and Romans 11:25 inclusive - the Jews today are to be forgiven for any prophetic misinterpretation of current events or things as they may appear to be unfolding as intimated in the above quoted sentence. Gog/Magog will occur after the war of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17.

Another key sentence which catches my attention is this report is this one (emphasis added): "Syrian sources told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai that if Israel were to attack the Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist army, Syria would impose a naval blockade on Israel, using ground-to-sea missiles."

The distance from southern most Syria to northernmost Israel is the same as that of the entire north-south dimension of Lebanon along its Mediterranean coastline - a distance of 140 miles. Given the specificity of the Syrian blockade threat to use ground-to-sea missiles, I must note that Syria is not known to possess any such "ground-to-sea" cruise missile. Syria possesses old Russian-made ship-to-ship cruise missiles (SS-N-2C (Styx) and SS-N-3b (Sepal)). Accordingly, short of deploying the entire Syrian naval fleet to Lebanese coastal waters, Syria must have quietly acquired a far more advanced naval cruise missile capability from either Iran, Russia or North Korea, or has deployed into Lebanon batteries of C-802 cruise missiles acquired from Iran.

Hmmm, purely speculation on my part, but what ever happened to the rumored clandestine cruise missile cargo on board the allegedly hijacked Russian vessel MV Arctic Sea seven months ago? Might Syria have received some Russian-made tactical purpose Kh-65E anti-shipping cruise missiles? Is this one of the "surprises" Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai are store for Israel?

The Syrian's also inherently threaten the non-combatant commercial shipping interests of many nations sailing the crowded waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. This threat is consistent with, and was probably crafted with or inspired by Iranian threats relative to the Strait of Hormuz at the head of the Persian Gulf.

UPDATE 26 April 2010: Additional research reveals that the SS-1C Scud-B ballistic missiles that Israel has declared were transferred from Syria to Lebanon may in fact be the Syrian-made M-600 ballistic missile system. The two systems are remarkably similar, if not identical, in their physical appearance. Compare the new image above of the Syrian M-600 missile with original image below it of a Scud-B. According to a pair of Naharnet reports from 14 January 2010, not only have these Syrian M-600s been transfered to Hezbollah, they were declared operational by Israeli defense sources. In fact, some of the exact same wording from the recent reports cited below occurs within the above linked January reports. It would appear from the recent reports that Israel's government has served its final warning to both Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah, and by extension, to Iran and the world at-large.

19 April 2010: An update today from National Review Online authored by Elliott Abrams. Bottom line excerpt which we agree with, and which yesterday's statement by SECSTATE Hillary Rodham Clinton might be directly related:

"Some people believe that sending a U.S. ambassador to Syria, for the first time since 2005, will be useful, because he will be able to deliver messages to the Assad regime. But the best message we could send right now does not require an ambassador in Damascus, just clarity in Washington: Sending SCUDs to Hezbollah will not be tolerated, and Israeli military actions taken to prevent it will have full American support."
16 April 2010: The threat of a regional war involving Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Israel is more ominous today that it has been at any time since the end of the brief summer war of 2006. The hair-trigger this time involves the reported Syrian delivery of WMD-capable SS-1C "Scud-B" ballistic missiles (like the one seen above) or, according to anonymous Israeli sources the SS-1E "Scud D," to the Shi'a terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon.

On Tuesday, 13 April 2010, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak went public in confirming the stunning news that the governments of Syria and Lebanon were in blatant and deliberate violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 which brought a tenuous end to the Israel-Hezbollah war of July-August 2006. The bombshell news first reported by the Kuwaiti Al-Rai news agency was that Syria was in the process of transferring Scud ballistic missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Item 8 of UNSCR 1701 called for "no sales or supply of arms and related materiel to Lebanon except as authorized by its Government," and Item 14 called for "the Government of Lebanon to secure its borders and other entry points to prevent the entry in Lebanon without its consent of arms or related materiel," and Item 15(a) which decided "all States shall take the necessary measures to prevent, by their nationals or from their territories ... The sale or supply to any entity or individual in Lebanon of arms and related materiel of all types, including weapons and ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, paramilitary equipment, and spare parts for the aforementioned, whether or not originating in their territories; and 15(b) The provision to any entity or individual in Lebanon of any technical training or assistance related to the provision, manufacture, maintenance or use of the items listed in subparagraph (a) above..."

With the reported transfer of Scud ballistic missiles and the training in Syria of Hezbollah troops on the operation and maintenance of these weapons Syria has been caught red-handed and in clear war-provoking violation of UNSCR 1701. The government of Lebanon shares in culpability due to its obvious complicity in the arming and training of Hezbollah's forces due to its failure to control its national territory and borders. This is the most egregious violation of UNSCR 1701 to date, as evidenced by the wholesale re-arming of Hezbollah with even more advanced weapons (such as Syrian-made M-600 rockets and Russian-made Igla-S MANPADS) by Iran, Syria and possibly North Korea during the past 3 years and 7 months, and constitutes a rock-solid casus belli for Israel to immediately begin pre-emptively striking the missiles, and fixed targets related to the weapons transfer and associated training facilities in both Lebanon and Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad bears the lion's share of personal responsibility for provoking the threat of a regional war which could very rapidly escalate to a large-scale exchange of weapons of mass destruction in the Levant.

While rumors continue to circulate in major world capitals that the Syrian's transferred top-of-the line SS-1E Scud-D (50 meter CEP) missiles to Hezbollah, no proof of has yet been made public to confirm the rumor. These missiles would give Hezbollah the capability to act as a proxy for Iran in launching a preemptive or retaliatory strike against Israel's Dimona nuclear complex should Israel strike Iranian nuclear targets in the near term. Sans photographic or human intelligence proof of the Scud variant transferred to Hezbollah, my assessment is that Syria sent the SS-1C Scud-B variant to Hezbollah. Scud-Bs are 1960s-era missiles (obsolete for a modern army), and they would suit Hezbollah better because they're very much a weapon of terror with a 900 meter CEP (Circular Error Probable). Scud-B can carry a thickened VX gas chemical warhead. As with a tossed grenade - close is good enough.

In either case, once Israel confirms Hezbollah's possession of Scud missiles and their operational status vice a malicious ruse of inoperable missile shells, an imminent series of strategic strikes by Israel would be virtually assured. Should these strikes occur, as I believe they will, then this will likely become a war of widespread WMD use per Isaiah 17:4-11, followed by a rapid escalation into the fulfillment of Psalm 83, Joshua 13:1-7 and Zechariah 9.

Today we should enjoy the calm before the storm, a storm which lies a hair's breadth distance between the current relative calm and full-scale war.


hartdawg said...

these are scary times (for the unbeliever) i think isaiah 17/psalm 83 could easily be fulfilled within 12-18 months.

hartdawg said...

by the way, i have a friend (18yrs old) who says he wants proof of the Bible. when damascus is destroyed he`ll have his proof.

skullee said...

Isaiah 17:1 for sure!!
We as Christians can use that to help non-believers see. ; }

hartdawg said...

hey sean, 1st thank you for clarifying that. tho i dont share rodneys view i did wonder what that verse meant. i nearly came to that interpretation myself but it didnt seem right. i`m not an authority on interpreting thes passages as you and bill and reagan are so i have no right to insert my opinion as fact on these things.

Donald Dolmus said...

A crucial question: What lies ahead for the United States for its malignant position against Israel? Maybe a devastating earthquake? The words of David Wilkerson come to my mind, regarding fires razing New York and other important American cities.

Here in Nicaragua, the most part of the Evangelical Church is ignorant about these end times subjects. Unfortunately, only a few ones are following the development of the Bible Prophecy today.

Sean Osborne said...


I have been thinking the same thought of late regarding the cursing of the USA due to our national rejection and perseqution of Israel.

The American people have the power to do what is right by Israel and by God. It is up to us due to our action or inaction. If we last until November 2010, then perhaps there is yet some glimmer of hope for America.

The fulfillent of Bible prophecy in the right here and right now is the greatest witnessing tool we have, prophecy, fulfilled prophecy is a blessing upon us for it serves His purpose and desire that none should perish but have life everlasting in Yeshua Mashiach.

hartdawg said...
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hartdawg said...

hey, i just found my church is bringing in walid shoebat for a guest speaker next sunday. itll be interesting. i hope they have a Q&A after so i can disprove his whole islamic anti-christ message. if i even attend.

skullee said...

I live in Arizona and there seems to be a void in prophecy teaching. Do you know of any churches that teach prophecy here in AZ? I've done numerous searches on the web and found nothing. Seems to me that Arizona would be a great place to start a church that teaches end time prophecy and the coming of the Lion of God.

Sean Osborne said...


I think there are some very good Word and Prophecy teaching curches in Arizona.

Perhaps the folks visiting Eschatology Today from Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tucson and Green Valley might post a response to your question.

In the meantime, I would recommend one of these Calvary Chapel churches that might be near where you live in Arizona. Just scroll down to Arizona and follow the link to the specific church.

son of thunder said...

By all mean, hart, attend! I would.

Sean Osborne said...


By all means attend, and tell Walid Shoebat that I sent you. ;)

hartdawg said...

i just may...perhaps;)

hartdawg said...

actually, in all seriousness, i wanna ask him why the psalm 83 nations are absent in gog/magog. he contends that psalm 83 is armegeddon and it proves anti-christ is a muslem and that question alone shoots his thesis dead outta the water. i`m afraid if i attend i wont be christ-like. plus, im not an authority on prophecy so i have no right to imply i am. i`m praying about this one.

skullee said...

Thank you Sean! God Bless!

hartdawg said...

hey skullee, just to affirm seans recomondations tho i never been to a calvary chapel i heard nothing but good things from everyone i know who`s been to one. they`re fine churches with good credentials.

skullee said...

Thank you hartdawg. I found a couple in Mesa where I live. Planning to attend the Wednesday evening service tomorrow.

hartdawg said...

hey sean, i have yet another question and perhaps you could add some insight: it is blatenly obvious that Gog/magog follows psalm 83/isaiah 17. my question is this, following psalm 83 how much time would it take for 1)isreal to dwell safely in the land 2)isreal to recover from the war and 3)the Gog/magog alliance to coordinate an attack? are we talking years or months? the alliance is almost there already.

Sean Osborne said...


My best guesstimate on how much time elapes between these two wars is 3 to 7 years.

hartdawg said...

hey, i recently read that netanyahu pledged not to strike iran this year. do you know anything about that? if thats accurate?

hartdawg said...

the article is at 4/23/10

Sean Osborne said...


The World Tribune is a New York Times-associated paper, run by the same globalist interests.

I will have more to say about Israel and the coming wars/events in my next article.

The more things change the more they remain the same. History will repeat once again.

hartdawg said...

"the world tribune is a new york times associated newspaper" if that`s the case nothing more needs to be said. right? that alone answers my question:) thank you and God bless

Drew said...

I am hearing rumors today that there exists intelligence that shows chemical wareheads were unloded by submarine in Lebenon last week. These are wareheads designed by the Iranians to fit on the "Scuds" they recently supplied to Hezballah. I am told that there are sat photos of this, and that they show Hezballah and Iranian soldiers and saliors wearing hazmat suits unloading this cargo. I also have been told that intelligence is forecasting that it is likley Iran is planning a pre-enptive strike on Israel.

I have to think, though, that if Iran's proxies were to try and attack the Jewish state with gas, Netanyahu would not hesitate to burn Damascus and Tehran. Maybe they think that if a pre-emptive strike were strong enough, Israel would not be in a position to respond.

This could also shed light on why our president and state department are pressing Israel so hard to give up their nuke weapons. That would be the ultimate betrayal of our fellow democrtic state of israel!