Friday, May 28, 2010

ChemWar Exercise "Turning Point 4" Concludes in Israel

28 May 2010: Last evening Israel National News published a photo essay of images taken during Israel's nation-wide and just concluded Chemical War (ChemWar) exercise codenamed "Turning Point 4." These images are indeed each worth a thousand words, but more than than that they appear to be a real-world preview of the coming war.

I believe these images strongly resonate with the prophetic words of Isaiah 17. The prophetic words of verse 11b "in the day of sickness and incurable pain" which I've long held in exegesis as a reference to a coming ChemWar attack on Israel by her enemies to the north. This coming attack results in the utter annihilation of Damascus as well as the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Joshua 13:1-7, among others.


hartdawg said...

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! (being connected to the military it must break your heart to see what the administration is doing to the freedom our brave soldiers die to protect)God bless you,and all our soldiers, for all you do!

SeanOsborne said...


Thanks, and yes you're quite correct on how I view the current CInCs actions.

Yesterday I vented my feelings by placing a new 25' flag pole into service. I let the cement core in the sonotube cure for three days, and yesterday morning ran Old Glory up the pole and placed the Gadsden Rattlesnake DTOM flag directly below it.