Thursday, March 22, 2018

Global SITREP B3-14: The Secret of Al-Kibar

The former Syrian-North Korean nuclear reactor at Al-Kibar, Syria

UPDATE 22 March 2018: Since some details for Operation Orchard have been published in Israeli media in the past couple of days, I thought it prudent to  bring this SITREP forward. No edits have been made to the original text below; it's left in its original form because it contains the truth about what occurred at al-Kibar, Syria 10 years and six months ago. 

Make note of this passage of time, and how the described Israeli technology is certain to have improved over past last decade. Note also the timing of this release of data. It is a message to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a not-so-veiled warning that they're next to endure what Syria endured as detailed below. Tick tock, tick tock.

12 January 2014: It's still a closely guarded state secret in Israel. The best military minds on the planet think they know the secret, but their thoughts are highly educated best guesses backed by chimera-like electromagnetic evidences that are probably really close to the truth, but not quite close enough to win the proverbial cigar. I believe this is the case because if they actually knew the secret, then faux allies like the Obama Administration would have let that black cat out of the bag by now. So, they don't know enough to leak it out and remain credible, and that is a good thing.

Then there are Israel's worst enemies, the world-class when it comes to the denial of reality, the Iranian twelvers. They believe they've discovered the secret of what happened during the overnight hours of 6/7 September 2007 at the under-construction plutonium reactor at Al-Kibar, Syria. Don't laugh, but the Iranian's actually think Israel used earth-penetrating nuclear artillery. This is due to the fact that the Iranians are in abject denial that the IAF had conducted an utterly stealthy strategic air strike on the site. And there's the rub, what the Iranians abjectly deny will come back to decimate them on their home turf and leave their Hezbollah allies in Lebanon all but defenseless should they be so unwise as to start another war with Israel.

So what is the secret of Al Kibar? What was it that ensured that the discussion of the more recent months was about the removal and destruction of Syrian chemical weapons and not Syrian nuclear weapons? What was it that Israel did not quite have to an operational status in the Hezbollah war in the summer of 2006, but was used to tremendous effect a year later and has kept IAF strike aircraft not only immune, but virtually invisible to enemy early warning electromagnetic detection? Have I just let the cat out of the bag? Maybe, but as a former electronic intelligence (ELINT) gatherer and analyst, I'm probably just surface skimming with what I'm strongly hinting at here. So, let's skim a little more and a little deeper.

Operation Orchard and the déjà vu of history repeating itself.

Let us recall the reports issued seven years ago and consider the pieces of the puzzle to the secret of Al-Kibar that have been put together since then.  Officially, the operation to strike the North Korean-built plutonium reactor at Al-Kibar is known as Operation Orchard. This reactor was a virtual duplicate of the North Korean reactor at Yongbyon. This operation should have a mention or two in former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' new book because Israel had provided the U.S. at the highest level with irrefutable intelligence on the reactor in May of 2007 that its Mossad agents had clandestinely collected from the home of a high level Syrian government official in Vienna, Austria. Ultimately, and after vigorous debate, the U.S. bailed out on a unilateral or even a joint military operation with Israel, mostly at the insistence of SECDEF Gates and SECSTATE Condoleezza Rice (the military genius-not who had prematurely brought an end to the 2006 Hezbollah war).

So, Israel was left to go it alone against Syria that was fully armed with missile-borne chemical weapons and in the process of arming it self with missile-borne nuclear weapons. Sound like a familiar situation? Indeed, history appears ready to repeat itself in a near déjà vu. So, in the ovenight hours of 6/7 September 2007 the IAF struck. The thing is nobody, neither friend or foe, saw them coming - or going.  The Syrians and their vaunted Russian-made air defense systems didn't so much as make a peep. NATO stations in nearby Turkey were also just as in the dark as Syria was. The US knew the attack was coming because Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had very forcefully told US President George W. Bush on July 13, 2007 that Israel would execute the strike in Syria alone. (Again, Hello Ayatollah Khamenei, are you paying attention to history, or not?) And not even the United States with all of our high tech and electronic intelligence collecting capabilities had any advance warning of the strike going into execution mode.

Israel's Secular Holy of Holies: The Electromagnetic Black Hole

When Israel decides to go dark about something, they go a black hole kind of dark. And with Operation Orchard, Israel suddenly and without warning extended that black hole to cover the entire region of the Eastern Mediterranean. The entire Levant, from southern Turkey, all of Lebanon, and all of northern Syria, was consumed in an electromagnetic black hole which turned off power and it turned off ALL of the Syrian air defense grid. And as soon as the mission was complete everything just came back on as if nothing has happened. Perhaps some might recall the reports that radio and television stations suddenly went dark in Beirut as this operation was underway.

This was the was the world's first exposure to Israel's newest and most secret weapon, a chimera-like electromagnetic black hole maker which makes all other electronics in a pre-defined area cease to function except their own. And I believe it has system has been demonstrated on several more occasions over Syria but at a lesser capacity in Syria between January and May of 2013. Most everybody in Lebanon, including Hezbollah, heard the IAF F16-I Sufa's overheard, but nobody saw them electronically and nobody fired so much as a single shot at them in anger. That is such an over whelming battlefield capability and superiority that words fail to adequately define it. What's more we may not have seen this system in whatever full-power mode it may still have in reserve or have been refined to achieve in the nearly seven years that have passed.

Today, in addition to the Iranian denials that Operation Orchard actually took place, even Syria itself has remained silent about it like some puppy that has had its nose rubbed in its own business. Israel has a secret, overwhelming offensive and/or defense weapon system; it's been used to tremendous effect in destroying the Syrian nuclear program, but nobody wants to talk seriously about it or assess it as it deserves to be assessed. Perhaps that's just as well and it is better that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran not know the full extent of what will neuter their military forces when the time comes. I believe Jeremiah 49:34-39 and the other prophecies give us a tantalizing clue as to how this will all go down, but we'll have to see it to believe it.

Addendum: I have decided to include an excerpt from an article that corroborates 100% what I have long suspected about Operation Orchard.

"On Sept. 6, 2007, ten F-15I and F-16 jets attacked a nuclear facility being built in Syria. The success of that mission, dubbed “Operation Orchard“, was largely attributed to effectiveness of the Israeli Electronic Warfare platforms that supported the air strike and made the Syrian radars blind: some sources believe that Operation Orchard saw the baptism of fire of the Suter airborne network system against Syrian radar systems from some ELINT aircraft."

Read this link, and continue to scroll down to the "New Details..." section and you will come to this pair of statements:

"Some sources say that this attack was the first time the Suter airborne network system was used against Syrian radar systems from one of two ELINT aircraft. A modified version would more than likely be used against Iran if an attack were to take place, along with much more advanced tech. Including malware injected by F-16s, as someone speculates."
 Hopefully, this addendum has cleared up a few things for some folks.


mark3210 said...

I was aware Israel did something to blind the Syrians in that operation, but I didn't know there was a blackout in Beirut as well.

Very interesting.

Great Grany 5 said...

I remember that great big mystery Sean. I was just starting to enjoy Blogger and was a guest on JOEL rosenberg's Epicenter blog. We were all excited about Israel standing up against the Bullies of the Middle East and we sensed that the no talked about Land Clearing had to be an IAF incident.

Oh how we had hoped they would finish the job and take out the real Thugs of that whole region.

They will and we have the proof that they will in the scriptures, like you stated. Loved the report and I can feel the adrenalin starting to rev up again. dangerous for anyone my age but I will try to control myself a little longer.

shalom, GG5

Sean Osborne said...

Israel has electromagnetically "blinded" Syria, Hezbollah and ALL other potential "observers" to its IAF operations in the Levant from the strike in Al-Kibar the annihilated an under-construction plutonium reactor in September 2007 to the present. All of them. The IAF Sufa and Ra'am strike aircraft can be heard overhead in Lebanon and Syria, but it's as if they are invisible electromagnetically to the point of not being there period. You cannot shot at what you cannot see.

Not a single anti-aircraft missile or single anti-air craft round of ammunition has been accurately fired at an Israeli fighter aircraft in nearly seven years - the better part of a decade.

And no one discusses this? Yup, it's as if it never happened. And that means the lesson it was meant to teach to the enemy was not learned and will have to be taught a couple of more times before it sinks in. Unfortunately one of the lessons will result in the permanent annihilation of the ancient city of Damascus.

Besides the IAF pilots and the IDF special ops soldiers who were there, the ONLY people on this earth who actually have any first-hand knowledge of what occurred at Al-Kibar are the people who live 18 miles away in a town called Deir el-Zor.

The Israeli high command, to this day, will say "this incident never occurred." But three years earlier IDF Unit 8200 was regularly intercepting a flood of communications between Al-Kibar and Pyongyang, North Korea after being tipped-off by the American National Security Agency. Communications between a place that does not exist and Pyongyang?

We also know now that the plutonium reactor at Al Kibar was a back-up for the plutonium reactor that Iran was constructing at Arak - a plant that is now nearing completion.

mark3210 said...

We are only 24 days out now from the start of the Winter Olympics. Do you think that factors into Israeli decision making?

Sean Osborne said...

I think that the Sochi Olympics is irrelevant to this issue.

Great Grany 5 said...

How long will it take to replicate this feat with the Arak installation?

Praying for their side-stepping the modified plans of the current assemblage in process right now with the Forces of Evil. Bill Koenig made a statement that Kerry seemed like someone possessed about gaining a resolution to the Israel/Palestinian situation. There wouldn't be a I/P situation if the USA would stay out of the whole thing. Just my opinion but who has been the biggest encourager of their rage all these years?

Shalom, GG5

Sean Osborne said...


Excellent question.

The Arak plutonium reactor in Iran, a 40MegaWatt reactor also known as IR40, is very very close to going on-line.

According to a Jerusalem Post report from last August, which cited an article in the Wall Street Journal, which cited US, EU and UN IAEA officials, Iran's IR40 reactor will be be producing weapons-grade Pu-239 by this coming summer.

Jeremy Lobb said...

Hi Sean,

Memories are very short and one sided. What about the raids down in Sudan in 2009? The planes flew there and back and no one was the wiser!

A blessed and happy new year to you, your family and readers of this blog. I pray we will be awake and ready for whatever He has install for us:-)!

God Bless

Sean Osborne said...


You get the proverbial 'brass rig' because you are exactly correct about the still officially unacknowledged facts surrounding the eight (8) IAF F-15I Ra'am strike aircraft which sortied into Khartoum, Sudan (Kuwsh) to destroy an Iranian (Persian) weapons factory and shipments enroute to HAMAS and other terrorists in Gaza and the Sinai.

No one saw them coming or going on the approximately 2,000 mile round trip, but the Iranian-run missile factory most assuredly was blown to smithereens.

Electromagnetic magic!

Sean Osborne said...

Actually, that's two (2) proverbial 'brass rings.' Israel performed this feat twice - in 2009 and again 2012. Both with the same results.

Great Grany 5 said...

BINGO!!!!!! Thank you kind sir! I had forgotten 2007 and 2009.


Great Grany 5 said...


I read all of them and I am too excited now to even think of trying to sleep! But I think I flew with the crews on those flights way back in 2007, 2009 and again when ever the call was made. What a fantastic true story and the one part that I loved was the ability to keep the info from the likes of the Deep State founders.

Goes back to what I was taught as a kid growing up in central Iowa during WW2. "Never let the enemy know what your plans are but do everything to be stealthy in battle."

Now for a hot shower and then maybe sleep will come.


Miriam said...

I was very young at the time, so I am remembering bits and pieces of things I heard and/or saw in the news, but I think this also occurred during the war in 1967, where nearly the entire Egyptian air force sat on the tarmac while they were destroyed by Israeli war planes. It is my understanding that their radar went blank, allowing this to take place.

Acknowledging that God often chooses to give human beings technological understanding and work through that, there is clearly something much larger than technology at work here.

Sean Osborne said...


Not many people know, but in 1967 Egypt was in the midst of a minor civil war with rebelious Egyptian troops attempting to overthrow Gamel Abdel Nassar.

For this reason the loyal Egyptian military were ordered to turn off the nation-wide air defense system on the morning of 5 June while two key military leaders, a field marshal and a general, flew between Egypt and the Sinai in order to prevent rebel forces from locating, tracking and shooting down their aircraft.

A second aspect was that the IAF had planned to destroy Arab air forces on the ground ever since the 1956 Suez War. In ten years of refining this plan it was was operationally perfected and therefore Operation Focus was flawless in its execution. The IAF flew west out over the Med and then turned south and came in below the Egyptian air defense detection capability. It didn't really matter because the Egyptian AD net was turned off.

In the initial wave of strikes two Israeli/French secret weapons were used.

The first was a runway busting munition that not only cratered the runway surface but created a deep sinkhole. One was used on end end of each runway. These weapons put all eleven Egyptian Air Base runways out of service within a couple of minutes, stranding Egypts entire fixed wing airforce on the ground.

The second and third waves of IAF carried the other secret weapon... it allowed Israel's pilots to differentiate between real metallic aircraft from the dummy wooden aircraft Egypt had set up as decoys on all of their air bases.

After the war surveys noted that not even one of the wooden decoy aircraft had been hit while all of the real metallic aircraft had taken direct hits in the engines or cockpits.

A third thing occurred which doomed the Egyptian Air Force before the first runway bomb fell. They Egyptians changed their communication codes late at night on the 4th of June and had not provided the new codes to the Jordanian military. Jordanian radar saw the IAF go airborne, and immediate Jordanian attempts to warn Egypt of this were in the wrong code, and therefore Egypt was unable to determine the meaning of the Jordanian messages.

In 20 minutes it was all over. Israel ruled the skies.

Sean Osborne said...

10 years ago Israel essentially "turned off" Lebanon during the strike on Syria's al-Kibar nuke plant.

10 years later, as intimated in the above 22 March update, what might this mean for Hezbollah and its thousands of Iranian missiles.

Great Grany 5 said...

About time that the tick tock, kaboom clock strikes 9:99 (judgment hours) and the self declared Czar pulls up his britches and proves what he really is all about. But that is out of my domain of understanding, so far!

However, last Friday 23 Mar 2018 the Dow Jones was in a 10% downturn but the market is now going wild in an uptick of major proportions. I know this sounds off topic but there is always "Something Major" that causes the market to move in such a manner and mostly it is due to a silent advance in DC regarding Security or Military affairs. What brought this to my mind this morning is that God's word tells us that when that day comes it will such as the Days of Noah, buying and selling among other such telltale signs.
Could it be that the Omnibus Bill is now widely seen as a outline and not a BUDGET and so, POTUS can spend the money or not any way that he so chooses, just like they did with the Brown Boob that used to line his pockets with the proceeds?

No need to post this because it is off topic but there are things not being published out there in the wild Cyberfield that seem just a little bit weird, or at least to me and it does involve the POTUS and the game of Chess. Any idea?

Lance M said...

Just rereading the above info...that is incredible tech ability....from 10 years ago. We know how slow tech advances these days, so I'm sure not much has changed in the last 10 years...insert sarchastic look here.

The above excerpt is exactly why I look in dismay at the talking heads that are spouting the Russian/Chinese garbage of hypersonic missile supremacy, etc. While they are no-doubt formidable weapons, they are advertising them. It seems like it's rarely what you see that you have to worry about. All this time, not a peep about our capabilities...other than to downplay them. While I do believe our military was knowingly weakened over the 8 year term of the treasonist-in-chief, I would bet my bottom dollar that we have tech that keeps our enemies awake at night.

Sean Osborne said...


Moore's Law remains valid. It holds that technological advancement continues to be on an exponential scale.

10 years of technological advancement makes most weapons systems of 10 years ago virtually obsolete in comparison.

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean and all who gather here;

I found a great video that you all might enjoy about this airstrike as mentioned above. I have watched it from start to finish 2 times around and still going back for more. It gives especially pertinent info in complete agreement with what Sean has posted but in this one, we get to see a lot of the action and details. Hope you will enjoy it too.


Great Grany 5 said...


I apologize for not including the link to the story. I just was so excited and then the storms changed my settings on my computer after the lightening storms we had and I couldn't post any thing else. But here it is and hope it is enjoyed.

On that same page for the video are many other such stories about the exploits of Israel's military and especially the air borne services.


Great Grany 5 said...


and this one if you think it is advisable. It is pretty neat but it also might give too much info regarding Massad's operatives actions. But it is about Orchard and NoKo subtefuge. Go with if you desire but thought you might find it interesting as I did.


Anonymous said...


May be old news, however seeing reports that two stealth Israeli jets went undetected by radar over Iran over the past month.


Sean Osborne said...


If they were stealth aircraft, how would anyone know they belonged to Israel?

We have far more stealth aircraft in that region than Israel has in their entire air force at present.

Sean Osborne said...


Please give this article published yesterday a thorough reading.

The Aviationist