Friday, August 1, 2014

Global SITREP C28-14: Another Truce That Isn't

1 August 2014 - OPE Day 25/Ground War Day 15: What type of a ceasefire is it where observers who are watching it do so by counting the number of minutes and actual seconds on a clock in which it appears to be valid? One hundred twenty minutes and a few seconds into the latest declared Gaza ceasefire and Code Red sirens were wailing in Kerem Shalom, Israel. That means the latest U.S.-U.N.-brokered 72-hour ceasefire was actually a 2-hour and several seconds ceasefire. Atypical Islamic jihadist treachery. It matters not one iota that the HAMAS' rockets fired into Israel this morning did not hit anything but desert sand, what matters is that they were fired at Israel period.

The first thing to note following the collapse of the Day 25 ceasefire into which Israel entered in good faith, is that Israel has declared existent a closed military zone around all of Gaza bordering with Israel and the entire length of the northern border with Lebanon and Syria. This action has apparently come after an IDF officer, 2LT Hadar Goldin of the Givati Brigade, was apparently kidnapped by HAMAS terrorists while executing his assigned duties on a tunnel in Rafah. This action was apparently a HAMAS ambush which killed two other IDF soldiers who were members of 2LT Goldin's platoon at that tunnel. Heavy HAMAS rocket and mortar fire and along with even heavier IDF retaliation then put the truce that wasn't permanently to rest. Again, Muslims engaged in jihad cannot be trusted. Period.

I will also critically note that this attack and kidnap against the Givati Brigade came after an article in the ultra-Orthodox paper Mishpacha (Family) was circulated in Israel, and which was thereafter was even more widely circulated in other Israeli media, such as Ha'aretz, and the The Times of Israel, which prominently featured Col. Ofer Winter, commander of the brigade. That kind of completely unnecessary high profile notoriety was quickly noticed by other Islamic jihadists and which instantly put the Givati Brigade dead-center in the cross-hairs of HAMAS' kidnapping plots. There is NOTHING more important during a war than OPSEC (Operational Security), and based upon the overwhelming majority of the Israeli media's near-real time reporting and blogging such as the photographing and naming of field commanders that it was a virtual certainty that HAMAS would put that information to good use at the first opportunity during this particular and highly-ill advised "humanitarian ceasefire."  The Israeli media need to learn that "loose lips sink ships." It also gets your fathers, sons and brothers kidnapped and killed on the battlefield. Shut up already!

First Update - OPE Day 25: There is no proof of life for 2LT Hadar Goldin; it is being assumed he was taken alive. If I am correct in reading between the lines of various reports coming out of Israel today, it would seem that the abduction of 2LT Goldin had PM Netanyahu reading the "riot act" to a promptly called onto the carpet US SECSTATE Kerry. This may have been the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." I am inclined to think the bottom line fall out of this mornings high level dressing down was that unless 2LT Goldin is immediately released by HAMAS, then PM Netanyahu and the security cabinet will deal with this kind of islamic treachery in the manner which even islamic terrorists can appreciate - unrelenting violence with no quarter given to any enemy combatant. If there was ever a reason for Israel's national leadership to come to the realization of the necessity to eliminate HAMAS for all time... this was it.

Final Update - OPE Day 25: As made clear in the update above, there is without question a sense in Israel that the entire paradigm of the war in Gaza against HAMAS has changed, possibly irrevocably, and to the point that it has finally hit a resonating chord across a broad political spectrum of the Israel population. So much so that there is now no chance of Israel agreeing to any cessation of hostilities against the terrorists in Gaza as long as 2LT Goldin remains a hostage of the islamic enemy. Instead of a truce the security cabinet now is debating an expansion of the mission objective beyond just a thorough demilitarization of Gaza, but now to include a military annihilation of HAMAS as the ultimate "mission complete" objective.

Again, the government of the State of Israel and its military forces are assuming that 2LT Goldin was abducted from the battlefield in Rafah alive and that this abduction occurred while HAMAS used the ruse of the ceasefire combined with Gaza human shield civilians collecting or checking up on their possessions near the IDFs Givati Brigade positions in Rafah. The U.S.-U.N. brokered ceasefire was for HAMAS a total sham. That the abduction of this Israeli officer occurred after the start of the ceasefire is beyond question. It is believed that 2LT Goldin remains within the matrix of underground tunnels in the vicinity of Rafah; all IDF artillery or other strikes in this immediate area today have been for the express purpose of freezing in-place 2LT Goldin and his abductors in the same general area of Rafah where the abduction occurred this morning.

2 August 2014 - OPE Day 26:  War brings out the strangest situations. Yesterday, a featured blogger (Yochanan Gordon) at The Times of Israel had his blog post entitled "When Genocide is Permissible" deleted because it was a violation of their editorial guidelines.  I have read Israeli news reports in which members of Israel's government, the security cabinet, have been quoted in Israeli media saying in a far more direct manner what Yochanan merely posed a question about in his blog post. Read it for yourself at the link above.

There is no question that HAMAS holds to the goal of genocide against all Israel. This is the ultimate objective of HAMAS in the current Arab-Israeli struggle as it has been since 1948. This was the central point of Yochanan's blog post, and at no point in his post did he call for or otherwise advocate for a genocide of all Arabs. In fact, Yochanan reiterated in his post what a very many people in both the United States and Israel, to include Jews, born-again Christians and even secular folks, have been discussing for the better part of the past month, as has this blog has been openly discussing - the need to destroy HAMAS and thereby the goal of its brand of political Islam - the genocide of Israel.

Obviously no Israeli editorial board can delete the HAMAS charter any more than it can delete the stated objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or Hezbollah, or the new Islamic State, or Al-Qaeda or any other Islamic jihadist group -- or even the Islamic Qur'an itself, all of which speak pretty much to the same thing about the genocide of Israel at the hands of fully submitted adherents of islam for the sake of their small-g god. Nor can any Israeli editorial board delete the rampant anti-Semitism that has swept through European and South American capitals.

And neither can the editorial board of The Times of Israel delete the text, or any portion thereof, of the Bible, such as the text of Psalm 83:4 which speaks to exactly what is stated in the Qur'an as reflected in HAMAS' charter, and is the existential goal, the genocidal goal, of Israel's enemies round about them on every side:

“Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,
That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”

The editorial board of The Times of Israel, and all other editorial boards who followed suit in deleting Yochanan's blog post, are the equivalent of the proverbial ostrich who sticks his head in the sand because he simply can not face the cold hard facts of reality staring back at him: Islam has no interest in and does not care to coexist with Israel. Instead they are dedicated to the purpose stated by the singing prophet Asaph of the God of Israel's ancient fathers, and that purpose is the genocide of the State of Israel.
Hear O' Israel, wake up and smell the Nachle black coffee. 

First Update - OPE Day 26: Has anyone reading here wondered why it is that with so much global corporate media present in Gaza that there has been not been any video or images taken of HAMAS, PIJ or other Islamic jihadists at war or on the battlefields of Gaza in the past 26 days?  Have you seen a HAMAS rifleman firing his weapon? A rocket launch or mortar battery in action? Not even a policeman? We have only seen women and children in images of devastation and suffering. In pondering this question, consider also that there hasn't been an hour gone by in all this time where video or images of IDF troops engaged in this war have not been broadcast by these same corporate media. So, what do you think is the answer?

It is because the global corporate media were put on notice prior to day one that the cameraman or videographer who turned his/her lens in the direction of HAMAS or PIJ fighters during combat operations would be immediately shot at and killed. Yes, the media face immediate execution if they film HAMAS or PIJ fighters firing their weapons from fighting positions defended by Gaza's human shields, the civilian population. 

This is what we have learned from a Spanish journalist (who must remain anonymous for his own personal safety) who is based in Gaza and has covered the war from the get-go. This news was published by the New York-based paper the Algemeiner on July 31st. Didn't see or hear this news or anything remotely like it in any major US corporate media have you? ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or even FoxNews? I certainly haven't. So, the fact is that we will never see any of the terrorists in Gaza fighting from within their human shield redoubts in Gaza because there is no corporate media will to risk their own lives to report it in high definition video format. Or text for that matter. This is what the Iranian IRGC has expertly trained its proxies to do whenever they engage Israel in combat. We in the West are seeing from inside Gaza exactly what the mullahs in Tehran want us to see, and it is having the desired effect upon the war effort from their terrorist jihadi perspective.

NOTE 6 August: With the ceasefire having held for more than 24 hours some clandestine video footage (taken by Indian and French news crews in Gaza) of Palestinian terrorist firing rockets from civilian areas have been released publicly. See this report from the Jerusalem Post for details. 

Speaking of Iran, there is a very good possibility that the terrorist operation to kill the most recent ceasefire was an Iranian plot carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). HAMAS may not have custody of 2LT Hadar Goldin (or his corpse), but Iran has him through its PIJ proxy.

Is it becoming clear that in order to defeat the terrorist enemy in Gaza that Israel may very well need to reach out and very profoundly touch those mullahs in Iran? You know, the mullahs in Iran that Barack Hussein Obama appears dead set on seeing acquire nuclear weapons with which to attack Israel. Who exactly is being played as the fool here?

This morning the IDF has also begun unilaterally moving its forces out of the northern urban areas of Gaza and telling those residents, such as those of Beit Lahia (image above), that they may return. To what exactly, I'm not sure. Seems to me all functioning societal infrastructure there has been devastated; it's only hours removed from being an active war zone.

Meanwhile, the residents of Israel's northern communities, such as Kiryat Shmona, report hearing the noises of tunnels being dug beneath their homes. This nothing nothing new. Hezbollah has been tunneling into northern Israel for a few years now and have openly boasted from time to time that in the next war they will bring the war into northern Israel.


Maranatha_Mark said...

Sean, once again, I agree with you 100%! The article about YHVH's protection of the brigade it mentions, was a "GIANT KICK ME!", and was essentially daring HAMAS to do just what they did! The one thing you don't do to a Muslim, is challenge them directly or indirectly concerning their pagan god. When the article said that "the God of Yisra'el" was protecting those orthodox soldier, they were saying, "My God is better than Allah!", which I agree with, He is the ONE true God. However,what the author of the article did, I believe, without intending to, is to challenged the Muslim's faith in Allah! The time to talk about YHVH's protection of the unit(s)is AFTER the operation is concluded... not in the middle of it!

Thanks for the updates Sean!

Blessings and Shalom,

Maranatha! Mark

LD said...


I confess that I really don't understand what would be restraining Bibi and his government from utterly destroying the terrorist apparatus that is Hamas (including being strong-armed by our "leaders"). 6 cease-fires broken by Hamas. It will not change when the 7th one gets enforced. I will keep on praying for Israel, and for 2LT Goldin-for his supernatural release or rescue. Prayer is the single most powerful offensive weapon we can employ on behalf of our Jewish brothers and sisters. I am struck by Ps 120:4-5 which speaks about longing for peace, but "they being for war" (the enemy of Israel). Ps 121 gives us a beautiful picture of God's protective hand over Israel (Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" v4). God's promises are true and will be fulfilled completely. God's hand is fully over the nation of Israel…the true Iron Dome. If the media would simply take it's collective head out of the sand, they will clearly see Him at work. Im not holding my breath, but I know to those who have eyes and ears, the Will of God is fully on display! Wow.

mark3210 said...


Not that I want to second guess Israel at every stage, but I'm frustrated that 24 hours after the kidnapping there still hasn't been a decision to target the Hamas leadership.

hartdawg said...

I just heard that Netanyahu delivered a strong message to the person who occupies the white house saying to never second guess him again and something along the lines of expecting full support. you know anything about this? I'd like to believe it

Sean Osborne said...


That was reported by the Associated Press via the Huffin'n'Puffin Post and ABC News today.

They quote Bibi telling Obama's people "not to ever second guess me again."

As we all know, Obama attempted to force a ceasefire which was scuttled within the first 90 minutes by the abduction of 2LT Goldin - most likely a Tehran plot carried out by the PIJ.

hartdawg said...

......and now I hear rumors on cnn of talks of another ceasefire. What a ceasefire means is that Israel is winning so obama must come to the rescue of hamas. That's what a ceasefire means

Roz said...


Not one picture of Jihadist waging war on Israel, anywhere!!

I hope the IDF creates a brigade to document 'the truth' of the Jihadist atrocities. MSM coverage, including center right talk radio is an epic failure.

Let's all pray that the Lord's will be done, and the saints eye's will be opened.

Sean Osborne said...

There can be no "ceasefire" once the IDF has been unilaterally removed from the Gaza battlefield by the political echelon in Jerusalem.

In a war of attrition the IDF will respond on a tit-for-tat basis indefinitely. When HAMAS or the PIJ or some other group fires upon Israel then the IDF will return fire upon the source of that fire in Gaza. This is the IDF's current set of orders as I understand them.

Knowing this, it is pretty much a no-brainer that all jihadi fire coming out of Gaza will be coming from schools, hospitals, markets, UN facilities and other civilian infrastructure.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will have placed Israel's political leadership right where they want them with this ill-advised tactical and strategic blunder. Checkmate.