Monday, August 18, 2014

Global SITREP D3-14: Islamic Jihadists Want Peace With Israel?

18 August, 2014: If you read the vast majority of Israeli newspapers this morning they are treating nearly 8 million Israelis as if they were turnips freshly fallen off of a farm truck. How so? By reporting that the islamic jihadists of Gaza are saying that even if the current ceasefire collapses without an agreement being reached in the Cairo negotiations they have lost the will to engage Israel in any more warfare (jihad).  In case no one notices, such statements are diametrically opposed to everything Islamic, and thus the Qur'an.  Islam cannot exist without a state of permanent warfare (jihad) against all other things non-Islamic. Period.

Think about it. Would it be possible for HAMAS to abide by the most basic tenets of its raison d'etre, it's foundational charter, without engaging in warfare (jihad) to liberate all of "Palestine" from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and from Lebanon to Egypt from the Jews who have created a modern state on that same land? 

No, it would not be possible. If any of this disinformation in today's Israeli media were truthful then there would be no reason for HAMAS, or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or Fatah, or the PLO, or the PFLP-GC to even exist. Were any of this abject nonsense being reported in the Israeli media this morning accurate then all of these islamic terrorist organizations would declare themselves disbanded; they would immediately recognize Israel's right to exist; declaring their unconditional acceptance of the so-called two-state solution and achieve a permanent peace agreement by sun-rise on Tuesday, 19 August 2014.

More importantly, is there anything that I have just written here which is consistent with Bible prophecy for these last days? If you said "no," then you are correct and you understand the basics about what Israel has to overcome in order to achieve the type of peace, safety and secuirty the prophet Ezekiel has foretold will exist for Israel and its people when the last pre-70th Week military engagement involving Israel occurs in the near future.

20/21 August 2014: Well, now that Israel's egg-faced government, and unfortunately its people, have been rocketed and blasted back into the reality of islamic jihadism a la HAMAS, PIJ, Fatah and the rest of Gaza's terrorists, what might be Israel's next move? Another round of Cairo negotiations for another worthless hudna (ceasefire) for the terrorists to use to their full military advantage? Or will the only other viable course of action to achieve the demilitarization of Gaza, and of Sinai for that matter, be brought to execution in the next few hours or days? If the current government of Israel has one scintilla of common sense, the forcible demilitarization of Gaza (i.e. full scale war) will be the course of action chosen, and the current IDF military tactic of "mowing the grass" in Gaza will fall by the wayside as it has failed to achieve its objectives.

For their part, the muslims will have to begin asking themselves, "Where was allah's protection of Mohammed Deif's wife and infant son? Where is his protection of us all as we wage jihad against the infidel Jews he has told us to kill wherever we find them? Why do the rocks not cry out as promised by the words of the prophet in the holy qur'an,' here is a Jew, come and kill him? Surely allah wills it?'" In this war the muslims will come to realize they have worshiped, enslaved, and murdered all over the world, on an industrial scale, the will of a false god. Or they will die hopelessly destined to eternal fires of hell for they have denied the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living and Eternal God of Israel. And know this, the innocent infant son of terrorist Mohammed Deif is in the loving arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And in Israel, the lesson thus far appears to have gone unlearned. There are many in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv who think this war is the product of one man, Mohammed Deif, the commander of HAMAS' Al-Qassam Brigades; that the continuation of this war will end with his own death and the deaths of his sub-commanders. These Israelis are ignorant, secularist dreamers. These are Israelis who do not comprehend that jihad against Israel is a qur'anic directive; that islamists regard the land of Israel no differently than they regard the land of Andalucia (the southern part of the modern NATO member nation we know as the Kingdom of Spain). Islamists do not want to live side by side with Israel in peace; they want Israel to cease to exist (Psalm 83:4)! These Israelis currently have more regard for the al-taqiyya doctrine (lies, deceit, illusion) of the islamists than they do for the prophetic words of the God of their fathers. This is why this war began in 1948 and continues in fits and spurts to this day.

Israel, for the most part still in disbelief, does not yet realize the spiritual basis of why they have been brought back from the four corners of the earth diaspora into Eretz Israel. It is the same reason why the LORD God had them wander in the wilderness for decades after the exodus from Egypt: disobedience and disbelief. They have been brought back into Eretz Israel to take possession of the land the LORD God has given to them, not trade it for worthless treaties with godless barbarians. And here is where I believe ancient history will repeat itself for Israel but on an infinitely more compressed time scale. Now I believe the time is right for the appearance of one whom the religious Jews expect -- Moshiach ben Joseph. See Obadiah 1. Through the coming trials Israel will learn to walk in faith and have full trust in what God has promised to them, and then will the Lord pour out His Spirit upon them.

As for the current war, as long as it continues there remains the possibility that it will morph into the final series of battles against those enemies surrounding Israel as prophesied by Asaph, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Obadiah and a host of others.


Israel has brought a new weapon onto the battlefield, and although it is a part of the "mowing the grass" tactic, it is also an escalation demonstrating far more precision in which blades of grass Israel's leadership want to cut off at below root level. The weapon now being introduced to HAMAS is the GBU-28, a laser-guided bunker busting bomb that is 18.5 feet long (5.6m) and weighing 5,000 lbs (2,267kg). It makes very big and deep smoking holes of HAMAS underground command and control (C2) centers. The GBU-28 has ben used to devastating effect in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. And now in Gaza.

Israel's GBU-28 - Killing Terrorists in the Holes Where They Hide

The GBU-28 has almost certainly been delivered on target by Israel's recently upgraded fleet of F-15I Ra'am multi-mission strike aircraft. Taking out deeply buried targets in Gaza with this weapon is live fire practice for similar targets that Israel has not forgotten about in Iran. There will be payback with interest for all of the Iranian missiles fired against Israel's civilians by their Gaza proxies. Fair warning.

Update: It now seems fairly evident that the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate (a/k/a the al-Mukhabarat), working closely with Israel's Shin Bet clandestine service, provided the extremely critical and time-sensitive HUMINT (HUman INTelligence) which allowed IAF to strike with their other precision bunker buster ordnance that took out significant members of HAMAS senior terrorist leadership (Raed Attar, Abu Shmala and Muhamad Barhoum) early this morning. That weapon was the 2,000 lb U.S.-made BLU-109/B. Five of these bunker busters were delivered on-target by the IAF F-16I Sufa strike aircraft.


Maranatha_Mark said...

Sean, I agree with you 100% and why Yisra'el and the Western world at large can't see this truth is beyond reasonable explanation! Just as you said, and speaking purely as an layman, the only reason I can see as to why HAMAS and the other Jihadist will agree to a truce, is to gain time to re-organize after the loss of key field leaders and significant munitions and facilities - tunnels and munition depots. I have wondered if this whole Gaza event as far as HAMAS and the Jihadist goes, was some sort of 'probing' mission, to test Iron Dome and the resolve of the current leadership in Yisra'el as well as to gauge the West's response. I think, over all the Jihadist are pleased with the reaction coming from the Western Govt and media via the over-whelming anti-Semitism displayed, which helped put pressure on Yisra'el to fight the proverbial "One Hand tied behind their backs"! This information will be put to good use, for future Jihadist campaigns against Yisra'el, in my opinion. I do not advocate war, but the evil Yisra'el is facing, only understands one way, complete and utter defeat by military means. Anything short of that, and the Jihadist view as weakness and claim victory, thus finding the encouragement to continue the fight! What folks don't understand this is a death match, again, in my opinion, thus only one side will survive this battlefield, ultimately. I have my ideas on who that will be, but I'll not bore you with the details, you already know.


Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

I become more convinced every day that this low intensity conflict in Gaza is leading to a catastrophic or a series of catastrophic events which will be the trigger of full-scale war.

Despite everything that the IDF has thrown as the terrorists in Gaza, have not yet seen full-scale war during Operation Protective Edge.

Israel has thus far been playing global and regional politics during this operation, effectively holding back from full-scale war. So it will be an event not within Israel's ability to control or prevent that will burst this paradigm wide open and lead to full-scale war.

Anonymous said...

Would a full-scale war be the Psalm 83 war in which Israel will get rid of his warmongering neighbors? I suspect that the Antechrist in person will appear during this war to make "peace". We will be raptured just before he rises so if full-scale war is imminent then rapture is closer than we think. Let's get ready for it.

Sean Osborne said...


It would be the "Psalm 83 war" per se, that is because this end time war against the "inner ring" set of enemies is much more than just Asaph's Psalm 83 prophecy; this war involves the prophesies of most of the so-called major and minor ancient prophets of Israel.

However, this war, full-scale though it will be, is not the war through which the Antichrist will be revealed.

It is a few years later when Israel has recovered from the "Psalm 83 war" and believes it is finally living in peace, safety and security when the subsequent invasion attempt by Gog of Magog's military confederation suddenly occurs and becomes the war by which the Antichrist is revealed through his "covenant among many."

The Harpazo of the Bride of Christ is a signless event that is not directly tied to any other prophetic event. It could occur at any moment, and therefore the time to be ready for it was yesterday, today and tomorrow.

mark3210 said...


When you say "catastrophic event", the first thing that comes to mind is a chemical attack of some type.

Could Hamas be at or close to the point of crossing that red line now?

We know they've said they have surprises in store and that Israel "opened the gates of hell" by the targeting of their leaders.

Sean Osborne said...


A catastrophic event does not necessarily involve WMD.

9/11 was a catastrophic event.

Ken B said...

Preach it brother! I am ready to go home! The deeper this world goes the more out of place I feel.


Anonymous said...

I keep wondering if mh370 will be making a soon appearance in this situation, or any one of the current ones in the ME.

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, now we're thinking outside of the proverbial box!

Most people have the attention span of 6-year olds, and probably have long forgotten about MH370 because it's no longer front page news.

There are lots of airports in the ME where jihadists could easily commandeer the aircraft of their choosing, so it doesn't have to be MH370, but that's one which currently remains unaccounted for.

Maranatha_Mark said...

The GBU-28 is good practice for the IAF, as it prepares to go after Iranian nuclear & C&C assets. I also expect something a wee bit bigger when the Iranian campaign starts... perhaps the 28's big brother, with a 10,000 bunker-busting ordnance,or larger. The 28 should but more than enough to dig down to Hamas facilities and ruin their day.

Blessings and Shalom!

Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

The GBU-28 is Israel's largest penetrating ordnance weapon. It will do the job and it will be used in large quantities when the time comes.

NG said...

Hi Sean, thanks for sharing your views. Your knowledge of Bible prophecies and your personal experience in the military make your analysis very relevant in the current days!

When you mention a "Moshiach ben Joseph" that might rise soon, you mean the Antichrist, right? The true and only Moshiach ben Joseph (a.k.a Jesus-Christ) is in the heaven and will return at the end of the great tribulation so any such figure who would rise now would be the false Messiah.

Does this mean that you think the anticrhist will be an israeli jew (which would perfectly make sense) and not someone - jew or not - from the UE?

When Ariel Sharon was dying back in January 2014, I was thinking that as everyone was saying his death was imminent he would maybe suddenly rise from his hospital bed and become a strong leader with no sequela after 8 years in coma (which is normally impossible).

Did you hear about the Rabbi Kaduri "prophecy" of 2005 according to which the Messiah (or in fact the Antichrist) would rise soon after Sharon's death? Sharon was not even in the coma back in 2005. He died in January 2006 when Sharon himself had his massive stroke and was removed from power.

NG said...

When I said "UE" (precedent post), I meant "EU" (European Union). Sorry.

Sean Osborne said...

Hi NG,

The Jews expect two Mashiachs: Mashiach ben Joseph and Mashiach ben David. Both are expected to come from direct lineage to (1) the tribe of Ephraim (Joseph), and (2) the tribe of Judah.

Jesus was the one and only Messiah, (a/k/a the 'Lion of Judah'). As all Christians should know He fulfills both of the roles of the messiahs the Jews erroneously expect to herald in their "Messianic Age."

The Jewish eschatological belief is based upon a spiritually uninspired and therefore errant interpretation of many Old Testament prophecies regarding the Messiah.

I have posted these links here before, but posting again is not a problem because they are an excellent primer to use in understanding Jewish end times eschatology regarding the messiahs they expect to appear, and the fact that they expect them to both be mere mortal men and not God in the flesh.

Link to: Messiah ben Joseph and several other directly relevant pages for study.

This second link is far more meaty; it is the definitive essay on the errant Jewish perspective. Here is Appendix II

To your question, no, Mashiach ben Joseph will not be the one we know as the coming Antichrist.

The second one will be the Antichrist; he is the human man of whom Jesus spoke in John 5:43... remember Antichrist is simply another way of saying false messiah... so Mashiach ben David will be the false Messiah of the 70th Week, the Antichrist. Also in Revelation, his number (666) is the number of a man.

Let me know if this helps you (as I think it will) in getting a fuller understanding of these eschatological issues.