Saturday, August 23, 2014

Global SITREP D4-14: "Do unto them as unto the Midianites..."

22 August 2014: The title of this SITREP is from verse 9 of Asaph's Psalm 83 prophecy about the Arab Islamic confederacy that has come against Israel for the past 66 years and to this very moment, specifically in Gaza. Do you know and understand why Asaph in his prophecy would plead with the Lord "Do unto them (the enemies to Israel's immediate north, east and south) as unto the Midianites." If not, then I would strongly recommend that you leave this blog and go read chapters 6 through 8 in the Book of Judges right now. Learn why Gideon, from a poor family in the tribe of Manasseh and the least of his father Joash's sons, was chosen by God to lead Israel in the smiting of the Arabian tribes known as Midianites, and the Amalekites and the children of the east. You will also learn why he also became known as Yeruba'al

If you understand this Biblical history, then you will understand that I believe God is about to chose another "Gideon" whose nick name may well become "Yeruallah," for this Jewish warrior will throw down the altar of the false god allah, and nothing will happen since there is no islamic allah to contend with the modern-day Gideon of Israel. This is the man I have referred to here before which I believe religious Jews will come to regard as "Mashiach ben Joseph." This modern-day Gideon will lead Israel to victory in these latter day final battles prophesied against the enemies named by Asaph, and Isaiah and Ezekiel, and he will do so in a similar manner lest Israel deny that the Lord their God has provided then with the victory. In this way Israel will come to know the Lord their God in fulfillment of Ezekiel 35:5-15.

I now return you to this prophetically appointed war in Gaza already in progress.

 HAMAS murdered 4-year old Daniel Tragerman (source: Times of Israel)

23 August 2014: With thousands of IDF reservists now having reported back to their unit assembly points all along the Gaza frontier, and just hours after Israel's senior military and political leadership could not have been more hopelessly wrong in telling southern Israel's residents that it was okay for them to return to their homes, a four-year old child became a completely unnecessary victim to the Israeli leadership's wrong strategy for the wrong war.  A new strategic prosecution of the conflict has been effectively signaled, taking it from being just another operation in a series of operations against HAMAS in Gaza to one in which the military conquest of HAMAS has been set as the mission complete objective.

 The IDF, as before, has warned civilians to keep their distance from all combatants in Gaza. The IDF is more than capable of conducting military operations in the confined spaces of urban areas, and although on a much smaller scale, this new phase of warfare in Gaza may essentially more resemble Sherman's 'March to the Sea' more than the limited objective, pin-prick boots-on-the-ground incursion into Gaza earlier this month. For young Daniel Tragerman and millions of other youth just like him, this new phase of the war had better be lest Israel's current leadership be accurately described as feckless and inept.

Hopefully it has not escaped the Israeli government's notice that PA President Mahmoud Abbas and HAMAS Khaled Maashal did not, as reported by some media, conclude their meeting in Islamist Qatar with a heated argument, bur rather with a unity consensus between them of destroying Israel through the offices of HAMAS erstwhile ally in Gaza, the United Nations. Israel must respond accordingly by removing HAMAS from existence as surely as Maashal intends to remove Mahmoud Abbas leadership of the PA from existence.

No more empty words Mr. Netanyahu, no more empty words!

UPDATE 25 August: Polls in Israel are reflecting the same sentiments I have openly expressed on this blog regarding PM Benjamin Netanyahu's fecklessness in dealing with the Islamic terrorists in Gaza. As it stands now, Netanyahu and Likud will very likely be trounced in the next election in Israel because HAMAS' tactics have made an utter fool of Netanyahu and his politically expedient military actions and unwarranted ceasefire capitulations.

Israeli's do not want HAMAS to be negotiated with, they want HAMAS to be gone. More importantly HAMAS has effectively and without any ground force invasion, caused the near total depopulation of Israeli territory adjacent to Gaza. Israeli's are refugees in their own country because Bibi Netanyahu hasn't a clue nor the nerve to fight and win a war against HAMAS in Gaza. In fact, he's shown himself to be even more inept as a Prime Minister than Ehud Olmert was during the Lebanon War in the summer of 8 years ago. HAMAS has also effectively set the stage for regime change in Israel. Finally, Bibi Netanyahu literally invites rockets from terrorists in Lebanon and Syria to impact Israel's territory. The current situation is absolutely pathetic.

SITREP D4-14 FINAL UPDATE 27 August 2014: It doesn't take more than a cursory scan of media around the world to see that HAMAS and PIJ terrorists have acheived a technical victory over Israel (the government) and the IDF. As always, this guarantees even more significant and destructive warfighting will occur in the short-term. The Islamists have been emboldened because Israeli PM Netanyahu has behaved as if he were U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's lapdog. "Good boy Bibi, good boy!"

So, for the foreseeable and indefinitely defined future thousands upon thousands of Israeli citizens will be war refugees in their own God-given country.

Why? Because the IDF was forced into a war in Gaza by islamic terrorists fighting as proxy forces for the Islamic Republic of Iran who were armed with Iranian and Syrian weapons of every description without achieving a clear military objective in total victory.

Why? Because PM Netanyahu never wanted a clear military victory over Gaza's islamic terrorists, he wanted a negotiated political accommodation -- despite the fact that Israel was forced into this war via HAMAS' kidnapping and cold-blooded murder of three Israeli teenagers and unprovoked military extortion through rocket and mortar fire against every region of the country.

Once again, as in the 2006 summer war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, history repeats and Israel was defeated before even one boot of the IDF stepped on Gaza's soil. Bibi Netanyahu has ineptly used this occasion to snatch defeat from the jaws of a military victory because he followed Barack Obama's dictate. And to say that the majority of the citizens of Israel have lost all faith in their own government is a monumental understatement. They have been forced against their will by the governments actions into giving up their homes and livelihoods and life as they knew prior to the war in exchange for what? A worthless agreement with islamic terrorists whose charter calls for their slaughter and the continuous barrage of empty words from the failed Prime Minister of their nation. How utterly pathetic is this situation?

The islamic terrorists surrounding Israel must be licking their bloodthirsty chops. They will not delay their next aggression against Israel for very long.

Addendum 01 September 2014: Tucked away in a corner of the The Algemeiner website there is found a report dated Saturday, 30 August 2014, attributed to a Jerusalem Post article of the same day, with the headline" "Netanyahu Says He Hasn't Ruled Out Toppling HAMAS."

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave interviews to the country’s three television networks over the weekend defending the Gaza operation, and saying that driving Hamas from power has not been removed from the agenda.
“I never removed the goal of toppling Hamas, and I am not doing that now,” Netanyahu told Channel 2, saying, however, that Israel faces numerous other security challenges."
In other words, from PM Netanyahu's big picture perspective there are indeed bigger strategic fish for Israel to be prepared to fry. The Israeli PM then went on to identify those fish: 1) Al Qaeda on the Golan, 2) Islamic State moving on Jordan and already in Lebanon, and 3) Hezbollah in Lebanon supported by Iran. Knowing this I still have to ask: Why not deal a death blow to the terrorists in Israel's south (Gaza and Sinai) when the opportunity fully presented itself? Would PM Netanyahu rather have a future war on all three fronts instead of just two?

Sounds prophetic, like the sum total of the Psalm 83 finale.


Kenneth Moore said...

Very interesting, Sean. I'm watching and waiting as per scripture.
"When all these things begin to take place". Luke 21:28 and Matthew 24:33

Sean Osborne said...

Mark3210 wrote:

Sean, With each passing day, it seems that Israel gets more bogged down into an endless war of attrition.


Was the current phase of this war not sufficiently explained in the previous SITREP? It's all there in plain, albeit razor-sharp English.

Was Israel's use of its most strategic non-nuclear weaponry not a significant enough warning order that a quantum shift in strategy has occurred within the HaKirya, Tel Aviv?

Was the use of GBU-28 and BLU-109 laser-guided munitions not a thunder and lightning signal to HAMAS and their brethren jihadists that their annihilation beckons?

The warning order regarding the quantum shift in HaKirya strategic thinking was delivered about 48 hours ago and it takes a little longer than that to reconstitute the reservist element of the ground war formations that Netanyahu ordered stood down.

NG said...

Myself a father of a boy who is about to turn 4, I have been very shocked by the death of this innocent 4 years-old boy of Southern Israel. I know he is in Heaven with Christ, and I can't wait to meet him after we are raptured.

The soccer World Cup ended a month ago with Argentina playing in the final (losing to Germany). On the picture, this 4 years-old who died yesterday is wearing the jersey of Argentina soccer team.

As you say, Sean, no more empty words, Mr Netanyahu, it is time to get rid of these islamist terrorists for good. They took responsibility for the death of the 3 teenagers that sparked the current round of violence. It is not possible to negotiate anything with murderers of children. There is nothing to negotiate in Cairo.

Sean Osborne said...


Exactly correct Brother!

For me just knowing that a terrorist mortar had killed a 4-year old in his own home was bad enough, but seeing the published image of him tears at my very soul.

I cannot imagine the horrendous grief his parents are dealing with right now, but it almost certainly eclipses the utter rage I have focused upon Israel's government leaders who've allowed Daniel's murder to occur through their willful, politically expedient incompetence in dealing with islamic murderers.

Yes, Daniel is now the comforting arms our our Lord and Savior, HaMashiach Jesus Christ.

Israel's leaders MUST designate what occurs next in Gaza as "OPERATION DANIEL."

No more words indeed Mr. Netanyahu, grace period is over. No more meaningless negotiations. Destroy HAMAS and destroy it now as the prophet Asaph spoke it would be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

"Israel's leaders MUST designate what occurs next in Gaza as "OPERATION DANIEL". That statement gave me chills as I read it. I couldn't agree more, as I look upon the face of that beautiful child.

Sean Osborne said...

My mistake for allowing the previous distraction to be posted. That kind of thing will not occur again on this blog.

hartdawg said...

And when are the next Israeli elections? Do they run the same time as ours?

Sean Osborne said...


That'll depend on whether or not the current government collapses or is subjected to a vote of no confidence. The way Operation Protective Edge is being mismanaged and with the security cabinet in near revolt... this is a strong possibility in the near term.

Ken B said...

And now it appears hamas and IJ have agreed to an Egyptian ceasefire...

This is all going to get more nasty, it's not in the islamists blood to ceasefire. They HAVE to dominate in victory per their book.

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...


Correct... this is just another tool that the islamists will avail themselves of pursuant to their stated objective of destroying the State of Israel.

Maranatha_Mark said...

PM Netanyahu, suffers from the delusion that if they play nice with HAMAS, that the world will embrace Yisra'el and be on their side in this whole matter. Trouble is, the world, for the most part, are anti-Semites and anti-Zionist, and NOTHING Yisra'el does will ever win the rest of the world's approval. I truly believe that Netanyahu really does bow down to the likes of Obama, more than he should, and the pressure that Obama and other Western leaders put on Netanyahu, have more impact than it should. As we all know, Western leaders don't truly grasp the reasons for Islam's hatred of Yisra'el and what drives them to want to attack and destroy Ysira'el. In fact the Western world, for the most part, deep down, want the same thing that the Muslims want - the destruction of Yisra'el and genocide of all Jews. They want this, because it is what Satan wants. Of course there is a remnant of use who are Zionist, and understand, ultimately who is pulling the strings on the world stage, but we are definitely in a minority, in my opinion. I agree with Sean on this, Yisra'el is about to have another leadership change, and 2 wishy-washy PM's may have set the stage for a truly hawkish PM, who will prosecute the coming prophetic wars in the manner in which the Father has told us they will be. I don't think Netanyahu has the heart or stones to truly prosecute the conclusion of the Psalm 83 event or Obidiah 1:17-21, or even the Isaiah 17 events in the manner the Father has told us they will be. This whole Gaza event may have been a means by which Netanyahu loses his hold on the PM office and helps usher in the next PM that will get the job done. Only time will tell, but I don't think we will have long to wait.


Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

Spot on Mark!

mark3210 said...

So from what people are saying, Bibi has accepted the current long term ceasefire WITHOUT allowing a cabinet vote!

He has clearly lost the majority of his own cabinet as well as the public!

Meanwhile rocket fire continues.

Roz said...

I'm so sorry to see that Bibi Netanyahu turned out to be such a weak leader. Truly sad beyond words.

Sean Osborne said...

The current paradigm is definitely a tough nut to crack, particularly is separating current real-world events from the future real-world events that we've learned via the Lord's word to His prophets.

For an example of what I mean, consider the following:

HAMAS is nothing when compared to the incredible threat posed by the Islamic State. Yet Israel seems unable, under Bibi's watch as prime Minister, to come to terms with what must be done on the Gaza battlefield. Therefore, this part of the overall paradigm is destined for a very dramatic change in the very near future. Extremely dramatic change.

I say that with utmost confidence because through the Lord's prophetic word we know that neither of the two prime islamist forces (Sunni and Shi'a) will exist as they do today in the near term future.

All of Israel's 'inner ring' enemies will have been subdued and the current rocket barrages and on again/off again warfare will be but a memory by the time the prophetic clock ticks over to Ezekiel 38/39.

Israel will not be refugees in their own country, but will fully populate every inch of it and even territorially expand beyond today's borders, and they will be at peace, safely dwelling with neither walls, or bars nor gates, fearing no nation or people on the face of the earth.

The no-mans land currently surrounding Israel from Lebanon to Syria on the Golan will not exist in the future. There will be no distinction between Israel and the so-called West Bank, or Gaza... ALL of it will all be Israel, including all of Lebanon and western Jordan.

So, I think like the Harpazo, while we are here we need to expect the unexpected, and expect it to happen at virtually any moment.

Kenneth Moore said...

I agree with your synopsis completely. At this point also is ISIS in the news along with Ferguson Mo. Seem like evil everywhere doesn't it? Assuredly God has a plan and we are watching this plan unfold before our eyes.

VP ORD said...

Sean wrote:

"So, I think like the Harpazo, while we are here we need to expect the unexpected, and expect it to happen at virtually any moment."

Sean, Do you believe that we are closer to the Harpazo than some might believe?

hartdawg said...

I in no way speak for sean, but I personally think that we are close but not quite there. The harpazo could precede psalm 83 and we are commanded to watch and always be ready, but when I see the clues and patterns, especially the Jewish wedding pattern, I'm more inclined to believe that the church will be present to witness the final fulfillment of psalm 83 and the start of ezekiel 38&39. That's just what it seems like to me but the timing is in the Lord's hands and I don't know.

hartdawg said...

I must quickly add that sean's statement summarizes it all, we need to expect the unexpected, and expect it to happen at virtually any moment

Sean Osborne said...


I believe the Harpazo is a signless event; it is not tied to any other prophetic event and it's timing is determined solely by God the Father as He makes a determination that the appointed time has arrived.

Most important point in all of this is that the Harpazo will be an absolute and utter surprise for the Bride of Christ even though she is fully aware of the general timing of His arrival.

When this happens the Archangel will shout, and we will hear the words, "Behold! The Bridegroom comes!"

This announcement is immediately followed by a trumpet blast and the command "Come up hither!" will be given by Jesus to His Bride. This occurs in the twinkling of an eye.

It will be a complete suprise - no one can know when the Harpazo will occur because if anyone did know then Satan would know and do his utmost to mess it up.

hartdawg said...

One thing about this I find discouraging is this, the pro Israel evangelical community still thinks Netanyahu is a fantastic leader. I have been chided and rebuked very harshly and many times on various sites for expressing disappointment with Netanyahu. They have the delusion that Israel needs the United States so Netanyahu is in no real way responsible, but obama is. It's disappointing

Sean Osborne said...

No wonder they love to ignore Romans 11 and the Covenant of Moab (Deuteronomy 29) upon which the spiritual principles Paul discusses are based.

One can bless Israel 24/7/365 and still criticize its PM who is deeply in bed with the godless leaders of this world.

Who does Netanyahu serve first and foremost, YHWH or Obama?

I think the answer is obvious.

Case closed.

newLIFEthruCHRIST said...

We know God is sovereign over ALL things, and though I agree with your sentiments about Netanyahu, it may be that his lack of leadership is the catalyst for Israel's unfortunate embrace of "one who comes in his own name" in the very near future.

From my perspective, that's the only encouraging outcome of all this as my one desire is "to depart and be with The Lord."

I truly appreciate your work, brother!

mark3210 said...


After the Hezbollah war of 2006, Olmert stayed in office for almost 3 more years.

I certainly hope that doesn't happen again with Netanyahu.

Israel needs to get their act together fast to deal with the storm clouds on the horizon.

Sean Osborne said...


Your words echo precisely my take on the future fulfillment of John 5:43!

Sean Osborne said...


This time things are a little different than they were in 2006, but I get ahead of myself and the next SITREP.

Sean Osborne said...

MK Danny Danon will lead the Likud mutiny against Netanyahu with the goal of removing him as PM.

mark3210 said...

I think Danny Danon would make an excellent PM. I see in 2 weeks his committee will meet to discuss the war.

Are there similarities between the current situation and the Wye Accord that toppled Bibi's coalition in the 90s?

I see there his coalition lasted 2 months before new elections were called.

Rhonda said...

I too have been watching all that's been going on in Israel and have been disappointed with B. Netanyahu's leadership. I so wanted him to be strong and destroy the enemies of his people. It's not over yet.

My main comment is about the rapture of the church. I hope this isn't against the blogs rules but I wanted to share the names of two DVD'S that shed light on the rapture and "if correct" is life changing. Both are by Mark Biltz. The first one I watched is called, "The Feasts of the Lord." This is a set of DVD'S, lengthy but scriptually sound and quite amazing. The second and more condensed is "Blood Moons."
Mr. Biltz teaches that the Spring Feasts have already been fulfilled when Jesus was here on earth the first time and the last 3 out of 7 will be fulfilled when Jesus come back for his bride. He teaches that will be the Feast of Yom Teruah also know as the
Feast of Trumpets. This years Yom Teruah is Sept. 24 - 26. It is a two day celebration (we don't know the day or hour of His return for us). These DVD's are definitely worth your time to listen and watch.

mark3210 said...

Danny Danon says any no confidence vote won't come until the Knesset is back in session at end of October.

Maranatha_Mark said...

Rhonda, it has been a little while... about 7 years or so, since I studied the Feast, but All the Feast save for one - Sukkot - Feast of Tabernacles have been fulfilled, if I remember correctly. Since I believe that the Rapture is a pre-70th Week of Daniel(Tribulation) event, I watch for signs that show me how close to the conditions, I believe, are coming into being that will be necessary for the Anti-Christ to rise to power, as to get an Ideal on how close to the Rapture (end of the Church dispensation/age) we "COULD" be. The Rapture as Sean, has pointed out, is a "Sign-less" event. So when folks start trying to say it is going to be this date or that date because of a Feast or celestial event, etc, really has not more merit than trying to guess the Powerball Lottery numbers. If there was a "Secret" date set inside the Scriptures, it would make Yeshua out to be a liar, cause in Matthew 24:36 Yeshua said: 36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven,[e] but My Father only. So take anything you read about how they figured out when the Rapture will occur with a shaker of salt, cause it is likely wrong. Why don't I say the are absolutely wrong, cause just like the lottery, folks might accidentally get the date right, but IT WOULD BE PURELY AN ACCIDENT! There are many that believe that there is NO SPECIFIC DATE, but the rapture will ONLY happen with the number of the Church (true believers/followers of Yeshua) is complete. That is it will happen when the last person that will accept YHVH's invitation to salvation through His Son, Yeshua, will accept it BEFORE the 70th Week of Daniel begins. Why BEFORE, because the Church's main characteristic is FAITH, believing in what is not seen, the 70th Week of Daniel, even the Ezekiel 38-39 events will no longer require 'Faith' to believe, for the Father YHVH will move as He did in the Old Testament, and His Wrath will be in plain view for all to see. At least that is one theory.

Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...

A future no-confidence vote is probably a moot point.

If enough of the center-right parties in the Likud-led coalition withdraw their support (as they are currently considering to do), then Bibi Netanyahu's government will instantaneously collapse that same day.

NG said...

What about the following scenario: a deal between Netanyahu and Sunni Arab nations. Israel would strike Iran and then those Sunni nations would then sign peace with - and recognize - Israel.

This would explain the drone activity above Iran. Reconnaissance flights before airstrikes?

The US and other nations like Germany are looking to sign a deal with Iran soon so Sunni nations and Israel have to strike Iran ASAP, before the US officially accept a nuclear Iran.

This would explain why Netanyahu is suddenly looking so weak. He might in fact just be gearing war against Iran, with the secret blessing of Sunni nations.

Wait and see.