Saturday, September 6, 2014

Global SITREP D6-14: NATO Gears Up For War

6 September 2014: The nuclear-armed Western military alliance (NATO) which in 1948 was created by the original 7 member nations known collectively as the Council of the Western European Union (not so coincidentally the same year as the re-birth of the modern State of Israel), and which expanded in 1954 into 10 member nations (alphabetically: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom), and which has continuously expanded to include new member nations ever since, this week approved the most significant expansion of its military operations in its 66-year history.

This week at the summit in southern Wales the 28-strong member nations of NATO agreed to the establishment of a full capability Rapid Response Force to be based in its new acquired eastern region (i.e. the former enemy Warsaw Pact nations) as a "spearhead" for countering any Russian aggression against any of them. As if this announcement was not enough, the 28-member nations of NATO have also agreed to supply "security assistance" to the republic of Ukraine thereby ensuring its independence, territorial sovereignty and self-defense capabilities against renewed Russian expansionism. On the surface, would this appear to be a good reason for Russia to look southwards in its expansionism?

Additionally, and possibly even more importantly, the NATO allies agreed, without invoking either Article 4 or 5 of the establishing NATO charter, to regard the newly declared "Islamic State," as it currently exists in territory taken from the Middle Eastern nations of Syria and Iraq, as enough of a threat to its own 28 member nations to wage an undeclared war against it, and to militarily align NATO with so-called "moderate" Sunni jihadist rebels in Syria.

In looking at these two brand new developments, can one begin to eschatologically envision what a post-Psalm 83, post-Ezekiel 38-39 "covenant among many"  paradigm in the Middle East might look like?  Let us consider this proposition with respect to the impending flood of Bible prophecy fulfillments for just a little while before continuing: NATO is positioning itself to do battle with Russia and its CSTO allies at the same time as it declares war against a major Islamic State threat in the heart of the Middle East.

7 September 2014: At this critical moment in world history, and as an integral part of NATO gearing up for war, the 28 member nations have pledged to halt and reverse the ill-advised military spending cuts of recent years in order to create a very powerful rapid reaction military force for both of the aforementioned reasons: to militarily oppose Russia in southeastern Europe and the Islamic State in the Middle East with airborne, seaborne and combat boots on the ground within 48 hours. Even absent some of the logistical details for this new action plan, this is an unprecedented first in the 67-year history of NATO.

Update 8 September 2014: The prophetic alliance between the Arab League and NATO (Ezekiel 38:13) is coming into full exposure as Islamic State represents a dire threat to both groups of nations. As discussed on American prime time Sunday morning political talk shows, and again tomorrow when Obama addresses the US Congress, this alliance will be in full view. The nations of the Arab League are the regional allies to whom Obama is directly referring. For its part, the Arab League will be 'excommunicating' the Islamic State, i.e. declaring them to be apostates from Islam, and for the moment at least, declaring the Islamic State to be the Arab League's proverbial 'public enemy Number One.' The Sunni Islamic State is an imminent, short-term existential threat to every Sunni Arab government within the Arab League. That this coincides with the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 islamic attacks on the United States is no coincidence; it is no accident, and the very real potential for new attacks this week will only serve to hammer home the apparent necessity of this alliance. The fallacious difference between "moderate Islam" and "radical Islam" will be a benchmark of end times deception also in full view in the coming days.

Update Number 2: Is the Islamic State's Caliph Ibrahim Dead? 

In the first image above we see the Islamic State's self-proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim, a/k/a Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This image of Caliph Ibrahim was taken from a recent speech in the IS capital city of Raqqa. In the image directly below we see what is purportedly the image of an even more recently deceased Ibrahim Caliph, the victim of an American F-16 strike in Iraq against an Islamic State fighting position in Mosul which also killed his aide Abu Hajar Al-Sufi and a couple of other senior leaders. 

So far there has been no authoritative confirmation of the death of Caliph Ibrahim, yet the facial resemblance is striking to say the least. If it turns out that the Caliph is not deceased, then this image may merely show a Caliph attempting to recover from severe wounds. Truth is always the first victim in any war; it is defended by a bodyguard of lies.

Update: According to Kurdish (BasNews) and Iraqi (Al-Sabah) sources, Caliph Ibrahim is not dead, but was very severely injured in the same attack that killed his aides. While that is possible, according to Pentagon spokesperson Col Steve Warren, any IS leaders who may have been at the targeted troop formation site were "likely to [have been] killed." So, we'll wait and see what the facts are.


mark3210 said...


I just want to point out that the Western media never uses the acronym "CSTO".

They don't report on it whatsoever.

Most Americans probably have never even heard of it.

They talk about NATO and the EU all the time, but CSTO is a total blackout!!!

Rhonda said...

This is getting more complicated by the day. When NATO declares war against Russia is that the beginning of WWIII? My neighbor confuses me even more because she says Russia is doing good because Putin doesn't want a One World order and they are more moral as a people that we in the United States. All I know is at some point the covenant with the antichrist happens and later falls about. Can you help me understand if I have anything wrong above? Bible prophecy fulfilling before our eyes!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I believe the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, will be both the final nail in Islam's coffin as well as the end of Russia and Putin, so I don't believe that WWIII will happen... at least not between NATO and Russia.

Just my humble opinion...


Maranatha! Mark

Sean Osborne said...


Allow me to clarify things a little bit.

As written in the title of this piece, "NATO gears up for war" means the member nations of NATO prepare their combat forces and then deploy those forces to engage a common enemy in warfare.

However, NATO executes these actions without issuing a formal declaration of war.

Would NATO engaging Russia or the CSTO in a war be the beginning of WWIII?

No, not in my opinion. WWIII began and was known as the "Cold War" between NATO and the former Soviet Union-led Warsaw Pact over the 44-year period from 1947 to 1991.

NATO won this non-combat war; the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist as did the former Soviet Union.

Since 9/11/2001 there has been a Global War on Terror, a/k/a the War on Terror, a/k/a The Long War. In the USA this war is also referred to as Operation Enduring Freedom. This is the ongoing World War IV.

World War IV regional battlefields have been in South Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan); Southwest Asia (Iraq and the Persian Gulf); the Horn of Africa (Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Seychelles and Kenya); the Philippines; the Sahara/Sahel Desert of North Africa, a/k/a Trans-Sahara (Algeria, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Nigeria, and Morocco) as well as in the Caribbean Sea and Central America (Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname).

Now, for the next military confrontation between NATO and the Russia-led CSTO that could be considered as World War, that would be World War V. From a Bible prophecy perspective World War V is that same as the Battle of Gog/Magog of Ezekiel 38.

It is this final war that will set the conditions for the 70th Week of Daniel, and World War VI of the Antichrist, the final war prior to the establishment of Jesus' 1000-year Kingdom on the Earth.

To be perfectly frank, and by your own description, your neighbor appears to be a totally deceived Leftist. She needs for you to witness to her about Jesus; she needs His precious blood for her eternal salvation; to become one of the bride of Christ to escape the wrath of the 70th Week.

Look at your copy of the Word of God... specifically Ezekiel 38/39. Vladimir Putin has firmly positioned himself to fulfill the prophetic role of Gog of Magog.

I will leave this question for you to answer per the prophecy of Ezekiel 38/39:

Will Almighty God treat Gog of Magog as though he and his confederation of nations and their armies are the morally superior people of this planet -- or -- will God annihilate 5/6ths of them in a very short and extremely violent battle and bury them all in Israel?

And who is it who takes advantage of the resultant geo-political power vacuum after this annihilation of the entire Magog confederacy of nations (the CSTO)?

Obviously it is the European Antichrist.

Sean Osborne said...


I'd like to point out that the 1,000+ folks who read Eschatology Today on a daily basis, or the 25,500 who read here every month, have been very well aware of the CSTO for the past five years (since October 2009).

For the very few folks that may not be, there is a search box in the upper left-hand corner of the Eschatology Today front page where entry of the letters - CSTO - will provide every word ever published here about the CSTO and their role in imminent fulfillment of pre-70th Week Bible prophecy.

That aside, it is a fact that most Americans do not or have never read this blog, but there are nearly 600,000 of them who have. Those folks are aware of the CSTO and its prophetic role in Ezekiel 38/39.

mark3210 said...


Just looking at the bigger picture,
about how far out are we from WWV and WWVI as you call them?

These will both occur in the next 14 years (80 years from the birth of Israel), right?

Sean Osborne said...

Mark 3210,

Yes, the interpretive Psalm 90:10 definition of a generation of strength (80 years) has been my eschatological view as clearly expressed on this blog numerous times per Jesus' Olivet Discourse as recorded in Matthew 24:34.

mark3210 said...


I can't even put into words how bizarre and surreal it is that the president plans a prime time address to reveal his ISIS strategy just hours before the 9/11 anniversary.

If an attack is planned for 9/11, a new strategy on the evening of 9/10 is far too late to do any good!

Sean Osborne said...

Never expected anything less from the man, but that's mostly because it wont be his plan.

It'll be Valerie Jarrett's plan and it will be worthless nonetheless.