Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meanwhile, Back in the Dystopian Universe of Walid Shoebat

30 September 2014: It has been some time since I felt the need to address the puerile condescension against brethren Christian eschatologists by the faux former terrorist we know as Walid Shoebat, but, alas, once again the dystopian universe according to Walid begs to be viewed with coherent and corrective lenses. In his latest belabored attempt to write an eschatological treatise in the English-language, Walid makes the gratuitous claim to be able to see clearly what all other Christian eschatologists cannot see due to the acute cataractous nature of our eyes.

Atypically, and as with all of Walid's erroneous exposes and eisegetical works, he ignores the fact that the interpretation of Scripture comes quite often to the believer in a number of ways; most often as gifts of the Holy Spirit. For one believer the way of interpretive understanding might be via the gift known as "a word of knowledge (gnosis)" which is the ability to communicate a spiritual truth through the Spirit-guided investigation of God's word. To another believer it might be via the gift of teaching (didaskalos) which is to take a basic truth conveyed in the Lord's prophetic word and explain it in a manner that makes full comprehension by others of the Bride of Christ as simple a matter as a Sunday School lesson. To Walid the LORD God has not bestowed through His Spirit any of  the rest of the Bride of Christ with such gifts as these and other and instead Walid writes as if the Lord has left us with nothing more than an "infected" eye which intimates the end result that only Walid Shoebat holds the true knowledge of all things of an eschatological nature.

I have no time nor desire at this point to delve into Walid Shoebat's "Islamic Predominance" eisegesis about a mythical islamic antichrist and his mythical global khilafa (caliphate). That particularly bogus paradigm has previously been thoroughly deconstructed many times over by many very astute brethren eschatologists.  However, I included the link above for those who do enjoy a thoroughly mind-bending literary endeavor every now and then as a form of roll-on-the-floor-laughing entertainment. That is all that Walid's nonsensical rubbish is worth, and I am being very generous in my characterization here. 

Now some may ask, "Just how generous is very generous?" 

Well, for a starter, consider the following observation. In the above link you will discover that Walid Shoebat's gross misinterpretation of prophetic Scripture (The Revelation of Jesus Christ, no less!!!) fails to take into account the most eschatologically basic fact that when the 200-million man army of the "kings of the East" marches towards the Middle East during the 70th Week it marches against the beast empire of the Antichrist!! (see: Daniel 11:44; Revelation 9:14-16 and Revelation 16:12). So by just this one example, one and all are clearly capable of understanding that Walid Shoebat is trying to convince the reader to accept that in his thoroughly twisted and convoluted eisegetical paradigm the mythical islamic empire of the Antichrist marches and wages total war against itself. 

Who's got the cataractous eyes?


hartdawg said...

I can see why you see the need to address this issue. Sadly, the spiritually bankrupt idea of the so called "Islamic antichrist" is taking the world by storm. The biggest reason is because the Islamic "prophecies" are very similar to bible prophecies. I would submit to you that that proves absolutely NOTHING! NADDA!! ZILCH! Did not muhammad get the so called prophecies from the bible and then twist them? I sure hope that your post is being read by proponents of the dysfunctional, debunked Islamic antichrist theory. While we're on it, have you heard the ridiculous claim that psalm 83 is armeggedon, and the nation's listed in psalm 83 are the 10 nations in Daniel and revelation? If you haven't heard that then trust me, people are saying that, I'm not making this up.

Sean Osborne said...


I've been hearing that rubbish for the past 6 years, and for most of the past few years I have tried to ignore it.

Some things cannot be ignored, and this was one of them.

Sean Osborne said...


By the way, no muhammed did not take any prophecy from the Bible and twist them.

muhammed, according to the qur'an itself, was given everything, all allegedly prophetic knowledge, by a spirit that his followers claimed to be the angel Gabriel.

This "angel" choked the hapless muhammed nearly to death twice in rapid succession because he could not read. How is it this angel, a messenger from the All Knowing One in Heaven, did not know that muhammed was illiterate; that he was uneducated and could neither read nor write?

It has never dawned upon any of the muslims and the allegedly learned imams that in the Bible the angel Gabriel always began his interaction with a human being by informing them "be not afraid."

Daniel, Zachariah - the father of John the Baptist, and Mary who gave birth to our Lord, were all instructed first and foremost by Gabriel at his first appearance before them to "be not afraid."

But in an alleged appearance before the Arab muhammed this same Gabriel nearly kills and and terrifies him so thoroughly that afterwards he ran home and begged his wife to hide him from this spirit?


Anyone with half a brain cell should be able to see that everything islamic is of a satanic origin.

hartdawg said...

Thank you for the clarification.

Sean Osborne said...

My pleasure.

And now we all also know the very basis of the sheer terrorism that lies at the heart of islam.

Nathan Jones said...

Well, that's what happens when newspapers are used to interpret the Bible instead of visa-versa.

Sean Osborne said...



It occurs to me that one would also have to blindly accept islamic writings as a valid form of Divinely inspired prophecy in order to swallow this rubbish hook, line and sinker.

Ken B said...

Thank you Sean!

I have a few friends that always come to me with the strange waves of defunct “eschatology” and then I have to find a way to explain to them that it is garbage.

Walid’s World was actually the latest I had to try to gently lay to rest for them because he went on some talk show they listened to…

He’s standing on a deserted island by himself shouting, hoping someone on the mainland will hear =)

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...


I also have it on very good authority that there will be another top-notch, highly educational expose on this type of "Prophetic Craziness" coming very soon.