Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Global SITREP A4-15: The Nuclear Axis of Evil

14 January 2015: On Sunday, 11 January the English-language website DerSpiegel Online International posted an article by Erick Follath which detailed the Syrian nuclear weapons program beginning with the plutonium reactor site (Al-Kibar) destroyed by Israel during Operation Orchard in September 2007 and concluded with claims of collected intelligence evidence from 2009 to the present regarding a continuing nuclear weapons program in Syria along the Lebanese border at a location just 4 km to the west from the area of Zaita Lake and Al-Qusayr, Syria and an even shorter distance from Qasr, Lebanon. The above image is of this area, but to view it in the real-world orientation one must rotate this image clockwise by 90 degrees so that it stands on end and the large light-colored crescent shape is open to the left. 

Israel Matzav published an article on this Al-Qusayr WMD site yesterday indicating it is actually not a Syrian project but an Iranian project. More importantly, Israel Matzav reported this suspected nuclear weapons site was a subject brought up during the U.S. State Department's daily Monday morning briefing. Quoting Israel Matzav:  

"Disturbingly, spokeswoman Marie Harf said that the United States did not plan to raise the issue in the Iranian nuclear talks, claiming that those talks only deal with Iran's nuclear capabilities and not with Syria's." 
Really? Israel Matzav appropriately illustrates the State Department's patently ridiculous leftist Clintonista refrain of "What difference does it make..." as infamously screeched by Mrs. Clinton during the Benghazi hearings. It is no small wonder therefore to understand how it is that the United States Government has never been able to connect the hidden-in-plain-sight dots existent between the North Korean nuclear weapons program (which is well into the process of perfecting a miniaturized and operational nuclear warhead) and the Iranian nuclear weapons program, or between the North Korean and the Syrian nuclear weapons programs. Axis of evil, anyone? The failure of the latter dot connection exercise is probably due to the fact that those rascals in Israel obliterated the Al-Kibar nuclear evidence before our spooky sleuths could fully analyze it. And even if they did, they would more than likely issue a National Defense Intelligence Estimate (NDIE) assessing that the joint Syrian-North Korean-Iranian nuclear weapons program went into hiatus three years ago.

Getting back to the real world, the above image is a zoomed which the at the top image identified as "Underground facility." This image also requires a clockwise 90 degree rotation for a true, real-world north-south orientation.  I have also been quietly watching and waiting since May 2013 for PM Netanyahu to authorize the IAF to strike this site, even though I know full well that means waiting for an Obama "green means go" light that is likely never to be illuminated. To Obama the color green means Islam. 

Anyway, I discovered this same site after a hint of its existence was made by an Israeli report published at the time of the second battle of Al-Qusayr (May '13). The Israeli report spoke of a newly discovered tunnel complex in the hills and mountains along this part of the Lebanese-Syrian frontier. Not only was I able to locate this site by "flying" a Goggle Earth reconnaissance mission, but I located yet another facility inside Syrian territory which is located perhaps a stone's throw from the above site. The only problem here is that the only paved road access to it comes from inside Lebanon. And there's the smoking gun evidence that these are Iranian IRGC run operations in a very remote portion of the Lebanon-Syria border.

Still waitin' for Bibi to "git'r'done."


Ken B said...

Interesting! I always wonder if these occurrences will be the spark that hits the puddle of gasoline over there… That mystery facility bombing in Iran several months ago didn’t grow any legs. The Russian weapons shipment bombing in Syria didn’t go anywhere. The “Islamic state” hasn’t attacked Israel. With all the hatred and anger, this situation is “calm” due to nothing short of the staying hand of Elohim!

Things are getting crazy in the mid-east. The temple mount is continuing to be an irritant to everyone involved which makes it more obvious that the 3rd temple will most likely be part of a peace plan? After the Psalm 83 finally? My speculation…

But will the proactive Israeli strike be the spark? There’s only one that knows the answer =)
However this is more than fascinating to watch!

Keeping Israel in my prayers!

Ken B

Great Grany 5 said...


Do you believe that the current political situation in DC will elicit more of a positive attitude towards Israel and Bibi? I cannot help wondering if the Republican controlled House and Senate will deter the Prez's high handed attitude or will it be politics the same?

Hoping that Bibi will take measures against the Syrian transgression but just keep getting this gut feeling that the checker game is just a hair's breath from erupting that begins the ME show down that we have all been talking about for such a long time.


Sean Osborne said...


A more positive attitude toward Israel in our Congress (both the House and Senate as Legislative Branches) is now the norm.

In the current Executive Branch nothing has changed. The President can receive ambassadors from foreign nations, and that's all; he makes no laws governing U.S. foreign relations.

The Constitution defines the powers and limitations of each of the branches, so when it comes to lawful treaty-based relations between the United States and Israel, our Congress of elected representatives and senators have that express power.

The Prime Minister of Israel should come and speak directly to our Congress on matters of importance to both of our nations; Congress should inquire of "we the people" they represent what our will is that they should do regarding these matters of importance.

Ken B said...

Our congress in general does seem to still be pro-Israel and seems to have increased that sentiment as of late. That is comforting but the president and his actions undermine the little things.

From Bill Koenig (
Iranian military leaders admitted this week to building and operating missile-manufacturing plants in Syria, where it was also revealed that Tehran is helping to build a secret nuclear facility.
An Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander stated in a recent interview that the country’s Supreme Leader ordered forces to build and operate missile plants in Syria, where Iran continues to fight on behalf of embattled leader Bashar al-Assad, according to regional media reports.
IRGC Aerospace Commander Haji Zadeh touted Iran’s capabilities and bragged that Iran has gone from importing most of its military hardware to producing it domestically, as well as for regional partners such as Assad.
“A country such as Syria which used to sell us arms, was later on to buy our missiles,” Zadeh was quoted as saying earlier this week by the Young Journalists Club. “Right now the missile manufacturing firms in Syria are built by Iran.”

Sean Osborne said...

And Obama is oblivious to all of this, or so he pretends. Obama conducts business as usual with the Ayatollah's terrorist regime because he believes Iran can be brought into the ranks of civilized non-barbarian nations through dialog, appeasement and, frankly, Western capitulation to Shi'a Twelver demands. We need a real president, not a failed Marxist-Muslim clown.

Good to hear today that the Belgians began very early this morning rockin' an rollin' and taking care of the serious counter-Islamic jihad business in their nation. Lots of gunfire, and raids on several different jihadi hideouts. When the smoke clears may there be several more jihadists, newly aerated by lead projectiles, who've just departed for a very rude awakening in the hereafter. No virgins, no paradise, no false god, no prophet, just eternal hell.