Friday, January 2, 2015

Global SITREP A2-15: First Intel Briefing for 2015

UPDATE 8 January 2015: I feel compelled to say again what I have stated many times in the past. The word Islam is an Arabic word and its meaning is submission. Period. That meaning is in the sense of total surrender to the alleged god of the submitters, and whom they refer to as Al-Lah (the God), their so-called prophet, plus the Qur'an and Ahadith (sayings attributed to him). In the Islamic perspective there are only two places in which human beings live on this earth. Dar al-Islam, the Land of Islam, and Dar al-Harb, the Land of War. Now you know why what happened in New York City on February 26, 1998; September 11, 2011, as well as in Washington DC and Shanksville PA on that same day; in Madrid, Spain on 11 March 2004; in London, UK on 7 July, 2005, and in Paris, France and several thousand other locales all over the world. These are not "terrorist acts" per se; they are instead acts of war, military assaults in the capital cities of non-Muslim countries which will continue to occur simply because Islam has been at war with everything non-Islamic since its inception 1,400 years ago. These acts of war will stop only when Islam ceases to exist. 

One more thing to know. According to Islamic Law (Sharia Jurisprudence) no enemy can be attacked unless that enemy is warned ahead of time that the attack will occur. The warning of an attack is known as a fatwa. There is no such thing as a sneak attack in the Islamic or Qur'anic Concept of War. So why is it the governments of Western countries refuse to acknowledge these long established facts irregardless of how many acts of war are committed against them by Islam?

Exactly how many enemy Islamic soldiers, jihadists, are living right now in our cities, towns and rural communities? Do you know? Do you care?

6 January 2015: I have two point five (2.5) new and very interesting intel updates to write about in this update.

First off, it is now pretty much public and common knowledge that Israel's national intelligence apparatus has long had and still probably has the Iranian Hezbollah in Lebanon by the proverbial "family jewels."  So thorough is the Israeli penetration and compromise of Hezbollah that one of the terrorist group's highest ranking officials, a man who was responsible for executing Iranian-Hezbollah revenge attacks against Israel over the untimely death-by-carbomb of their terrorist-in-chief Imad Fayez Mughniyeh, was himself an Israeli double agent. How awesome is that?! Unfortunately he was discovered. However, a good look into the unmasking of Israel's spy was openly reported in Lebanon's prime newspaper, The Daily Star, on 19 December 2014. In the report it is learned that Israel's spy, Mohammed Shawraba, was the chief of Hezbollah's, and thus Iran's IRGC Qods Force proxy, the External Operations Unit. Click on the link while its still working and you'll get a good look into Iranian terrorism on foreign soil and new intel that reveals Hezbollah to be a bloated proxy terrorist army filled to the gills with opportunists, careerists and big-time apostates from the purist Shi'a Twelver jihadi mantra the Iranians would like us to believe they have at their beck and call. Make no mistake, the coming prophetic war against Hezbollah will be violent and very bloody, but the outcome is prophetically assured precisely as it is written in Joshua 13.

And while we're on the subject of Iran, here's a tidbit from The which illustrates just how completely out of touch secular Judaism is with Israel's ancient prophets since this news article (Iran's Plan to Wreak Havoc on Israel With Missiles) is directly related to Jeremiah 49:34-39. Of course Jeremiah's soon to be fulfilled prophecy is completely ignored by the article as one would expect of secular media, Jewish or not.

Next item...

Could these be the doomed soldiers under Gog of Magog's command per Ezekiel 38/39? If an article published yesterday on's Compass blog is correct, we could very well be looking at an image of some of Gog of Magog's troops in a pre-invasion muster formation. The article is entitled "Coming Soon: The Russian Foreign Legion" and is well worth reading if you are as interested in looking at eschatological issues before they occur in the real-world as I am. Here is a what I found to be a rather chilling, goose-bump laden excerpt from the article which I think very accurately describes the ethnic make-up of Gog of Magog's military forces precisely as foretold by Ezekiel:
"Russia's military involvement in Eastern Ukraine currently consists of soldiers and mercenaries from far-flung federal republics such as Chechnya, as well as Ukrainian citizens who are ethnic Russians and wish to support Moscow's efforts to create pro-Russian political entities in the Donbas region. If Ukraine is to serve as a model of Russia's new mode of hybrid warfare, combining special forces and regular military personnel with "rebel" or "militia" formations in areas Moscow deems militarily important, it should be logical to assume that numerous volunteers could be recruited for other such missions. Which brings Russia to the next logical step in its emerging military strategy: allowing foreigners to serve in the Russian armed forces. The main criterium for such service is knowledge of the Russian language"
Does that get you excited about Bible prophecy and eschatology in the very present here and now? If so, use the link, there's more for you to read!

2 January 2015: Hardly a day into the new year and there's intel aplenty indicating significant battles of ongoing wars in nations of the Middle East and North Africa with direct prophetic implications will soon be joined.

In Biblical Puwt (Libya) the February to October 2011 rebellion which ousted and caused the death of the late Libyan dictator Mu'ammar al-Qaddafi has festered and blossomed into a full-blown war between the formerly victorious Islamists in Tripoli (western Libya) and an elected Parliament in Tobruk (eastern Libya). The Islamists, known by their new name, Libya Dawn, are internationally supported by Turkey and Qatar, yet find themselves on the defensive in all sectors of the ongoing war. Their enemy are the former al-Qaddafi troops and secular militias led by General Khalifa Haftar who fight for the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) and which is internationally supported by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In Libyan coastal cities and towns from the Tunisian border eastwards to Tobruk dozens of battles have raged which have recently left HoR forces in a superior military position, one strong enough to allow for an imminent invasion and conquest of Tripoli between now and February 2015. This war almost certainly will determine the victor who will emerge and be consigned to fulfill the deadly prophecy of Ezekiel 38:5 linked above, as well as that of Daniel 11:43.

In Syria the dead and injured in that country's civil war has reached 1 million (800,000 injured; 200,000 killed) among all sides, and the financial loss is rapidly approaching $50 billion among all nations participating in the inter-Islamic slaughter. With this war about to be ramped up considerably through external agencies, these current totals may well be doubled or tripled within a year or so. The prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 has never been closer than it appears at the start of 2015.

Across Europe a distinct blowback to the Islamization reportedly occurring in many countries has recently emerged. In Dresden, Germany each and every Monday there are numbers of citizens, many of them Christians, rapidly approaching 20,000 who peacefully march in protest against "the Islamization of the West." This "We are the people" movement is known by its acronym PEDIGA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes or Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West). Not surprisingly, the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, formerly of the Communist East German Stasi (secret police) and Agitprop (communist youth propaganda), took to the air New Years Eve on German television to denounce these protestors as racists driven by hatred. Mrs. Merkel has much in common with the current American president, and she will soon witness demonstrations such as the image below illustrates of not just 20,000 individuals, but of 100,000 or more per event in cities across the nation.

The anti-Islam movement is growing in leaps and bounds across Europe, from the Czech Republic to France. In 2015 I think we can reasonably expect anti-Islamic blowback to become as acute as it is becoming in Germany. Did you know that on New Years Eve as world media focused its attention on fireworks celebrations in various capitals and cities of importance little more than passing mention was made of the nearly 1,000 privately owned automobiles that were torched by marauding gangs of Muslims all over the French Republic. This was an encore presentation of Islamic barbarism in France as a similar number of cars were torched this time last year by Muslims. Perhaps "blowback" is too mild of a term for what is coming in Europe.

Current events will, as they have in the past, continue to proactively shape the world into the configuration that will exist for the literal fulfillment of the Lord's prophetic word. Events during the year 2015 can be expected to begin to expedite these real-time processes.


Rhonda said...

Thanks Sean,
I don't know how you know the things you do but I'm glad you share it with the rest of us. This is truly an amazing time to be alive. Marana'tha

Sean Osborne said...


Information such as this comes from scanning through a great number of intel reports (100 - 200 per day on average) and then thoroughly vetting the received data I believe is worth reporting with trusted sources and my own independent research. This is the path the Lord set me upon decades ago.


Roz said...

Thanks for the background info on Merkel. This explains so much about her policies.

hartdawg said...

Is there any recent updates concerning the final fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:34-39, namely the prophecy concerning Elam? It seems to me that that is the first dominoe. Syria seems to be part of asshur in psalm 83 and psalm 83, the final fulfillment anyway, seems to occur after Elam is destroyed but right now, with the wavering un it doesn't seem that Jeremiah 49 will be fulfilled soon. Is there a status update that the general public knows nothing about concerning this prophecy?

Sean Osborne said...


Merkel's past is no secret; it is still an open book that can be read on-line. Her father, a Lutheran pastor, the only man in history to defect from West Germany to East Germany, was all-in with the East German communist government and their Soviet Russian KGB overlords. This led directly to the young, mid-1980's Angela's work with the Stasi as a spy during her time within the DDR-Jugendverbandes. No wonder the alphabet agencies have been keeping close tabs on her.

Sean Osborne said...


I am keeping one eye on the Iran nuclear issue.

If there was a symbolic clock, one like the "five minutes to midnight" clock atomic scientists have long used with respect to their perceived "doomsday" scenario, that would graphically illustrate how close Jeremiah 49:34-39 is to fulfillment, then one could say, yes, I would say, that in the past 24-36 hours this symbolic clock has moved a minute closer to midnight.

The Obama Administration released what appears to be blatant disinformation a day ago saying Iran had agreed in private talks to a comprehensive nuclear agreement, a big part of which would be to ship their excess enriched UF6 stocks to Russia.

What is known is that Iran's excess stocks of centrifuge-spun UF6 (uranium hexafloride six) contains very high percentages of fissionable U-235, the stuff that makes nuclear weapons go boom.

The Iranian government flatly denies this has been agreed to.

We also have known for some time that Iran has enough U-235 available to indigneously manufacture at least a handful, if not more, nuclear weapons.

So, let's combine that information with this little gem published last Monday at the in which Abdul Reza Dashti, the commander of the Ayatollah's Basij militia, admitted Iranian government's objective "effort of achieving chemical and atomic weapons."

What's a Bibi to do? In fact, what is a world order attempting to gain global supremacy to do when faced with a threat such as a nuclear armed apocalyptic regime in Tehran?

Four minutes to midnight.

mark3210 said...


In addition to what Sean mentioned, I was thinking that there might be a small benefit if Israel could wait until the official start of the new Congress yesterday.

Now it doesn't feel like there are any more important dates to wait for. The new UN deadline is worthless and way too distant.

We should also keep in mind that Iran's nuclear program is always moving forward, so by definition the "clock" only moves forward as well.

Rhonda said...

So, what you're saying is Iran and Russia are working together right? But they are not part of the NWO takeover correct? So, are you saying the US takes out Iran's nuclear capabilities to protect the NWO plans going forward. Sorry if this simplifies what's actually happening. I'm just trying to understand:) Oh, and the destruction of Iran is the fulfillment of the Jeremiah 49 prophecy about ancient Elam?

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, Iran and Russia have been working together for a long time now. This Russian-led effort is specifically in prophetic fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:7.

They are the enemy of the Western forces as the angel Gabriel prophesied to the prophet Daniel in Daniel 11:40.

However, Iran is not totally destroyed in Jeremiah 49:34-39, but is reduced in military terms to something considerably less than the military threat it poses at the present time to Israel and the West.

hartdawg said...

in the king james video of the bible Ezekiel 39:2 says "....I will leave but a sixth of thee" meaning that 5/6 of the armies, (or the nations) will be destroyed. None of the other versions have it. Which rendering is correct?

Sean Osborne said...


Ezekiel 39:2 contains a Hebrew word which appears nowhere else in the Bible.

That word is שָׁשָׁא shawshaw (pronounced: sha-shah).

Shawshaw's literal meaning is to lead on, as if one were to lead a group in traversing various territories or countries.

However, this word also has a very ancient figurative (figure of speech) meaning in the Hebrew that relates to the annihilation of an army. The figurative is expressed as leaving only one-sixth of what had been a whole.

I had this figurative meaning explained to me a long time ago as follows.

Consider the Hebrew week. The Hebrew week has seven days, but the seventh day is Holy, it is reserved for G_d and therefore is not counted.

That leaves six days. To remove all but the sixth part of a six day week means you have eliminated five-sixths of the days in the week.

This figuratively conveys the meaning that of the whole of all the armies of Magog and its confederated allies armies, only one-sixth of them will survive. This is a future annihilation of massive military forces of several named countries when the come against Israel.

Hope this makes it clear that the KJV is a correct interpretation of the prophetic meaning God was expressing through the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel.

mark3210 said...


I'm a bit surprised you haven't commented yet on the terror attacks in Paris.

This comes just a week after the torching of 1,000 vehicles you mentioned.

Sometimes it feels like there is no let up at all to the Islamic onslaught we are witnessing!

Sean Osborne said...

I have commented, but only privately.

Who perpetrated this special operations assassination and massacre and how this act of war should regarded must be blatantly obvious to all but the most deceived among us, our mass media and our government.

Great Grany 5 said...


Great reporting and digesting you have done here. Wondered how in the world anyone could pinpoint the accurate where abouts of the Hezbollah's top military commander and then kill him. Well, now we know and I am still in mighty awe over the strength of the Israeli forces to eliminate their hidden enemies.

I love Israel and have ever since my first trip to that beautiful country. In loving this nation, I am also grieved to realize the massive amount of destruction that is foretold in God's word. When I read your latest report, I can tell you that I cheered the resolve of God's Apples to overcome their enemies and yet not to gloat over it all.

Thank you for keeping us informed and sharing all of the links. Very interesting material.


hartdawg said...

Sean, in answer to the question you just posed, a terrorist expert once came to my church about 5 years ago and said the number of jihadist in the Seattle area was in the 1000s. He gave an estimated number but I'm not sure I believe him. Thousands of jihadist in Seattle area alone? Perhaps 100s but I'm wondering if his numbers are elevated. I hope they are

Sean Osborne said...


The "terrorist expert" who came to your church and stated "the number of jihadist in the Seattle area was in the 1000s" did not elevate or over-exaggerate that number at all. It's probably a bit of an under-estimation on how many Islamic jihadists there are walking the streets of the Seattle area. If I were to give that same talk I'd estimate there are a potentially 110,000 jihadists in the Seattle metro area. (i.e. a little over 2% of 3.6 million population)

The "terrorist expert" estimate almost certainly would have been not just for the city of Seattle, but for the whole of the entire metropolitan region (Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue). It would have included the more than 1,000 Submitters working at the Microsoft facilities in the Puget Sound area, and even more thousands at Boeing and Amazon facilities. CAIR Washington State freely admits there are between 80,000 and 100,000 in your state. CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) organization, the same group that the Egyptian government itself is currently fighting as Islamic insurrectionists in Egypt, and in Gaza as HAMAS. See Isaiah 19 for the prophetic link to this group. Every mosque in your state is a potential command and control point for the jihadists in your state.

It's like this in every state of these United States. Millions of them. No exaggeration. And they are at war (jihad) with the rest of us. Make no mistake. They are not here to assimilate into American society. They are here to conquer in the name of their god and prophet. The make this land, from sea to shining sea, part of the global Dar al-Islam.

Sean Osborne said...

Speaking of Egypt...

Egyptian military doubling buffer zone with Gaza , demolishing nearly 1,220 more homes

Quoting the above FoxNews report:

"El-Arish, Egypt – Egyptian military officials say the army has begun doubling the size of a buffer zone along the Gaza border, an operation that will involve the destruction of 1,220 homes and the eviction of residents.

The operation will expand the existing 500m buffer zone created last November to a full kilometer (0.6 mile), a move meant to halt the passage of weapons and militants. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to journalists, expect to complete the expansion by the middle of next week.

The forced evictions are displacing a population with longstanding grievances against the government of Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. The northern Sinai Peninsula has become a hub for Islamic extremists, and security forces in the area face regular deadly attacks."

Egypt was originally conquered by the Islamic Rashidun Caliphate in 639 AD. The Al-Arish/Rafah area where the above report is from is the exact same area where the Islamic conquest of Egypt began 1,376 years ago.

hartdawg said...

I must have left out a 0 in my previous comment. The other thing that this guy said was that there are 25 major cities in the us that Muslims want to make sections a (I think he used the word "no go" zone ). Basically, what this guy was saying was that there are 25 cities in the US that would have sections under muslim rule with sharia law with no constitutional rights. Seattle is one of those cities. This was over 5 years ago so I don't remember all the details. Is that rumor even true?

Sean Osborne said...


It's not a rumor. That "terrorist expert" was telling you and your church the God-honest plain truth. He was giving y'all "the facts of the matter." He was describing one of the methodologies of Islamic conquest - the exact same methodology that is occurring in France and all other lands that Muslims invade from their original home in the Middle East. This has been going on for 1,400 years.

Did I not just write in my comment response above "Make no mistake. They are not here to assimilate into American society. They are here to conquer in the name of their god and prophet. To make this land, from sea to shining sea, part of the global Dar al-Islam," and all that that statement directly implies?

This should not be news or in comprehensible to anyone who lives in the USA, especially if they have been awake and following current events since, at a minimum, the events of September 11, 2001 (13 years ago).

There is a saying, "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." That's a distinct possibility because some appear to be unaware of what Muslims are doing in our country; why they are here. It's for the purpose, again, of conquest in the name of Al-Lah and the prophet of Submission (Islam) and their Satanic verses. Salman Rushdie was spot-on correct, and he has been ignored by over 300 million Americans. So too was Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Far too many of us have never watched Theo Van Gogh's 2004 documentary Submission.

Like Satan, the father of Islam, the one thing Muslims hate and fear the most is the truth. When confronted with truth, ALL Muslims will murder fellow human beings in cold-blood, at point-blank range, in broad daylight, on a busy city intersection, in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses, just as Theo Van Gogh discovered on November 2, 2004 shortly after Submission was released to the public.

Theo Van Gogh was riding his bicycle to work in downtown Amsterdam when a Muslim named Mohammed shot him eight times with a Croatian Army automatic handgun (HS2000), knocking him off the bike an onto the street. Mohammed then shot him several more times while standing over him. Mohammed then slit this throat side to side with a large knife to decapitate, and then stabbed him in the chest with that same knife which went all the way through his torso to his spine. A second smaller knife was also plunged into his body. Theo Van Gogh died on the spot, obviously, a victim of the "religion of peace" and the religion our country refuses to identify as the enemy of us all.

I fear for the lives of millions, we do not understand, or do not want to understand and admit to that which is staring us in the face, which is in our cities, towns and rural communities. For some of us it's living next just down the street, or even right next door.

NG said...

And the guy who took hostages in the kosher grocery store had dynamite sticks he didn't ignite.

That looks scary and I am a bit afraid about what may happen during the million-people march that will be organized tomorrow in Paris. Many head of states will be in the crowd, including David Cameron, Angela Merkel, François Hollande and even Bibi Netanyahu according to some recent reports (to be confirmed).

According to the Mi5 boss and lebanese intelligence agency (googe these terms for sources and details), IS has prepared a wave of attacks against France and other Western nations.

What we witnessed the past few days in Paris might have just been the ignition spark.

We hope not but we know that in its way to the 70th week of Daniel, the Late Great Planet Earth and its population has to endure these kind of frightening events.

Rhonda said...

This is the Islamic Caliphate, no?
With this influx of muslim immigrants and the continuing of letting go Guantomino prisoners, it makes a Christian wonder if now is the time we are to flee from our once God-fearing country. Where would we flee to? Only God could tell us that! I believe America is Mystery Babylon in scripture. I will be doing research of course, but right now I'm wondering when God says to 'come out of her', could it have dual implications and one being the United States? Who has done research here? I am way behind and feeling very unprepared!! God help me in my weakness and folly.

Sean Osborne said...


You're right it is MUCH TOO SOON for France to host such a gathering in Paris, and for such high profile EU heads of state - plus Netanyahu, Lieberman and Bennett will be attending - to be present without little forward security preparations having been done, is just asking for greater tragedy to occur IMHO.

I have little doubt that what is occurring and will yet occur have roles within the prophecy-related events that transform this Europe into the Europe of the 70th Week. Birth pangs getting stronger and more frequent.


This is pure Qur'anic Islam. Islamic State, Al Qaeda, AQAP, HAMAS, Boko Haram... all of the Islamic fundamentalist groups follow the same ideology that comes from the Qur'an, and the Qur'an came from a demonic entity which dictated the satanic verses to Mohammed because he was illiterate; hecould neither read nor write.

I have studied Revelation in great detail. I wrote a blog item concerning chapters 13 and 17 that you will find HERE.

I believe America will be only a part of the Mystery Babylon during the 70th Week, but will not be the whole of Mystery Babylon, just as neither will Europe or Rome or the Vatican/Roman Catholic Church be the sole identifier for Mystery Babylon.

In my study I have found that Mystery Babylon is the sum total of the economic, political and religious system that will exist under the Antichrist.

hartdawg said...

That's pretty sobering, sean, I saw a documentary called "obsession". Ever see it? They played it at my church around the same time this "terror expert" came and spoke. The pAstor got a lot of flack from other churches because he brought this guy in and showed the film. The local pastors said the pulpit is for the gospel and is not to be used for politics

Rhonda said...

Thank you Sean. That makes sense. I will read your blog on Revelation chapters 13 and 17. With what happened in Paris this last week and the nations recognizing Palestine as a state, prophecy seems to be speeding up and getting very dangerous.

Sean Osborne said...


Yes! I watched the ClarionProject.Org feature film known by that name when it was first released.

For those who have not heard of it or haven't seen it yet, the full title is Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against The West

This film is an essential MUST SEE by everyone living in the West. I am going to embed it as Global SITREP A3-15 to this blog.

Pastor who deny that this film should be seen in churches are likely pastors who are open to the rubbish known as Chrislam and should have their pulpits taken away from them.

hartdawg said...


NG said...

I think a march like the one that will happen in Paris today, with a huge crowd, world leaders, all in communion in the name of unity, could very well be an opportunity for the antechrist to reveal himself.

I am not saying the antichrist will be revealed today (I thing the church has to be raptured before he rises) but this might well be a forerunner.