Monday, March 2, 2015

Global SITREP B3-15: Psychological Warfare of the Last Resort

Israeli Air Force F-15I Ra'am (Thunder) Strike Aircraft 

2 March 2015 Evening Update: Word on the "street" is that the expected bombshell of the highly secretive Obama-Ayatollah nuclear weapons negotiations was leaked early this morning by an insider with highly significant access. The leaked item has been dubbed the "Sunset Clause" and accordingly is a blatant capitulation by Obama to the Ayatollah providing for a "time limited" final agreement. Essentially, when the agreed upon time limit, (reportedly 10 years) expires Iran will be free to go whole hog into the unlimited production of weapons grade enriched uranium.  

The Obama negotiation capitulation would guarantee the Ayatollah the weapons of mass annihilation he needs to bring about a global apocalypse in order to summon a non-existent 12th Imam out of hiding... except that Israel will be forced to strike unilaterally in the interim to nullify the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Obama appears dead set on crafting an agreement that guarantees war.  

Bibi Speaks to Congress tomorrow. Stand by...

2 March 2015: Given that baseball season is finally upon us, Global SITREP B3-15 shall be considered as 'strike one' against the blatant untruthfulness of the Arab media reports.  Eschatology Today has led the way in vetting this subject, so we should get credit for the first strike thrown.

Now, and to its credit, the Obama Administration late last night issued a statement to The Washington Times stating that the al-Jarida/Ma'an News Agency report about Obama ordering a shootdown of Israeli planes attacking Iran nuclear facilities "is totally false." 

"Steee-rike twooooooo!!!"

Not to be outdone, the White House-based National Security Council (NSC) also issued via its Twitter account its own denial stating "there is no truth to ‘reports’ about Obama & Israeli jets." 

"Steee-rike threeeeeee!!! You're outa here!"

1 March 2015: A report from the Arabic-language al-Jarida newspaper of Kuwait has suddenly gone viral on the eve of PM Bibi Netanyahu's historic speech before a joint session of the U.S. Congress. The strange thing about this year old report is that it's virulence was not due to the journalistic stature of the originating Kuwaiti newspaper, but from a "Palestinian" media conglomerate based in Arab-occupied Bethlehem and Gaza known as the Ma'an News Agency, and a handful of sensationalist newspapers in Israel, ably aided and abetted by numerous U.S. media outlets.

These twin aspects alone should attest to the veracity of the Ma'an News Agency regurgitation of the alleged al-Jarida report on Saturday, therefore making this SITREP extraneous to the real issues before us at the present time. However, because numerous sensationalist Israeli media picked up and re-broadcast the Ma'an regurgitation right after the Sabbath day had concluded in Israel the alleged issue has taken on a life of its own. This is a benchmark of psychological warfare, and it is aimed at your brain.

The issue according to the Arabs is that President Obama communicated a threat to Israel last year to shoot down any Israeli air strike caught winging its way towards Iranian nuclear targets. That would be enough of an allegation on its own, but the Arab media didn't stop there. They then claimed that the IAF launched "experimental" sorties of IAF strike aircraft over the course of several weeks in 2014 to make sure the strike's planning would be successful.  Not content with that tidbit being juicy enough for world media attention, the Arabs added even more. Not only did the IAF run their experimental sorties, but the Arabs claim that the IAF penetrated Iranian defensive radar coverage and went on uncontested joyrides across the length and breadth of the territory of the Islamic Republic. This, apparently, was just too much for the more salacious members of Israeli media to resist and an Arab-conjured disinformation virus was released upon an unsuspecting world.

The truth is that no such thing ever happened. No order to strike Iranian nuclear targets was ever issued by PM Netanyahu and his cabinet in 2014. No, the IAF did not "manage to penetrate" Iranian air defenses and fly unimpeded wherever they wished over the Islamic Republic. One would think that media of a Western orientation as Israel's is would recognize this rubbish for what it was, but sensationalism sells advertizing and advertizing means shekels in pockets, especially when hordes of internet surfers come riding in to 'read all about it.'

I have mentioned on this Eschatology Today blog several times over the past 24 months that a  strike by Israel on Iranian nuclear sites in 2012 was planned to occur but the plan was aborted. In Israel today the just retired IDF Chief-of-Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz has strongly hinted to Israeli media he opposed that planned strike and thereby attesting to its reality. 

As I have strongly cautioned many times in recent months, a war is in progress and the first casualty in any war is always the truth. The blatant disinformation created by the Kuwaiti al-Jarida and Ma'an News Agency reports that was picked up as "Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Planes" and given greater exposure by several Israeli media websites, which was then repeated by a Who's Who of American media staples such as, but not limited to: NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, FoxNews, Breitbart, and the Washington Times, all without any journalistic vetting whatsoever of the original reports, which was then subsequently accepted as de facto truth by Bible-prophecy websites here in the United States has proven my point about this kind of psychological warfare.  

We know better, or at least we should know better. "Wars and rumors of war" as our Lord warned are a fact-of-life for us at the end of this present age. Question: is a rumor of this type really believable? Do we really accept that President Obama would issue  an illegal military order to American military forces to shoot down the Israeli Air Force and our officer pilots and enlisted men would comply with that illegal order? Really? If so, then we've been more thoroughly and completely psychologically conditioned for a world gone mad than I have heretofore realized. I'm thinking the Lord mustn't tarry much longer, that the Harpazo had better occur soon before more of us become susceptible to believing such lies. 

"And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."

See that you are not troubled by these things.


mark3210 said...


I never believed that report, but I'm perplexed by the latest news that Israel wants the March 24 deadline pushed back.

Isn't there a point where deadlines need to mean something for once?

How much longer can Israel tolerate the current situation?

I don't get it!

hartdawg said...

Thank you sean. When I first heard these false reports it took about 5 minutes to realize in my spirit that something was off. That's why I asked you about it. At first I believed it and was enraged but then something told me to check it out because sometimes just didn't sit right.
Anyway thank you for posting this

Sean Osborne said...

You didn't believe the viral report, but you believe CNN?

C'mon, thinking cap time folks. This is rampant psychological warfare.

I think sage advice at this point is to wait for Bibi to actually speak before going off half-cocked.

Relax. Be not trouble... all of that I just said in this SITREP i meant to the letter.

Even more, did I not advise just this past Friday morning (in comments to the update of SITREP E8-14):

People like these enemies of Israel in full panic mode are capable of doing just about anything to achieve their goal. So, i do expect something unexpected from them before Tuesday.

CNN is an enemy of Israel, Obama camp. Please tell me I am not wasting my time posting these SITREPs and the associated comments.

mark3210 said...

Of course you are right, Sean.

That CNN report doesn't match what any of the Israeli media reported.

Is CNN getting their lies directly from the WH these days?

Almost feel like I should shut my computer off and wait 36 hours!

Sean Osborne said...

I will monitor as always and jump if news breaks.

Great Grany 5 said...


Didn't buy the junk about Obama and shooting down Israeli planes. He is capable of lots of things but what kind of an idiot would believe that kind of tommy rot? It smelled spoiled from the get-go and I take the Lord's admonition very seriously: "Guard your Heart" and that comes as a warning everytime the Father of Lies tries to lay one on me.

You, I trust but I still check you out when it comes to the Holy Word of God. Every time and I end up learning so much more by the Check and balance method of searching. You are a blessing to me young man and I truly mean that.


Great Grany 5 said...

P.S. Fox news is member of the Stock Market Exchange and one of the largest stock holders (own big swaths of stock) is Saudi Arabia. Wouldn't be surprised to learn that other elements of the Middle East that harbor the likes of 9/11 attack members also own huge amounts of every news outlet all over the world.

That's all Folks!!!


Sean Osborne said...

"Never has so much been written about a speech that hasn't been given."

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu during his speech at AIPAC this morning.

Based on the context of Bibi's statement it might be that Bibi was lurking here last night reading about letting the man speak first, then commenting. LOL!

Mike and Cherie Stephenson said...

Sean, I might be wrong but it seems like this same Obama threat to Israel jets story circulated a year or so ago. It just never set right w/me.


Sean Osborne said...

Mike and Cherie,

It might have had an earlier iteration, but this one went way off the deep end.

Obama would find himself impeached and imprisoned for high crimes if he ever ordered US military personnel to execute such aggression against an ally.

That is the thing that boggled my mind -- why most folks did not even consider this specific ramification of such an illegal order, and then come away from that due consideration knowing the Arab-origin reports were as bogus as a day is long.

Rhonda said...

Did you have to research George Washington's Prophetic vision really, not dream, before you posted my comment yesterday or was it something else that made you not post what I sent in?

Sean Osborne said...


No, I didn't see it until just now. I'm a busy guy and I just overlooked it until looking for it, and now that i found it I have posted it.

However, the "Washington's Vision" story has been around for a really long time, ever since it first appeared in the military paper known as "The Stars and Stripes" in 1880.

I rejected this story decades ago as a true God-breathed prophetic vision because:

1.) The first figure that appeared in the story was described as "dark and shadowy, like an angel."

2.) At no time in the narrative is there any reference to God Almighty being the source of the vision."