Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Global SITREP B4-15: An Open Invitation to Kick In Iran's Nuclear Doors

Updated 4 March 2015: If the approaching 31 March 2015 deadline for the Interim Nuclear Agreement with Iran hasn't become big news yet, it soon shall become big news. Either the Interim Nuclear Agreement's collapse or its implementation will make big news. 

More importantly, as can be clearly discerned from PM Netanyahu's (embedded above) speech to Congress yesterday, either of those potential news items will be the foundation for an even bigger news item in the near future that I have inferred as the title of this SITREP: An Open Invitation to Kick In Iran's Nuclear Doors, otherwise known to students of Bible prophecy as Jeremiah 49:34-39.

President Obama's evil agenda in this regard was fully exposed before the entire world yesterday when he wasted no time at all in characterizing PM Netanyahu's speech, which he claimed he did not have the time to watch, as containing "no viable alternative" to a nuclear armed IranPM Netanyahu's call for "a better deal" in which he specified the specific elements that would make it a better deal that Israel would not like, but could live with, also fully exposed the bankrupt nature of Obama's agenda.

However, and I must repeat myself here, PM Netanyahu made perfectly crystal clear that Israel CANNOT LIVE with the agreement that Obama is attempting to shove down Israel's throat. This forces us to stand with PM Netanyahu against a sitting American president in a time of war. And its not like everything I have ever written about Obama was not a prescient forecast that a day like this was going to arrive one day. By all appearances that day will arrive in the current month of March 2015.

What did Jeremiah prophecy?

The next question is... who will be kicking in those doors? I have touched on this subject before, here and here. It is a sure bet that Bible prophecy sites all over will be touting Jeremiah 49:34-39 as being what Israel will do to Iran now. But is that what Jeremiah prophesied? Did he say God will send Israel and Israel alone to execute His judgment? Or did Jeremiah say that God would send the four winds from the four quarters of heaven to execute this judgment? Bible prophecy comes to fulfillment precisely as it is written; God inspired His prophets to say what He wanted them to say, so we must pay close attention to what Jeremiah 49:34-39 says precisely less we fall into the trap known as 'newspaper exegesis.'

For Israel to not go it alone there are a couple of potentials that could bring about a coalition of nations striking to remove Iran's ability to enrich uranium to the weapons grade level, and to "break the bow of Elam, the foremost of their might." One might be a circumstance could be an IAEA revelation proving beyond a doubt to the P5+1 negotiating side that Iran did indeed have a secreted, undeclared parallel nuclear weapons program just as has now been alleged with Lavizan-3. Another circumstance that could suddenly arise is a North Korean nuke test. Immediately after the text U.S. high altitude radioactive isotope sampling and nuclear forensic analysis could reveal a unique signature isotope that could only have been produced in Iran.  Again, for the P5+1 negotiators it would be game over for Iran.

The next few weeks might will really be something, for I fully expect Iran to go all out in a mad dash to make negotiations over its nuclear program a moot point.

 Noon 3 March 2015: As PM Netanyahu was speaking before the US Congress, word came from Geneva that Iran has flatly rejected the so-called "sunset clause" that would mandate a complete halt to all Iranian nuclear work for ten years. Yes, the Ayatollah has thrown his black turban on the floor and flat-out rejected Obama's non-starter 10-year nuclear hiatus for Iran.

The single most important thing Bibi Netanyahu said today, and he was absolutely correct in saying what he said, was that no matter if Iran accepts Obama's "deal" or rejects it, either option before them leads to a nuclear weapon capability.  

So where does this truth leave the world-at large; what option remains available to stop the Iranian drive down either path to nuclear weapons capability?  This is not rocket science my brethren.  The only option left is the one which removes Iran's capability to enrich uranium to a weapons grade level, and that means destroying all of its enrichment facilities.**

**When I wrote the above underlined sentence I had not yet been afforded the opportunity to watch or even hear PM Netanyahu's speech, yet that sentence is virtually identical to what the Prime Minister said as he began his closing remarks. And he meant every word of it. Hopefully both Obama and the Ayatollah were listening intently.

Lavizan-3 Revealing by NCRI-US on 24FEB15

3 March 2015: The day of Israeli PM Netanyahu's much anticipated speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress is also the one-week anniversary of the NCRI-US revelation to the world of yet another previously unknown underground Iranian nuclear weapons site known as Lavizan-3. (Reference: Global SITREP E8-14: Another in a Series of Imminent Nuclear Crises with Iran Beckons

Consider this: WHY was it necessary for the Republican Speaker of the United States House of Representatives to invite the Prime Minister of the State of Israel to speak before the a joint session of Congress today?

A) Because he's basically a really nice guy and it was polite of him to issue the invitation?

B) Because if Barack Hussein Obama had been the U.S. President on December 7, 1941 America would have lost Word War II?

This anniversary comes complete with the fact that if the world's most prolific terrorist and Shi'a Twelver apocalyptic regime had nothing to hide underground at the Lavizan-3 site, then a near immediate invitation to the IAEA offering complete and unfettered access would have preceded by days the Israeli Prime Minister's much heralded arrival in New York City. Instead of addressing the NCRI-US revelations head-on in a forthcoming manner consistent with honest negotiations with the P5+1 partners what has arrived from Tehran via its usual toadies and lackeys is nothing more substantial than rampant obfuscation, derision and other assorted irrelevant non-technical debris. Garbage in other words.

It is most instructive to note that as the NCRI-US press conference was revealing the existence of Lavizan-3 a week ago, U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice was concurrently describing the arrival of Israeli PM Netanyahu in the United States as "destructive." Speaking of something being "destructive," it has apparently never dawned upon Ms. Rice that the Lavizan-3 nuclear site was under construction when Iran had allegedly halted all nuclear-related activities according to the 2007 National Defense Intelligence Estimate. How is it that a National Security Advisor to the President of the United States could be so ill-informed, so totally out of touch with documents this government has produced? Has President Obama been deliberately kept out of the loop on such important matters of state?

It is a near certainty that when PM Netanyahu addresses today's joint session of Congress he will present a very comprehensive and highly vetted briefing to our elected Senators and Representatives of what President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, in all of their oft claimed transparency, have been hiding from them over the course of several months now. It is the abject fear of the Obama Administration over what PM Netanyahu will reveal today that forced Obama to reveal at the last minute that the framework agreement being negotiated with Iran includes a minimum ten-year sunset clause. 

What also remains unacknowledged is that the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has the ability to unilaterally abrogate the framework agreement at the drop of his black turban. That alone is reason for Bibi Netanyahu to 'kick the tires and light the fires' of the Israeli Air Force's most capable strike aircraft. They do not require an Iranian invitation to kick in the doors of all of Iran's secret nuclear facilities.


jmoll106 said...

Good Morning Sean,
I sure hope PM Netanyahu informs congress and stands his ground. It's clear what Iran's intentions are, peaceful nuclear energy is not one of them. For the sake of Israel, and the free west, something has to be done. The good part is nothing escapes the watchful eye of our God.
He neither slumber or sleeps and frustrates the plans of the wicked. Our government should read the book of Esther.

Sean Osborne said...


At about 11 AM this morning I believe Bibi will do exactly that - he will stand his ground and lay out in no uncertain terms what the intentions of the Iranian Ayatollah are - and this we already know,

PM Netanyahu must make clear that a bad deal made worse with the inclusion of a sunset clause that will lapse 8 years after Obama has left office will not be tolerated by Israel, and should not be tolerated by the American people.

Whatever happens at this point is without question an integral part of the Lord's will for both America and Israel.

God be with PM Netanyahu.

Sh'ma Yis'ra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad.

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean and everyone,

HE DID JUST THAT. LAID THE STEAK ON THE FIRE AND LET ER RIP. I truly love the PM of Israel and I mean that in the highest level of respect.

I watched from my computer and turned the sound up so dear, reclusive hubby could hear clear across the house. Even he became engaged in watching and hearing.

A group of Christians from the Branson, MO area made a side trip to DC yesterday and the group of them prayed on the very Capitol grounds for God's provisions and also regarding the spiritual presence in that area. I don't know if you are familiar with Billye Brim of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks but she sent out emails to all of us telling us about the side trip. According to one of the security guards at the Capitol, the very grounds that the ministry group prayed on was to be closed to the public within just a matter of a few hours and today while the Congress is gathered to hear and honor Bibi.

I just cannot get over all of the evidences of God's moving on the vigil being set in motion by Christians and Jews prayers.

Truly HE comes, and even so, Maranatha Lord Jesus, Quickly!!!!!


Sean Osborne said...

When I get home I will have the time and opportunity to hear the entire magnificent speech given today by Bibi Netanyahu.

The snippets I've gotten so far were key statements, but I cannot wait to hear the rest.

LD said...


What a speech we were treated to by Bibi! So nice to hear truth and fact come out of that chamber for once. My point: I am very stirred in my spirit as it would seem to me that Iran is one way or another, going to get nuclear capabilities. This speech was historic..and I am sure our administration is out of its mind trying to find a deceptive way to get the deal done. The Jer 49 prophesy is very specific, and I think most would agree, a later day prophetic Scripture. The destruction of Elam is clear and of God. It surely points to Iran obtaining might that must be destroyed. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on that. Seems like a clear speech, with most in attendance hearing what needed to be heard. But will it stop the administration from implementing it's agenda?

Sean Osborne said...


The answer to your last question is... no. Obama will seek to implement his agenda at all costs. This has been the case for six years now, it will very likely remain so for the final two. Remember Obama is Muslim Brotherhood with a Marxist twist.

Bibi's magnanimous praising of Obama was tough to hear, but that's what true statesmen do, unlike Susan Rice, John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama.

The current Iranian Twelver terrorist regime has an appointment with God, it will be one from which the regime will not recover. This is the prophetic message and promise of Jeremiah 49:34-39.

mark3210 said...

For anyone who hasn't yet watched the speech I can tell you what wasn't in it - any talk about pushing back deadlines as reported Sunday night by CNN!

Sean Osborne said...


I told ya not to believe CNN. They are the enemy media (enemedia).

hartdawg said...

Will you be posting Netanyahu's speech here?

Sean Osborne said...

Yup, courtesy once again of Brother Lawrence of India, the YouTube version of the FoxNews video was sent to me via Email and I have embedded it to the top of this post.

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, folks, I am also incensed by the expected disgraceful antics of the radical left of the Democrat Party -- expected being the key operative word other than disgraceful.

What do we expect of people who the Bible tells us will gleefully believe "the lie" and worship the beast as if he were God?

We're close, so very close.

Good thing is that for now... there are vastly more of us than there are of them.

That aside, mind mind, heart and prayers are with our brethren in foreign lands who are being persecuted, brutally murdered and more tribulations coming upon them.

I am with these brethren in Spirit and have turned my back on the heathen in our midst; they make their own bed, and they shall lie in it for all eternity.

mark3210 said...


I hoped (perhaps naively) after the speech the WH would tone down it's anti-Israeli attacks, but instead I now see reports in Haaretz they are redirecting their attacks from the speech to Ron Dermer who they want fired.

This is crazy stuff! Has a US president ever before demanded an allied nation fire its ambassador to the US?

This will be a crazy few weeks to come for sure.