Monday, March 16, 2015

Terry James OpEd: A True Profile in Courage

 Senator (R-AR) Tom Cotton in Afghanistan, circa 2008-9 as Captain Tom Cotton, United States Army.

16 March 2015: This is an Eschatology Today first. A guest OpEd from the very gifted speaker and outstanding Bible prophecy author, Terry James, on the subject of true courage, leadership, honor, duty that is personified by the new Republican Senator from Arkansas, Thomas Bryant Cotton. Tom Cotton is a man I would one day like to see elected as President of the United States, the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. I also concur 110% with what Terry has to say below.

A True Profile in Courage
Terry James

Normally, I don’t like to get overly involved in the specifics of congressional matters. However, these courageous congressmen who are taking the full vitriol of liberal Democrats, mainstream press and liberal, pajama-boy social media types need to know that they are supported in what is perhaps the most dangerous threat the world has faced since the Cuban missile crisis --if Iran gets nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them (which, they apparently already have).

God is in Control, but He expects us to make His Voice heard, especially in these crucial days involving Israel, I believe.

My own newspaper in Little Rock apparently refuses to print the following opinion piece I sent them, but instead printed many articles in opposition to Tom Cotton’s and the others’ letters opposing the terrible deal being made with Iran. This, despite Arkansas, in the mid-term elections, demonstrating that it is the most conservative state in the union. Thus, I know the paper has received an overwhelming number of op-ed pieces favoring the courageous senators, but has refused to print them.

We can reach many more than that one newspaper as Christians, as long as we are allowed access to Internet. 

Thanks and Blessings,
Terry James

Tom Cotton—Our Very Own Profile in Courage

John F. Kennedy, should he be suddenly allowed amongst the living, would have a tough time recognizing the party he once headed—the—in my view—now perverted party his brother, Ted, left in his wake.

The president who faced down Nikita Khrushchev during the missile crisis of October 1962, would, I'm convinced, be appalled at members in the Democrat Party calling "traitorous" patriots who would oppose America's bitter enemies. That is what Democrats and their leftist, wooly-minded, blogging, sycophants are calling congressional leaders who copied the Iranian terrorist regime on a letter saying those congressmen would not support a go-ahead deal, allowing development of nuclear weapons with the Iranian leadership, blood-vowed to wipe both Israel and the U.S. off the globe.

Arkansas' own newly elected senator, Tom Cotton—the senator who initiated the letter, joined by 46 other congressional members—is being subjected to every invective possible, magnified in its fervor a thousand times over by mainstream news and entertainment media. Cotton and the other patriots are accused of being traitors by exposing President Obama's "bad deal,” as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it in his speech to Congress on Tuesday, March 3.

The Democrats doing the name-calling in high-pitched squealing, like the proverbial stuck pig, conveniently forget the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John Kerry going to some of the world's worst tyrants, in person, to try to thwart efforts of President George W. Bush. They conveniently forget JFK's own brother, Edward M. Kennedy, back in the days of the Reagan Administration, going to the Soviet Union, in person, to assure then Premiere Yuri Andropov that he and the Democrat leadership would find ways to govern Ronald Reagan and his opposition to the Soviet regime's designs on the rest of the world.

John F. Kennedy, if his most famous literary work was in truth his patriotic thought process manifested, would, I have little doubt, consider for inclusion Senator Tom Cotton in his work Profiles in Courage.

I hope every Arkansan who is in touch with reality (and the fact that we are perhaps the most politically conservative state in the union shows most are in touch with reality) will recognize Tom Cotton and the others who joined him for the courage and wisdom they have shown in the face of political and media hatreds those patriots have only begun to experience.


Great Grany 5 said...

I have waited for a very long time on a man with a real back bone to stand up to the idiotic behavior and mind set of the Washington Political Elites and blow hards of both parties.

When I heard about Senator Tom Cotton's letter being sent to the Iranian leadership, I can tell you, my heart was really rejoicing. Then I found out that 46 other Senators joined him, Hope sprang eternal and I know that this nation is not going to go down the Liberal Hogwash tub just because a renegade old man with more money than common sense, wants to remold our nation. He might be old and rich but he sure isn't God and someone needs to tell him that. His name starts with Geo and his last name is pretty short also. You all know who I am speaking of.
If the Lord calls us home tonight that is just fine because I have had one very big and prolonged prayer answered when the news of the Senator's letters first became known to me.
When Good Men do nothing about Evil, evil will prevail. But the prayers of a Righteous man avails much.


Sean Osborne said...


From my perspective, George Soros is the leading financial oligarch creating the global system that will be used by the son of perdition and his master to take command of this earth during the 70th Week. As such, I view him as being inherently evil.

I also have as much regard for the blatantly treasonous, radical American Left. It is against them specifically that my Oath to defend the Constitution against all domestic enemies has been focused for the past three decades, and now more than ever. So help me God.

NG said...

Looks like Obama is to the Antichrist what John the Baptist was to Jesus. He is preparing the way, with the financial contribution of George Soros.

It is true it really look like Obama is the Antichrist himself (isn't his 5+1 deal with Iran looking like Dan 9:27?) but the Obamanation of Desolation wasn't born in Europe so it must be another Soros creature (Tsipras?).

I am pretty sure Herzog will accept the 5+1 deal so the coming hours, while Israelis are voting, are crucial.

Regarding the 5+1 deal, it definitely looks that it was on Obama's/Soros' agenda from the beginning. Obama's presidency was used to prepare the way for the Antichist.

Fasten your seatbelt because rapture is now more imminent than imminent, so to speak.

Sean Osborne said...


So, you are interpreting Daniel 9:27a to be the P5+1 Iran nuclear agreement; that it is the "covenant among many" which the revealed Antichrist will (gabar) bind up to make strong (i.e. confirm) for 'echad shabuwa' (one seven [week of] years); that Israel will accept and be a party to this; thus commencing the start of Gabriel's prophetic 70th Week of Daniel... on or just before 31 March 2015?

I'm assuming:

1.) You realize all that is implied in this interpretation, particularly that the 'Abomination of Desolation' that is to occur in a rebuilt Temple on Mount Moriah is just 1260 days (42 months of 30 days each as specified) into the future, or circa September 2018...

2.) You are effectively date-setting that our belief in a Pre-Tribulation Harpazo will come to pass within the next two weeks...

3.) That all of the previously held pre-70th Week prophetic fulfillments we've been discussing here, Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38/39... all of them, are now essentially 70th Week prophetic fulfillments...


4.) That the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is now date-set to occur in the shortened days of the year 2022.

Are you good with this?

Anyone else good with this? (Please comment to discus what NG has put forward)

Sean Osborne said...

Let me add... what happens as a result of the ongoing high voter turnout in Israel that Likud wins today and Bibi forms another coalition government?

Did I mention that Jeremiah 49:34-39 must also near immediately come to literal fulfillment?

We shall see...

NG said...

Hi Sean,

No! I only meant that 5+1 deal looks like Dan 9:27 but I know it can't be, it is just a forerunner. 5+1 isn't meant to "solve" the Israeli-Arab conflict but maybe a first step in Obama's mind. (We know only Jesus can and is going to solve this conflict).

If 5+1 was Dan 9:27 covenant then Obama would be the Antichrist but we know Obama is not the antichrist like John the Baptist was not the Messiah (but the one who prepared the way for the actual Messiah).

I am not date setting! I have no clue when Dan 9:27 will be fulfilled and don't know timing of the rapture.

I am just saying we are witnessing strong indications that these future events will happen soon. But I may be wrong.

Indeed, it is not even for sure Netanyahu will be defeated and not even for sure the 5+1 deal will be signed (with or without Israel's consent).

Regarding Ez 38/39 and Je 49:35, if I understood well it is your interpretation that they must happen before the start of Daniel's 70th week.

I admit it is what I have believed so far but in case Herzog forms next Israeli government and the UNSC nations + Germany sign the 5+1 deal with Iran then it may well be that tribulation will start first and then there will be fulfillment of Ez 38/39 and Je 49.

I remember that you wrote in December an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear installation was imminent. And there was a few weeks later the Israeli airstrike on Golan Height and the subsequent Hezbollah retaliation and at this point (end of January) it definitely looked like a huge war was imminent but things have calmed down since then and it currently looks a bit more like we are now heading toward the false peace before the unavoidable confrontation between Israel and Iran/Russia happens later (and it will at some point in the future but why not after Dan 9:27 fulfillment? The text clearly says that at the time of Ez 38 fulfilment Israel will be living in peace, without gates, walls and bars (v 11) so not exactly like today's situation.

Now, If Netanyahu is confirmed as Israel's PM then it is still possible that a substantial war will precede the false "peace and security" but otherwise I am skeptical (even though we can't exclude that Herzog or anyone else that Bibi in Israel could decide to start it).

Now, again about Ez 38/39, we see in the text that Gog/Magog coalition (including Iran) is attacking Israel, not the other way around and a preemptive Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities is the other way around (in my opinion).

That said, I am not date setting. We know what will happen in the future (thanks to Bible prophecies) but we don't know exactly when.

I am happy to learn and be corrected and thanks for your very important blog that I like a lot.

Sean Osborne said...

OK, I'm glad that's settled, but you actually had me looking at the Hebrew calendar for 2018... because - weather you know it or not - the time line appears to line up between February-March and 42 (30-day) months later to possible Tisha B'Av occurrence of the AoD.

This February-March + 42 (30 day)months (1260 days total) time line appears to be an accurate glimpse forward into the two key events of 70th Week. Very interesting, but a few years too soon perhaps.

If we're still here, let's look at what's going on internationally circa February-March 2021 and revisit this idea. Something tells me it'll be sticking out like a freshly hammered thumb!

Roz said...

Politically speaking, who knew that such an upstanding 'politician' could come out of AR. The underbelly of the political class was thoroughly exposed during the Clinton presidential years and I'm surprised that Mr Cotton slipped pass the gate keepers. I wish him many blessings and protection by God.

Anonymous said...

OT- Did you see articles lately that a court in Israel said Jews cannot be blocked from the Temple Mount (but the police do not permit them to go there anyway)?

Sean Osborne said...


I pray it be the Lord's will for Tom Cotton to be our next President.

Rhonda said...

Hi everyone,

Exciting times we live in huh? The thing I see is that the people involved in P5+1 are devising an evil plan, correct? But there have been lots of evil plans devised against Israel and the Jews! We don't know if this is the one that Daniel is referring to in 9:27a. I totally agree with NG that Obama is to the antichrist as John the Baptist was to Jesus, the forerunner. I've learned so much from this website, I believed for a long time that Obama was the antichrist because I didn't know the prophecies about where he came from. Anyway, I don't think we should totally discount the blood moons that have happened and will happen on Israel's feast days. Nothing happens by chance, we serve and love a God of order. I think there is an important significance to the closeness of the solar eclipse on March 20th and the P5+1 agreement scheduled for March 31st. I don't know what the significance is, but all God says is to look up and be ready. It's always fun reading everyone's comments to Sean's blog. God's blessings to us all.

Sean Osborne said...


Exciting? LOL! Exciting, yes, but we simply have got to find a more descriptive word to convey the emotions that arise from seeing Bible prophecy being literally fulfilled before our eyes.

Breathtaking? Exhilarating? Electrifying? Overwhelming?

I got it, how about Exhilalectrowhelming! LOL!

Rhonda said...

excellent word!!!!!LOL

jmoll106 said...

I'm just getting a chance now to read the responses and see that it's all cleared up. I guess I won't quit my job and go sit on a hill. ;)
Although it gives me more time to pray for GG5's husband. :)
Always looking up!

Sean Osborne said...

I would say that now is the "Exhilalectrowhelming" time to kick things into overdrive and to keep 'em at full-throttle until He comes to take us home.

Great Grany 5 said...

Love the new word that Sean came up with and now to figure out how to pronounce it with Gusto.

Thank you to jmoll106 for making room for prayers regarding my hubby. I know he will be saved because he is my household but there are days when I see the news that it causes my heart to flat-rate for a second or two.

I am still rejoicing over the victory for Bibi in Israel and praying that nothing tries to sneak in while we are slightly distracted.


Sean Osborne said...


How 'bout this Sister...


Much easier than pronouncing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, right?