Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Global SITREP D5-15: The Global 2030 Agenda and the Continuing War

Update 27 August 2015: I should have learned by now that when you think you've seen it all, you really haven't seen anything yet. The simplest way to say this is as follows: Charges of treason should be brought by Congress against the Obama Administration for authorizing the spending of US taxpayer dollars which paid for Radio Free Europe (RFE) to broadcast propaganda praising and lionizing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps/Qods Force (IRGC/QF) and its commanding officer, General Qassem Soleimani. 

Both the IRGC/QF and Soleimani are designated terrorist entities according to the US government's own documentations. Both are beyond any doubt guilty of killing, wounding and horribly disfiguring more American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan than Al Qaeda and the Taliban combined in the past decade. 

Yet just two days ago, on August 25, 2015, the Administration allowed US taxpayer funded RFE to broadcast and publish on its website propaganda crafted by the media of the Iranian Ayatollah's "Death to America, Death to Israel" regime. That Iranian media is none other than the Fars News Agency. Our President and his Administration just gave aid and comfort to the enemy; it quite literally did the devil's own handiwork, and we paid for it!

Hear anything from American media about this blatant treason against us? I have been looking and listening for two days now and I've not seen so much as a syllable in spoken or printed word from American media, including FoxNews, about this. Not one word. And I have no doubt that this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg regarding the Obama Administration's pro-Iranian and anti-Israel propaganda effort in the main stream media and in alternative online media. This is what Obama and Kerry promised to the Ayatollah as a part of our capitulation in the JCPOA nuclear agreement in which we got nothing but a fast track to an Iranian-made nuclear weapons stockpile.

Hello, Congress? Mr. Trump? Mr. Cruz? Anyone?

Thank the LORD God that He is in complete control; His will is being done.

21 August 2015: Israeli PM Netanyahu and his war cabinet have responded forcefully to a volley of Iranian IRGC-Qods Force rocket fire into Israel near Kfar Sold that originated from the Syrian side of the Golan. These rockets were only successful in igniting a large brush fire which indicates they may have had incendiary vice anti-personnel warheads. 

Thus far the Israeli response has been limited to precision airstrikes and artillery counter-fire against at least fourteen Syrian positions killing or injuring a number of Syrian soldiers. These strikes have also reportedly destroyed additional missiles, fixed-site launching equipment as well as some of the IRGC-Hezbollah-Jihad Islami military personnel who launched the missile salvo. Unconfirmed reports say the IAF has also struck targets in or near Damascus. 

It is now obvious that Israeli media reports from last spring of the IDF having destroyed and therefore preempted any Iranian-Hezbollah military base-building in the Syrian Golan were wildly premature.

There has also been a rocket attack early this morning, likely related and Iranian-inspired as discussed below, by jihadi terrorists directed against Highway 443 motorists between Jerusalem and Modi'im Makabim-Re'ut located a few miles to the northwest. Highway 443 was also the site of jihadi terrorist rock-throwing attacks against Israeli civilians on Wednesday and Thursday. In at least one of those attacks one of the terrorists was shot dead by Israeli security forces. These jihadi terrorists have the very nasty habit of deliberately targeting motor vehicles carrying young Israeli parents and infants or young children. The near-term fate of these terrorists is therefore well deserved for killing and maiming infant Israeli citizens.

20 August 2015: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras just announced he has resigned his post effective this evening to pave the way for snap elections on 20 September as called by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The resignation announcement came just after Greece received a €13 billion bailout from the eurozone bailout fund known officially as the European Stability Mechanism.

19 August 2015: According to a lot of internet buzz, about a month from now a new and very secular paradigm concerning global governance and the direction it is supposed to taking in order to "save the world" will begin to take shape. 

It's probably not surprising to students of Bible prophecy that the leading institutional proponent for global governance, the United Nations, has suddenly found itself taking a back seat to the global governance encyclical put forward the Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church. This comes at a time when the UN's plans are no longer focused on  tackling various issues over the course of the entire 21st Century, but are being put into a type of bureaucratic overdrive (as if such an oxymoron could even exist) with benchmarks being itemized for 2016, 2020 and fully realized by the year 2030. This the is future the global elites want, and they want it to begin now and be completed in just 15 years. Why the rush?

The rush appears to have risen at this time due to the emergence of a much beloved global religious figure who has taken the leadership role from the international global elites regarding the best avenue into a Utopian future for planet Earth. With the target date of the year 2030 AD both the UN and the Pope have put forward plans to achieve the same goal: the eradication of all poverty and hunger in the world via a means which will provide an environmentally sustainable global economy. The Pope's version is known as Laudato Si’ which is medieval Italian for "Praise Be To You!." 'Paradise on Earth, our common home, because men want it so,' in other words. Praise to the created instead of the Creator. The thing is, even on paper and as bad as all of this is in the view of the born-again Christian, the encyclical generated by Pope Francis stands head and shoulders above the best the UN technocrats could produce and that has millions if not billions around the world very energized. It's as if the people are saying, "Give us some coins in our pockets and some food in our bellies and take our God-given freedom as payment."

The UN global elite's plan is like the old Communist five-year central planning vehicle on steroids. It is unapologetic global governance in charge of everything there is, cradle to grave socialism for the population of the entire planet. Wealth redistribution on a global scale. Wealthy 'have' countries with vibrant economies are to be brought low for the sake of the "have not" economies of under or lesser developed countries. This is nothing new, but being on steroids it is something far more dangerous. It should be pointed out that the generation-long Cold War was fought and won by Western countries over the Eastern bloc precisely to prevent what Agenda 2030 wants to accomplish. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, a bishop or even a UN delegate to realize that such an agenda is as much a catalyst for war as the old Communist manifesto was. It is this same agenda which lies at the heart of US President Barack Hussein Obama's ongoing effort to "fundamentally change America."

Who reading this does not recognize the emergence of the Beast system of global government and the Great Harlot of Revelation? And we all should know that in the end the Beast turns on  kills the Great Harlot. Can you hear the voice from heaven that John heard and which is already pleading, Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities." (Revelation 18:4-5) No doubt these two verses are a pre-70th Week altar call.

  The Signs Are Everywhere - War Is Coming

In this part of SITREP D5-15 it must be noted that Israel has made the preparations for the war that is coming. It has a new warfighting doctrine that was just published by IDF Chief of Staff General Gadi Eisenkot. This new doctrine's primary tenet is that the IDF must be ready to deliver an overwhelming military solution the the many threats Israel is currently facing within its borders, outside all of its borders and over the horizon in places like Iran. A military solution, not negotiation, nothing more or less than total war and unconditional victory over any enemy.

The new doctrine is seen on the Golan where the IDF has all but completed preparations for operations north of the Golan in Syria to deal with finality to the threats from Hezbollah, al-Nusra and the Islamic State. Also, according to General Eisenkot's "Gideon Plan" the IDF will also be rapidly transformed into a much leaner but far more lethal fighting force over the next five years. Another important fact is that Israel's cooperation with the Jordanian and Egyptian military forces as all of the earmarks of a newly emergent regional alliance. 

For example, when Jordanian F-16 fighters recently flew to the United States for a joint exercise with the US Air Force in Nevada, it was the Israeli Air Force's KC-707 air refueling tankers which accompanied and refueled them on that flight. Israel has also recently provided Jordan with a squadron of sixteen older but very lethal Cobra helicopter gunships. This is not an airborne weapons system one nation gives to a bordering enemy nation. In the south the IDF and the Egyptian Army are conducting joint operations and sharing intelligence  for future operations against the Islamic State's Wilayat Sinai. The operations against the Wilayat Sinai are being conducted deep in the Egyptian Sinai as well as along the frontier and near Gaza where recent fighting has flared and even threatens the lightly-armed American and other foreign troops at the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) North Camp. In the next war Israel fights against terrorists in Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Jordan and the Sinai there may well be no enemy survivors and therefore no enemy force to reconstitute itself as HAMAS is now doing in Gaza. The next war will be the last one of this type.

With specific respect to Iran, Eisenkot's new doctrine emphasizes offensive operations which will ensure the undermining of Iranian military strength; limit the scope of the operations the IRGC can now perform and circumvent all of Iran's intentions and abilities for the near future. Israel's forces are now structured to rain simultaneous destruction on tens of thousands of enemy targets in every theater of operations on land, sea or in the air. It is no accident that the IDF's new warfighting doctrine expressly identifies with the imprecatory part of what Asaph was inspired to prophesy in Psalm 83:9-18.

What? You thought that was it, end of  the SITREP, end of the what the future holds in store? Negative, we're just getting started; the worst is yet to come!

Remember above where I wrote, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist, a bishop or even a UN delegate to realize that such an agenda is as much a catalyst for war as the old Communist manifesto was." That was no joke. What is the bottom line for both the UN and the Pope's encyclical? The management of global resources. What is the most important global resource, the one that makes everything go round? The image above is a hint. It's OIL, and the gas that naturally accompanies it, and the continual war for the resources of oil and gas will be one of if not the primary cause of the series of wars that will "carry them all away like a flood."

And where is the predominant geographic location of this oil resource in the world. 55 to 60 percent of it is located in the Middle East. From the Caucasus of Azerbaijan, south through Iraq and Iran, to Kuwait and into the Gulf and Arabia and east to the Eastern Mediterranean between Israel and Cyprus. One of Iran's not-often-listed but primary reasons behind its pursuit of nuclear weapons is the nuclear blackmail option they would afford the Shi'a Twelver Ayatollah. A nuclear Iran could blackmail the Sunni Arabians to behave and see things their way otherwise a nuke or two could wipe slick the financial underpinning of the Saudi Kingdom and leave the Gulf States sitting like ripe fruit waiting to be plucked. Now, perhaps, you see why the Sunni's of the Gulf and Arabia might not have such a problem with aligning themselves and their military forces with those of Israel. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

But the oil war and the futile UN/Papal contrary to human nature plans to stage manage these resources and sources of immense wealth on a global scale will still erupt. The Gog/Magog confederation will still march (fly actually) in a bold attempt to seize these spoils beginning with Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean resources (oil and gas) basin. A global resource pretty much guarantees a global war to control it. What is one of the things that Bible prophecy makes very clear about conditions right at the start of the 70th Week? This happens as detailed in Revelation 6 as Jesus Christ commences opening the seven seals. The first seal releases a false messiah riding on a white horse, "conquering and to conquer." The second seal is opened by our Lord to release the fiery red horse. Look now at the image directly above. I have deliberately selected this image as it is both representative and illustrative of war, global thermonuclear war, over the control of oil resources on a global scale. And then our Lord opens the third seal to release the black horse. Black is symbolic of death due to scarcity; it is also symbolic of oil as I will now explain. 

What is it that becomes scarce which quickly causes death on a mass scale? Food! Sustenance. Starvation from the lack thereof. A voice from among the four living creatures in heaven at this time in Revelation 6 cries out: A quart of wheat for an entire days wages, and three quarts of barley for a an entire days wages; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”  This is what is going to happen when oil production fields and refineries are obliterated by the coming nuclear conflagration because oil is essential in this world for the production of food. Absolutely essential. You see oil, also known as petroleum, is essential for farming as it is the basic internal building block for virtually all fertilizers and pesticides. Take away these petroleum products from the worlds farmers and what the voice from among the four living creatures says in Revelation 6 immediately transforms from prophetic Scripture into cold hard and deadly reality. The price of basic food ingredients like wheat and barely will more than quadruple in cost to the consumer -- if the consumer can get to it to purchase it! The petroleum-based fuel to take this raw food stuffs from the farm to the market and then transport around the world will be in very short supply. What had cost a couple of dollars for a family to feed itself will suddenly cost what the breadwinner literally makes in an entire day. Nations will then horde what petroleum, gas and other related resources they have any control over in order to fight the wars which occur as the Lord opens the remaining four seals. 

Time is short for saving souls for the Lord Jesus Christ before this coming flood takes them all away. The only real and meaningful time we have is right now. Get busy. Marana'tha!


Bruce Bridges said...

This so-called "utopia" will be none other than the final world empire, that of the Antichrist! If only people would take off their rose-colored glasses and read the word of the Lord, they wouldn't want any part of this one-world stuff!

LD said...


Clearly, this pope is to be watched...and watched carefully. I read that he said this recently: "Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Jehovah, Allah. These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world", I am just shocked. He is aiming for the one world religion, in my opinion...the merger of Islam and "Christianity" as he knows it. 1 Jn 4 speaks directly to this very thing...false prophets denying Jesus came in the flesh. The Scripture is given as a means of testing the spirits. Well, pope fails. Besides Jesus, none of the islamic varieties came in the flesh, so how could they be the same? The lack of Bible knowledge in this nation is just amazing to me. Just another example of man (those at the UN, US Congress, SCOTUS, President, Pope) imposing pride and arrogance of self over Jesus the Messiah and God's Word. We are absolutely watching the end times setup before our very eyes. We need to be praying for discernment...because Jesus warned us in Mt 24:4 of being deceived. "The darkness shall cover the earth...and deep darkness the people" (Is 60)....

jmoll106 said...

I agree LD,
There is one way to heaven - through Jesus, there is one door - Jesus, there is one name that is higher than any other name - Jesus the Christ!
It is an insult to God who gave His only Son for our redemption to elevate any other name to HIS!
I agree with what the Apostle Paul says in ...
1Co 16:22

If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha.

Scipio said...

Sean, I can't thank you enough for your entries in this best of blogs. I have been super busy this summer but have read the site every other day or so. The breaking of the bows is so interesting; I feel it could be a "explosive Stuxnet" or something similar. Whatever it is, evil man (in this case-Iran) cannot fight it whatsoever. Here's a modern day side issue: I'm thinking of taking my SS pymt a yr and a half early but everyone says "No, don't-wait till you're 66" When I told my wife why, even she said "You're nuts". Ahhhh, such is the life of a prophecy/Word believing Christian. We don't have that much company.
Anyway Sean, thanks.

Sean Osborne said...


You're not the only one of us who's suddenly gotten "a bug in his ear" to opt for early SS or 401K disbursements. Nobody knows how long we have on this earth but God, so if you think He's saying "now's the time to free up these resources," why debate this issue. I am going to do the same thing.

I have started one 401K rolling into direct deposit, and it's "for life" with automatic rollover to next of kin/heir. Another 401K is being rolled into a Roth account to combine them, and simply disbursement, and the SS will begin to be tapped very soon also. There's work to do and this funding will be important. I will go where He leads.

Ken B said...


We have made mention before of the amazing inspiration of Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series and Vic Armstrong's movie inspiration... Seems like reality follows or could follow the story they were divinely inspired to produce! Possibly!

I found this story on

"Israeli scientists have broken the genetic code of wheat, providing humanity with the keys to alleviate global hunger.

Israeli scientists were successful in fully mapping the genome of Wild Emmer wheat, thus providing vital information that could create a global breakthrough in reducing malnutrition among those whose diet is based on this staple crop.

Wild Emmer, the progenitor of today’s durum and bread wheat varieties, was one of the first crops to be domesticated thousands of years ago in the Middle East."

Ken B

Rhonda said...

Hi Sean and followers,
My family and I took a trip to Niagara Falls last week and got back last Monday.
While my two boys were on this Jet boat ride on the Niagara River I started talking
to the woman that was sitting next to me. After a few minutes it was obvious that
we had very similar views on politics and things going on in the country. She
didn't know what eschatology was though so I told her the definition and that bible
prophecy is being fulfilled as we speak. I wrote down this website for her to read and some additional ones. I felt like at least that day I had done my part to open
someone's eyes that God is doing a mighty thing and Jesus is on His way.

Great Grany 5 said...

Good evening everyone from Okieland,

Couldn't read all of your posting Sean. I got so upset after the 3rd paragraph that I had to stop and calm down a tad. Still waiting for Tad to get here but in lieu of help to come along side of me, I am going to say it this way: That unobtrusive man from South America that the Catholic Cardinals voted into the highest office in the RCC turned into a howling wolf and it didn't take very long to do that.

Do you all remember the big deal a certain group of born again preachers made of taking a giant step of becoming brothers with Pope Frances and addressing their group of supporters with a televised (how be it by cellphone) welcoming to their groups? As I watched that ceremony the bible passage suddenly swept over me like a thunderstorm in Okieland. "Even the elect will be deceived". Then about 2 or 3 months later, the young man who made the arrangements for the Pope and Kenneth Copeland's group, James Robison and others along the way to travel to Rome to spend some time with the Pope, was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident in England.

Did any of that seem 'Strange" to you too? Now the young Prime Minister who was just recently elected into the leadership of Greece has resigned but the billions of EU monies are going to be dropped into the coffers of the Greek government. Things are really moving very swiftly but is this really going to happen or will God show up and put a hand against it?

In Jeremiah 49: 35 please pay special attention to what and who God says will lay waste Elam. Remember his name is I AM and so that passage would read 'Thus saith the Lord of Hosts; Behold, I AM will break the bow of Elam, the chief of their might.' If I remember correctly, The Lord of hosts is also recognized as the one and same, Jesus Christ. Please correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe any man will be able to do the total whip out of the weapons that Iran has hidden but I AM will!


PS. Please keep your prayers up for Israel as this scene is bound to become very nasty very quickly!

Anonymous said...

Great posting, Sean. But I'm not clear why the Greek prime minister stepping aside is significant. We all know Greece is unable to pay its debts. The socialist prime minister was elected on a platform to get some of Greece's debt forgiven. But Chancellor Merkel in Germany, if I understand it correctly, would have none of it. Since the Greek PM couldn't form a majority coalition in parliament, he resigned. Again, I fail to see the biblical significance. Please help.

- Brian

mark3210 said...


If Congress does indeed vote down the capitulation, I think we will look back on the leaking of the documents allowing Iran to self-inspect Parchin as the turning point!

Either way, the house of cards that the diplomats have built up over years to deceive the public has collapsed!

Sean Osborne said...


There is a post which I began in February 2011 and updated twice in 2014 and twice this year which is where you probably need to begin in order to understand the high probability biblical significance of a rising Greek politician deeply involved in the goings on within the European Union.

It all begins with the angel Gabriel speaking to the prophet Daniel 2,600 years ago...

The Origin of the Antichrist

jmoll106 said...

You put a lot of time into this SITREP. Thanks. I'm praying for everyone on this blog as we see the day approaching. May we be like Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah and not bow down to any image made with hands but freely bow down to Jesus.

Kenneth Moore said...

Reading this sitrep does remind me of Hebrews 10:25. Also the Breaking news
of Israeli IDF taking care of business reminds me of Ezekiel 35:5-7 ancient hatred
the IDF will prevail.

Lance M said...

I know the stock market isn't a biblical indicator in the prophetic sense, but at some point the current economic system has to be jettisoned in favor of the one world economic system...could we being seeing the initial pains that will lead to that? There is only one who knows....and he is probably closer than we think.

Anonymous said...

Bob in Texas


Do you see any connection between the N Korean subs deploying and other events taking place?

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, as positive proof that the JCPOA must be rejected by Congress and the veto over-ridden.

mark3210 said...


Not that I want to be the bearer of bad news, but the Washington Post now says that 29 Democratic Senators support the deal and another 4 are "leaning yes". And 3 of those 29 votes have been declared in the last 3 consecutive days.

At this rate we won't even make it to the end of August before the president has 34 Senators lined up.

I hope Netanyahu and his cabinet are prepared to move quickly if this vote goes the wrong way.

Sean Osborne said...

The WaPo regularly presents the leftist point of view; it agrees with Obama that the anti-JCPOA forces are "crazies." This means us. I have no use for the WaPo or its published rubbish.

Sean Osborne said...

The F-22 Raptor Bloodies Its Talons In First Attack Over Syria

mark3210 said...


It wasn't lost on me that the president called 2/3rds of the nation's citizens "crazies".

Do you have an opinion on which way the Congress vote will go, or is it still too soon to say?

Sean Osborne said...

No opinion on this, except that whatever happens God is in total control.

jmoll106 said...

I'm with you Sean,
My prayer has been God's kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Our country was established on God`s principles and slowly through the years we have replaced them with the devils.
Come Lord Jesus!

LD said...


To your post of Aug 27: It would seem to me that given the prophetic Scriptures of Jeremiah 49: 34-38, that this president and his party of traitors will ultimately get the Iranian deal stuffed down our throats. The GOP (I hope, but we never know) will likely vote against it, but the traitors on the D side, will lockstep with the usurper in Chief and uphold the veto. Other than abject blindness, there is no way to explain how one could even spend 10 seconds considering how to vote. Then God will do what He promises in Jeremiah 49 and show His mighty hand in all of this. I look at it this way, there is no way this man leaves the office of the President without blood on his hands for the weapons that Iran will get (or already has) that will get pointed at Israel..and possibly the USA at some point in the very near future. His legacy will come full circle, and his traitorous exploits will be clear for the whole world to see. Yes, God is in charge, and the prophesies are lining up before out very eyes.

Thank you for your continued service to our country with this site. You are a blessing!

Kenneth Moore said...

I agree with God's control in the world. Some call in divine intervention, but I think we are disciples of Christ we should have total trust in the Lord. “The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, ‘Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass, And as I have purposed, so it shall stand’” (Isaiah 14:24). Nothing is random or comes by chance, especially not in the lives of believers. He “purposed” it. That means to deliberately resolve to do something.

Biblically speaking, God definitely intervenes in the affairs of the world (see Genesis through Revelation). God is sovereign. Jeremiah 23:20

As for the news and WAPO, I hold little Biblical value in those. More and more everyday I humbly try to listen to the Holy Spirit's guide in my life.