Saturday, March 5, 2016


March 5 2016: If you're looking for a movie in this Resurrection season to take someone to see, may I humbly suggest you go see RISEN. I went to see it last evening, the 4:30 showing. To my surprise, I was the only person in the theater showing this movie that has nine other films playing. However, I wasn't alone; the Lord was there too and He spoke to me in whispers while the movie played, and we watched this movie together. I became completely immersed in the story, which although fictional it still remained faithful to the true account in Scripture.

RISEN is about events which took place 1,983 years ago. It is a story told from the perspective of a fictional veteran Roman soldier named Clavius. Clavius is the Tribune Cohort of the Legio X Fretensis (Tenth Legion of the Sicily Straits) stationed just outside the walls of Jerusalem. The first cohort of the Roman 10th Legion consisted of five centurions leading eight hundred soldiers. The only person of a higher rank than Tribune Clavius is Pontius Pilate, the Roman Prefect of Judea.  

RISEN opens on the day in 33 AD when our Lord and Messiah Yeshua was crucified exactly as prophesied by the angel Gabriel in Daniel 9:26a, thereby closing out the 69th week. This is what the Lord whispered, reminding that we literally stand an inhale away from Daniel 9:26c and the advent of Daniel 9:27,  the 70th Week. The passing of the previous 1,983 years have been but a twinkling in His eye. 

Golgotha, the hill outside Jerusalem that looks like a human skull.
Tribune Clavius had returned to report to Pilate about a successful battle against Jewish zealots, and is informed of the crucifixion taking place; that he should depart to see to its finality. As the Tribune arrives at Golgotha outside the eastern wall of Jerusalem, approximately 350 yards from the front entrance of the Temple and in front of the Mount of Olives, he is an eyewitness to Yeshua's death on the Cross; His face is seared into the Tribune's mind.

Upon returning to Pontius Pilate to report on the finality of the crucifixion, Clavius arrives concurrently with the Temple High Priests, led by Caiaphas, who inform that the threat to Roman rule posed by Yeshua has not yet ended because Yeshua's followers will steal his body and claim that He has risen from the dead in three days time. 

Tribune Clavius and his cohort of Legio X Fretensis soldiers are tasked by Caiaphas and Pilate to ensure that the body of Yeshua remains in His tomb. Accordingly, a great cylindrical stone is rolled in front of the tomb's entrance and strapped in place by heavy ropes anchored in solid rock by iron pins. Roman Prefecture seals are also placed upon the ropes to signify they are not to be touched by human hands wielding any blade. The security of this tomb is believed to be of the highest order... until the third day arrives.

Arriving at the tomb Clavius discovers the Prefecture's seals have been melted, the heavy ropes  snapped lengthwise, and the tombstone has been thrown several yards clear of the tomb entrance. So begins the frantic search for the body of Yeshua for Tribune Clavius, his Centurions and their cohort of Roman Legio X soldiers. The Tribune cannot believe his eyes, and in his search for Yeshua's body he seeks only the truth of the matter.

The rest of this film you will have to see for yourself, preferably with someone who has not yet found salvation in Yeshua Messiah. Chances are good they will also find Yeshua in a similar journey of discovery through witnessing. RISEN is an excellent vehicle to that highly desirable end. I highly recommend RISEN, it is a five-star movie in my opinion. Rated PG-13.


Rhonda said...

Hi Sean,
My family and I went to "Risen" last weekend. We went to a 6:55 showing and we
were the first ones in the theater. We estimate about 30 people eventually
watched this showing. I thought to myself how sad that there are not more people
in attendance but I was not surprised by the number either. "Risen" is an excellent
movie and I encourage your readers to support this film.

hartdawg said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that it was really good, and accurate by many credible people. Funny that you mentioned being in the theater by yourself. When I saw left behind last year there were only about 10 people in that theater.
So it was good huh? I'm sick of HELLywood taking biblical accounts and butchering them. I'll try and take the time to go see it.

Vic said...

I loved "Risen" too. It was such a relief to see a movie about Jesus that isn't full of heretical ideas, or really, really cheesy. This was well done in both respects. I was happy to see that the theater when we saw it was pretty full.

Miriam said...

We watch a lot of youtube on our roku, and I've seen the trailer for the new Young Messiah move several times. Looks like that may well be another excellent one to see. Let's pray that these movies open many eyes and hearts.

Sean Osborne said...

'Young Messiah' was one of the previews screened just before RISEN played. It appears to be another quality film for witnessing. I will view it first opportunity.

Sean Osborne said...

Two days later and I'm still in awe of the fact that I watched this film in an empty 150-seat theater on a Friday evening. It was as if I was watching history replayed, and powerfully reinforced the details of Gabriel's prophecy (direct from God) and the role Rome's Legio X Fretensis had in the this critical prophetic fulfillment.

Roz said...

I'm surprised that Hollywood got it right! Thanks for the great review.

Sean Osborne said...

Hiya Roz,

I just recently learned that RISEN was a full ten (10) years in the making, and consumed every bit of a $20 million budget. Time and money well spent.

I think the key moment in this movie was when Tribune Clavius opened the door with his sword and his eyes locked with those of Jesus, and he realized the man he saw die on the Cross was right there before him very much alive.

It doesn't get any more powerful than this for anyone, in any era, who comes face to face with God Incarnate. It is a stunning experience. I only pray more people would have it.

89rscam said...


I have read and searched for info on the "young messiah" and personally I will NOT be partaking in that. Several reason's one being there was never account of Him being 7 in the bible... I also found through perusing that the "book of Thomas" was used as reference?

It shows him bringing a dead dove back to life? John 2 (water into wine) says "This beginning of signs Yeshua did in Cana of Galilee" That would seem to me he wasn't resurrecting doves at 7?

There is a scene when Jesus enters Jerusalem, a Roman soldier asks him his name, and when Jesus does not reply, a couple that is next to him says that he cannot speak, that he has been like that since birth, and the soldier lets them continue. They told a lie that included him... Wouldn't that make Him party to a lie if he didn't speak up?

Then again there is several parts that indicate he was trying to "figure out who he is"... You think the Son of God, God incarnate didn't know who he was?
And she counsels Jesus to keep his power inside him until his heavenly Father tells him it is time to use it...

John 1
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

He knew who He was.

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Thanks Ken!

Here' s where I am today on "The Young Messiah."

I cannot remember any time in the past when there were TWO full-length feature films about Jesus Christ playing in the town theater at the same time.

Last week it was RISEN. Risen is still playing. This week is it "The Young Messiah."
I am going to the see this film on the same day of the week and at the same time I saw RISEN last week.

One cannot witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sitting at home; we are commanded just as the apostles were to go out into the world for this purpose. Sinner who are in desperate need of the saving Grace of God are not lined up at my front door. I am going out this evening to walk among them and let the Lord lead as He may.

In looking at this movie further I see it is based upon at book, the novel "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" by Anne Rice.

It opens at the time when Jesus and His family have been living in exile in Egypt; Jesus is seven years old. She builds her story upon historical record and personages (no spoilers). This story takes place 5 years prior to Jesus at the Jerusalem temple according to the Gospel of Luke, which is the only thing known about Jesus youth. That Scripture in Luke tells of much about what Anne Rice may have been able to put into her novel, such as the fact that Jesus knew exactly who and what He was at a very early age.

If this film follows the book, it may very well be as enjoyable to watch as RISEN was. That I post again of this later today is not in doubt.

89rscam said...


I am awaiting your post viewing thoughts!

Ann Rice wrote a bunch of vampire novels as well (interview with a vampire) as well as some racy novels so I don't know how far I could trust her scholarship or creative direction. From what I read she was an atheist that joined the RCC and then left to become a "secular humanist"?

Anyway... it's only based on her book so I am interested to read your take on it!

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...


Prior to seeing this film I'm doing additional background checks.

We know from Scripture that Joseph was instructed by an angel of the Lord to flee to Egypt. Herod had been given the time of Jesus' birth by the Magoi, and he had immediately then ordered that all 2-year old males and younger were to be killed. This flight of Joseph with young baby Jesus into Egypt was clearly some years prior to Herod the Great's death which history records as occuring when he was 69/70 years of age in 4/3 BC.

This means that when Joseph learned of Herod's death and if he immediately began the move back to Judah this movement at its earliest would have been in 4/3 BC. We also know that Herod the Great's sons were rulers of the Roman tetrarchy that ruled the territories of ancient Israel following his death.

Joseph skipped returning to Bethlehem in Judah because he feared exposing Jesus to Herod Archelaus who ruled that region, and opted instead to go to the region of Galilee, to Nazareth, where a half-brother of Archelaus, Herod Antipas, was the ruler. Both of these sons of Herod the Great assumed their kingdoms in 4/3BC.

If Jesus was 2 years old when he Magoi arrived at the Bethlehem manger (it could well have taken the Magoi 2 years to travel the distance they traveled from the east), then Jesus at the time of Herod the Great's death would have been 4 or 5 years old, meaning His birth might have been circa 9/8 BC.

Just some things I'm looking at in prep for this film.

Sean Osborne said...

One other thing ... this film is based upon a novel which has some Scripture as a point of reference.

How many books beloved by millions of Christians are there today which are novels or works of fiction based upon Scripture as a point of reference? Or those with Jesus as the point of context?

The entire 'Left Behind' series for starters. Beyond that there are thousands of others, some even on a par with 'The Hunt for Red October'.