Friday, April 1, 2016

Global SITREP B5-16: It's Worse Than You Think

1 April 2016: Although I delayed posting this SITREP until this morning, this is not intended as anything like an 'April Fools' joke, even though some in Washington and elsewhere in the country might think we're all fools. Who knows, perhaps in light of Bible prophecy it could be said that we are literal pawns fully engaged in a fools errand given the entire gamut of recent events as the secular world lurches uncontrollably and a great speed down the road to Revelation.

Not quite one year ago Global SITREP C5-15 was posted (a good re-read folks), and it dealt with the same subject as this one - North Korea's incessant arming of itself with doomsday nuclear weaponry and the means of delivery of those weapons to targets from 'sea to shining sea.'  Not bad for a so-called pariah nation which is now telling its people (who have long been just shy of starvation) to prepare themselves for famine.  As if they need a hint about what is coming.

The image above I am informed is from October 2015. Consider this in light of what was posted in May 2015 in the aforementioned SITREP C5-15. There's no doubt that the photo intelligence analysts who studied this image came to their concluding assessment months ago: North Korea has a brand new long-range ICBM to go along with their also new KN-08 road-mobile ICBM and their KN-11 submarine-launched ICBM, upon which they can sit their newly tested, fully miniaturized thermonuclear warhead. 

These nuclear weapons delivery systems appear to be based upon existing Russian and Chinese rocket designs as well as AQ Khan designs and technology transfers. The big word for this kind of activity is proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. Obviously it is rampant.

As with the previous SITREP, this one also rides on the reporting provided by Bill Gertz as published yesterday by the Washington Free Beacon: "Pentagon Confirms New North Korean ICBM."  To that report I will add what the cited analyst does not say about North Korea's nuclear capability. While the KN-14 launched from a northern corner of North Korea could strike Chicago, a further development of this ICBM is not really necessary as the submarine-launched KN-11 when fired from a mid-Pacific Ocean location north of Hawai'i would have Washington, DC or new York City well with its targeting envelope. Additionally, any nation capable of putting a payload into orbit around the earth is capable of hitting any target on earth with a nuke, including a high-altitude EMP burst nuclear weapon.

As I have often made known, a North Korean nuke is an Iranian nuke, so what ever threat we now face from North Korean nuclear weapons, we also very probably face from Iran. In this Jeremiah 49:34 can not come to fulfillment soon enough in my estimation. The sooner the better. All of this development by North Korea (and Iran) has come during the Obama Administration. 

It can be said with great assurance that Obama's policies with respect to both of these countries, as well as their technological benefactors, has accelerated their nuclear weapons programs. Yes, Barack Hussein Obama built this, and we gave him the license to do it. Twice. Moreover, the feckless Obama Administration has now provided them with virtually unlimited cash cow funding as a direct result of the idiotic nuclear accord Obama and Kerry handed to Iran on a silver platter with flourishes. Think anyone on this planet can walk this genie back into its bottle? Think again. And our elected Congress sits on its collective thumb, while those who would replace Obama have reduced what used to be relatively honorable election campaigning to a puerile school-yard fracas. 

Come quickly Lord, Marana'tha!


Lance M said...

Hey Sean,

What shoot down capabilities do we have for these scenarios?


Sean Osborne said...

We have some BMD capability at-sea and ashore, but I don't see that as being the issue here.

IMHO the real issue is that if North Korea fires a nuke at us, then nuclear war will follow.

How do the Chinese react to North Korea getting nuked? Russia? Both would accept our (i.e. Obama's) assurance that our nukes are only aimed at their ally in Pyongyang?

All scenario's are, no pun intended, ripe with fallout. DPRK regime change might be urgent and essential for all kinds of reasons besides the fact that the risk for nuclear war is off the charts with Kim Jong Un in power.

Nathan Jones said...

Sean, any chance these missiles are dummies just for show? It wouldn't be the first time a nation has trotted out fake weaponry in order to intimidate the world.

Sean Osborne said...

Hi Nathan,

Despite North Korea's longstanding penchant for exaggeration and tomfoolery there's a virtual zero chance of the KN-08, KN-11 and now the KN-14 family of ICBMs being some sort of grand DPRK hoax. The same is true of the underground thermonuclear testing the North has conducted recently as well as their test launches which have put payloads into orbit.

There are many left-of-center pundits who would like for us to believe otherwise; that they're not all they're cracked up to be, the fact of the matter according to intelligence professionals is that these weapons systems are very much the real deal.

I can assure that Bill Gertz has the most accurate sources on the intelligence assessments on North Korean capabilities. Beyond this we (those who closely follow this sort of thing) have been warned since 2014 by former DIRCIA R. James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry (WSJ 12AUG14) that both North Korea and Iran would soon match the nuclear threat to our homeland posed by both Russia and China. That threat extended to a crippling EMP detonation high over CONUS. Dr. Pry has gone even further to say that recent North Korean H-bomb tests were actually a "Super-EMP weapon." The interesting thing to note here is that "Super-EMP weapon" is the language the Russian government used to characterize the North Korean tests.

Both of these enemies have had the capability to launch such an attack from a commercial freighter for well over a decade with old Scud missiles. Now they're at the point of having the capability to execute such an attack from their own soil. These warnings extend as far back as 2004 in fact when SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld spoke on this regularly.

Those now 10-year old plus warnings about what would soon be possible are now reality. The Gatestone Institute reported of 29FEB16 that based upon a DoD intel report recently released to media - North Korea has the capability to strike the US homeland with nuclear warheads today. Not one major US news organization passed this on to John and Jane Q. Public.

This is all very bad news. What's worse is that Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or 'Star Wars') which was killed in Congress by a majority Democrat House and Senate would today be in a position to render these current threats moot.

Sean Osborne said...

This just in from retired US Army LTC Allen West: President Obama will travel to Tehran, Iran and bow in complete submission to Ayatollah Khamenei prior to leaving office in January 2017.

Kenneth Moore said...

This is all in complete prophetic fullness of times to usher in the 70th week.
The US is being filled with deceit and apostasy.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

Brian GC said...

Assyria was given the chance to repent, which they did. WWl and WWll were warnings to the West that they needed to stay alert in this the Devil's world, which from the present day mentality in the western societies shows not to be the case.

The church is seeing the buildup to judgement, but judgement will only be unleashed when the Church is with the Lord to witness the opening of the seals of Revelation chapter six.

How clear a picture we have from God's word of the inevitable consequences of wilful
unbelief. Your articles put world events in perspective Sean... I always look forward to any new article from you.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I always learn something new when I visit your site. Thanks for the diligent work in keeping us well informed. Could the article you posted today be an example of how the body of Christ is acting as a restraint against unfettered evil in our world today? God's Word says the Holy Spirit indwells followers of Jesus Christ. It's one of the things that marks us as different from the world. If I understand this correctly, when Jesus calls His bride home, evil will be unleashed upon this world like never before. Are we (His bride) holding back the evil lunacy of men like North Korea's Kim Jong-Un?

- Brian from Florida

Sean Osborne said...


What I have come to understand is that the Spirit-empowered Bride of Christ has been present on this earth, in ever increasing numbers, since Pentecost of 1,900 years ago.

As the angel Gabriel foretold to the much beloved prophet Daniel (Daniel 9:26c), "until the end of the war desolations are determined." Notice this prophecy concerns a ceaseless era of war which is continuous from that day circa 2,600 years ago through to the end of the 70th Week, and which is the express subject over Daniel 9:27.

26 centuries of warfare all over the planet. In the modern era, as you noted, these included wars have included WWI, WWII and all wars since. In all of this incessant era of warfare members of the Bride of Christ have been killed, become victims of war in one manner or another. And more will be killed up until the instant of the Harpazo.

World War II, in its final month, with the Bride of Christ resident upon this earth, was a limited nuclear war did occur. Two atomic bombs dropped; two entire cities annihilated. There is nothing that I am aware of at this time which prevents another limited nuclear war from occurring.

IMHO, it is important to note than none of these wars are part of the prophetic 70th Week "wrath of God." Nor is any war which occurs between right now and the instant of the Harpazo to be considered as the "wrath of God."

I draw this assessment (my current belief) from the following study of coming events detailed in Scripture.

According to the interpretation I accept regarding the 'wrath of God,' (the definition of this period provided in Scripture) is expressly reserved for a period of precisely 42 months of 30 days each, or 1,260 days. This period of time commences precisely on the day which the Abomination of Desolation (AoD) occurs in the soon to be rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. This day happens at the mid-point of the 70th Week.

I made careful note that in Revelation 6:1, as Jesus begins to open the seven Seals, what is it that occurs according to this inerrant and Divine Scripture? The opening of each Seal causes something on the Earth to occur which John the Revelator details to us:

First Seal releases the Antichrist symbolically riding in on a white horse, an imitation of Christ at His second coming.

Second Seal is global warfare (World War III) symbolically riding in on a red horse.

Third Seal is limited global famine (increased cost of food staples) caused by WWIII which symbolically rides in on a black horse.

Forth Seal is the symbolic pale horse, ridden by Thanatos (death of the human body; the separation of unredeemed souls from their human body) and the destination of those souls to Had─ôs and whose number is a quarter of the population of the Earth at that time, or approximately 1.8 billion people.

The opening of these Seals, the so-called 'four horsemen of the Apocalypse,' reveals a general overview of the events which occur during the Thlipsis (Tribulation) of the 70th Week.

The Fifth Seal reveals the martyred 70th Week saints.
The Sixth seal reveals -finally - the wrath of God has now arrived on the earth - the AoD and final 42 months, the Megas Thlipsis (Great Tribulation) of the 70th Week commences (Revelation 6:17).

So, this is a long-winded way of my opining that Kim Jong Un could fire a couple of nukes, and Pyongyang might go the way of Hiroshima or Nagasaki as a result. Maybe even China preemptively effects a regime change in North Korea. There's no way to know. But whatever happens, it is with God in complete control and pursuant to His will being manifest on this earth and the establishment of His Kingdom upon it.

hartdawg said...

It's not evil that is being restrained, nor is it nuclear war,my understanding of what is being restrained is the unleashing of the antichrist. Am I mistaken?

Sean Osborne said...

That's exactly correct, and what I was getting at. There is a difference between the continuing desolations of war, and the Abomination of Desolation.

Rhonda said...

Hey Sean ...
I wonder if the very real threats from North Korea/Iran have anything to do
with the temple pillars to baal being set up in NYC, London and many
other places. Some people are wondering if these doorways will open up
a portal to the dark forces. Now that's some scary stuff to think about or in
my case try NOT to think about. I want to go back to Lance's question about
our capability to shoot down nuclear missiles. What if they tried it? Can we
stop them? Would our military have the "permission" from the muslim in chief
to try and stop them or to send nuclear weapons back? Is nuclear war the reason antichrist comes on the scene to save everyone? Lots of questions these days.
The only truth we have is knowing Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Him.

Brian GC said...

Re your answer Sean: An excellent summary. Only one disagreement and that is in the words 'long winded'. I thought it very much to the point.

Sean Osborne said...

Okay Brian, thanks for that!

Sean Osborne said...


The North Korean/Iran nuclear threat is no different than the same threat posed by Soviet Russia since August 1949 and Red China since October 1964, so in this sense I would not attribute it to any pagan obelisks.

I also think those who worry about them are not empowered by the Holy Spirit; the only places where discussion about them is rampant are the host of wild-eyed fringe and conspiracy lunatic websites. All of them are utterly worthless distractions that should focus their limited attention spans instead on the soon return of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

There is an exception to note. In the case of the Shi'a Twelvers of Islamic Iran there is a different dynamic at work regarding their development of nuclear weapons. For the Shi'a Twelvers nukes are the essential key to their fervent apocalyptic desire to cause global chaos and thereby hasten the appearance of some non-existent al-Mahdi religious figure. Interestingly also is that the Iranian Twelvers arch enemies, the Sunni Caliphate of the Islamic State, want to do the same thing with whatever nuclear material they can acquire.

For all of his faults Obama is not suicidal, nor does he desire to cause the annihilation of his wife and children, or the agenda he has pursued for the past 8 years. He is after-all a puppet of the global elite (Soros and the UN) and will more than likely do their bidding when either North Korea and Iran pose a direct threat to the global empire they are constructing.

I believe Antichrist will arise out of the chaos that result from a very nasty but limited nuclear exchange. I believe this coming nuclear exchange is directly related to the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38/39 prophecy. I also believe the Harpazo will occur just prior to this based upon the past-tense context Ezekiel 39:29, which is when God will have turned His full attention back onto Israel (Romans 11:25) because the Bride of Christ will have been caught up, and He pours out His Spirit upon all Israel.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions.

Sean Osborne said...

Regarding the so-called pillars of Ba'al and their erection in NYC and London, here is what Scripture unequivocally has to say about that. It's no different today than it was in ancient times.

You shall not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do according to their works; but you shall utterly overthrow them and completely break down their sacred pillars. Exodus 23:24

But you shall destroy their altars, break their sacred pillars, and cut down their wooden images. Exodus 34:13

You shall not make idols for yourselves; neither a carved image nor a sacred pillar shall you rear up for yourselves; nor shall you set up an engraved stone in your land, to bow down to it; for I am the Lord your God. Leviticus 26:1

But thus you shall deal with them: you shall destroy their altars, and break down their sacred pillars. Deuteronomy 7:5

And you shall destroy their altars, break their sacred pillars, and burn their wooden images with fire; you shall cut down the carved images of their gods and destroy their names from that place. Deuteronomy 12: 3-4

Rhonda said...

With all due respect Sean, one of the leading voices that say these arches are a really bad thing is someone you have referenced here on this blog and even posted his prophecy update saying he was spot-on for whatever was going on at the time. I won't write his name here since I don't know if you would want me to. I believe with all my heart he is a Spirit-filled man and passionately teaches the soon return of Jesus Christ for His bride. Of course it is not you or I that will be bowing down or praying before these pillars but just the fact that they are going up in Times Square show the depraved spiritual condition America is in. I'm not saying demons are going to come out of these things but we are dealing with spiritual matters of which we know little about. For all the reasons you gave from Exodus, Leviticus and Dueteronomy we know these arches/pillars are a bad idea.
Regarding "zero" and his not being suicidal, trust me I know that! He wants to be the king of the world doesn't he? UN job remember? He will be in a perfect position to help usher in the NWO with his puppet UN position. I'm not so sure if he really loves anyone but himself? If warheads were coming to our shores, which would be welcome by the NWO crowd, do you think zero couldn't be told to take a much needed vacation somewhere costing taxpayers another million dollars. Its the least we could do for our fearless leader. My sarcasm is not directed at you but at the leadership of our country that truly is watching America burn!

Sean Osborne said...


Also with all due respect, did you miss my final comment above? That was a very strong hint at the bottom line on my belief regarding these things. It was a hint that most Americans, saved or not, take absolutely completely for granted because they are accepted to be as American as Mom, her apple pie and Chevrolet. No American would denigrate them as being pagan, the modern equivalent of Asherah poles!!!

First let me step back to reiterate something for clarity sake.

Are you (and others who read here) aware that my distancing of the North Korean/Iranian nuclear threat as well as the Russian and Chinese nuclear threats from whatever pagan artifact will be erected in NYC is irrelevant because what I stated directly above predates the erection of it by more than 200 years?

No one ever tied these items as being a harbinger of sort with respect to any of the wars America has fought, or to the Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean nuclear threat. But somehow a new pagan shrine has mystical powers which portend doom and gloom for us? Again, I say much ado about nothing, and now I'll say why.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about what God forbade in all of the verses I posted above. There's more of them in Scripture, but for brevity sake I posted a few of the most important.

Obelisks, just like the one originally built in Egypt more than 3,400 years ago, are erected all over this country; the 198-year old Washington Monument being the most famous because it is the tallest of its kind on planet Earth. There are 36 others scattered all over America of a smaller size, and literally thousands upon thousands of others in parks, town squares and cemeteries all over the country.

Obelisks and asherah poles made of granite. God forbids them and calls for their destruction. Exodus 23:24.

Have these thousands of pagan asherah poles and obelisks been the source of calamity for us, are Spirit-filled men of God warning about what they will bring upon America? If so, I've not heard them loudly or clearly enough since Russia detonated its first atomic bomb some 68 years after the "Cleopatra needle" was stood up in New York City's Central Park (1881). Its obelisk twin, a gift to the UK from Muhammad Ali, ruler of Egypt and Sudan, was erected in London in 1878.

So, if folks are going to get all worked up over ONE replica of an ancient Palmyra pagan shrine, then they need to look inwards at those obelisks and asherah poles standing all over America which they hold dear as national treasures and honorific markers.

Sean Osborne said...

Also, I am very well aware that Pastor JD Farag made his comments about the replica being put up in NYC, but notice that I have not made so much of a big deal about them nor hold them up as harbingers of any sort with a SITREP because I do not place that kind of power in them. If anything, I think Pastor JD Farag needs to broaden the scope of his message about what is being stood up in NYC to what has been standing all across America a thousand times over for more than 200 years.

The Lord Jesus Christ has already won the ultimate victory and we are all victorious in Him; no pagan contraption of steel and granite holds any power over us.

Besides this what will be in the future has already be foretold by the Lord through His prophets and NOTHING will keep it from its appointed hour!

DuncanMc said...

I grew up in an America that was respected at home and throughout the world. Today America is despised in both locations and Americans abroad, far from being untouchable as they were in my childhood, are prime targets. The man (?) "we" elected, twice, is actually an America hater. He has crippled us and his supporters have cheered him along. I firmly believe that he IS God's beginning judgement against this sinful, God forsaking nation we have become. So be it. We are all soon going to face the realities that all the rest of the planet have known for decades, centuries. God's judgement is long overdue and now that we have finally, nationally, begun to desert His Chosen people, it is going to fall in earnest. I can only say that Obama and his ilk are not the problem but just a symptom long coming. The Church slept and evil entered in, just as God told us it would in His word. Those who aren't sure of salvation need to GET sure and they need to move among their families and all those they care for because the time is at hand. Maranatha INDEED!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for your comments. I didn't know this new structure being built was in
the same category as an obelisk or an asherah pole. What concerned me about the
pillars going up in Times Square was that it was a replica of the doorway to the temple of Baal, idol worship. I guess we can agree to disagree about the seriousness
of this. For me, this gives the phrase "As in the days of Noah" another dimension.

89rscam said...


I would like to point out, I couldn't imagine Pastor JD Farag would talk about portals and demons coming out of them so I listened to the weekends "prophecy update".

JD in fact does NOT discuss portals opening or demons or anything of that strain. He discusses at length the worship of Ba'al, what it entailed and the wickedness associated. In a summed up manor what Duncan said above, Society has turned evil and seeks anything BUT God. Just another sign of the willingness to let evil be a part of every day life.

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...


Not many of the various websites and personalities trumpeting this have done anything close to their requisite homework on this before going public in sermon and website text. I will go further to say that those trumpeters are trumpeting fear quite needlessly. In Christ there is no fear of anything.

The replica being made is of an archway that the Islamic State terrorists failed to blow up with explosives last year; it is a 3-D print being made in China.

The original archway of this so-called "Temple of Bel" was built by the Romans during the lifetime of Christ; it was completed circa 32-33 AD, and it consists entirely of Greco-Roman architecture.

Shortly after our Lord's Resurrection and Ascension, during the Apostolic Age, this "Temple of Bel" was converted into a Church that preached the Gospel of Christ in Palmyra.

Palmyra had long been an oasis between Damascus and Mesopotamia. The name Palmyra is the Greek translation of the original Aramaic name: Tadmor, meaning "palm tree." Palm tree are a common feature of an oasis in the desert.

Here where it gets really interesting and 100% Biblical. In even more ancient times Tadmor/Palmyra was built by King Solomon of Israel right after he had built the 1st Temple in Jerusalem. This is according to Scripture, II Chronicles 8:1-4

"It came to pass at the end of twenty years, when Solomon had built the house of the Lord and his own house, that the cities which Hiram had given to Solomon, Solomon built them; and he settled the children of Israel there. And Solomon went to Hamath Zobah and seized it. He also built Tadmor in the wilderness, and all the storage cities which he built in Hamath."

In short, this replica of a Greco-Roman era colonnade has absolutely nothing to do with the Ba'al that the prophet Elijah proved was a false god in 1 Kings 18. Lack of proper research by those trumpeting this issue is making this thing some sort of a modern urban myth regarding its origins as well as what it does not portend.

By all means, you are free to disagree with the research that I have done on this subject.

Sean Osborne said...


Thanks for your confirmation on what Pastor JD did and did not say in his mention of the replica during his Sunday update.

What secular society wants will be given to them when we're gone; God is sending them a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie because they want no part of the Truth.

Sean Osborne said...

Again, I do wish that Pastor JD had included something similar to what I wrote above in his Sunday comments. But at least my research-based comments are now part of the record on this topic.

Rhonda said...

Thanks again Sean for your research, I do appreciate it. I just want to make one
thing clear. I did NOT say that Pastor JD said anything about portals opening or
demons coming out. I said "some people" were saying that. I've read about these
stupid archways at a couple different sites. I do understand how people thought I was saying JD said that, but I was referring to other prophecy articles. Sorry for the confusion. Let's move on ........

Sean Osborne said...


In your original comment, "Some people are wondering if these doorways will open up a portal to the dark forces," ... my response should have been to repeat what is stated in Revelation 9:1-12.

That text regards an angel which will sound the 5th Trumpet well into the 70th Week. That trumpet releases another angel, who is given one key to open the one and only abyss in order to release demonic beings upon the earth to torment those men/women without the Seal of God upon their foreheads for 5 months.

Anything other than this which those, as I referred to them, "wild-eyed fringe and conspiracy lunatic websites" are out there saying is not according to Scripture. Clearly, the multiple 3D printing copies of some ancient artifact columns from Tadmor/Palmyra is not what Scripture is referring to.

Yes, indeed, it is time for us to move on to truly Biblical and prophetic subject matter worth our time. See, we are in agreement after all! :)

Rhonda said...

I should have known that myself. I have been studying Revelation in a women's bible study all year. I've read all about the seals, trumpets, bowls, and angels. This has been a good lesson for me to stick to the scriptures and not so much on sensational stories. I'm always learning. Yes, we are in agreement. Praise God:)

Scipio said...

Sean, a belated THANKS for this concise summation of the NKorean threat. Like many on this blog, I realize what Obama, on purpose, has wrought for once such a great nation. However in the larger scope, God has filtered it and not dissimilar to an individual life, has decreed a measure of suffering to hopefully right that nation or person. As you said on Apr 3rd, Zero/Soros want us as a 2nd or 3rd power nation but don't want us annihilated. I believe you are spot on in terms of a nasty exchange prior to Ez. 38, so the Israelis may indeed go into action in months for the Jer 49 and Ps 83 battles.
An interesting thing is, our Pastor who is really Word-oriented, hasn't really mentioned these coming things at all. 99% of my circle doesn't have a clue.
And off-topic, I've been listening to Jocko's podcast. Listen to 'What made Jocko'. THe first 30 min is a great summation of 'The Forgotten Highlander' a Brit who was in a Japanese prison camp back in '42-'45. It speaks to me that in some extreme cases, man can be demon-influenced-these Japanese prison guards, the Hutus killing the Tutsies, and of course, our current day ISIS enemy.
Thank you Sean for your research.

Scipio said...

Jocko Willink was a SEAL Officer

Sean Osborne said...

Real familiar with Jocko (and Lief) thanks to their book 'Extreme Ownership.' Very similar to Dick Marcinko. His book 'Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior is the 20-year old classic of all classics of this type book. Essential reading for the Christian soldierafter the Bible.

Sean Osborne said...

Real familiar with Jocko (and Lief) thanks to their book 'Extreme Ownership.' Very similar to Dick Marcinko. His book 'Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior is the 20-year old classic of all classics of this type book. Essential reading for the Christian soldierafter the Bible.

Scipio said...

Incidentally I have a feeling that you are like these Warriors. As honorable as that is though, how much greater is the Lord's Word!!