Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Global SITREP E1-17: Paradigm Shattering Changes Reshaping the Middle East - Part III

Israel's Iron Dome destroying HAMAS rockets evening of 13DEC17

13 December 2017: As of this evening, and within the past three hours, additional war by attrition rocket fire from Gaza into Israel has occurred. At least three rockets were fired by Gaza terrorists as of this writing. This rocket fire into Israel is exactly what the Spirit-inspired prophet Ezekiel intended when he wrote in Ezekiel 28:24...

"And there shall be no more a pricking brier unto the house of Israel, nor any grieving thorn of all that are round about them, that despised them; and they shall know that I am the Lord GOD."
The key context in the above Divine warning strictly applies not only to all of Gaza, but also to Lebanon, Judea, Samaria, Sinai and Jordan. Make no mistake, when it comes to Israel returning fire in a meaningful manner, that fire will be merciless, unrelenting and overwhelming. The meaningful IDF response, when it comes, will not consist pin-pricks at local HAMAS or Jihad Islami targets of opportunity. The meaningful response will cleanse Gaza completely, permanently of any threat to Israel.

Jerusalem's Western Wall on 6 December 2017
10 December 2017: Has there ever been seen an image like the one above, where another nation's national emblem was put upon Jerusalem's Old City wall side-by-side with Israel's national emblem, since the founding of Israel 70 years ago? This display was done by the municipal government of Jerusalem one hour prior to or in anticipation of President Trump's announcement. Usually in that part of the world, as well as in the University of California at Berkeley, the American flag is trampled upon and burned more often than not.

Nevertheless, this overt display powerfully illustrates Israel's current secular nature. It graphically illustrates Israel's thanksgiving to America for the blessing bestowed upon it instead of the God of their fathers. It illustrates how willing Israel will be to accept a secular "covenant among many" that comes in the wake of the battle of Ezekiel 38/39. If you're thinking as Eschatology Today is thinking about this - there's something wrong with this eschatologically based upon what Ezekiel revealed from God in chapter 39:21-29

It occurs in this thinking that one method with which the Lord can and will instantaneously change this particular Israel-America paradigm would be to send His Son for His bride. The blessed hope of all born-again believers, a great majority of whom dwell in these United States, the Harpazo, will instantly alter the secular and religious dynamic back to and probably well beyond what was experienced during the eight years of the Obama Administration. Back to a vehemently leftist and very anti-Israel dynamic with the Restrainer removed. We've all had thoughts on this for some time now. Based upon those thoughts what is stated above seems very reasonable to assume for the near future.

If you find disagreement with this, then take a look at what the venom-spewing Israeli leftists are saying today in their analysis piece at Haaretz: Blame the Christians for the coming of Armageddon. Already we are hated for His Name's sake. So comes the fulfillment of the Lord's prophecy found in Matthew 10:22-23

Look up! Marana'tha!

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel 7 December 2017

07 December 2017: The above image is obviously one taken by a Reuters photographer this morning somewhere in Judea and Samaria as the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city occurred well after sundown. The scene above is one we all expected to see this morning. The battle lines are clearly drawn and low-intensity conflict of various forms has been engaged by the IDF in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and soon from Gaza and the Sinai.

The American declaration on Jerusalem has also been seized upon by the Iranian Ayatollah as casus belli (an act or situation provoking or justifying war) against the United States of America. The IRGC, its Qods Force and the various militias under their control do nothing without the Ayatollah's approval. As stated in SITREP D1/Part I of this series, these enemies have declared US armed forces in Syria and Iraq as targets to be attacked. 

Like a pebble tossed into a standing body of water, or the epicenter of an earthquake, the waves created by those kinds of events quickly radiate outwards in every direction. In Syria and Iraq the battle lines now also exist wherever U.S. forces are operating in those countries and, most probably, for hundreds of miles beyond.


Nora said...

"The U.S. evangelical community is in raptures over Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel..." says the Haaretz article. Interesting choice of words! :-) (It's an often repeated untrue accusation that we (Christians) are eagerly waiting for Armageddon/the End of the World.)

Sean Osborne said...


Previsely my point - the left is already accusing Christians of fomenting "armageddon," yet thessame leftists have ignored the Hojjatieh Shi'a regime of Iran for openly stating the same is their goal via-a-vis first the U.S. and then Israel since 1979 (39 years).

Anonymous said...

Sean, thanks for sharing the Haaretz opinion piece. Within the same article was a link to another just as nasty article, "Trump's Jerusalem Syndrome." Reading both of these sickening pieces didn't make me mad but sad. These people are truly blind to what's coming. Yes, no different than so many of our fellow neighbors, coworkers and friends no matter where we live. But it's a clear reminder, as if we needed one, that time is short and we all need to step up our efforts to be candles in the darkness, sharing the light of Christ with a hopelessly lost world.

- Brian from Florida

Sean Osborne said...

Amen Brian!

jmoll106 said...

I can see how the leftist can come to that opinion, especially since the invention of the internet and youtube. Instead of finding out what the bible says they go to the world wide web of misinformation. The last days are the last days of the people's rebellion to God, not the christian sharing the good news of salvation and sending out a warning cry to believe on Jesus.
I'm thankful for supporting the Israelis until their eyes can see the truth. I hope the rapture is the catalyst.

hartdawg said...

I really think that the harpazo will occur before the end of trumps term in 2024, and maybe before 2020

Sean Osborne said...

Any moment...

Sean Osborne said...

Well, now we know how troops from Phut will join the invasion of Ezekiel 38/39... aboard Magog's aircraft flying from Egypt's western desert airbases on the Egyptian-Libyan border.

Sean Osborne said...

And we also wait the literal, verbatim fulfillment of Isaiah 17/Jeremiah 49:23-27.

Russia's 49-year lease of Hmeimim Air Base in Syria was null and void before the ink dried.

TP said...

Sean can you do some analysis on Russia supposedly pulling out of Syria little by little. I know it is not a full pull out and I know Putin cannot be trusted so I am not taking him at his word, but does it create a vacuum? Referencing this morning's south front video piece and various news articles...

Sean Osborne said...


That analysis appears in my comment directy above yours and in multi-part series on Syria that is based upon Isaiah 17/Jeremiah 49:23-27.

Easchatology Today has been well ahead of the curve on these developments because what the prophets were inspire to write will take place.

All of the "chessmen" are in position, and I believe they'll commence movement during 2018.

Sean Osborne said...


Here are some notes worth exploring. Start with Ezekiel's delineation of Israel's soon to be northern border.

The geographic association here is northwestern Syria, particulary Hethlon (Heitela) and Zedad (Sadad) to Hamath (Hama). There is a river also associated with this region that would (will) serve as a natural border. The river is the Nahr al-Kabir al-Shamali.

If you note these places on a map of modern-day Syria, note also the location of Hmeimim Air Base south of Latakia, and Tartus.

What Putin says, and the lease he has for Hmeimim Air Base are big time irrelevant in the face of prophetic fulfillment.

Unknown said...

Just this morning, in the Jerusalem Post, an article was published about the archaeological find of a Jewish cemetery door with a menorah etched into it. When Islam conquered the region of Galilee, they desecrated the cemeteries and used the building materials for mosques. The article goes on to explain how an earthquake in 1068 A.D. toppled the mosque. Subsequently, the crusaders then used it as a step in a sugar warehouse. I think it is a marvelous testimony of how God topples the enemies of His people and Himself. Of course, we all know, another great earthquake is coming to topple His enemies again in the very near future.

Here is the link to the article:

Nora said...

Today I’ve read a Ynetnews report titled, “Erdogan calls on world to recognize east Jerusalem as Palestinian capital.”

The article says, “Speaking at the meeting, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the Palestinians won't accept any role for the United States in a peace process with Israel "from now on," as it was biased in favor of Israel.

Instead, he called on the United Nations to take charge of the Mideast peace process, and revamp it with a new mechanism.

Abbas also said it's time for countries who accept the two-state solution to recognize Palestine as a state, asserting there will be no peace in the region if the world doesn't recognize east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.”

I think it’s big news with prophetic implications. The tag of war over Jerusalem intensified big time!

Sean Osborne said...

When it comes to current and near-future events concerning Jerusalem we must never forget Zechariah 12:2-9.

Sean Osborne said...

Meanwhile, high overhead in the heavens,

"...and there will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars..."

It's being reported that for the first time ever mankind will have direct observation of the event horison of the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy in 2018.

Sean Osborne said...

Next SITREP coming... it will be focused upon the current UAP in the news.