Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Global SITREP B6-18: Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

U.S. Ambassador with image of prophetic Jerusalem
23 May 2018: Islamists like having their way in almost every conceivable venue. However, when it comes to imagery of currently non-existent realities, not so much. 

This is especially true when it comes to U.S. Ambassador David Friedman who had his smiling visage captured while standing next to a large modern-day portrait of the City of Jerusalem. This Jerusalem does not yet exist because it illustrates the Temple Mount minus the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. This image was enough for one of Mahmoud Abbas' innermost circle to refer to our Ambassador as a "terrorist settler."

Take a closer look by clicking on the image above. You'll notice that while the two aforementioned structures are absent, the very and imminently prophetic Third Temple is very much present in the very center (heart) of the portrait. 

This is not a new image. There have been dozens of these produced over the years. Eschatology Today published one of them back in January 2014 at the head of a post entitled "All These Things Be Fulfilled." What is new at this time is that the U.S. Ambassador, fresh from his newly opened U.S. Embassy residence in Jerusalem, has had his smiling image taken standing next to one. 

Every picture is worth a thousand words, but this image is speaking volumes, especially with the United States Government representative to Israel appearing as he does with it. Altogether this image conveys official U.S. Government sanction to the portrait and what it depicts. Some will call this inflammatory. Eschatology Today will call it eminently prophetic as this image will shortly become the fact-of-the-matter for the Jerusalem and Temple Mount skyline.

How would it become the fact-of-the-matter reality as prophesied in God's Word? It is the assessment of Eschatology Today that Iran is the unspoken key. Iran's military presence in Syria is the key to a lot of unfolding prophetic fulfillment. If Iran were not in Syria, Israel would have no over-riding interest in Syria and no reason to conduct preemptive strikes anywhere on Syrian territory. 

However, the current military fact is that as long as Iran is in Syria, then Israel MUST continue to launch heavy preemptive strikes on all of its military assets and personnel. There is no other option for Israel. And any one of the coming strikes could be the ignition point for the warfighting that would eventually reach Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

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Advancing God's Kingdom said...

Hey Sean, I just stumbled onto your site in a Google search for eschatology.
I hear your description of the present day challenges, for Israel to pre-emptively take matters into her own hands.
Granted the big brother is standing behind them.

And could it be that we continue to grow a global community (aka United Nations, or whatever it eventually gives rise to).
And a "Peace or else I'll shoot" president leading the big brother.

And we orchestrate the peace that brings in the global "growth" in basic human services: and we offer the Water of Life in Jesus' name (or better as an entrant from the United Nations (white hats).
And we get to share this as the message of God's Kingdom over all the nations. Hegemony yes. But isn't that what is teed up for the Antichrist to take the leadership described in the classic pre-mill thoughts? His absconding happening at or near 1,260; after of course, the agreement that you speak of in your keen observations.

Wonderful to read your writing.