Thursday, June 20, 2013

Global SITREP A14-13 Special Edition: Christ in Prophecy TV Presents: 'The War of Psalm 83- Past History or Future Prophecy'

L to R: Dr. David Reagan, Bill Salus, Nathan Jones on the set of Christ in Prophecy TV

20 June 2013: Since the last Global SITREP was posted we have witnessed the defeat of the heavily out-gunned Sunni rebel jihadist forces at the near-epic siege of al-Qusayr, Syria by a coalition of Alawite-Shi'a forces from Bashar al-Assad's rump national army and air force, Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian IRGC troops North Korean military advisers were also reported to have been in the mix on that side of the battle. This was followed immediately by ominous military movements occurring on both Israeli and Syrian sides of the Golan no-mans-land, and by an extraordinary meeting of 19 Islamist scholars of the Sunni Arab League and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi in Cairo, Egypt which resulted in Mursi accepting the Islamist scholars diktat and the immediate the breaking of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Syria and a de facto declaration of war between Egypt and Hezbollah. Accordingly, Egypt, as the leader of the Arab League, has abandoned its embassy's functions in Damascus and closed the Syrian embassy in Cairo. The Islamic scholars also read Mursi the proverbial riot act regarding the tremendous Shi'ite threat to Sunni dominance in the Middle East, particularly in the Levant, and that all Iranian ships must be banned from transiting the Suez Canal which are enroute with arms for the Syrian regime.  The Arab League can now be expected to strike at Iran's Achilles heel through the 20 million Sunni's who live within the Islamic Republic. In addition to all of this action, battle lines are also being drawn between the US-led NATO alliance in Europe who support the Sunni's and the Russian Federation and its allies who support the Alawite-Hezbollah-Iran military confederation.

Against this backdrop I would now like to present the most recent edition of the Lamb & Lion Ministries Christ in Prophecy TV program. In this program Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones discuss the Psalm 83 War with author/lecturer Bill Salus (Isralestine, Revelation Road:The Missing Prophecy Revealed). On this program they interview Bill Salus about the War of Psalm 83. Some say this war was fulfilled in past history, but Bill points why that’s not the case. Additionally, David, Nathan, and Bill answer all the other questions about the timing of Psalm 83, like is it part of Ezekiel 38 or the Armageddon scenario. Some have suggested that this may be one of Bill’s best TV interviews, even though he was feeling a bit under the weather that day in the studio.

Click HERE to watch this informative Christ in Prophecy TV show.


Nathan Jones said...

Bill did an excellent job defending the validity of the Psalm 83 War and defined it well as the next major Middle East war.

Sean Osborne said...

Thanks Nathan!

I had to cut my on-line viewing short due to an 0'dark thirty emergency at work, which is why I've made no comment as yet on the content of the program.

Later today I'll view the rest of the show and almost certainly have something to add.

I'm of the opinion that Isaiah 17. Psalm 83 and all that occurs with them (Joshua 13:1-7, Jeremiah 49:34-39 etc) will come "as a flood."

mark3210 said...

Once again I'm shocked to see the calendar changing over from Spring into Summer without the situation reaching a climax.

Are we still of the belief these prophecies will be fulfilled in the Summer?

It's hard for me to envision Netanyahu traveling to the UN for yet another speech this September without Iran being taken care of.

Sean Osborne said...


Go with the flow Bro... nothing is chiseled in stone with respect to these final pre-70th Week days, weeks, months and years.

All these things "must take place" but they will occur on the Lord's timeline, not ours.

He has said they will happen, and they will, as will the Harpazo of the Bride - when God the Father issues the command, just as He did on Yom Echad (Day One) of Creation. No one knew what that would happen, it just did when He determined it would happen.

It is entirely His schedule Bro. Yet we know it is near, at the proverbial door.