Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nearing Midnight: Who Have The End Times Snuck Up On?

26 June 2013: This is a break from the Global SITREP series, but it well could be considered a situation update. I just came across a Nearing Midnight commentary at Rapture Ready by Todd Strandberg titled "The End Times Are Sneaking Up On Us." The title of this commentary struck me immediately as being a prime candidate for a post-publication edit. And I haven't even read the article. I'll do that after posting this because I never interrupt the Spirit when He is stirring my soul to speak.

Perhaps it should read: "The End Times Are Sneaking Up On Some Of Us" because "most of us" (the Bride of Christ) have become aware of the End Times at various times in the past six and one-half decades.

Some in 1948, some in 1967, some in 1973 and some all along the way since those "early years" of conscious End Times awareness.

The Bride of Christ is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, no? Surely He has tickled our innards with the reality that these are the days of which the Lord's prophets spoke in the Spirit? Do we not anticipate that any microsecond our ears will hear a shout from the voice of the archangel Michael in Heaven declare "Come Up Hither!!!"

Yes. Yes, and Yes.

Then who are End Times are sneaking up on? The End Times have already successfully snuck up on the scoffers, the willfully blind and those in spiritual allegiance to the Adversary just as the Lord through His prophets told us they would.

Another in a dazzling array of ancient prophecies fulfilled before our witnessing eyes. That's what we, the Bride of Christ, do in part in this time.

We are here to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unredeemed and to bear witness to the literal fulfillment of the Lord's End Times prophecies prior to the Father issuing the command to call us Home.

The fulfillment of these prophesies are a living tool with which we must witness to the unredeemed; they are proof that what we say is the Truth. It is up to the free will of the unredeemed to accept or deny the Truth as it is spoken to them.

Mission accomplished. Marana'tha!

Any questions?


Gramma from Canada said...

God Bless,
Even so come Lord Jesus..
Gramma from Canada

Gramma from Canada said...

Amen Mr. Osborne, Amen!
God Bless,
Even so come Lord Jesus!
Gramma from Canada

Sean Osborne said...

Amen Gramma! Marana'tha!