Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Global SITREP A15-13: Obama Administration Will Hollow Out the US Army by 12 Combat Brigades

26 June 2013: Between FY 2014-2017 the Obama Administration has determined to hollow out the combat capability of the US Army by 12 combat brigades. These are front-line combat brigades, our top-line, cream of the crop, boots-on-the-ground combat power. The number of combat troops these cuts will eliminate is somewhere between 42,000 and 60,000.

In terms of the United States Army before the Force XXI transformation began a decade ago, this number of troops would equal, at most, 6 heavy combat divisions.

Over three years this is an unprecedented slash in American combat power at a time when the economy is probably not robust enough to employ all of these men and some of the women in civilian jobs. Recall also that America's combat veterans, and America's military veterans in general, were labeled not so long ago by the Obama Administration's apparatchik toadies and lackeys as being the greatest threat faced by America. Yes, we were placed on the Obama's Administration's "enemies list." Apparently they want to increase the number of domestic enemies by the tens of thousands.

The twelve combat units to be eliminated are:

4th Combat Infantry Brigade of the 82nd Airborne, Ft Bragg, NC.
2nd Combat Armored Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division of Ft, Benning, GA.
4th Combat Armored Brigade of the 1st Armored Division, of Ft. Hood, TX.
1st Combat Armored Brigade of Fort Bliss, TX
3rd Combat Armored Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, Ft. Carson, CO.
4th Combat Infantry Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division, Ft, Riley, KA.
3rd Combat Infantry Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division, Ft, Knox, KY.
4th Combat Infantry Brigade of the 101st Air Assault Division, Ft. Campbell, KY.
3rd Combat Infantry Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division, Ft. Drum, NY.
4th Stryker Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.
170th Heavy Brigade at Baumholder, Germany.
172nd Heavy Brigade at Grafenwoehr, Germany.

This is insanity. Just as the current DoD sequester is, so is this an in-your-face manifestation of President Obama's fiscal policies from January 2009 to the present. It is by design born of the agenda of the global elite which he is executing with a lay-down and cry Congress and a silent majority of We The Sheeple.

Where this leads is absolutely prophetic.


Great Grany 5 said...

Maybe a new reason to understand why the USA is not mentioned in the End of Days Prophecies. You cannot know the measure of pure anger towards this imitation American that now occupies the WH that I have running through me. I cannot pray for this person and God knows why. He isn't black and he isn't white, he is pure yellow for coward and complete misfit. You know you don't have to publish this diatribe Sean but I cannot hold back any longer. For all of those people who call their selves prophets or speakers for God, and they are trying to tell true Believers that we have to pray for this man, I say to them all, it is the same as praying for the salvation of Satan.

Shalom, GG5

Sean Osborne said...


I understand your outrage completely and let some of it go in my post's final sentence. I was feeling similar outrage, especially since September 11 of last year, and it had gotten worse ever since.

Then I awoke suddenly at 05:45 this very morning out of a very vivid dream ... (which I cannot recall completely but it had a military theme to it I'm sure) ... this morning and a single thought came into my mind; I believe that thought was actually the Holy Spirit speaking to me, quieting me in the quiet solitude of the morning as I sat in my study:

"There must be a parallel to what is occurring right now in America within the pages of the Lord's Word. Yes, yes of course there is!!"

The next thing I know I'm on my laptop typing "E-c-c-l-e-s-i-a-s-t-e-s" in the search box at and up on my screen pops the whole first chapter. I have no idea why I typed Ecclesiastes into the search box except to say that the Lord was responding in real-time and very rapid order to the thought that had just come to me.

Who says the horse cannot be led to the Water and be made to drink?
Our God is Almighty, praise HIM!!!

God knew that shortly I would log into this blog site and see your comment needed to be read and published and responded to. He provided the response I did not have when I awoke 30 minute prior.

So I read Ecclesiastes 1 and immediately the outrage at what is going on departed from me. I believe He wants me to tell you to read it also.


Susie said...

Sean, I have been blessed greatly from reading your articles for some time now but never comment because i have more to learn than I do to contribute. I feel led to comment now to thank u for serving our precious Lord thru this website. You r truly anointed. I also want to express a deep gratitude for ur service to our country. My husband was a viet nam veteran 69-71. US Army 101st airborne. He went to be with the Lord 5 yrs ago from svc connected illness. LORD BLESS YOU and ur family. With love and appreciation... susie

Great Grany 5 said...

Dear Sean,
I read it and only my Abba Father knows this but I love Ecclesiastes, even to the point of knowing exactly how to spell it very fast. For so many years, my favorite retort has been,"vanity of vanities, all is vanity" even when I was yet a kid. Only God! But that chapter says it all and if there is one thing that I am aware of, it is the vanity of the man who has set his heart to destroy our nation. Not his nation but ours.

But wait, I hear the battle drums sounding and it is in a far off nation but they shall be the forewarning of the most futile effort to destroy what God has blessed. The uprising in Egypt is the beginning of the decay and rotting of the Obama Plan to be King over the whole earth. Vanity is another word for futile and could also be empty and passing as it comes from the Hebrew word hevel (1892)but it can also be used for Holy of Holies in Ex. 26:34. I know that God is the keeper of the Flock and He most certainly is keeping all of us hidden in the shadow of His being. When I walk on my country's sidewalks, I will fear no evil for I know that He is with me; I am also not afraid of meeting any body walking towards me either. They are in greater danger than I will ever be.

Thank you for sharing this with me and I too, feel a great relief in reading the chapter. By the way, the word I woke up with on Friday or Saturday morning (this past week of 28 June) was "Confluence" and that was the only word that just absolutely resonated in my being. Now I know what it meant. All things coming together in one place or in other words, 'A Gathering'.

Maranatha and
Shalom, GG5

mark3210 said...

Perhaps you will provide an update on the Egypt situation soon?

Things are unfolding very quickly now it seems.

Sean Osborne said...


See above.

The new SITREP had to wait until developments had firmed up somewhat from what they were just 6 hours ago.

Sean Osborne said...


Thank you Sister so much for the very kind words. God Bless you and your husband now with the Lord!

Please join in the discussion on any blog post as the Spirit leads you!


Sean Osborne said...


Confluence is a word that is powerfully resonating with me as well!

The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully!

Great Grany 5 said...

Yes, indeed He is and it is hard to keep up with the foot soldiers right now. But I am asking God to grant me my second wind on a continuing bases because I so desire to not only finish my race that He has set before me but to outrun the horses in so doing. I believe the Walls are now ready for the Watchmen to take their places and don't forget, there is always a Sanballat who tries everything to discourage or harass.