Monday, August 5, 2013

Global SITREP A17-13: More Indications and Warnings

Fukushima, Japan: There hasn't been much good news coming out of the site of the TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) nuclear plant disaster in 2011, but what is being reported of late is not nearly as horrendous as folks should be made aware.  Here is the unvarnished truth. The meltdown of the reactor cores have progressed to the point that it is beyond the capability of TEPCO to control them any longer.  Recent data collected indicates the cores have melted through the containment vessels and into the earth beneath the plant, and the plant engineers actually have no idea where the cores have gone. What they do know is that radiation levels, particularly those correlating to Cesium and Strontium, beneath the plant are now higher than they ever were when the cores were still within the containment vessels. The highly radioactive ground water is leaking into the Pacific Ocean, primarily because TEPCO had no plans to deal with containing contaminated ground water on such a scale as this. All nations with northern Pacific Ocean coastlines are at risk from the unprecedented nuclear contamination that is being naturally circulated between Asia and North America.

Islamic Terrorism (UPDATED) : As can be plainly seen by anyone paying attention to the news, the threat of Islamic terrorism, from Al Qaeda in particular, has suddenly attained an advanced "strategically significant" level which forced the Obama Administration's hand in tacitly declaring defeat where it had previously declared victory via the closure of ALL United States Embassies throughout the Muslim World based solely upon an single intercepted terrorist communication that conveyed a high level of confidence for an imminent large-scale attack. ALL U.S. Embassies were closed even though American officials do not know the specific target of the planned attack. For that matter, they don't even know if the intercepted terrorist communication was a ruse, a psychological operation which our government may have fallen for hook, line and sinker. Seems to me the our national intelligence apparatus has been far too busy in the collection of data on its own citizens instead of those who seek to kill us, Such a situation is also highly indicative of the Obama Administration's priorities these days.

UPDATE: At 4:30 PM Monday afternoon when Jennifer Griffen of the Fox News Channel was confirming the existence of the threat from Al Qaeda through Greta Van Susteren's blog, defense and intelligence specialist Bill Gertz (Inside the Beltway and GeoStrategy-Direct) was reporting that his intelligence community sources were saying that the intercepts regarding the AQ attack planning were not new; that the intelligence was somewhat dated having been known by US intelligence agencies in detail for months, and that an attack had been planned for Sunday, 4 August, but no attack occurred.  What I had privately suspected about the sudden US embassy closings in the Muslim world was confirmed in this Bill Gertz report: the Obama Administration is fully engaged in a "Wag the Dog" scenario! 

Quoting the report with emphasis:
"The timing of the administration’s announced closure of numerous U.S. embassies in the Middle East has raised concerns among some U.S. officials that the Obama administration is politicizing intelligence to distract attention from the Benghazi and other scandals. “Why is this coming out now?” asked one official with access to terrorist threat data. “Is the administration trying to suck up news coverage with the embassy threats to distract attention from what the CIA was doing in Benghazi?”"

Crisis on the Nile River: There is an international crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia, and possibly the Sudan that has emerged over the Ethiopia's hydroelectric dam construction project across the Nile River. The recent scrubbing of a planned sale to Egypt of 20 F-16 fighter aircraft may not be as related to the Egyptian Army's ousting of Mohamed Morsi as the Obama Administration might like us to believe.  Apparently Obama's pentagon is more worried that these new F-16s would be used in a military strike to destroy the Ethiopian hydroelectric project before it is completed. Ethiopia and Sudan are for the project's completion while Egypt is dead-set against it. Sounds to me like the prophecy of Ezekiel 28 is now also standing at the threshold of fulfillment.

Jordan: King Abdullah has been powerless, despite the significant presence of foreign military forces in the Hashemite Kingdom, to keep Islamists from over-running most of the territory of his sovereign domain. The foreign Islamic jihadists have taken over vast amounts of territory along the Syrian border and in the southern areas of the country where arms and war materiel destined for the jihadists in Syria flow northward. Many of these jihadists were freely allowed into Jordan through King Abdullah's acquiescence to the demands of the Qataris and the Saudis that Jordan play host to the Sunni rebel forces fighting the Alawite-Iranian Shi'a axis in Syria and Lebanon. Of course if Syria were on Qatar's or Saudi Arabia's border those Arab royals might not be so accommodating, or as stupid, as Abdullah has been. Not many have considered that Jordan could be the biggest victim of the Syrian civil war; this certainly has major implications for the final act of the Psalm 83 war as well.

Israel: While Muslim Arabs of the Sunni and Shi'a flavors continue killing each other in ever increasing numbers all across the whole of the Middle East, Israel has been steadily completing its nationwide Iron Dome missile defense system. The sixth of twelve Rafael Advanced Defense Systems planned and strategically located Iron Dome bases will be operational within just a few weeks time. Except for the recent deployment to the area of Eilat, most of the Iron Dome Division of the IDFs bases locations are classified and off the beaten track. When all twelve Iron Dome batteries are completed they will be staffed by regular and reserve forces IDF soldiers who have been thoroughly trained and experienced in system operations.

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