Saturday, August 17, 2013

Global SITREP A21-13: Paying Attention to Current Events Details to Determine the Prophetic Future

BREAKING NEWS 23 August 2013: 85-year old Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has been released from prison and was taken to an Egyptian military hospital in Cairo. 

Additionally: Overnight Israel scored a direct hit on a Jihad Islami terrorist target south of Beirut Lebanon after that group fired four rockets into the vicinity of Nahariya in northern Israel yesterday afternoon. One of the four rockets was destroyed in mid-flight by the Iron Dome defense system.

21 August 2013: Reports are coming in of the discovery of at least four mass graves of genocide victims. These mass have been located in the Raba'a section of Cairo, two others are outside the city of Alexandria and one is just south of Port Said. There are thousands of genocide victims in the mass graves containing the decomposing bodies of men women and children, many of whose bodies exhibit clear evidence of gruesome torture, and many of whom were Coptic Christians. The blood of these innocents are on the hands of the Ikhwan Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) as well as the Obama Administration which  put the Islamists into power in Egypt.

19 August 2013: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is to be freed from jail by the Egyptian judiciary within hours after a dismissal of most of the charges against him. One other item hindering his total freedom will be resolved shortly.

17 August 2013 (revised, expanded and updated): I have been very consistent in making the prophetic interpretation that Ezekiel 38/39 speaks to a pre-70th Week alliance between the West ("the merchants of Tarshish and all their young lions") and Sunni Islam ("Sheba and Dedan"), especially the primary nations of the Arabian Peninsula, also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

I'll refer to this new reality as the "New Arabian Paradigm." It is the paradigm of "Sheba and Dedan" being joined with Tarshish and their young lions in Ezekiel 38. This Western-Sunni Arab alliance will have its basis in the false unifying notion of kinship in an 'Abrahamic' religion. 'Abrahamic' religion is the vehicle by which the global elite will initially unify the avowed Jewish and Christian faiths with Islam. 'Abrahamic' religion will falsely unify the God of Israel with the false god Allah of Islam. Here also, at least in part I believe, is the basis for the great, global mercantile harlot arrayed in purple and scarlet of Revelation 17.

One really needs to dig into the OSINT reports of the past couple of weeks to find evidence of exactly this alliance, an alliance that pits Islam against itself (Sunni versus Shi'a) and also is manifest in the established regimes or power brokers of the Sunni Islamic world against the Jihadists such as Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. This SITREP will present that evidence to you.

The most in-our-face evidence is, of course, the Sunni versus Shi'a war in Syria, and in Lebanon. Multiple repeated high casualty attacks in Beirut against Hezbollah of late have grabbed most of the headlines. So too the Saudi Arabian's using their front line strike aircraft against Al Qaeda jihadists along the Yemeni frontier and the Bahraini's declaring Shi'a insurrectionists the equivalent of Muslim apostates.

The more is found in what occurred in Qatar recently and that direct impacted the military coup in Egpyt. That event was the (possibly forced) abdication of the Qatari absolute monarch, Emir Sheikh Hamad Ibn Khalifa al-Thani, in favor of his son, Sheikh Tamim, on 24 June 2013. 

As a bit of background to understand the full scope of this event, the Qatari regime had been the financial backbone of Mohammed Morsi and his Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood under Emir al-Thani, just as the Qatari's had been the financial backbone of the Sunni jihadists in Syria in providing millions of petrodollars worth of heavy weapons and financial aid, and even before that to the jihadists who overthrew Muamar Qadhafi in Libya. 

Until 24 June Qatar single-highhandedly had propped up the Egyptian economy under Morsi and the Ikhwan's (Muslim Brotherhood's) rule. The Qatari's had also been paying Mohammed Morsi a six figure stipend, and that is the basis for the treason and criminal charge of betraying Egypt's national security that General El-Sissi has referred to the Egyptian judicial system for trial. FoxNews reported this on 9 July, six days after the military coup that removed Morsi and the Ikhwan from power.

The bottom line: it took just 9 days after Emir Al-Thani's abdication for new Qatari Emir Tamim to reverse the course of Qatar's foreign policy and cut the legs off the Egyptian Ikhwan, and pull the rug from under Mohammed Morsi's fundamentalist Islamic rule and set the course for the Egyptian military to seize control of the government from the Islamists. Moreover, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had been quite antagonistic rivals until the abdication of al-Thani. Now under Emir Tamim a rapprochement has occurred between "Sheba and Dedan" and they're now in full accord with each other.

The final aspect of the emergence of the "New Arabian Paradigm" is also found in Saudi Arabia, where the ruling absolute monarch made his position perfectly clear just yesterday. The new position of King Abdullah places the House of Al-Saud in direct opposition to the fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Ikhwan, and like their Qatari cousins in full support of the new Egyptian military regime. Both the Qatari's and the Saudi royals have sided with the majority of the Egyptian people against the Islamic fundamentalists. King Abdullah has pledged $5 to 20 billion in cash in support of Egypt's interim government established by General el-Sissi and the Egyptian Army.  Other adjustments like this within the realm of Sunni Islam are likely to be forthcoming, and very soon.

I believe the impact of this new paradigm will be monumental, a sea change that will set a new course, a more defined course as events play themselves out enroute to the end-game that will be the fulfillment of Isaiah 17, Psalm 83 and ultimately Ezekiel 38/39 in the run-up to the advent of the 70th Week. On the chance that I be accused of engaging in "newspaper exegesis" with this real-world observation, I would advise those prospective claimants to watch these events have their full-impact prior to making such a criticism. I believe most of the key recent events I have just described are actually news to many Bible prophecy expositors at this point.

Update 18 August 2013: We will simply have to watch as American military Commander-In-Chief Barack Hussein Obama's untenable and incoherent position in full support of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism (the Ikhwan Muslimun, the Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt will be forced to execute a 180 degree somersault of real and immediate change in favor of the interim government of General El-Sissi or the age American influence and military alliance with Egypt will swiftly come to an abrupt end. One could reasonably expect that preparations and calculations for the execution of our CInC's somersault were in progress even before the ink dried in the paper the ultimatum was printed on.

Yesterday Egypt's leading newspaper, El-Watan, published an ultimatum to Commander-In-Chief Obama and his Pentagon generals that was signed by Egypt's Major General Muhammad al-Assar and entitled "Sisi to Pentagon." This ultimatum made no bones about the fact that Obama MUST change his present course. Quoting a portion of the ultimatum, "We will not retreat from fighting terrorism; the [Egyptian] military does not run, for [our] republic has leadership, and our message is clear: we will not allow red lines to be crossed.”  The Watan editorial was the chosen venue for the publishing of the ultimatum because the interim government in Egypt had cut off all contact with the Obama Administration through normal channels, although contact with the Pentagon itself was not completely severed, as a direct result of Obama's condemning speech delivered this past Thursday evening.

One could now reasonably expect that all of Obama's threats of withdrawing $1.3 billion in financial and military aid to Egypt (easily offset by Saudi Arabia's pledge of $5-20 billion) will cease forthwith; the annual American-Egyptian "Operation Bright Star" military exercise which was cancelled last week by Commander-In-Chief Obama will be summarily reinstated as previously scheduled, and the in-hiatus sale of F-16 strike aircraft will be put back on schedule as well. Commander-In-Chief Obama will soon announce that America stands foursquare with the overwhelming popular will of the Egyptian people who have made clear their rejection of Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood-led Islamic dictatorship.. Such is the likely result when spineless, untenable and incoherent ideological pursuits are met head-on with national backbone and resolve. 

Addendum: What is the key thing that both the Islamic terrorists of the Ikhwan and American Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama got wrong about Egypt?  They both failed to recognize that Egypt is a country with a culture which has existed for many thousands of years. Egypt contains a culture that was harmonized with both ancient Greek and Roman cultures. It is a culture that has also withstood the invasion of Islam as a foreign occupying ideology for hundreds of years. It is a culture which the Bible repeatedly addresses and prophecies about for the present and the future; it is a culture in which Christianity was brought to it by the Apostle Mark more than half a millennium prior to the Islamic invasion; a Christianity which survives to this day in the Coptic Orthodox Church and other churches throughout the continent of Africa. What the Ikhwan and Obama failed to recognize is that the culture which Egypt possesses is multifaceted, ancient and enduring; that most of its people want no part of an Islamic dictatorship lording over them. Egypt's future as determined by God is detailed in Isaiah 19:18-25.

Update 19 August 2013:  Contrary to the near panic-stricken and hand-wringing musings of the secular Israeli's who penned today's lead story for DEBKAfile, there is no immediate risk of a renewed Russian military presence on Israel's borders with Syria and Egypt. The prophecy of Ezekiel 38/39 will come to pass at its appointed time, but now is clearly not that time according to the text of Ezekiel's prophecy.  At most the Russian's are attempting to exploit the incompetency and compounded errors being made through U.S. Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama's incoherent policy in support of the Egyptian Ikhwan terrorists.

And also to the contrary, DEBKAfile's claim that "Israel has absolutely no involvement in Gen. El-Sisi’s war on the Muslim Brotherhood," is patently false. Israel is intimately involved in all aspects of support of the Egyptian interim government's war against the Ikhwan terrorists. This is due to the fact that should the Egyptian military fail to completely secure Egypt from the Islamic dictatorship the Ikhwan had begun to create, Israel would then face Islamic jihadist regimes on all of its borders, including Jordan.

Proof of Israel's intimate dealings with the Egyptian military and intelligence apparatus is self-evident in the instantaneous notification of Israel's military and intelligence apparatus of the Egyptian police executing an arrest of Muhammed al-Zawahri, the brother of Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri on Saturday, 17 August, at a security checkpoint in Giza, Egypt. Mohammed al-Zawahri had previously be personally leading jihadists attacks against Israel from the Sinai. In this light there is no doubt that Israeli intelligence (i.e. the Mossad and/or Shin Bet) had been tracking his movements closely and may have been intimately involved in the interception and arrest at the Giza checkpoint, hence the instantaneous knowledge of his arrest.


Anonymous said...

This will be very interesting, moreso because the White House has had multiple Muslm Brotherhood visits lately. Not sure what these visits were about, but have a feeling one of the goals was, and is, to help establish islam as the dominant religion in America. From that perspective it would be difficult for Obama to start supporting the other side in Egypt. Of course I could be very wrong with my assumption.

Sean Osborne said...

I think one must be cognizant of the fact that Obama has a history of unceremoniously throwing his political liabilities under the proverbial bus.

One must recall where everyone from Obama's own white-skinned grandmother, to the not-so-reverend Jeremiah Wright, to Steven Miller (ex-IRS Commissioner), to Rezko and Blagojevich and Bill Ayres, not to mention Bible and US Constitution hugging Conservative Americans ended up when it suited his political agenda.

Make room under the bus for the Ikhwan, there's an election coming up quick.

Sean Osborne said...

A brief note on the "Abrahamic relgion" factor in the main post.

The vast majority of the supposedly civilized world has as an integral part it's religious bedrock, albeit it currently apostate from the one true God, a belief system that is descended from the man we know from the Book of Genesis as Abram/Abraham and the God who dealt directly with him in a Covenant relationship.

The so-called 'big three' world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have Abraham as a central character in their origins.

I think it would be all but impossible for an Antichrist figure laying claim to be the "god of your fathers" of these monotheistic faiths to unify the the larger part of the world behind his rule, at least temporarily, without tapping into this distinct but superficial commonality between the big three monotheistic faiths.

mark3210 said...

It is indeed good news that Hosni Mubarak will soon be freed. It's particularly pleasing considering how many times in the last couple weeks we've heard Obama wants Morsi freed!

Has he ever called for Mubarak to be freed?? Didn't think so!

Do you think a future US president will ever free Jonathan Pollard? Assuming of course that he survives past the current one?

mark3210 said...

Debka's lead story this morning is how the US and Israeli red lines for both Syria and Iran have become meaningless.

Do you agree with this?

I feel like the West is quickly running out of credibility right now.

Sean Osborne said...

This comment's response has been rephrased to more correctly answer Mark's questions.

mark3210 wrote:

"Debka's lead story this morning is how the US and Israeli red lines for both Syria and Iran have become meaningless.


DEBKAfile is written by Jews of Israel who are oblivious to the current prophetic or spiritual realities. These are Jews who are described (in part) by Moses in Deuteronomy 29:4 and and by Paul in Romans 11.

At the minimum, I believe it is essential for the Bride of Christ to understand these two directly related and very specific Biblical Spiritual truths regarding the Jews in these times prior to the 70th Week.

These verses explain in detail why the Jews, for the most part, did not recognize or receive the Messiah at His first coming, and why the Messiah said what He said about the Jews of the 70th Week as quoted by John 5:43.

I mean, look at the Jews focus of today, it is on Ezekiel 38/39 instead of what is staring at them in square the face: Isaiah 17 just one of the most imminent.

Moreover there have been at least three generations of Jews living in Eretz Isra'el (1948 to 2013). Only those very few Jews who have been born again in Messiah recognize the fact that Isra'el is fully within the fulfillment of Psalm 83s prophetic verses for all of the past 65 years.

"Do you agree with this?"

No, I do not agree with the views expressed by DEBKAfile.

The 'red lines' of both the United States of America and Israel are meaningless. So are the 'red lines' of all other nations on planet Earth.

Everything that is occurring at the present time and through the 70th Week is on the Lord's schedule for His sovereign purposes. His will is being done.