Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Global SITREP A23-13: Prelude to a Great, Big Regional War

28 August 2013: From this vantage point on the "Golan Watchtower" the consensus of opinion of former military and intelligence professionals is that this long prophesied regional war is going to happen. The evidence is that overwhelming this evening: there is zero chance of averting this war.  Why is it going to happen? Because the presidential administration of Barack Hussein Obama II wants it to happen. 

Let me repeat that with emphasis. President Obama is fully prepared to start a regional war without:

A.) the requisite Congressional approval much less a single pair of words in debate; 
B.) any United Nations Security Council discussion, debate or vote of authorization to act; 
C.) an official presentation of inviolable intelligence to any of the above named bodies or the American people for that matter;
D.) Zip, nada, nothing. A big "Zero Burger."

I am now going to repeat with added emphasis the comment I made in the previous post's comments and discussions area.

There are zero strategic objectives or priorities served in the limited tactical strikes being planned by the Obama Administration against Syria.

Zip, nada, none.

The planned strikes are utterly pointless and will be extremely counterproductive and destructive to world peace if they occur.

The planned strikes are an utterly insane 'wag the dog' distraction that will have the potential to cause the unnecessary deaths of thousands upon thousands of people.

When these Syrian strikes occur our feckless Congress should immediately initiate impeachment proceedings against the Commander-In-Chief in my humble opinion. However, I will not be holding my breath in anticipation of that legislative procedure occurring. There are better chances of Satan repenting of his rebellion against God.

By the way... where are the throngs of ridiculously painted faces, rainbow wigs, morbid costumes and death masks of the anti war crowd we saw parading in American streets in 2002-2003? Where are they now?

Am I angry this evening? You bet your sweet bippy I am angry. Livid in fact.

Even so, Marana tha!


hartdawg said...

Good evening,
First of all, I want you to know that I'm also extremely angry. Angry that we have such a lying, terrorist loving, gun grabbing, godless, pathetic excuse for a leader in the white house. Angry that multitudes of ill informed people put him back in office. I always try very hard to remember that this is not our final home and that we are pilgrims passing through.I also try to remember that these people are simply playing right into the father's hands. This was all foretold long ago.
Second, it really seems that this is it. Whether it is or not I'm not sure. We have been on the edge many times before yet God has held back the clock. Will he do so again? To me it doesn't look like it but it's not for me to say....lately it's really been on my mind that we should use what time is left to do as much for the kingdom as we possibly can as you have been doing. God be with you

mark3210 said...

You are so right about the anti-war protests. What's stunning though is that those protests in 2002-2003 were hardly limited to the US, they were worldwide.

Are the protesters completely missing the fact that a Syrian war could be more disastrous than Iraq ever was? Everyone is asleep at the wheel suddenly?

We can only conclude that the worldwide anti-war movement only shows it's face when a Republican is in the WH. We certainly haven't seen it since!

Sean Osborne said...

Yes, by their absence the anti-war clowns and skeleton faces have fully exposed themselves as nothing more than useful idiots of Leftist totalitarianism.