Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Global SITREP B18-14: Israel Strikes Syrian Military, Warns Damascus of a "Heavy Price" to be Paid

19 March 2014: In the overnight hours and this morning Israel fingered Bashar al-Assad's army as complicit in the roadside attack on IDF troops yesterday on the Golan. The IAF promptly went into action by launching strikes on a Syrian C2 (Command and Control) headquarters, a training site and Syrian artillery positions on their side of the Golan Line-of-Control (LoC). 

Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon then launched his own strike on Syria's embattled President Bashar al-Assad as bearing full responsibility for the action of his forces in aiding and abetting the attack on the IDF patrol yesterday. Ya'alon declared, "We won’t tolerate any breach of our sovereignty or attacks against our soldiers and civilians. We will react with might and resolve against anyone who acts against us, no matter where and when, as we demonstrated last night. Anyone who tries to attack us will be signing their own death sentence.”

Those are words someone with national authority should have spoken to Vladimir Putin in late February, but I digress. Wars and rumors of wars. Check. Stay tuned, and don't blink because just about anything could set any of several powder kegs off, the most devastating of which is the one prophesied to occur against Damascus. At this point I am wondering if Isaiah 17 is both a prophesy and a promise.


Lujack Skylark said...

Israel's embassies around the world are closing. Any ideas why? Israel moving against Iranian nuclear plants a possibility and bringing ambassadors home is for their own safety?

Sean Osborne said...

Nope, its nothing like that Lujack.

The Israeli foreign ministry's workers went on strike this past weekend after a very long and unresolved labor dispute. So the foreign ministry and all of its overseas activities (embassies and consulates) are effectively closed, no business is being conducted at any of them anywhere in the world.