Thursday, March 27, 2014

Global SITREP B10-13: The Jordan Valley

UPDATE 27 March 2014:  Getting back to the premise of the 20 December post regarding the "great upheaval" that will have to overtake Jordan, an article published in the Winter 2012 edition of Middle East Quarterly (link is to a .pdf) is now making the intel round again. The article was authored by Mudar Zahran and it gives a glimpse of what that upheaval might look like as well as its causation.

In that article Zahran shows how the relative clam in Amman, Jordan is an illusion maintained by the Hashemite, (i.e. Bedouin) royal family and regime. Zahran effectively points out that the "Palestinians" are the largest ethnic group within Jordan, and that they have a profound hatred of the Hashemite regime whom they view as illegitimate occupiers and intruders upon the eastern half of their country. The bottom line: A full-fledged revolt in Jordan is extremely likely; it would be a revolt where the minimum 66% majority of common "Palestinians" take up arms to overthrow the regime of the minority Hashemite Bedouin elite.

Keep an eye on Jordan as this is precisely the kind of "great upheaval" in Jordan that would be a precursor to Jordan's involvement in the coming Psalm 83 finale. Islamist Palestinians in control of Amman and the rest of that land east of the Jordan River would then rapidly set their sights on Israel as a remainder to be conquered west of the Jordan River. Or so they will think according to Psalm 83.

3 February 2013: Once again DEBKAfile has the confirming data regarding the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's very strong opposition to a "Palestinian" security or military presence in the Jordan valley. Jordan has once again diplomatically smacked U.S. SECSTATE John Kerry upside his head with the "Treaty of Peace Between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan." In particular there are two parts of the treaty King Abdullah II wants Kerry to pay attention to: Annex I (borders and sovereignty issues) and Article 9 which deals with Jordan's 'special status' regarding Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and the high priority Israel places on Jordan's historical role in negotiation regarding its final status. In effect King Abdullah II is telling Kerry that there can be no Israel-Palestinian accord without Jordan's concurrence.

06 January 2014: Contrary to most other Israeli media, this morning's news published at DEBKAfile confirms what was posted to this topic one month ago. Most Israeli media are putting a decidedly pro-Kerry spin to their reports, probably because their editorial staffs believe it is better to see whipped-cream-pie-in-the-sky reporting than the truth concerning the abject rejection of US SECSTATE Kerry's so-called "framework" has received from Israel, Jordan and the PA. The best that they can say is that Kerry spent more than 1 hour yesterday in Amman with Jordan's King Abdullah II and Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. However, there is not one word about Jordan's total rejection of Kerry's plan for the Jordan Valley. This is the kind of ridiculous spin one can expect from the globalist's compliant lapdog media.

20 December 2013: The "great upheaval" that will have to occur within Jordan for it to become openly hostile to the existence of Israel is any change to the status of Mount Moriah (Temple Mount) that has existed since the end of the Six Day War in June 1967. This "great upheaval" is something that could be manufactured almost overnight. And it has been. We may refer to this new situation is an Islamic demand for apartheid on Temple Mount, or a Muslim Only Temple Mount.

On the very day of my posting this topic, the issue of Jordanian control of the Temple Mount suddenly reemerged when a Muslim riot erupted in the early afternoon on 6 December was instigated by a Jordanian cleric in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. When Israeli police intervened to halt the Muslim rock-throwing riot directed at themselves, a no-brainer intervention which the Jordanian cleric knew would happen, made-up charges of an Israeli plot to make Muslim worshipers "uncomfortable" at the Mount appeared out of thin air. Even the long-term presence of security cameras on the Mount suddenly became an issue for the clerics as well as Jordanian government ministers.

Now the Muslim's have raised the bar in the control of Temple Mount they were given in great error by General Moshe Dayan some 46 years ago. The Muslim clerics have urged their deceived youth resort to violence and bloodshed in the instant they see any Jew or Christian engage in prayer, or what they believe is prayer, on the ground of the Temple Mount. Previously Christians have been allowed to ascend and to pray on the Mount, but no longer as the Muslim clerics are now declaring the Mount to be a "Muslim Only" religious site.

I am of the assessment that this new situation may well force Israeli authorities, and I mean in the Israeli Knesset, to take action to enforce a full and free access to the Temple Mount by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Per Bible prophecy, Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, will be the center of the "great upheaval" in these last days. It will likely be the largest spark in a sea of sparks to ignite this powder keg in the near-term.

06 December 2013: The geo-political and military situation in the Jordan Valley (image above) is tremendously informative as to where we are prophetically with respect to the fulfillment of Psalm 83, Ezekiel 28:24-26 and Isaiah 11:14 at any point in the near term. This present situation clearly informs that some great upheaval will have to occur within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Jordan's official name) for it to become openly hostile to the existence of Israel as made clear in the prophecy.  

As can be determined by reading an article published yesterday morning in The Times of Israel, at the present time Jordan is resolutely supportive of Israel through the IDF maintaining total military control of the Jordan Valley and the West Bank instead of Palestinian Authority's forces. Amman wants Israel to complete a security fence along this frontier because it would be a security benefit for both Jordan and Israel. Jordan has been telling its American ally that it supports Israel's position in the ongoing negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. And US SECSTATE John Kerry's notion of an international security force for this region has already been shot down in flames, almost before it was presented to these nations.

Obviously Jordan and the PA are not reading from the same sheet of deadly music as seen in the above noted prophecies, therefore something of a sea-change will have to occur between these two nations. Isaiah 17 might be the catalyst for that change, but only time will tell. It's clear to me that Jordan will be key to how the final fulfillment of the Psalm 83 prophecy comes to fulfillment. We'll keep an eye on this for new developments.

The map above  has been added to illustrate the nations and peoples prophetically identified by Asaph in Psalm 83. This is how the region was geo-politically divided 2,900-3,000 years ago. However, at that time none of these nations or peoples were united in an alliance against Israel. Only since 1948 A.D. has this been true, making Psalm 83 a prophecy in he process of fulfillment for our time.


hartdawg said...

I have long since wondered about the imminency of psalm 83 for the very reason of Jordan's peace with Israel. I've been expecting an uprising in Jordan similar to the one in Egypt, Libya and Syria. As you said, something has to happen to make Jordan come against Israel. Perhaps an Arab spring or maybe even Isaiah 17.

Sean Osborne said...

I have been biting my tongue when it comes to the term "Arab Spring." No more can I allow myself to do this.

"Arab Spring" is a term created by card-carrying Western Leftists, Socialists, Marxists and communists.

"Arab Spring" is a misnomer of epic proportions that the media's political lapdogs adopted with relish. It illustrates as clearly as anything in the real world can how completely detached from reality Western Leftist ideology is. And that makes it inherently disgusting as well as a crime against humanity. Par for the course for Leftists.

Wherever the so-called "Arab Spring" manifest itself the immediate result was war, chaos, the collapse of civil rule and law, accompanied by wanton murder on an industrial, mass destruction scale.

In other words Islamic Jihadism was sanctioned and supported by the leading governments in the West (namely the US, the UK and the EU) to erupt upon the people of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria... thus far. Jordan may be next, as will Israel be dragged in - which is the ultimate objective of the global oligarchy authors of the "Arab Spring."

A quick scan of global media coverage over the past 3 years is the proof of this in black and white and umpteen videos. For the US the "Arab Spring" brought us the travesty of Benghazi. For Egypt it initiated the process to the fulfillment of isaiah 19... and it's just getting warmed up.

The ideological and intellectual basis for the "Arab Spring" can be found in the English-language "A New Beginning" speech given to the people of Egypt and the Islamic world at-large by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama while he was at Cairo University on 4 June 2009.

There are likely many people who either have short attention spans or some type of an type of attention deficit disorder who will dispute this, but these are the cold, hard facts on the the basis of the Islamist-led civil wars and bloody revolutions that began ravaging the Middle East exactly 535 days after Obama's speech stopped echoing in the halls of Cairo University.

Obama's more recent actions then should come as a surprise to no one; he has brought war to the Middle East. War that has yet to escalate and achieve its ultimate level. Anyone who thinks this war will not also soon consume the West and its comfortable suburban neighborhoods had better think again.

hartdawg said...

I will never use that term again. BTW, I was talking to a liberal friend not 12 hours ago about this very point you just mentioned. (obama and his support of the bloody wars....) he was so deceived by the MSM and so liberal minded he simply said "he's no worse then any of our past presidents. They ALL supported and armed these nations". I in turn said "don't let the door hit you as the good Lord splits you, there's no reasoning behind you're statement and taking to you is pointless"

Sean Osborne said...

Amen Bro... you and me both, that term has no business coming from Christians. It is a vehicle for destruction and enslavement.

We are getting a glimpse of how those who are left behind will blindly follow the son of perdition in the near future.

Speak the Truth of Christ to them, and when they reject Him, brush the dust off and move on.

Lujack Skylark said...

Jordan is 78% Palestinian and 22% Hashemites. Jordanian Palestinians will likely become anti-Israel after the phony peace talks 9 month deadline ends in April 2014. Israel is not going to accept 5,000,000 Arabs into their nation in any peace deal so the Psalms 83 war will likely strike in the summer of 2014 when the 6 month Iranian sanction review will be over. This is just my opinion.

Sean Osborne said...

The Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan is an artificial state created by Great Britain, one of the Biblical nations comprising the sea-faring nations of commerce known as Tarshish according to God per the prophet Ezekiel.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is populated by Arab tribesmen, the vast majority of whom (99%) are descendants of Ishmael with a smattering of ancient Circassian and Armenian peoples mixed into the population (less than 1%).

There is no such nationality as "Hashemite." That is an English-language word made up to describe the indigenous Hashi nomads of the northern Arabian Peninsula.

These people are 100% Ishmaelite. They come from the region of Hejaz in the Arabian Peninsula; they are the descendants of the Quraysh tribe, a clan known as the Banu Hashim which is the clan that Muhammad was born into.

Hashim (a/k/a Hussein, Hassan)was Muhammad's grandfather and from whom the clan's name (shem) was takem. From this the original pre-Islamic clan of Banu Hashim claim the right to be the rightful guardians of the Islamic holy sites in Mecca and Medina of which the Saudi's are modern-day usurpers.

Asaph's 3,000-year old Psalm 83 identifies these mixed peoples of modern-day Jordanian as (bold print):

"Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab (and) Ammon."

Isaiah 11:14 supports this identification.

I have placed a map on B10-13 to illustrate the prophetic narrative of Psalm 83.

hartdawg said...

I'm guessing an uprising of some sort is about to occur in of right now they appear to be staunch allies. Even more so than the U.S it would appear. What makes it even more interesting is the stage is almost set for Gog/magog but psalm 83 most certainly occurs first. What that tells me is either 1)Jordan is going to turn on Israel very soon, 2) Irans facilities is going to be hit by Israel very soon thus fulfilling the prophecy concerning elam and pushing back Gog/ magog a couple years, or 3) both 1 and 2. Just my opinion

Sean Osborne said...

No guessing about it, it must happen. This is clearly evident.

Paragraph above the newly added map:

"Obviously Jordan and the PA are not reading from the same sheet of deadly music as seen in the above noted prophecies, therefore something of a sea-change will have to occur between these two nations. Isaiah 17 might be the catalyst for that change, but only time will tell. It's clear to me that Jordan will be key to how the final fulfillment of the Psalm 83 prophecy comes to fulfillment. We'll keep an eye on this for new developments."

So we watch new developments occur in their own time. Don't blink, I believe the sea-change will be very rapid.

Sean Osborne said...

And remember... there is no mention of Syria in Psalm 83... Isaiah 17 occurring first is the likely reason why.

Psalm 83 involves Lebanon, Jordan, the Arabian Peninsula and the Sinai Peninsula, with a little help coming for Jordan from their brethren in north-central Iraq (Asshur).

So there is every prophetic reason to believe that the sea-change I refer to occurs outside of Jordan initially.

Mike A said...

Mike A.

Sean, perhaps the answer may involve the right of Jews to pray on the temple mount, which is now in the news and increasing on a weekly basis. If Israel allows the prayers, then all Muslims will unite against them in war.

Sean Osborne said...


Absolutely, the Temple Mount is a big part of the equation.

Israel (Judaism) will have to gain full sovereignty over it (bye bye Waqf!) for the 70th Week Temple to be built with a truly internationalized outer court.

Islam would never permit such a thing.

Lujack Skylark said...

An ex-Jordanian spy says Jordan's king Abdullah is against Israel. All the Psalms 83:6-8 territories are now all aligned against Israel if the Jordanian king really despises Israel. Another Palestinian Jordanian writer says Jordan's king Abdullah wants East Jerusalem.

Great Grany 5 said...

Now will everyone admit to what is presently in the high office of this nation? My next question is a little less stressful but it begs to be answered. Why is this situation being ignored by our Congress?

Trying to relax a little before I call this day done but I do believe it will be morning before I can lay these burdens down.

Using my laptop rather, still struggling to get used to it. I am too stubborn to give up too easily.


Sean Osborne said...

Not everyone will admit it... a good number are still in denial.

Congress is divided. After the mid-terms in November it could be a different situation altogether for 2015.

The problem is none of these enemies will wait for the US to eventually get its act together. They will seize the opportunity that is presenting itself.