Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The missing Boeing 777-2H6ER Departing Rossy-DeGaulle Int'l Airport, Paris, France

UPDATE 20 March 2014: A word of caution -- as tempting as it may be, do not fall hook, line and sinker for the deception which appears to be emerging this morning based upon what may or may not be floating in an extreme southern part of the Indian Ocean. Just like the Chinese, Malaysian and other families of the passengers, I am also sick and tired of having, inept governments, their spokesperson and their media lapdogs jerk the chain in a different direction every day. As far as I am some of my friends in the Intelligence Community are concerned, we got too close to the truth of the matter as seen in yesterday's update; and the relatives of the passengers must have something because they are just about at the end of their ropes. So the 'powers that be' will provide something immediately, as if on cue, and I believe that something will be the headline today. Don't believe it. What retired General McInerney has stated on FoxNews and what I posted here yesterday is on the right track.

19 March 2014: I believe the initial radar track discussed below 6 days ago was 100% correct: MH370 flew into the wide expanse of the Indian Ocean. I now believe, as unlikely as it has appeared to me since then, that whoever was piloting the aircraft did what was necessary to avoid radar detection by both Indian air defense and the US radar at Diego Garcia.

I think the pilot(s) made it to the Maldive Islands just prior 6 AM there local time, were slightly off their anticipated course of paralleling commercial route P756 to the west, and thereby over-shot a planned landing there.

A news report today originating from one of the Maldives Islands has very interesting data in it. On 08MAR14 at 06:15 local time numerous eyewitnesses on the Maldives Island known as Kuda Huvadhoo saw what they described as a "low flying, white colored jumbo jet with red stripes" pass overhead and moving from the northwest to the southeast. That's a pretty good description of what could well be MH370 passing by at low altitude and at a good rate of speed. At that time and at that range the aircraft was very likely low on fuel and was passing over Kuda Huvadhoo on a return leg after missing a planned landing on Gan Island, Addu Atoll, which lies to the immediate south of Kuda Huvadhoo. Gan Island is pretty much nothing more than a runway attached by causeways (Link Road) to other islands to the north.

A quick refueling of MH370 by on the ground accomplices and once again this aircraft could have been gone to parts unknown in short order, possibly even to the current speculated destinations of Pakistan or Iran. At a minimum I would hope authorities have or will shortly check this place out by all means possible.

15 March 2013: Here are FOUR more established facts:

1.) The Aircraft Communications and Reporting System (ACARS) installed on board MH370 continued to function after someone onboard deliberately attempted to shut if off a full 14 minutes after BOTH OF THE REDUNDANT Flight Data Transponders were disabled.

2.) The attempt to shut down the ACARS was only partially successful, and the radio continued to transmit engine performance data in real-time. Extrapolation of specific parameters within the transmitted data will aid to locate the flight path of MH370 until the ACARS stopped transmitting, which by all current indications appears to be when the engines were shut down.

3.) At no time was there any indication from ACARS of any malfunction in either of MH370s engines, nor was there any parametric data transmitted by the aircraft which indicated catastrophic malfunction.

4.) More fuel, a lot more fuel, than was needed for the originally scheduled KL-Beijing flight was loaded onboard MH370s tanks prior to take-off. So much more fuel that Malaysia Airlines officials are now on record saying the aircraft had more than 7 hours worth of fuel onboard when it disappeared. 7 hours! That means the aircraft could have been flown completely across the Indian Ocean as far as Somalia, Yemen and even as far as Iran. Or, it could have landed at some remote, covert landing strip and still have enough fuel for another more sinister flight in the near future.

All of these facts combine to indicate that deliberate human actions were directly involved in the disappearance of MH370 from its scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and that all of the incredible risks taken to secure this aircraft make its next intended purpose well worth it to whom ever has possession of it today.

13 March 2014: Yes, I have been very closely monitoring the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines FLT 370 (aircraft image above: Malaysian Registration Number 9M-MRO clearly visible) from the get-go.  And, yes, I have my own theory to account for the extraordinary amount of high strangeness surrounding the total disappearance of this aircraft, its crew and passengers. However, I have not, until now, posted anything about this because it has nothing to do with Bible prophecy. That aside, there are enough folks inquiring about what I know about this that my silence is no longer golden. In fact, some may take a very dim view of my theory.

Straight up. I believe the senior Malaysian military authorities who reported that their radar had a track on MH370 after its flight transponder was deliberately disengaged. I believe they tracked it crossing east to west back over the Malay Peninsula and on out into the Malacca Strait, just past an island in the northern part known as Palau-Perak. The bearing of this Malaysian military radar track had FLT MH-370 on a bearing for northern Sumatra. 

On a straight line bearing from that specific point I found that the next airport it would come to was the airstrip at the British Indian Ocean Territory of Diego Garcia. That had me speculate, and deep down I hope I am wrong about this, that this event was a super-duper, super-extraordinary rendition of persons or cargo aboard the aircraft. And I speculate that the US government is either responsible or fully aware of it. Iranians with false passports, other Iranian person or persons paying for the one-way tickets for the fraudulent passport holders, and a continuing CIA assessment that something extraordinary was still in progress. All of these factors, and a couple of others, have combined to keep my speculation intact and alive. I believe and continue to pray that all passengers and crew will return to their loved ones safe and sound when this saga comes to a close.

Some Facts:

The Boeing 777-2H6ER (ER = extended range) aircraft routinely makes trans-oceanic, intercontinental flights in excess of 7,400 miles with a full tank. Flight MH370 was a scheduled Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight, a distance of 2654 miles. From where MH370 last returned a final long-range Malaysian radar pulse (Palau-Perak island) Diego Garcia airport is just about 2000 miles away. There was plenty of fuel to make that journey since MH370 is a Boeing 777-236ER aircraft capable of remaining airborne 3 times that distance with a full fuel load, or twice that distance with a 2/3 fuel load. Had MH370 actually reached Beijing on the scheduled flight it could have immediately turned around, taken off and flown back to Kuala Lumpur without refueling. 

Some Questions: 

It is possible that some other nation has hijacked this aircraft? Absolutely. Iran immediately comes to mind, and I hope I am not wrong in this speculation. The aircraft could have simply been flown around air traffic control/air defense identification zones near India and Sri Lanka and covertly continued on to a destination of their choice. Did this aircraft blow up in mid-flight where originally thought? No, I think US satellite IR reconnaissance sensors would have easily detected that and the search would have become localized on that point. Addendum: Here is corroboration that US "national technical means" did not detect any mid-air explosion associated with  Flight MH-370.


Bruce Bridges said...

The aircraft involved is actually a 777-2H6ER, delivered new to Malaysia Airlines. The Boeing customer code 36 is reserved for aircraft originally delivered to British Airways which has not sold off any of its 777s to other operators.

Sean Osborne said...

Roger that Bruce. I noticed the H in further digging. Now I'm digging deeper into the registration number which has already been removed from the "active" list at, i.e. MSN # 28420 is absent from the list.

Melinda Clark said...

I often have prophetic dreams. The night of 3-11-14 I was given a vision of forest with people standing and sitting around. Their body language looked sad but I could not see their faces because of a great light shining through the forest behind them. I was also given the words "West by Northwest" that same night . It seems the search is now headed in that direction..(west of where they went missing..perhaps northwest is where they are?) I believe that up til this point the passengers (at least some) are still alive..

NG said...

Makes sense, especial now that news surfaced that searches are now conducted in the Indian Ocean.

The problem with this theory is that it begs the question how will the US explain this to world audience and specifically to China?

Beijing will be furious if the US finally admit the plane safely landed on Diego Garcia and they just kept this information from them during days during which the families were so worried.

This makes the whole theory not fully plausible.

Sean Osborne said...

My speculation came into being on the morning of 11 March after the radar data of the Malaysian military first became publicly available.

I know that pilots are very, very reluctant fly outside of established air corridors (routes) as it is hazardous to the point of being near suicidal.

This is why when MH370 turned west at way-point Conson Island south of Vietnam it began flying southwest on Rout M765 until it crossed way-point "MEDAN" over the Malacca Straits and took a bearing on Route B344 towards the southeastern corner of FIR COLOMBO in the Indian Ocean. B344 would take MH370 to Route R212 and Diego Garcia.

Scipio said...

Sean, could it have been taken over to use 'for other purposes'; a suicide mission with bombs aboard?

Sean Osborne said...


Anything is possible, but with the passage of six full days now this is a remote possibility because the aircraft would have to have landed at a "friendly" location.

Anonymous said...

So now that it has been 6 days, do you still think it was a case of rendition? If so, how will that be explained? If it did crash, why did it fly on for 4 or 5 hours? I thought yesterday iran may have it to use as a nuclear delivery, but itseems now that its been too long, they couldnt do that now as they wouldnt have the element of surprise.

Sean Osborne said...

It has now been 7 days (7 Mar to 14 Mar = 7 days) and the basic facts as they have come to light since Tuesday 11 Mar to the present of 14 Mar have not changed:

The aircraft did not blow up in mid-air.

The aircraft continued to fly for 4-5 hours longer on a generally western direction.

The aircraft was under intelligent and experienced control no matter who was actually in the pilots seat.

The passage of time serves those who took control of MH370 from its scheduled flight path.

Great Grany 5 said...

Interesting info regarding Diego Garcia here:

Sean, I have forgotten how to tag and this is the only way I can link you to the page I found very interesting.


Sean Osborne said...

The infoplease blurb was spun to a very anti-UK/US position becuase of the made up stuff about a native population. What I know about DG was learned during my '78-79 tour at NAVCAMS WESTPAC on Guam, M.I.

Diego Garcia was uninhabited and the only residents were brought in from elsewhere to work on a plantation. Prior to that inhabitants were shipwreck survivors who departed as soon as a rescuing ship arrived.

A UK start-up colony of 250 individuals was attempted, but a shipwreck of 275 survivors overwhelmed them and the colony failed.

Fresh water occurs only in very thin lenses in certain places where rain water can collect. Almost every thing else but coconuts is imported from the US or Down Under.

mark3210 said...

I feel like most of your updates on this issue leave me with more questions than I started with rather than answers.

You seem to be pretty certain that the plane made a safe landing, right?

Is it your opinion that a "rendition" is most likely while a terror hijacking is less likely?

And if it is a rendition, about how many passengers were targets, and what do we do with everyone else?

Sean Osborne said...


In my way of thinking rendition and hijacking are one and the same thing; there is no difference between them.

I am also thinking that because the innocent passengers remain unaccounted for that this is without question a terrorist act.

And that is all I think about this at this point. Tomorrow may bring more clues.

mark3210 said...


Maybe this is a dumb question, but what would be the point of Iran hijacking a plane to use in an attack rather than using one of their own planes?

Certainly Iran has no shortage of planes, ships, or missiles that could be used to deliver a nuclear attack.

Sean Osborne said...


Nobody's saying Iran hijacked this plane, just that it's in the region where the Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani borders converge.

I happen to think it's on the Iranian side of the line.

As to why... that's simple... it's a Malaysian plane which they think gives them "plausible deniability."

This is not the first time Iran has been involved in a terrorist attack on an international commercial flight either:

PanAm 103 & TWA 800 stand out.