Monday, April 21, 2014

CBN's Erick Stakelbeck Inerview with Israel's Minister of Economy, Naftali Bennett

21 April 2014: Naftali Bennett, born to American parents, is without question a very fast rising and increasingly powerful figure in Israeli politics. He is the leader of the Israeli political party Habayit Hayehud, or The Jewish Home, and the co-founder of the Israeli political movement Yisra'el Sheli, or My Israel. In the simplest terms understandable to American born-again Christians, Naftali Bennett is a Zionist within the context of all the Biblical prophecies regarding a re-born Israel in these last days. 

Naftali Bennett is the kind of Israeli leader I can envision as being the Rosh HaMemshala (Prime Minister) in office for the fulfillment of Isaiah 17; the Psalm 83 prophecy final engagements, and possibly even the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39. Since I do believe we are just so very close to the 70th Week, and based upon Naftali's experience as a member of Israel's elite special forces (Sayeret Maktal and Maglan), I can also envision him in the near future as possibly being or directly associated with what Israeli Orthodox religious leaders will herald as the long-awaited Moshiach ben Yosef, the great military leader of Israel prior to the appearance of the also expected Moshiach ben David.  Both are figures who are directly connected to the Jewish vision of the expected Messianic era.

All of that said, here is a link to brief article and a 'must see' embedded interview between CBN's Erick Stakelbeck and Naftali Bennett: Bennett: Judea, Samaria Key to Israel's Security.


Great Grany 5 said...

I agree with Naftali Bennett about Samaria and Judea! But then I have never, ever thought that giving up land to a bunch of thugs was going to bring peace. Kinda like being backed into a dark alley by a bunch of stray pets. Gentiles will never understand the YAHWEH connection to the Hebrew Children. NEVER EVER!

I truly love Israel and seems like I always have but showing weakness or fear in the face of danger isn't very smart. Consider Gideon and the drinkers of the water. Prepared but fearless! But the picture of Mr. Bennett is somewhat familiar with another famous leader of our world today. Hope he turns out to be the real patriot Son of Israel and dedicated to serving his nation like he said.

Good article Sean!

Sean Osborne said...

I just wrote what came to my mind as I watched the video.

Bill Salus sent me the link on the Communion/Lord's Supper a/k/a Good Friday, but with everything going on I was too busy until yesterday to watch it in full.

As I watched it the thought of the first of the two Moshiach's the Jew's are awaiting in the last days would not leave me.

I think Naftali would be a good candidate for that role to be assigned to him by a group like the Sanhedrin, but my prayer is for him to find Jesus as Moshiach instead.

I also think it is no coincidence that as we get closer to these prophetic happenings they become clearer and clearer still, and its most definitely getting to be very late in the season, so to speak.

Lujack Skylark said...

Fatah has just joined up with Hamas. Thus the peace talks end. Are we now heading towards the Psalms 83 war?

Sean Osborne said...


No, we are not heading towards the Psalm 83 war... the Psalm 83 war has been in progress since November 1947 or May 1948, depending on how one views the actual start date of the war.

What we are heading for are the final and far more destructive battles of the Psalm 83 war to be fought and won by Israel.

These wars will see the deployment and use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons not seen in any war previously fought by mankind.

The death toll will be extraordinarily high and painful. Pray the battles are swiftly concluded; pray for the umpteen souls that will be lost in them.

Mary said...

Great article, Sean. I have been watching Naftali Bennett for a couple of years and really believe he is a future PM.