Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Global SITREP C5-14: Saudi's Conclude "Abdullah's Sword" Exercise by Revealing Chinese-made DF-3 Nuclear Missiles

30 April 2014: Yesterday, the first time ever, Saudi Arabia openly exhibited two of its several dozen Chinese-made Dong Feng-3 (DF-3) multiple warhead (50-100kT) nuclear missiles, received in 1987, in a massive military parade at the northeastern military base in Hafr al-Batin. 

This base is well-known to many of 1991's Operation Desert Storm veterans as King Khalid Military City (KKMC); it is the only part of Saudi Arabia most got to see prior to General Norman Schwarzkopf's "Hail Mary" tactical maneuver along the Saudi-Kuwait-Iraq border region to the northwest. KKMC was the pivot point for all coalition forces during that action which annihilated Saddam Hussein's forces that had overrun the State of Kuwait as Iraq's "19th Province."

Also included in this parade were support vehicles not associated with the DF-3 IRBMs, but rather with Saudi Arabia's upgraded nuclear deterrent force of the far more accurate Chinese-made single-warhead DF-21 MRBMs. The parade served as firm notice to the U.S. Obama Administration, as well as to the Iranian Ayatollah's regime, that Saudi Arabia has embarked upon a fully independent course of action with respect to defending itself and its Gulf Cooperation Council Allies against the continually expanding Iranian nuclear weapons program. 

In attendance at the parade as Saudi Crown Prince Salman's royal and distinguished guests were King Hamad of Bahrain, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan's military Chief-of-Staff General Raheel Sharif, who notably sat next to Saudi Crown Prince Mitab, King Abdullah's senior son and heir. Pakistan is the supplier of nuclear warheads for Saudi Arabia's arsenal of DF-3 and DF-21 Intermediate and Medium Range Ballistic Missiles.

Sourcing of this for this open source intelligence (OSINT) is from a Washington Institute "Policy Alert" by Simon Henderson, published 29 April 2014, and several Eschatology Today reports of the past two years. A 'Policy Alert' will appear when a central theme of a Presidential Administration's inept foreign policy has been dealt a death blow by a sovereign foreign government which refuses to abide by it any longer.

Also of note is the fact that while the Saudi military exercise was occurring, and within 48 hours prior to the Saudi revealing of their nuclear delivery vehicles, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declared the Iranian threat to be the same as the Nazi threat posed to Jews 75 years ago.  One need not think too hard or too long to realize that had the Jews possessed the means to end the European Nazi threat prior to the start of the Holocaust they most certainly would have done so with extreme prejudice. Once again we are reminded that in the complete absence of a determined and consistent American leadership a coalition of apparent enemies stands foursquare against the growing greater threat posed by an Iranian nuclear menace.

We would do well to be prepared for the sudden eruption of unrestrained warfare in the Middle East; warfare that will alter the global paradigm in ways that few are currently capable of comprehending.


Kenneth Moore said...

This is a very significant display of power for the Saudi family. Another indication of the end times we are in.


Nathan Jones said...

Sean, are you saying that the Saudi's have the real deal nuclear weapons, and for decades, or are just showing off missiles capable of carrying a nuclear package?

Sean Osborne said...


Indeed it is! In fact, this overt nuclear display is absolutely unprecedented for the Saudis.

As are Netanyahu's comments.

While many have become less than enthusiastic with the apparent disconnect between Bibi's very public dramatizations and rhetoric, my self included at times, I also know that he has to balance the lives of millions with the necessities of operating within the current framework of nations.

I have no doubt that when the time comes Bibi Netanyahu will act against the Iranian nuclear program with the same plan he nearly ordered to execute in the summer of 2012.

Perhaps mid-2014, about 60 days from today, will be the correct time, and the act itself will be in concert with a coalition of other nations as I believe Jeremiah 49:34-39 strongly suggests.

The tetrad of blood moons split in half by a full solar eclipse might be the best sign we have. If nothing else these signs in the heavens do illustrate the first and second halves of the swiftly approaching 70th Week.

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, I am saying that Saudi Arabia has acquired specially constructed Pakistani warheads for at least some of their DF-3 and DF-21 missiles. These warheads were almost certainly produced at Pakistani weapons labs which are not under IAEA protocols and have cores of plutonium from the 40mW reactor at Khusab, Joharabad, Pakistan.

The remainder of the DF-3/DF-21 force still have conventional warheads or serve as decoys for their nuclear enhanced delivery vehicles. Pakistan can play a nuclear shell-game as well as any other nation.

Pakistan is NOT a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and they have maintained a right to be a "first use" nation in the event of war.

In October of 2013 Amos Yadlin, as head of IDFs Military Intelligence directorate informed an international conference in Sweden that "the Saudis will not wait one month. They already paid for the bomb, they will go to Pakistan and bring what they need to bring."

The bottom line here is that Saudi Arabia has acquired an operational nuclear missile force prior to Iran's full acquisition of one. The presence of the Pakistani Chief-of-Staff" at the unveiling in the presence of the royal Arab leadership of the GCC is the icing on this open source intelligence cake.

hartdawg said...

Here's what I don't quite understand, Saudi Arabia (Sheba and dedan) are more determined to take action against Iran than the U.S. and also have more of a vested interest, yet in Ezekiel s battle all they are doing is sitting on the sidelines with the rest of the western powers offering a half hearted, toothless protest. Why is that?

Sean Osborne said...


I believe it's all a matter of timing.

The Middle East paradigm prior to the final battles of the Psalm 83 is nothing like what the Middle East paradigm will be like after the final Psalm 83 battles.

Simply put, Sheba and Dedan will not be Israel's enemies afterward, which is the Lord's affirmative response to Asaph's concluding plea in Psalm 83:13-18.

hartdawg said...

Good catch! I always thought the reason for their "protest" was because they were severely weakened after the conclusion of psalm 83. BTW, I didn't get a chance to read the book of Enoch or the book of jasher yet. I'm hoping to get to do that in the next few weeks.