Saturday, April 5, 2014

Global SITREP B21-14: Global Military Tensions Are Rapidly Becoming Palpable

5 April 2014: Is it a coincidence that a sequence of signs of blood red moons is about to occur over the next year as military tensions between the world's preeminent military powers are rapidly becoming palpable? I don't think there's anything coincidental about this; we're living in the so-called 'last days' when the primary signs that Jesus gave us of "wars and rumors of wars" are supposed to take place.

It's like something mechanical that's too tightly wound up and stresses throughout the mechanism are at the point of simultaneous catastrophic failure, and the internal parts of the device go flying uncontrollably in every direction imaginable. This is the world as I see it today. It's like Humpty Dumpty is in mid-flight in his fall off the wall, and all of the kings horses and all of their man have no prayer of putting that Humpty Dumpty of so-called world peace together again. Truth be told, during this present age, world peace is literally the absence of world war. No wonder the Bible prophecies that men will literally collapse of heart attacks when they see these things coming upon the world.

War and the threat and rumors of an even of a greater war in the heart of Europe have gripped dozens of world capitals and the attention of as many general staffs in NATO on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in North America and Europe. Emergency meetings, planning sessions and operational orders are being issued with a frequency that would make any fast food retail outlet green with envy.  

In the Middle East there are extraordinary pressures for military action, both outright and preemptive; the so-called 'peace process' between Israel and the Arabs is but a smoldering hulk in a sea of smoldering hulks. There's a lot of smart, articulate diplomatically astute men in the United States. So the US government sends the pompous, condescending but totally inept and even more unqualified John Kerry on this absolutely critical mission in shark infested waters? Seriously? Why not VP Joe Biden then? An informative related report can be found HERE. As a direct result of John Kerry's efforts the Arabs, in the form of he Arab League, have just officially refused to recognize the cold, hard fact of reality that Israel is Jewish state. As we all know, this merely proves what we've known for decades; there will be no lasting peace in the Middle East until the Lord Jesus Christ comes to establish His kingdom, Until then keep your head down, ammo dry, locked and loaded, and your gas mask at the ready on your hip at all times.

In northeastern Asia the offensive military belligerence and war-like rhetoric of North Korea has both South Korea and Japan experiencing a 'straw that broke the camel's back' situation. South Korea is now directly responding to almost daily North Korean military provocations, and the Japanese government has ordered its military to respond by shooting down any further North Korean missiles launched over the Sea of Japan. Aye-aye was the response from the Japanese Navy and its Aegis cruisers in that area.

In southeastern Asia the rapid Russian conquest of Crimea from its former ally Ukraine has Chinese Taiwan on pins and needles over the prospect of mainland Chinese aggression against them; the Japanese and Chinese tensions over the Senkaku Islands between Japan, Taiwan and mainland China could forge a military alliance between Japan and Taiwan against China. make no mistake, these are all Top 10 global military powers who are on the periphery and are allies of the Top 3 military powers on the late-great planet Earth.

And its not everyday that a senior CIA officer commits suicide by jumping off the roof of a 5-story building. Stresses abound in the nations capital and they're only increasing across the board because American leadership is all but nonexistent in the current Obama Administration and the current Congress is not much help either. Folks in the Pentagon appear to be divided over a military duty to salute the CInC and say "yessir" and their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. They did not take kindly at all to the recent treasonous revelation that the Obama Administration was planning to give the Russians highly classified US missile defense secrets. That's right, the Obama Administration was about to give the Russians precision data on the performance of our anti-missile defenses. Imagine that, a Trojan Horse in Washington, D.C. and it looks just like our 220-year old White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Anyone hear the word "impeachment" from any Congressmen as a result of this revelation? I'm not holding my breath either.

The tension is absolutely palpable. Common sense says something has got to give. But there's no fear, these things must take place to prepare the way for His kingdom.

Marana'tha Lord Jesus!


Mary said...

Just discovered your blog several weeks ago and I appreciate your detailed analysis of world wide events, in regard to Bible prophecy. I made my commitment to Jesus after studying the book of Revelation when I was 18, that's 43 years ago and it was almost impossible to find any Christian or church, interested in prophecy. It was a long, lonely road, but thanks to the Internet, I am finding blogs like yours. Unfortunately, I still see the church, in general, hiding in the tall grass, ignoring the fact that the world is descending into chaos. It will, no doubt, take all out war to shake up the sleeping believers, who are ignoring the cries and warnings from the watchmen. Who will continue to stand for the Gospel, when comfortable lifestyles are disrupted, remains to be seen. Blessings, Sean and may the Lord continue to fill you with His wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Left out a portion of Central Asia (Stan's), they are also participants in the Gog/Magog alliance.

mark3210 said...

Good updates Sean!

I agree with you, this pattern of blood moons in the past has coincided with major events. Seems to have happened too many times to be random.

I keep wondering how many people are paying attention to all of these signs, and how many have their heads in the sands and are completely oblivious!

Sean Osborne said...


God Bless you and yours dear Sister-in-Christ. And unlike most women I know you confess your age in such a manner that I know that we are now just about the same age, and we were born-again in Christ in the same year.

I have to wonder if the Yom Kippur War of October 1973 had you riveted as it did me. It was one of the things through which the Lord pointed me to military service after college. Even at that young age I knew Russia and its leader where the primary nemesis to be judged in Ezekiel 38/39.

The thing I noticed early on about the last days is the war played a primary and rampant role even though a brief peaceful respite will occur during the initial 42 months of the 70th Week.

Until then it's do as the Lord leads to inform and lead as many as possible to consider His Word and His free gift to all. This is one of the purposes for His inerrant prophetic word - it convinces many that our God is exactly who and what He said He is and that there is none other like Him.

Sean Osborne said...

Those who will come against israel in Ezekiel 38/39 are primarily the key nations of the CSTO. This is also something that i have written about here previously. Check it out via the search box on the upper left-hand corner of the main page.