Thursday, October 15, 2015

Global SITREP D9-15: On A Sunny Day Jerusalem...

CAUTION: The video below contains graphic terrorist violence. It was posted from Israel on 13 October 2015. It shows a male "Palestinian" terrorist waging jihad against random Israeli people on a street in Jerusalem. The terrorist runs down a man with his automobile, the terrorist then gets out and hacks his victim to death with a meat cleaver. Then this terrorist attacks the next man he sees who is responding to the violence and is immediately murdered with the same meat cleaver. An Israeli armed with a small caliber automatic handgun then shoots the terrorist point-blank in self-defense. The small caliber rounds do not stop the terrorist and he rises twice more until nearly the entire clip finally puts him down for good. 

15 October 2015: We have all heard of the Islam-mandated violence committed by "Palestinians" against the average citizens and families of Israel for all of 15 years now, ever since the "intifada' of 2000. Pizza parlors blown up, buses blown up, sniper fire into residential neighborhoods, kidnappings, stabbings and home invasions where cold-blooded murder of the family is the objective. This is unrestrained Islamic jihad in its purest form waged by "Palestinians" against the entire population of Israel. This video has been posted here in support of the State of Israel and its people so you can understand what the half-measures of the Israeli government and the deafening silence of the American government have resulted in. There is only one remedy for this kind of olam ebah (ancient hatred) and multiple Bible prophecies tell us in no uncertain terms how it will be administered in the very near future. We are just as likely be witnesses to the fulfillment of these prophecies.


Kenneth Moore said...

You continue to bring us updates on the SITREP of the surrounding nations of Israel.
It will not be very long until we see more and more prophecy fulfilled and
"Then they shall know that I am the Lord".

hartdawg said...

With the 200,000 refugees that obama is letting come into the US, 80% of them young males from what I heard, do you think such violence will come here to the US?

mark3210 said...


I've been thinking about something this morning. Maybe this will only be stating the obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway...

Israel has been on a war footing for a couple of weeks now. One of the first clear signs of that to me was when Netanyahu cancelled his scheduled trip to Germany.

You've spoken here repeatedly about the flood of end times wars that is quickly approaching.

Is there not a good chance now, that by the time Israel is off of this war footing and things have settled enough that the Israeli leader feels he can resume international travel, that Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 17, and Psalm 83 will all have come to fulfillment?

Ken B said...


I saw that video the other day when the IDF posted it. Horrible, inhuman, satanic!

When I watched it I was thinking "Is that a tazer?? Cause he keeps getting up!"

I guess the average .40 cal would have different results...

Do you think this "intifada" will end up sparking a finale to Psalm 83 conflict and leave the Israelis living in peace? Maybe just to much speculation on my part =)

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Gentlemen (Kenneth, Hartdawg, Mark and Ken B);

I'm working on another SITREP at the moment which will address the prophetic implications of the Russian/Iranian intervention in Syria. I will get at least the first part of this posted later today.

In the meantime I will say this... I think the Russian operation in Syria is directly leading to the fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:23-27 and Isaiah 17. I think this will be a Russian-Iranian military disaster and the destruction of Syria as a nation state because that is what both of these prophecies indicate.

Remember, neither Syria or Iran are mentioned in Psalm 83, but Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza and Sinai are.

mark3210 said...


I personally get squeamish watching violent videos, but just the written descriptions I read of what's going on right now throughout all of Israel (knife stabbings, meat cleavers, vehicular homicides, etc) - it sounds like it is right out of a horror movie or video game!

Hard to imagine this is real life for Israelis right now - and that things will only get worse in the future.

hartdawg said...

It seems a lot of people need to be reminded about what nations are not in Psalm 83 with everything going on in Russia and Syria I've noticed some people are doubting a psalm 83 scenario I'll be looking forward to your updates

Sean Osborne said...


Such mistakes are easily avoidable if people would simply read the Bible and desist from adding to an exegesis what is not clearly stated in the texts.