Monday, January 4, 2016

Global SITREP A1-16: The Sunni-Shi'a War Continues

Gutted remains of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, Iran
4 January 2016: How does a foreign nation know if the Islamic Republic of Iran has formally declared war upon it? Their sovereign embassy in Tehran is invaded, pillaged and gutted by fire. It's been a tradition of the Shi'a Twelver regime in Tehran since 1979; it's what they do. 

This is how the new year of 2016 begins for Saudi Arabia and Iran. Following years of sectarian Sunni versus Shi'a conflict and outright proxy warfare in the eastern al-Awamiyah province of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria and, as of 2015, Yemen, the two leading adversaries of the opposing camps of Islamist ideology (Wahhabi jihadists vs. Khomeinist-Twelver messianism) are now directly at each others throats. Any pretense of diplomatic relations between the two are as burnt out as the image of the above structure. War is inevitable.

The key event was the Saudi government's execution on Saturday, 2 January of a Saudi-born Shi'a figurehead cleric and instigator of Shi'a insurrection known as Nimr al-Nimr. Along with al-Nimr the Saudi government executed a total of 47 Sunni al-Qaeda terrorists and common criminals. The subsequent rioting by Shi'a throughout the Gulf region belies the fallacy of the claims of Islamic martyrdom. If al-Nimr was truly an Islamic martyr as declared by none other Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, then what is behind all of the rage exhibited by thousands of Shi'a? Thus a spiritually bankrupt ideology is on full display and is likely to fan the flames of war between Sunni and Shi'a in an already at-war Middle East.


Sean Osborne said...

The SITREP was posted as a benchmark point of reference for what will yet occur during the coming year of a prophetic nature.

hartdawg said...

Do you think Russia will invade turkey? I heard speculation but that sounds ludicrous to me. What do you think?

Sean Osborne said...

Russia invade Turkey? Yes, that sounds ludicrous.

Russia would not invade Turkey without really wanting full-scale war with the whole of NATO.

Is Vladimir Putin that stupid?

Sean Osborne said...

Look at this world on the whole... are "wars and rumors of wars, and the rising of nations against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms" not the primary sign of the end of the age as given by our Lord?

One would have to be willingly blind as a bat not to see it.

hartdawg said...

I was watching prophecy watchers, and while I was going to the YouTube channel "related searches" popped up and about 4 of those videos said "Russia will invade turkey" these we're news videos, just some nutty "teachers". I didn't give them a second look. Aren't you amazed at some of the stupidity on the web, especially youtube?

Sean Osborne said...


There is very little which surprises me any more. Never has an old adage been truer: expect the unexpected.

The nutters have always had a place on the web; even more so as the many who are Spiritually devoid of any truth also try to grapple with where this world is going. So the end result is that they concoct nonsense to try to make sense of what it is they are incapable of truly understanding.

Wills Kitchen said...

Russia and Turkey are would be allies in the conflagration of Ezekiel 38-39 right? What kind of fallout has there been regarding the Turkish shooting down of a Russian war plane?

Sean Osborne said...

Wills Kitchen,

Are Russia and Turkey allies in Ezekiel 38/39? I'm not so sure about that interpretation any more; I think it has serious flaws; I think those nations identified in Ezekiel's prophecy are all to the north of the Caucasus Mountains.

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