Friday, August 12, 2016

Global SITREP C9:16: Continuing Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with members of the Security Council to discuss additional security measures for Crimea after clashes on the contested peninsula, at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, August 11, 2016. Sputnik/Kremlin/Alexei Druzhinin/via REUTERS

12 August 2016: In a comment posted three days ago in the previous SITREP the rumors circulating regarding the possibility of a resumption of military action by Russia against the Ukraine were offered to the readers as a kind of heads-up. As of yesterday, those rumors began the transition towards becoming reality. 

As we look towards the rapidly approaching time fore the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39, an ongoing Russian military adventure could potentially be the activity that God will turn Russia away from with hooks secured in her jaws towards the land of Israel. A resumption of war against Ukraine, which occurs as the result of manufactured pretexts currently occurring in Crimea, qualifies for such an ongoing military adventure to the north of Israel.

Yesterday, as evidenced by the above image, Putin covered multiple military "scenarios" of what he said were "counter-terrorism security measures" on land, sea and in the air around Crimea. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promptly placed his country's military forces on their highest state of combat preparedness. Ukrainian forces will initially face the threat posed by 40,000 Russian combat troops which have been deployed up against Ukraine's border regions. These troops are armed with the newest equipment and include units whose express mission is offensive air assault. Similar preparatory actions are in progress with Russia's Black Sea Fleet and air force combat squadrons.

There are also unconfirmed reports that internet access has been cut-off in the region of northern Crimea. These developments are being watched closely.

Another key and related item to Ezekiel 38/39 that we must pay attention to as watchmen is the aftermath of the failed coup d'etat in Turkey.  Within NATO the United States of America stands as the alliance's most powerful military force. Not many realize the second most powerful military force in the alliance prior to the coup  attempt on 15-16 July 2016 was Turkey. Was is the operative word.

In the nearly four weeks since the coup attempt Turkish military power, and morale, and effectiveness as a leading fighting force has all but disappeared. A full 44% of Turkey's experienced combat command structure no longer exists as 157 of the armed forces generals and admirals were summarily discharged. Some stand to be executed. Another 8,500 officers of lesser rank and non-commissioned leadership have also been purged from the force.

In addition to these losses, all Turkish military infrastructure, such as manufacturing plants and shipyards, have been removed from military control and transferred to civilian entities loyal to the dictate of the ruling Islamist AKP party; all military preparatory high schools and service warfighting academies have been shuttered. Military hospitals have fallen under AKP-controlled health ministry. Key Turkish anti-terrorist functionaries such as the gendarmerie and coast guard have been transferred to interior ministry control.  

This leaves the formerly powerful Turkish armed forces a headless, hollowed out, state-of-shock and combat ineffective image of its former self.  The Turkish armed forces are presently in no position to defend the country against an intrusion of a foreign enemy much less prosecute offensive operations beyond the national border. Turkish armed forces in this sad state of affairs are of little to no use to NATO as a bulwark against foreign aggression in Europe of the Middle East. NATO's southern flank now has a gaping hole to the east of Greece, making it a frontline country facing the battlefields of the Middle East.

The Kurdish national desire for a homeland of their own could not have been given a better gift by the Islamists of the AKP. In the Kurds decades long struggle against the Turkish central government never has the fortunes of their armed struggle looked brighter. Anticipating a Kurdish military exploitation of this situation is a virtual no-brainer. The effect this all has in the war against the Islamic State has not yet become manifest, but almost certainly guarantees an increase of US and other NATO forces to fill the vacuum caused by the AKPs demolition of its armed forces.


Great Grany 5 said...


Now I understand better why I was reassured very early this morning by our Holy Spirit and I thought He was telling me not to fear the summer cold I have managed to be fighting right now!

About 2 AM I awoke from a pretty good sleep and heard "Do not fear! Have no fear!" I knew it was greater than about me but I had to make certain in my inner self. So, all heads up and taking my place of prayers go very seriously! I have no doubt in my heart that your clarion alert was exactly the reason for the command to not fear!

What of the UN forces stationed in Turkey right now? Where are they and please explain what situations have developed in their regard? Now I know there are many games being played by the Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and that includes MSM ; so what else has sold out our nation?


hartdawg said...

I'd like your thoughts on something if I may, I listen to JD Farag, I listen but don't follow him. He regularly says something and I'm wondering if you agree with him. What he says is this, "some of these prophecies have a 'shelf life', the psalm 83 nations and the Ezekiel 38&39 nations that are aligned today weren't aligned 10 years ago and it's very unlikely that they will be aligned 10 years or even 5 years from now..." you get the gist of it. Do you agree with JDs statement about the shelf life? I don't. These nations have been aligned for as long as I remember. At least since 1991.

Sean Osborne said...


Taking your comment at face value and literally...

I think for ANY Bible teacher, or pastor, lay teacher, or whatever, to say that any part of the prophetic word of God has a "shelf life" is just plain ludicrous; it's a ridiculous thing to say. JD Farag is obviously unaware, or he does not accept that fact that the Psalm 83 prophecy has been in the process of fulfillment since 1948. It will likely continue in the process until 2017-2018, or could erupt in an unforeseen chain-of-events in the next couple of months. No one knows, but God.

So, according to JD Farag's view if the Psalm 83 prophecy's "shelf life" expires at the end of 2016, then that means that Asaph's prophecy was false? It was a false prophecy that endured for just over 3,000 years and that's it... had partial fulfillment in 1948, '56, '67, '73, 1980-82 and then will not come to complete fulfillment because its "shelf life" expired?


Number 1. Prophecy comes to fulfillment precisely - exactly - as it was given; there is no and will be no error when these things come to pass. All of the nations/people identified in Psalm 83 will be present and be destroyed at the appointed time of the final fulfillment.

Number 2. If Asaph's Psalm 83 is wrong because it has a "shelf life" then so does Isaiah 11, Ezekiel 28, Jeremiah 49, and all of the other prophecies that are directly related to the overall Psalm 83. Where does one stop wit this kind of rubbish, saying the word of God itself has a shelf life? Salvation has a "shelf life."

As far as I am concerned there only one way to describe or identify this kind of thing: false teaching.

Sean Osborne said...


NATO fires in Turkey circa 15 July? This is the first I've of such an occurrence.

hartdawg said...

That's my thinking too. This just goes to show that NO TEACHER, no matter how sound they otherwise are, is exempt from the acts 17:11 test. The only "shelf life" I see in prophecy, if you could call it that, is the fig tree, and that life being a generation.

Sean Osborne said...

Yes! The only time limitation in Scripture is Psalms 90:10.

Rhonda said...

Sean, hartdawg,
I think you are being a little harsh on JD Farag. I've listened to him long
enough to know he has just as much respect for bible prophecy as you do
and hopefully as all who read here and listen to him have. The way I took his phrase
"shelf life" is simply saying he doesn't think the geopolitics that are happening
right now can continue WITHOUT the corresponding prophecy coming to pass shortly. He is not a false teacher. Just because you didn't understand how he used a phrase
is no reason to call him a false teacher. Let's remember we are Christians and
we're all just trying to follow the birth pangs as best we can. Brothers and
Sisters in Christ!

Sean Osborne said...


First high-priority order of business today: to seek out and listen to Pastor Farag's statement for the context in which it was made.

Sean Osborne said...

I went back to a 43-minute Pastor JD Farag teaching given almost exactly 3 years ago; Prophecy Update 14 August 2013

The first 19 minutes I found agreement with everything stated. Then problems appear.

This is where Pastor JD makes his "4P's" observation about the current alignment of nations (specifically Psalm 83); that this current alignment of nations against Israel is "perfectly postured in position prophetically." He buttresses this concept as being "evidenced by the numerous headlines that we just read." (he had just read a series of newspaper headlines on events in the Middle East from July 2013 as well as the previous week (7-9 August 2013).

Pastor JD goes on to say that he could not have stated the concept of the 4P's 10 years ago... (circa 2003) ("I would suggest that ten years ago, I could not have said that...")

This is clearly wrong. The Psalm 83 nations named by Asaph 3000 years ago have been in the present 'last days' alignment from 1947 to the present; in this statement Pastor JD blatantly omits a full 56 years of Israel modern history. Moreover, Isaiah 11:14 reinforces Asaph's prophecy, and Ezekiel 28;24-26 reinforces these details even further as both speak to the final fulfillment of Psalm 83 which commenced upon Israel's regathering and rebirth in a single day as a nation in fulfillment of the prophecy found in Isaiah 66:8.

...and that he would not be able to make the same statement 10 years into the future.
"...and I will also suggest that it's very likely that ten years from now (2013) it would be highly unlikely that I could still say that all of these nations could still be 'perfectly postured in position to fulfill this prophecy (again, speaking specifically about Psalm 83)."

This is likely a correct statement in my view; I do earnestly expect the Psalm 83/Isaiah 11:14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26 final fulfillments will have occurred prior to 2023, and at which time even Ezekiel 38/39 will have also come to fulfillment and the world will be fully into the events of 70th Week.

Pastor Farag at this point in the video presents his personal exegesis that Gog is the same person identified elsewhere in Scripture as the Antichrist.

This linking of Gog and Antichrist as one and the same has been fully and completely disproved by prophetic Scripture. It is a very sad thing that Pastor JD Farag has taken this exegetical position because it is so demonstrably incorrect per prophetic Scripture - the same Scripture upon which Pastor Farag is teaching in the linked video - Ezekiel 38/39.
This specific point has been covered many times on Eschatology Today and there is no reason for me to detail it yet again over erroneous exegesis delivered 3 years ago.

I'll instead be very succinct in rebuttal to Pastor JD Farag.

The very dead body of the man who will be Gog is buried in Israel.
In contrast to this Antichrist is thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.

Scripture proof:

EZEKIEL 39:11 (NKJV) says "It will come to pass in that day that I will give Gog a burial place there in Israel, the valley of those who pass by east of the sea; and it will obstruct travelers, because there they will bury Gog and all his multitude. Therefore they will call it the Valley of Hamon Gog." The verses of Ezekiel 39:12-16 amplify this.

REVELATION 19:20 clearly and unambiguously teaches "Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone."

Here is proof from Scripture that Gog and the Antichrist CANNOT possibly be one and the same person. Those who teach this are in risk of the stern warning given in Revelation 22:18-19.

hartdawg said...

Sean, if I caused trouble with my question about JD Farags statement I'm truly sorry and ask for your forgiveness.

Sean Osborne said...


No, no problem at all.

In fact, you caused me to look closer at Pastor JD's teachings, to look beyond those things which we agree with to those teachings within the same video which are in great error and are not supported by valid hermeneutic and exegesis of Biblical prophecy.

From now on great care will be exercised when listening to Pastor Farag's prophecy updates.

Sean Osborne said...

In a more recent teaching Pastor JD doubled down on his August 2013 10-year time scale for the 4P's ("perfectly postured in position prophetically") of minus/plus scale of 10 years.

Now in August 2016 he has reduced the minus/plus scale to just 5 years; meaning that the Psalm 83 nations/peoples identified by Asaph 3,000 years ago have only been "perfectly postured in position prophetically" since 2011, and will not remain as such past the year 2021.

The first part of this time scale is even more incorrect than the previous 2013 version, while the the second is likely more correct than the 2013 version.

What he fails to understand regarding the war in Syria is that Turkey and Russia/Iran are on opposite sides of the conflict. This makes them at present military adversaries, not allies. This real-world fact is a very far cry from being "perfectly postured in position prophetically" with respect to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38/39.


In contrast to this, I would remind all of Jeremiah 49:23-27 and what was discussed about it 10 months ago in Global SITREP D10-15: Bible Prophecy and the War in Syria.

The now two-month long unrelenting Battle of Aleppo between Sunni and Shi'a jihadists may well be directly related to the opening verses citing two northern Syrian cities (ancient Hamath and 'Arpad = modern-day Hama and Homs) and the bad news they receive. These cities are currently in the very heart of the slender part of northern Syria under the control of the Assad regime; they are both directly east of Latakia and Tartous and the Russian military presence on and just off the coast.

It is in this intense and bloody Battle of Aleppo that Hezbollah has just committed its most elite 3,000-man fighting force, the so-called "Radwan Force". Keep an eye on this battle and anything of major consequence which occurs in this region in the near-term.

hartdawg said...

We must apply acts 17:11 to every teacher......and that includes you.

Sean Osborne said...


Acts 17:11 is about how the Jews living in Berea, Macedonia eagerly received the Gospel of Jesus Christ as presented to them by Paul and Silas, and how they also searched Jewish Scriptures to validate what Paul and Silus were teaching them about Christianity. This made the Bereans "more noble" than the Thesalonian Jews who persecuted Paul and plotted against his life. The Bereans also protected Paul against those Jews who sought to harm him. This only increased the esteemed "more noble" nature the other Christian brothers held for the Jews in Berea.

Sean Osborne said...

One more important item that came to mind last evening as I contemplated about Pastor JD Farag's teaching that Gog of Magog is the Antichrist.

WHAT IF the bride of Christ is remaining on the earth and has not been Harpazoed to be with Christ as Ezekiel 38/39 occurs?

I hope everyone fully understands the consequences of such teaching.

And I am not alone in noticing what has now been noticed about his teaching since 2013.

"Some people might not like me saying this and I may take heat for it, but I've stopped listening to Pastor JD Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe. His weekly prophecy updates have been a blessing but I have noticed a sad trend. When I found his teachings several years ago he used to explain the prophecies from the bible. He'd take a passage and show from the bible what it meant. Slowly over time during his prophecy updates, he now focuses more on the news than on the bible. That balance has been tipped.

Last Sunday's message was noteworthy in a negative way, unfortunately. He said that due to events occurring in Syria and Egypt and the Middle East, he had read and read and read the news, it all became a blur and he had read it for hours. I thought, "he should be spending that much time on reading the bible, not the news." Then he said that he was putting off their regular study in Samuel so as to spend time bringing the flock up to speed. See? The congregation collects to worship God through the hearing of the word, not the news.

I think that Pastor JD is a tremendous pastor, sensitive, studious, mindful of Jesus and the Great Commission. I only mention this because we can get so wrapped up in the news that we forget the word. I have been guilty of this myself. But the more that I see events happening that seem to be hurrying us to the end, the more I back away from the news and stick with the bible. If God-ordained troubles are going to be unleashed on the world soon, and I personally believe that they are, then I want to be sure to be as strong as possible spiritually so as not to be deceived. Be mindful of the balance between the news and the word. Because, as the man said above, "Interpreting events doesn't lead to an understanding of what's going on. I believe it actually clouds the understanding," Only the bible brings clarity.

The above is from posted 8 September 2013 by its author Elizabeth Prata.

I also read the comments, and lo and behold there's hartdawg posting a comment about letting JD Farag know about the misgivings of his teachings. Elizabeth then did just that and brought the issue to Pastor JD's attention.

This was three years ago. So the fact that this issue was brought before him, concerns were expressed, and obviously now we can see they were ignored and even doubled-down on.

I'm now in the same place that Elizabeth Prata was in with her concerns three years ago. I will pray for him, but until he gets off the "Gog of Magog is Antichrist" nonsense i will no longer abide with his teaching and will no longer post his material here.

hartdawg said...

Isn't that sad, sean? I used to send his prophecy update teachings every week to friends of mine who have never really been exposed to bible prophecy. I quit doing that about 3 months ago. Every now and then I'll send it to them, but along with that I'll include scripture that backs up what he says and will also send them explanations, with scripture on where he's off.
As I grow in the Lord, the list of teachers that I listen to have grown smaller and smaller. I was really sad when I saw chuck missler join the Turkish antichrist nonsense. I used to listen to him alot but he has gotten way off.
Do you find this as vexing as I do?

Sean Osborne said...


It is very sad indeed, but at the same time we know a falling away from sound doctrinal teaching in these last days must occur. Our guidance in this comes from Scripture.

Miriam said...

This is somewhat off topic but I thought it might be worth sharing to encourage all of us about how God is actively working in these final hours of the Age of Grace. My mother who is in her mid-80s has always had many issues, and has been extremely emotionally cruel to one of my disabled sons and has also been offensive to my husband, so I have tended to try to avoid spending much time with her (I suspect there may be a combination of an undiagnosed mental illness and/or demonic influence at work). But God has been putting it on my heart to pray for her salvation. This past Saturday I picked up the phone to call her, and she was very distressed. She had just woken up from a vivid nightmare where she was supposed to get to the airport or she was going to miss a life-or-death flight and no one could give her the right directions. The last set of directions took her to a beauty salon. She woke up in a panic and had the sense that she should call me to discuss the dream. It was at that moment that I called her.

The symbolism of the "flight you can't afford to miss" is obvious to all of us, but I tried to tread very lightly. She knows what I believe even though she doesn't accept it herself. I did not sense the Holy Spirit leading me to point out the full meaning at that time, I just asked her if she had a sense that there is somewhere very important that she knows she needs to be.

The point of all of this is that as I mentioned, God is at work in these final moments of the Age of Grace and our prayers are powerful. It was as if God let me have a small glimpse of what He in the person of the Holy Spirit is doing in response to my prayers. I just wanted to encourage all of us to pray for the salvation of the lost world. There is not much time left.

Anonymous said...

This is in reply to this thread where the blog owner has noted that JD Farag, pastor of the small Calvary Chapel church in Hawaii, is a false teacher. (Such as the posting on August 13, 2016 at 5:53 PM.) I really don't think this is a fair assessment. I've watched Farag's weekly prophecy updates posted to Youtube for several months now. Although I may disagree with his conclusions and how he comes to them, I've dutifully noted each week that he also closes each message by proclaiming the gospel. I don't believe we should attack a fellow laborer for Christ by his or her interpretation of eschatology. This is not a fundamental of our faith, but a place where we can agreeably disagree. A key foundation to our faith is who we proclaim Jesus to be. A false teacher will equivocate on this very fundamental point. He or she may, for example, say that there are many paths to heaven, instead of through Christ alone. Or may proclaim we're all God's children and He would never condemn anyone. Farag isn't teaching either of these heresies but salvation only through Jesus Christ.

We may disagree with some of the conclusions he comes to about prophecy, which is fine. But that doesn't make him a false teacher. Moreover, when was the last time the pastor of your church preached on prophecy? I have attended a rather large (greater than 1,000 members) United Methodist church in central Florida for three years and the pastor stays away from preaching anything about current events or prophecy like they are toxic topics. But this pastor isn't alone. I've honestly found it very difficult to find a church of any denomination where the pastor is willing to preach on prophecy. So I find it very refreshing that Farag is willing to tackle this subject not just now and then, but every single Sunday. Again, I may disagree with some of his conclusions, but I certainly don't condemn his enthusiasm for preaching on a sometimes very difficult subject.

- Brian from Florida

Sean Osborne said...

Brian in Florida,

Do you realize that the subject of concern is not isolated or unique to this blog or myself?

On the contrary, this is a very serious problem for an increasing number of our Christian brethren. Are all of these Christian brethren being unfair?

Is it unfair for Pastor JD to remain silent, steadfastly refusing to defend with Scripture the teaching position he has taken?

Have you yet clicked the link embedded in my comment of 14 August @ 11:54 AM? Have you listened to what is stated at the 23:04 through 23:17 mark of the video? This is the precise point where Pastor JD states he would like to take his teaching one step further - A STEP FURTHER BEYOND WHAT THE BIBLE ACTUALLY TEACHES - which is that he, personally, is of the belief that Gog of Magog is the Antichrist.

He bases his belief solely on the prophetic statement made by Ezekiel that Israel at that time is living securely without walls, bars or gates.

It occurs not to Pastor JD, just for starters, that this statement is absolutely contrary to what the angel Gabriel told Daniel:

"And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary."

So, what, the people of the utmost north in Magog destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD? Do you accept this? I wonder, because this is exactly what Pastor JD is teaching with is statement that Gog of Magog is the same person, the same man as the Antichrist.

This teaching position ignores the impending prophetic fulfillments of Psalm 83, Isaiah 11 and Ezekiel 28.

And just how does Gog of Magog precisely fulfill the attributes given in the prophecy Revelation 13:2?

Elsewhere in the Book of Daniel the angel Gabriel points to specific nations - none of which had anything to do with the historical and prophetically fulfilled events which occurred in Israel between 167 BC and 70 AD.

So, what would you call it when inviolable and infallible Scripture unambiguously teaches on the clear distinctions between two end-times personalities, Gog of Magog and the Antichrist, and yet one individual ignores all of that -and more - Scripture to teach that they are the same individual?

Do you understand the many potential consequences of this kind of teaching?

If such teaching is not false teaching then please inform myself and all who read here of the correct terminology.

And finally, please don't tell me this is not fundamental with respect our faith given what God Himself declared in Revelation 22:18-19.

Sean Osborne said...

I wish folks would utterly exhaust the full extent of their Berean capabilities and study the issue fully before making commentary. Seriously.

Miriam said...

This came to me before I fell asleep last night: the antichrist and the false prophet are going to be sent directly to the Lake of Fire immediately upon Messiah's return. Gog, on the other hand, is going to be buried in the Valley of the Passengers in Jordan. They can't possibly be the same person. If a layperson like myself can see this, it puzzles me why a gifted pastor cannot.

Sean Osborne said...


Precisely! The other aspect is that this kind of bad teaching -teaching that is only of one's own accord - can quickly become a gateway to even worse things.

Great Grany 5 said...


In total agreement with your position on any for of deception regarding God`s WORD. Now is not the time or season to be lazy in rightly dividing The Word, no matter which one of us becomes lax.

By the way, there is a comment that was made under my name at 5:53 on Aug. 13th. I do not remember typing a message to anyone that day because we were travelling in the Kansas City area and unable to connect by way of wifi. I will get to the bottom of it but please excuse the whole thing. I WILL DELETE IT ALSO.


hartdawg said...

One thing I forgot to add before work today, I think Dr.Reagan may have said this before, there is a big difference between interpreting bible prophecy in light of the news and interpreting the news in light of bible prophecy. I fear that JD Farag has tipped from one to the other. It's good to interpret the news in light of bible prophecy, but many sensationalist have done the opposite. I hope I'm articulating myself ok and making sense.

Sean Osborne said...


That adage is 100% true, and very well stated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

Breaking story:. Debka is revealing the Russians are establishing a new miltary base at Hamedan in Iran , to be protected by a Russian S-400 missle defence system squad !!!.

If this is fact, then is this effectively a "game changer" for the never ending potential Israelie strike against Persia??. I mean Russia (or Persia if smart enough) could then very much complicate a potential strike ?.

We aait your anaylsis.....

In Messiah Jesus,



Sean Osborne said...


1) The Russian Federation Air Force did this week did fly a heavy bomber (TU-22M3 and SU-34) combat mission into Syria (via Iraqi airspace).

2) While the standing-up of this forward air ops base at Hamedan occurred virtually overnight 15-16 AUG, it was a "one & done" mission.

3) It would be impossible to do the same overnight stand-up of an S400 Air Defense system.

4) There would also be no need for an S400 at Hamedan as all of the RFAF bombers returned to Russia after their mission in Syria was completed.

5) This means the Debka report is false regarding the S400 at Hamedan.

89rscam said...


JPost is reporting that the Ruski's sent a 2nd bombing mission out of Iran. However it says SU-34 which are smaller fighter/bombers, correct?

I also see that the Russian buildup at the border of Ukraine is to the tune of 40k troops, air, amphibious, armor. A "military exercise" is scheduled and intell fears the exercise will be used to attack Ukraine... (Freebeacon)

P.S. I would never have read that article but I thought it said "Free Bacon" =)

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...


Both types were used in second mission in Syria.
Obama Administration/Hillary are both against this Russian bombing because they're actually pro-IS. Have been since 2009-10.

Wash Free Beacon reports by Bill Gertz are golden. I reported exactly the same information in this SITREP six days ago. His report contain new details; take it all as 100% accurate intel.

Sean Osborne said...

Looks like Hamedan Air Base in Iran is being used as staging for bombing missions in Syria, in lieu of in-flight refueling necessary in direct flights that have to skirt Turkish air space.

This is more proof that Turkey and Russia-Iran are on opposite sides in the Syrian War.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama's failed Syrian red line paid dividends for the terrorists of ISIS. According to a new series of articles in Foreign Policy magazine, ISIS acquired a large cache of chemical weapons from a military installation it seized in Syria.

How the Islamic State Seized a Chemical Weapons Stockpile

- Brian from Florida

Rhonda said...

Turkey, Russia and Iran may be on opposite sides as of this moment, but we all know the only TRUE God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can turn the intention or desire of any head or heart in a twinkling of time. Because of God's will Israel was restored in a day, so will the prophetic alignment of nations against Israel be put in place probably when we do not expect it.

Sean Osborne said...

As can be seen in comment guidance, totally Anonymous comments are a thing of the past here, so the current "Anonymous" comment awaiting approval to publish has been rejected as inappropriate for the following reasons:

1.) I do not find the comment made by Hartdawg on 13 August about Pastor JD Farag's statements in that Prophecy Update were taken out of context. On the contrary Hartdawg's comment was spot-on within context, and in fact was thereafter doubled-down on by Pastor JD (from 10 years down to 5-years) as I noted above.

2.) There is nothing speculative about the alliance of the Psalm 83 nations identified by Asaph. They are all Islamic (Sunni or Shi'a), and ALL OF THEM have been members of the Arab League for the past 71 years and 5 months (March 1945 to August 2016). That's 70 years and 5 months beyond Pastor JD's "speculations" therefore making his "unlikely" characterization 70 years and 5 months obsolete.

3.) With respect to Turkey and NATO, the fact of the matter is that Turkey HAS NOT agreed to assist Russia with its combat sorties into Syria. This is made obvious since Russia's air forces finds it necessary to fly its aircraft from Hamedan Air Base in Iran and through over Iraqi air space with US concurrence.

4.) The overall lack of accuracy in the totally Anonymous comment precludes its publication.

hartdawg said...

Hey sean, I got kind an "off the wall" question concerning the coming middle east wars. It's widely believed that north Korea, China and other Asian nations are the "kings of the east" late in the 70th week, but I have a hard time thinking that north Korea will sit out the Gog/magog invasion. What do you think North Koreas role will be in the upcoming invasion, if any?