Friday, August 26, 2016

Global SITREP C11-16: The Levant Status Report

The Levant
26 August 2016: There's no beating around the bush on this one. The situation in the Levant, as well as in Mesopotamia (Iraq) is not good. In fact it is more than just not good, it is critical to the point of a major military conflagration as we have been expecting for some time now. 

In Iraq, both the jihadists of Islamic State and Al-Qaeda are literally screaming to their adherents to prepare for intense all-out war. War has been raging in Iraq incessantly since Obama's ill-advised withdrawal of US boots 5 years ago. Now US boots and US Special Forces are back in the thick of it in Iraq, just as the awaited Battle for Mosul is gearing up. Islamic State-controlled territory in Iraq is heavy around Mosul, but has been atrophied to nothing more than thin ribbons of land along major highways to the Syrian border.

In next door Syria, Islamic State is essentially telling its fellow jihadists in Iraq the equivalent of "you're on your own." Also and of major importance, the Turkish army launched an impromptu (planned and organized within a week) armored invasion of Syrian territory just east of the Euphrates River. This invasion's sole purpose, as Erdogan claims, is to keep Kurdish forces from establishing a line of contiguous territories along Turkey's southern border. The thing is, that's just a straw-man. Turkey's armored forces (tanks and APCs) invaded Syria near the town of Jarabulus in order to stake its own claim with its own favorite Turkoman jihadist militia employed as a proxy force. The Kurds had moved the the overwhelming bulk of their forces back to the east side of the Euphrates River a week ago. This Turkish action has absolutely nothing to do with NATO or the US-led Operation Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State.

On the coastline there is every indication that a third Lebanon War could erupt with little or no warning.  Israel's greatest threat, as revealed in the IDF's publicly revealed strategy whitepaper 12 months ago (August 2015), is not focused on the threat posed by Iranian nuclear weapons or the ballistic missiles designed to carry them to Tel Aviv. Israel's military focus is on Hezbollah in Lebanon. This fact was recently reinforced by IDF Chief of Staff (Lt. Gen.) Gadi Eizenkot who declared Hezbollah to be "the most serious threat to Israel." This is without having to state the obvious that Hezbollah is fully under the control of the IRGC's Quds Force which takes its orders directly from the Iranian Ayatollah.

If you're a long-time or a newly arrived reader of Eschatology Today, then you implicitly understand all of the many prophetic implications of these real-world realities. Which of these is the first prophetic domino is an easy question to answer, it's where the war is already in progress, and that's pretty much from the coastlines of Israel and Lebanon all the way to the Persian Gulf. Just as Bible prophecy has foretold.


hartdawg said...

I'm thinking that the first domino will be Damascus. That's the area that I'm keeping an eye on, that and the sky....if you catch what I'm saying

Sean Osborne said...

I was thinking on this also. Came away with something said here before. The domino that set all of this in motion was Obama's 2009 speech at Cairo University. That speech set the "Arab Spring" in motion - Islamist revolution across the Middle East, from Tunis to Libya to Egypt to Syria. Most recently there's a coup d'etat in Turkey linked to Clinton Foundation buddy Gulen. I see a chain that links all of this together. And all of this leads to a bigger domino in the near future in Damascus. Watching for His procession to the bride's current residence.

hartdawg said...

You know what just hit me anew? There's just 12 years left in the "fig tree generation, -7 because the church is gone before the time of Jacob's trouble, that's only 5 years. Jesus didn't say he will come at the end of that generation, he said it will not pass away meaning that his second advent could be before it's up. ISN'T THAT EXCITING TO THINK ABOUT??? The other thing that hit me anew is that I been just assuming that the bride will be here to witness Isaiah 17 and psalm 83...and tho I think that we will be here, we could also be gone before those events. This may just be common knowledge to some of us but it just hit me anew. We must stay focused, but isn't it exciting to think about? A preacher I was listening to said that if it doesn't excite you, you might want to check your reservations. Thanks for bearing with me here.

Sean Osborne said...


That is precisely the message I wrote about 8 months ago.

1948 + 80 yrs (Psalm 90:10 "generation of strength") = 2028.

2028 - 7 yrs (70th Week) = 2021.

2021 - 2016 = 5 years.

We are WITHIN 5 years according to this literal interpretation of Scripture.

hartdawg said...

Exciting isn't it? I knew all that but it just hit me anew this morning. It's great study but it's even greater when it impacts your life.

Sean Osborne said...

It is exciting to see these events occurring in real-time and their direct effect on the fulfillment of Bible prophecy which date to more than 3,000 years ago (i.e. Asaph's prophecy dates to 1,000 BC).

However, my sense at this time is that a great many Christian folk still do not understand that what is going on RIGHT NOW in the Middle East is directly related to prophetic fulfillment.

My prayer is that these folks are in stunned silence rather than not understanding these events for what they are.

Jeremy Lobb said...

Hi Sean

My unhappy assessment of your above comment is that there is no or very little understanding of what is happening in Israel or anywhere else in the world:-(.......

A large amount of Pastors seem to skirt round end time prophecies and ignore world events and the traditional churches ministers ignore Revelations and all end time prophecies total because they don't want to offend anyone.

That seems to be what is happening here in South Africa very sadly. I pray it is different in The States.

Keep them coming as always. Very much appreciated.

Yours in Christ

Justin said...

Hello Sean. Would you be able to share any insight on Germany, Czech, and Finland's warnings to its citizens? Thank you in advance.

hartdawg said...

It's revelation, not revelations plural, it's the revelation of jesus christ. I used to make that same mistake. Sadly, it isn't much different here in Washington state, very little preaching on bible prophecy.

Nathan Jones said...

Thanks for the intel update, Sean! Good to learn ISIS is actually being whittled down in Iraq.

Sean Osborne said...


As far as I can tell the warnings being issued by European governments are for real.

They are telling their people what the USG has been saying for years to Americans - be prepared to take care of your own needs for two weeks to a month should a crisis or catastrophy occur.

Justin said...

Thank you Sean. Do you think these are general preparation warnings or do you think they have intelligence suggesting an imminent threat? If so, what type of threat or attack do you think they are anticipating?

Sean Osborne said...


I think these warnings are due to the two top security threats to Europe today:

1. Islamic refugees
2. Russia

Either could cause major disruptions in European cities.

A third factor could well be a full-scale rebellion by the people against the ongoing a virtually forced islamization of Europe by the Soros-funded global elite. Merkel nearlly found out the hard way how against this Europeans are.

Sean Osborne said...

You're welcome Nathan!

Islamic State is losing across the board on battlefields from Libya to Sinai, Syria and Iraq. However, since part of this Islamist organization originated within Saddam Hussein's Sunni-led al-Mukhabarat and Fedayeen Saddam terrorists, they will not make the same mistake he did. They will use whatever WMD they have in their possession against multiple high-value targets in multiple locations. Damascus might well be one of them.

Sean Osborne said...

One more thing about IS... as most should know by now, IS is not just in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, etc.) but it's everywhere fundamentalist adherents of Islam are; there are IS cells in Europe and the US, as we have all seen through their attacks this year.

The November 8th 2016 US presidential election is critical in the war against Islamic State. It is imperative that Hillary Clinton loses this election and Donald Trump wins it.

From within the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton State Department foreign policy from 2009-2013, which has an incredible amount of blood on its hands, and with great assistance of Soros and others of the Global Oligarchy Elite, the Islamic State was allowed to blossom in the deserts of western Iraq and eastern Syria. They created the conditions which created the Islamic State in other words.

This is why Hillary MUST be defeated at the polls. It is our civic duty to defeat Hillary through the ballot box.