Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Global SITREP C12:16: The United States Presidential Election 2016

31 August 2016: What has the United States Presidential Election of 2016 got to do with Bible prophecy? Potentially, a great deal. Most folks know I am one who sees the USA in Bible prophecy through Ezekiel 38:13; we're one of the "young lions" (Heb:kÄ•phiyr) of the merchants of Tarshish. I also see the US present during the 70th Week through the overwhelming military power wielded by the Western (some say "Revived Roman") Antichrist. It's not a far stretch  to see a "Revived Rome" as coming from the already extant world socialist Global Oligarchy.

Suddenly there are reports, speculations and rumors flying seemingly out of nowhere regarding our scheduled November 8th Presidential election. What happens if one of the candidates dies suddenly. What happens if some or many of the 9,000 electoral jurisdictions run in and by the 50 states get hacked? These and other questions are all simultaneously present in the US media, even the few outlets we can still believe are reporting a semblance of truth. There's a real reason for this, and its not unfounded hyperbole or rhetoric. 

The United States does not have a federally-controlled election system, but one which is controlled by the states themselves. State election boards, in other words, report the result of our cast ballots on November 8th which elects the apportioned 538 Electoral College electors of each each state who actually cast the votes to elect the President and Vice President.

Director of the FBI (DIRFBI) James Comey made issued a public statement on the hacking and potential for future hacking of state election boards computer systems yesterday. Read this link for the details. The DIRFBI's statement followed a flash alert the FBI cyber division issued on 18 August regarding hack breaches of the Illinois and Arizona electoral systems this summer.   Yesterday also, this report appeared in the Washington Examiner, again, click the link for the details. After reading these reports your hair should be standing up in the same way mine was last evening. 

One the one hand, we want Homeland Security to be leading the defense of all of our nation's critical infrastructure. On the other-hand, a critical federal agency nearly 8-years in the grasp of the untrustworthy Obama Administration does not provide a comfort zone of reassurance. Just the opposite in my view. Number one, it would be unConstitutional (Art. I, Section 4) for the 50 states to cede this kind of reserved power to an agency of the federal government. Secondly, and if it happens, then we will have all seen in real-time the manner in which total control can be achieved over our sovereign political processes. Watch it.

Remember, the DNC was hacked, as well as Hillary's private server. Leaks were occurring everywhere, especially on Wikileaks. But Wikileaks weren't the hackers, they released the data that was hacked for public consumption and situational awareness. How many were paying attention? DNC staffer Seth Rich was found murdered in Washington, District of Corruption, when he was supposed to be enroute to a debriefing by the FBI about an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation according to an article posted by the GatewayPundit on 9 August.  

These are all links in the same chain, and we won't have long to wait to see exactly how each link connects to the one next to it.


hartdawg said...

On an unrelated yet related note, here in Washington state all of the ballots are mailed to residents and then when you vote you mail them back. No i.d. no verification, no nothing. How fishy is that?

Miriam said...

I hope this is not too off topic, but I was reminded of the first part of Isaiah 45 again this morning, when I heard about Trump's trip to meet with the president of Mexico today. I guess we will see if the Lord goes before Trump in this situation and breaks down gates etc. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether or not the Cyrus analogy holds up. I respect that others may not see the situation the same way.

And I've been reminding myself to keep praying the disciples' prayer for our nation. God is in control!

Lance M said...


We lived in Oregon for several years...exact same process used there. It blows my mind that this is the process, completely asinine in my opinion. If I remember correctly, the process to request a ballot (at least in Oregon) was via online or automated request also...are you kidding me. I'm hard pressed to believe that this election will not be stolen.

hartdawg said...

Asinine is the word. There is no accountability whatsoever. The closer elections get the more I think that it's going to be stolen. However,God's will will prevail and these politicians and leaders are playing right into God's hands

Lance M said...

My thoughts exactly....I use the word stolen only because that's what they are doing, but little do they know!

Anonymous said...

Apologies Sean, for assuming that you would be familiar with the name, SR Sheather.

I don't know him personally, only from what I've gleaned in the past from his site, Antipas Ministries. Like you, he is ex military (Vietnam War) and has an interest in eschatology. What gave him credit in my eyes, is his railing against much of the modern day church, with its prosperity doctrines etc, as apostate.

I agree that the attributes of the Antichrist are to be found solely in scripture and while we're far less familiar with DT over here in Australia than anyone Stateside, Sheather has considered those attributes against DT's qualities; given the nearness of the end times and the scope for any US president to wield enormous power, he has come to certain conclusions that prompted my initial question.

Trust me, I am no fan of Hillary and the Democrats. Their record over the past 8 years speaks for itself and I agree with your conclusions in that respect. Perhaps the alternative in this case will be far worse. But either way, the Lord will deliver His chosen candidate, possibly as a tool of judgment.

I greatly appreciate your work and look forward to your input through your blog.


Sean Osborne said...

Somebody didn't like this post or something in the comments. In the afternoon there was a wave of nuisance attacks, which caused me delete all comments made yesterday afternoon. We'll see how it goes today and if I need to raise the defensive wall a little higher.

Darrin, that deletion of comments includes your and mine and a couple of others. I see if archive records still has them for re-posting.

I found in the course of very minimal research that the name of the man you referenced wasn't SR "Sheather", but rather his name is SR Shearer. Suffice it to say that I do not ascribe to much of what his ministry website is about, in particular, the over-the-top begging for money in order to continue God's work in bringing truth found on no other websites - that's just plain nonsense.

God provides. Running a web page can be done absolutely free. God provides. I and a great many others too numerous to name post the same truth as the Scriptures proclaim. So his claimed cornering of the truth market is rubbish.

I also would never dare ask for coin from fellow brethren as he does, not even one red cent. Nor will I ever place advertisements on my blog. There's a huge difference between us in this regard.

I also find great error in Shearer's calling out Donald Trump as the Antichrist and using the completely misapplied prophecy of our Lord found in John 5:42-43 to do so. The Jews due to their spiritual blindness (Deut. 29:4 and Romans 11), are erroneously awaiting two Messiah's in these last days. Firstly, Mashiach ben Yossef, and secondly, Mashiach ben David. Both must be Jews, the first a descendant of Joseph from the tribe of Ephraim, the later of direct lineage to David from the tribe of Judah.

See this webpage for details on what the Jews are expecting and why John 5:43 will be fulfilled precisely as Jesus spoke it to the Jews.

Yet even this completely erroneous expectation of the Jews clearly demonstrates how completely and totally off-base Shearer's anti-Trump proclamation flyer is.

Donald J. Trump is as non-Jewish as can be. His father was German (ancestral name Drumpf changed to Trump in the 1600s) from Rhineland-Pfalz; his mother is of the Scots Clan MacLeod. Neither of these ancestries are Jewish.

mark3210 said...


The media can say whatever they want, but I feel like God will protect this election both from delays or vote fraud.

8 years of this regime has been nearly unbearable. We have been pushed to our breaking point already and it is time to take our country back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sean, I'll investigate your scriptural references further.

And I apologise for my mistake re the surname. It's been awhile since I last checked out his views. I think his request for cash comes from his status as a retiree and possibly a very small ministry base. But whatever the reasons, I take your point and agree wholeheartedly.


hartdawg said...

Really sean? Why do people have to be that way? It really irritates me when someone comes on a Christian site and behaves like that. If one doesn't agree with your views then why don't they just stay off this site? Why do people have to be that way? I don't understand it.

Sean Osborne said...


Trust me, this kind of stuff is par for the course.

Sean Osborne said...


All I know with absolute certainty at this point is that the Lord's sovereign will is being done in all things.

So let them push to their heart's content; the victory was won about 2,000 years ago.

Miriam said...

Hi Sean, your comment about Trump's background brought the subject of ethnicity to my mind. I've seen many articles out in the public domain recently claiming that the British are descended from some of the northern tribes of Israel, and I've seen comments theorizing that the Brahmin caste in India is also descended from Jews (that the word Brahmin comes from Abraham).

As a messianic Jew I find all of this a bit confusing. I really never thought too much about what happened to the northern tribes that were exiled by the Assyrians until recently. One article I saw referred to the kingdom of Parthia. This isn't really an eschatology question, but I would appreciate knowing if you done anything in the past on that subject or are you aware of any reliable scholarly articles on that subject.